The Podcast (now with GPLAMA) is Back! Available on lots of platforms!


That’s right folks, you may have seen the tidbits or nuggets here and there – but I’m happy to report the DC Rainmaker Podcast is back in full steam, and now back on more platforms than ever before!

For those unfamiliar, the podcast started about four years ago, then with Ben of TRS Radio. However, after a couple years our ability to schedule anything went out the window, and we took an extended vacation…for two years. Fear not – Ben and I still text inappropriate things back and forth, but our time zones and other work/life schedules made it tricky to record together consistently.

But over the last 6 or so months I’ve been chatting with Shane Miller (of GPLAMA) about possibly starting it back up again – and after lots of discussion on what to name it, we gave up and just started recording episodes.  Eventually we’ll figure out a better name, and hopefully along with it a better cover image.

We published our first episode a little over a week ago, and then dropped our second one late last week. You can expect our third later this week. Our plan is weekly episodes, with probably a few special ones tossed in here and there.  The focus is anything sports tech – be it running, cycling, action cams, drones, or even how professional cyclists could learn how to step on a weight scale and read the numbers. We’ve got you covered (or them). We’ll also likely have some guests on occasionally.  The episodes are about 45-60 minutes on average. Longer if Shane and I find another bucket of Haribo, shorter if we ride for 5 hours on the Stelvio again.

The format is a bit different than before, this time focusing on the week’s tech topics, but drawing in the concepts behind some questions that people ask (rather than the recorded questions of the previous episodes). We think that gives us a bit more flexibility to really drill down into certain topics, rather than trying to blast through a pile of questions each hour.

You can find us in all the usual spots:

A) iTunes: If you’ve got an Apple device, we’re there!
B) Google Play Music: Yup, we’re here too (and on Google Podcasts app)
C) Spotify: Of course we’re on Spotify now – you can even cache it on your wearable too!
D) RSS Feed: Follow along using the direct RSS feed

apple-podcasts-badge  google_podcasts_badge@2x 

And, you can simply listen anytime you’d like on the site’s player (just  The last two episodes (65/66) are the ones Shane and I recorded.

Oh – and if you’ve got a wearable that supports loading music/podcast onto – go forth (and shoot us your best pic of it via Twitter)! Here’s the DCR Podcast on a Garmin watch via Spotify. If I can detangle the next box of unsorted cables at the Cave, I might even charge up the Polar M600 which now supports Spotify (and of course Google Music) too! And if I get really ambitious I might even get a threesome Apple Watch/Garmin/Polar watch podcast pic. Unfortunately, my long-ago ordered Samsung Galaxy Active is still pending Samsung delivering it by last Friday as promised (it hasn’t even shipped yet). So no foursome tonight folks.


And of course – if you’ve got witty names for the podcast – we’re all ears!

Enjoy, and thanks for reading listening!


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  1. Sam

    My two fav people!!! Suggestions for name :

    The PoDClamaker!
    Shane and Ray on a boat,
    Ain’t no BS Podcast, with Ray and Shane
    Vavavroom with monsieur Ray and senior Shane
    Fittech Podcast

  2. Turn the Damn Cranks

    It’s Raining Llamas

  3. Jared

    For anyone looking for the Tacx product they allude to on the podcast here it is:

    link to

  4. Kyle

    Make Mill
    Making it Shane
    Rainy Llama

  5. Guy C

    DC Shanemaker?

  6. Domen

    Here’s another suggestion for name: “Digital Peloton Poddcast” :-?

  7. JD

    Rainy llama pod-a-rama
    Rainy days with the llama

  8. Goncalo

    No podllama!

  9. Dale

    Send the writ to 5 Seaview Terrace, Cottesloe

  10. Garry Curley

    Great to have you back.

    I have just sent you a message about how I may be able to help in sourcing a Peleton Bike :)

    Fun Times


  11. Si Adams

    The Techeur or Geekeurs or Datatechiques to give it the team role feel?

  12. Anirudh

    My suggestion for podcast name: Aussie DC

  13. Neil Jones

    “Come Rain or Shane”?

    as in ‘I’ll be out running/cycling, come rain or shine’, but you got that, yeah?

  14. Neil Jones

    Llama del Ray?

  15. bryan griffith

    Llama Llama Rainmaker Drama

    Llama Llama books are popular with kids in the U.S. (probably other places as well)… but i guess your audience is not 5 year olds so maybe not…

  16. JDa

    Posted this under prior weekly review but here it is again —
    Cavemen Speek or CaveSpeek
    Tech casts for bike-run-swim enthusiasts

  17. Steven Bass

    Regarding weight doping in Zwift, I use the Withings body cardio scale and my weight is synced to Zwift on a daily basis. Maybe all races of a certain level should be required to use the same thing?

    An image idea for the podcast: A lamma holding an umbrella in a rainstorm. Within each rain drop have ‘DC’!

  18. Thomas Goebel

    That is awesome news. I really enjoy listening to both of you. Please have Ben Hobbs as a guest as many times as possible. Cheers, Tom.

  19. Tosin M. Akinmusuru

    I know this isn’t related, yet, but did you guys hear about Google Strada? At what point will you be able to stream Zwift off of the internet and play on the Chromecast?

  20. The Rain’N’Shane Show

    Always great to have another cycling or tech podcast to queue up! Loving it, guys! :-)

  21. Ted Mahoney



  22. Janyne Kizer

    I’m loving the new podcast! Keep up the great work!

  23. Neil Jones

    How about “The .Fit File”?

    Seems appropriate as this is where most of the stuff you talk about or review all comes together.

  24. Graham Goo

    The Llama del Ray suggestion is absolute genious!

    I was thinking something along the lines of “tech-bike-run” or somesuch variation on the triathlon triplet theme.

    But Llama del Ray has to win :-)

  25. Michael Curtis

    Watt No Title

  26. Jed

    No fun names for the podcast – im lame

    But re weight doping, a similar difficulty with true weight has been handled in the wrestling community with pre-season certified hydrated weights (if you want to wrestle any time in the ear you show up and get one done before the season) then a maximum % bodyweight loss per unit time… it’s a little invasive and time intensive but if esports keeps growing with real prestige/$$ on the line it’s a proven model to be adapted …

  27. Ulrik Mailand

    Have you completely stopped doing the podcast or is there a new place to find it?

  28. John K

    No podcast in 4 months. Has the bromance ended?

  29. David W

    What’s up with the podcast? No episodes since April. Just curious.

  30. Shawn

    Hey! I used to love listening to the podcasts. Have they stopped for good or are you planning on bringing them back?

  31. Conor Buckley

    Just wondering is the Podcast still going? I used to really enjoy it

  32. Mikael Jonsson

    Q: Long time no see (april 3), have this podcast ended?