Round-up video of all my CES 2019 final thoughts up!


With CES behind us, I’ve wrapped up and published almost everything that I plan to talk about from CES 2019 on the site already. While it was a bit of a quieter year for sports tech and wearables at CES, that doesn’t mean it was a quiet show for me. I also took that week in Las Vegas to meet with companies from around the country that took the opportunity to catch-up on other matters, including a few that weren’t at the show at all.

In fact, the only remaining post/video from that time period that’s left to publish is one on a first ride with Stages and their fleet of new Stages Dash L10/M50/L50 bike computers. These were the ones announced last year at Eurobike and are nearly ready for release. That’s on the to-do list for this afternoon, as I shot a bunch of stuff out on the bike on how all the different pieces work (workout, mapping, general use, etc…). But in any case, that’s an example of one of a few companies that weren’t at CES but I spent the day with.

Before I headed out of town last week I found a semi-quiet place and shot a 30-minute long video with all my thoughts on the show. I go through all the different bits of tech news and give some more thoughts to them after having time to digest them over the previous few days than I might have had on announcement day. Some of which might be a bit more raw (in either direction) than earlier in the week. Plus, I give some tidbits and ramblings on things I didn’t cover in posts elsewhere.

In any case, here it is:

Oh, and don’t forget to stick around for the crazy (very much sports-tech) machine at the end of the video. That’s worth watching for itself!

With that – thanks for reading, and stay tuned for the Stages post and video in the next 24 hours or so.  Then beyond that, a slate of interesting reviews over the next several weeks, including the COROS APEX and Polar Vantage M watches. I’m waiting to get down to Cape Town (South Africa) this weekend so I can get in some openwater swims with them (somewhere non-sharky?) first. That’s the last items on both of those devices before whacking the publish button.

Have a great week ahead!


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  1. Graeme

    Any idea where in Cape Town you’re staying?
    Would love to show you some trails on our mountain while you’re here :)

    • Yup, the Sea Point area, up against Signal Hill. We’ll be there til the end of February.

      Definitely looking forward to finding some trails for sure (ride and run). One of my top items for the next few days is also finding a place to do a long-term mountain bike rental for. :)

  2. Graeme

    Nice, you’re pretty much out your door onto the trails from there (run and ride, though you’ll need to get a permit to ride).
    Shout if you ever want company/tour guides. We’ve got some forest that’ll test GPS reception “nicely” :)

  3. Patrick Myers

    Sorry – I can’t find an explanation anywhere, but what is with the clock in the upper lefthand corner of the site?

  4. Scott E

    Really looking forward to your review of both the Vantage M and Coros Apex – I’m on the fence between those to replace my dying V800.

  5. Alan Wheat

    Please subscribe me to your newsletter. Thank you.

    • The Girl

      Hey Alan,
      we are not actually “allowed” to subscribe peoples email on their behalf. I’m pretty sure it goes against several privacy acts. In any case, I pasted the link below. Or, if you submit another comment, there is a check box before you click submit that is a Newsletter Sign up button.

      Be sure to subscribe soon, the newsletter is publishing later day!

      The Girl

      link to

  6. gingerneil

    Posted this on YouTube, but I’ll repeat here…
    That time-lapse at about 22:30 looks awful.. And then you spoke about the camera being the DJI. Just goes to show how good the GPH7 new time-lapse mode is – buttery smooth compared.

    • Actually, that specific shot is TimeWarp on a GoPro Hero 7 Black. ;)

    • gingerneil

      hahaha! I just *KNEW* you were going to say that! :)

    • Yeah, I was actually using a GoPro hat for an upcoming video, and wanted some random b-roll. I agree, kinda blah. Mostly because I was turning my head (even though I was trying not too).

    • gingerneil

      Maybe the setting were just on something like 2x or 5x so it was a bit choppy – we’ll forgive you!
      I’ve found the 15x and 30x are excellent for running – even just handheld and pointing out front.
      As an aside – I see Ben is getting tempted to get back into the TRS podcasting chair… maybe we’ll get a fresh DCR podcast run ?

  7. Craig Nerwich

    Ray when you get to Cape Town you MUST do the Robben Island to Blouberg swim. Derrick Frazer from Big Bay lifesaving club is your go to guy.

    • Hmm…I just read the Wikipedia description:

      “The Cadiz Freedom Swim is recognised as one of the world’s most extreme sea races due to the extremely cold water characteristics of the Atlantic Ocean (averages around 13–14 °Celsius), unpredictable sea and weather conditions, and the presence of Great White Sharks.”

      They led with the list of cons. Where’s the list of pros?

    • Craig Nerwich

      I can see why according to Wikipedia , this would seem like it only has a list of cons!!!!
      The real truth( as opposed to internet truth) , is that on a beautiful day in Cape Town, while you wont get away from some refreshingly cool water temps of 12/13/14 degrees, you will have the opporunity to stare at the world renowed table mountain while making your way to Blouberg beach from the iconic Robben Island. Its a very tough 7.5km swim but is glorious on a good summers day. Derrick organises and arranges support crew for any day so you don’t only have to take part in The Freedom day swim. Hope I’ve added some pro’s to list : )

    • The Girl


      Hi :) Ray’s lovely wife here. I’m just going to go ahead and veto this suggestion! Hahaha NO!
      I know. Just call me “Buzz Kill Bobbie”.
      Take note Ray.

  8. Craig nerwich

    ???. South Africans are amongst the friendliest in the world- He will be well looked after. Promise !!!