March Power Meter Giveaway Time!


It’s March already.  Which means that for many in the Northern Hemisphere you’re likely starting to increase the mileage and times of your workouts in preparation for the spring and summer ahead.  As such, there’s likely no better time to up your training game with some new gadgets.  Thus, I’m here to give you the power.  Or rather, my partner in giveaway crime Clever Training is.  I’m just like the guy calling you to tell you that you won the sweepstakes.

In any case….

As of a few weeks ago, Clever Training now stocks Stages power meters.  So they’ll be giving the winner a free Stages power meter of their choice.  As for the crank flavor: Carbon, aluminum, cookie-dough..whatever floats your boat…it’s yours.  Hell – I’ll even say that you can pick up the entire crankset if you want.  Hopefully, the CT folks won’t mind, because I’m writing this late and had a few too many glasses of wine to bother calling them.  You can thank me later…or now.

How to enter:

Simply leave a short description of your cycling plans for the weekend (or, if you enter in on Monday, what you cycled over the weekend).

Note that if you partied in a hot-tub at a ski resort instead of cycling this weekend, that’s fully acceptable.  I’m 100% on your side. Obviously though, simply detail that activity instead as your response.

Good luck!

The giveaway entry period will run through Monday, March 6th, 2017 until 11:59PM US Eastern Time.  Winner will be selected randomly.  One entry per person.  The selected product/products will then be ordered immediately and shipped immediately, assuming they’re in stock.


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  1. Will

    worked the weekend, so it was just a short run

  2. I enjoy my regular hour long rides. Nothing fancy, but a time off from running and seeing different scenery.

  3. Ed Zabar

    Awesome giveaway!

  4. John D

    This weekends ride(s) were at the beach with the family on big fat beach cruisers. Although we didn’t travel very far, we were able to enjoy the time spent together just cruising around Hilton Head. Getting back on it tomorrow with a “real” ride…on Zwift.

  5. Francis Martin

    It was -25C outdoor, I rode 90k on zwift at home.

  6. Stéphanie Locas

    Home trainer one more time for an hour.

  7. ErR

    60+ degrees in early March in Minneapolis? I rode my bike outside. It was glorious.

  8. Raph

    90 minutes of SST on the trainer

  9. TaKo

    I took my new Garmin 520 out for a spin in a new short weekend loop around the local country roads. Except… I didn’t really know how to use the Garmin Connect website in making my routes. Thus, I missed my turn for my 20 mile loop. Lo and behold, I am faced with a long straight road which leads to god knows what.

    But I ain’t no canine of the XX variety.

    I soldiered on, clutching my Y chromosome in my mind as I bombed straight towards whatever awaited.

    It was a mountain. A very big mountain. Y chromosome be damned, I’m going home. But little did I know that I had been cruising downhill for the past 10 miles as I considered my brave future. Thus began my 25 mile trek home starting with a fairly large 10 mile uphill.

    Will I do it again? yeep, probably.

  10. Keith Laszek

    Hour and a half on the trainer inside, 15 degrees outside still.

  11. Bill R.

    Busy weekend. Short trainer ride.

  12. Ivan Diaz

    Long ride on Sunday

  13. Ian

    Took the bike outside on Saturday, for the first time this year. Its been trainer time up til now. Just an easy 90 minute cruise; that’s all I’m doing nowadays for early base.

    Sunday had to stick around the house, another 90 minutes, but on the trainer in the garage.

  14. Martin Nel

    Did an MTB race.

  15. dan ramscar

    cycled 40k by self 20 with family 60 today

  16. Osman Mir

    Century ride with a friend.

  17. THEO

    Zwift Beginner FTP Week 2 for the 20th week in a row, likes it’s Groundhog Day for my getting-back-in-shape training schedule.

  18. Oscar

    …do I still get to enter if I didn’t cycle over the weekend? I had plans to, I swear! But then I got lazy and it got cold and there was boring old treadmill running.

  19. Steven Weber

    Ftp test today, Fri was 1:00 endurance ride and Saturday was 1:15 endurance ride

  20. Amy H

    Last spin class of the season at my local bike shop on Wednesday and then an hour low cadence work out on Friday.

  21. Lee

    Zwift is the best!

  22. Wes Hammons

    Lots of rain here so was on the trainer for a couple of hours..

  23. Mark

    Maybe the first off-road ride this year.

  24. Despite the frigid temperatures team CS Velo (Philadelphia, PA) placed in every men’s race category in the FYBO Criterium!

  25. M

    Finishing up the winter FTP builder plan.

  26. Dan

    Rode in the Blueridge mountains with an old friend!

  27. Ryan Stahnke

    Hey! This weekend: 90 minute trainer road session Saturday with 42 minutes at FTP after working OT. Sunday got out in the below freezing weather for a few hours of mountain biking. Finished the weekend off with an extra hour indoors to train for a 13 hour duo mtb race.

  28. Michael D

    Did a really pleasant ride through the hills east of San Diego on Saturday morning. Perfect weather.

  29. Alan McEntee

    Riding a couple loops on zwift until the weather can figure itself out in MN.

  30. Tsubasa

    I will go to the mountain!!

  31. Mark Strayer

    The sun was out and a cool 33 degrees. No snow so ride! 14 miles on Saturday and 34 on Sunday. Starting my to get my legs back for my run/bike/paddle tri in June!

  32. Rosalind Smothers

    Recovery rides 1.5 hours Sat and 2 hours Sunday

  33. Bob

    A trainer ride before weekend work.

  34. Derek Clark

    One day of cycling. One day of running. Most weekends are like that. Hoping for a 23 mile trail run and about 2 hours on the mountain bike or cross bike.

  35. Rob L

    No cycling this past weekend. Was going to fire up the computrainer just to see if it still works! Maybe next weekend.

  36. Chelsea Walker

    I rode 25 miles and walked 2 miles this weekend

  37. Mark Caza

    3h indoor bike ride with trainerroad

  38. Yves Fontaine

    On Tacx, climb of the Col du Grand St-Bernard.

  39. Jeff

    Snows gone and getting back on the bike! 80 km ride

  40. Kathy Kleinert

    I found a new love for Zwifting! So, it’s either cook, clean and do laundry, or Zwift. No brainer there! I can eat takeout in a messy house while wearing my riding clothes. Bam! Decision made!

  41. Greg Palmer

    Fat biking on beach in Puerto Vallarta (PV), Mexico on Friday. P.V. to Litibu Mita out n back on Road Bike Saturday. P.V. to La Puente out n back on Road Bike Sunday with 1,235 m of elevation gain.

  42. Ross

    more power!

  43. Chappo

    Am I too late? On Tuesday in Australia I did a short ride in the early hours to avoid traffic….

  44. Andrew Rattray

    no cycling weekend :-(

  45. Assaf porat

    mtb to some great single trails.

  46. Stuart Strang

    Outdoor coffee ride Saturday. Indoor intervals Sunday!

  47. Nick

    I rode indoors this weekend because it was 10′ outside.

  48. Spencer Oswald

    This would be amazing whoo. Just made it under the deadline hope i get it!

  49. Brady

    Would love to be installing a new powermeter

  50. Alex Castano

    No cycling this past weekend (bummer) but ran a 5k! On the bike this weekend coming up for sure!!

  51. Samuel Mills

    I went for a nice easy ride in the mountains of central PA.

  52. Jeremy Hopwood

    Looked at my bike on the trainer and decided after a week of bike commuting to do some running over the weekend.

  53. Eric H.

    Looks like another cold, wet weekend in the Northeast, so I’ll be on Strava both Saturday and Sunday. Team group ride Saturday and a little cat-and-mouse game on Sunday.

  54. Ed Nielsen

    Not riding last weekend while I overhaul my bikes. Just did some yoga and a few miles of walking!

  55. Art Nellett

    All indoor miles this weekend. Need this Stages to put on the MTB for more outdoor power options!

  56. Paul

    Past weekend:
    1 Hour Intervals Friday
    2.5Hour Single track heaven Saturday
    2.5Hour Mix it up ride Sunday

  57. Mai T

    Only was able to do some indoor stuff…

  58. Nick

    It was a chasing the kids weekend. Maybe next week…

  59. Efi

    Injured knee so no cycling for me last weekend

  60. Steven Chavez

    I road indoors on my trainer, 1.5 hours

  61. Den

    It’s still too cold for cycling here, so I was running in the mountains :)

  62. Ryan

    2 sufferfest videos as it was too cold outside. ‘To get to the other side’ on Saturday and ‘do as you’re told’ on Sunday.

  63. Chris Lin

    Hill climb on Saturday, gravel grinder on Sunday. Legs beat on Monday :)

  64. Noah

    Mnt Ashland!!!!

  65. Dylan F

    No cycling for me – was busy running up Camelback Moutain in Phoenix. But I did jog behind my four year old daughter as she rode her bike to the playground!

  66. Thierry Kanor

    Spin Class on Sunday morning followed by a treadmill run

  67. Alejandro Moreno

    I need this!!

  68. Rico Mundy

    RIding in the rain snow and hail for 50 miles to keep in shape.

  69. Chavit

    I stand walk and run all day with camera and lens doing a Photography for conference, I found it pretty harsh on my forefoot and leg with me doing big leg workout at the gym before i come to the conference because i thought i won’t have time to workout for a while. Man, That’s harder on my leg than my usual weekend group ride!

  70. Jack S.

    Zwift + Strava: link to
    using Stac Zero trainer: link to
    while the family was watching the latest episode of Yowamushi Pedal: link to

  71. Strictly B Grade

    I spent an hour on the ergo doing TT efforts as I’m racing this coming weekend; it’s still Tri-season in the southern hemisphere :)

  72. Andrew Tangonan

    200km+ Friday morning ride (with friends) here in Qatar, with a recovery session on Saturday. Sunday is a working day here.

  73. Martin

    Just did a short ride on Friday (about 45km) with my road bike. It was a quick one because of the weather

  74. coe

    Attempted to go riding but too much snow – decided to ski instead

  75. Johan

    Cycled my first Ironman race (ie the bike leg). Need the PM for the next one!

  76. Fabian Campo

    Ride 40km as part of a Olympic distance triathlon. Fell down in km 38 :(

  77. Arun Mathew


    Have been a fan of your reviews. I started cycling in 2012 when I was in a car accident and had my L5-S1 disc herniate and the doctors told me that to avoid surgery, I had to either swim, cycle or walk (in that order or best to good). I chose to cycle as it is something I have loved to do since I was a kid…

    Long story short, lost touch with cycling since 2014 and came back to it again and discovered zwift and power training. Just started and on my way to do the beginners 6 weeks FTP training on zwift. I have the Garmin Fenix 3 with the Garmin heart rate monitor, speed and cadence sensors. I love the way Zwift calculates power and would like to increase my power. Though only 28 kms down, I am looking forward to my time on Zwift and am in to ride my centuries and many more. I am based out of Mumbai, India.

    The Stages will be a welcome, much needed motivating addition to my rides outside of Zwift as these are rarely available in India and are darn expensive as well.

  78. Rob

    I ran 7 miles. Does that count?

  79. Mikko Turtiainen

    50km Ride my cc-bike.

  80. JW van Dijk

    One week skiing in dolomiti superski :-)

  81. Lilian Schmahl

    Great Day to Ride Outside.

  82. Francisco Prieto

    Just indoor static bike at the gym

  83. Maciej

    Biking for groceries. 74km.

  84. shailendra bhide

    Planning to do a 75 kms ride this sunday