Week in Review–Dec 4th, 2016


The Week in Review is a collection of both all the goodness I’ve written during the past week around the internet, as well as a small pile of links I found interesting – generally endurance sports related. I’ve often wondered what to do with all of the coolness that people write, and while I share a lot of it on Twitter and Facebook, this is a better forum for sending it on to y’all. Most times these different streams don’t overlap, so be on the lookout at all these places for good stuff!

So with that, let’s get into the action!

DCRainmaker.com posts in the past week:

Here’s all the goodness that ended up on the main page of DCRainmaker.com this past week.

Wednesday: First Look: The Cycliq Duo Mount for Heavier Gear

It was mostly a catch-up week, focused on the various Cyber Monday sales (and finding them), and then a number of upcoming reviews for this week.

Current Tech Deals!

While Black Friday and Cyber Monday may be over, most of the sales have continued.  Expect a renewal of sales next weekend, though don’t expect anything lower than we saw them during Black Friday.

All of which is found on the deals page here.

The DCR Podcast:

Yup, after a November hiatus – it’s back!  Here’s the low-down on what was covered this past week in the DCR podcast:

– A general recap of the month of November
– Discussion of past sales, and what sales might be coming up over the next month
– Transporting dead bodies
– A whole crapton of trainers just arrived, some initial thoughts
– Which news publication I’d compare dcrainmaker.com to
– Using the FR920XT for lap swimming
– A trainer with enormous power spikes
– Troubleshooting TrainerRoad and Zwift connectivity issues
– Zwiftalizer (and the magic of)
– A question which was read off a script very professionally

Thanks for listening! Subscribing and rating in iTunes is much appreciated, and be sure to send in your questions via the voice mail widget at the bottom of the podcast page!

YouTube Videos I Published:

Here’s some YouTube goodness that I published this past week:

Stuff that I found interesting around the interwebs:

Here’s a not-so-small smattering of all the random things that I stumbled on while doing my civic duty to find the end of the Internet.

1) Portraits of 3rd and 4th place Olympic qualifier finishers: I’m honestly not sure what to think of this.  But it’s an interesting read nonetheless.

2) Phil Gaimon begins retirement hunting dopers on Strava: Well put together piece, and of course, even cooler mission.

3) Preparing thanksgiving…with a drone in the kitchen: This video really should have gone more viral than it did.  Pretty well done. (via Mario)

4) Why ANT+ hasn’t been crushed by Bluetooth Smart: Another good piece from Keith Wakeham describing some of the nuances to this endless battle.

5) GoPro cuts 200 employees: Always sad to see any company cut employees, especially going into the holidays.

6) World Bicycle Relief Charity Time: Jordan Rapp does an amazing job each year in raising money for WBR, and this year is no different.  As with past years a number of companies have chipped in incredible prizes (power meters, race wheelsets, etc…).  So if the gift of giving doesn’t push you over the edge, perhaps the prizes will.

7) Epic Lines – Speedflying: Umm, just watch this craziness.  Seriously, just watch it.

8) Moto exits the smartwatch business: This is a major blow to Android Wear, as the Moto lineup was one of the more loved options (and likely most well known).  It’s also a blow to consumer choice, when combined with the published rumors this week that Fitbit is set to acquire Pebble.

9) YouTube launches 4K Live Streaming: This is notable not just for the 4K aspect, but also because it opens up scenarios where folks want to stream 4K 360° cam footage.  I could see someone like the Tour de France doing this atop one of the Caravan (Parade) floats.  Of course, that’s blowing through a bunch of LTE bandwidth – but a partnership with a telecom provider would solve that easy enough.

10) Riding a bike with a fridge: Yes, I said a fridge.  Oh, and that looks like cobbles as well. (via BikeHugger)

Sports Technology Software/Firmware Updates This Week:

Each week I quickly highlight some of the new firmware, app, software and website service updates that I see go out. If you’re a sports technology company and release an update – shoot me a quick note (just one liners are perfect, or Tweet it at me is even better) and I’ll make mention of it here. If I don’t know about it, I won’t be able to post about it. Sound good?  Oh – and if you want to get a head start on things, this page is a great resource for watching Garmin firmware updates.

Garmin Fenix3 HR/Fenix3/Quatix 3/Tactix Bravo Firmware Update: Connect IQ Updates, floors climbed tweaks

Garmin Fenix Chronos Firmware Update: Unknown changes.

Garmin Forerunner 235 Sensor Hub Firmware Update: Accuracy improvements.

GoPro Hero5 Black Firmware Update: Unknown bug fixes

GoPro Hero5 Session Firmware Update: Unknown bug fixes

Suunto Ambit3 Series Firmware Updates: A bunch of new features, including daily step count, route altitude profile and many more.

Thanks for reading all!


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  1. Patrick

    Hey Ray,

    Can you tell when we can aspect your review of the Dual PM of 4iiii?
    I’m really considering buying one for my Shimano 9000 crankset, but (ofcourse) i’m waiting for your review :)

  2. Sandro

    The video of the guy biking with a fridge is impressive. Too bad nobody made a video of the swimming leg, that would have been something.

  3. DerLordBS

    The new update of the GoPro Hero 5 is a big scandal. It makes all 3rd party batteries stop working.

    No warning of GoPro!

    • It’s actually interesting, as they stated (albeit via a AMA on Reddit) that they were going to block 3rd party batteries. At the time, there were none for it.

      That said, I agree that’s it’s both stupid and poor form to block, and do so without even updating the release notes.

      Perhaps one of these days they’ll fix the darn WiFi uploading to GoPro Plus to actually work. Out of my three Hero5 cameras, only one works and only does so about half the time. The rest of the time it keeps telling me to factory reset. Sigh…

  4. Rafael

    Ray, maybe it’s worth mentioning, looks like Trainerroad rolled out BTLE control support for Tacx trainers this weekend. No more dongles :)

  5. Kyle

    Ray, do you see GoPro in any trouble after the lackluster hero 5, karma disappointment and recall?

    • Yup, I think so. To the average consumer that walks into Best Buy, it won’t matter much. But it’s more than the average consumer.

      It’s the fact that people can’t buy or pre-order units (all sorts of things) on GoPro’s own site. Or it’s the fact that none of the Karma stuff is going international anytime soon (even though today they started (finally) selling the gimbal stand-alone. Or that many things are backordered. Or that they pissed off more people with the app now requiring online activation/validation, and blocking 3rd party batteries.

      Or that competitors are legitimately catching up. As I noted in my keynote, eventually DJI’s going to come out with their own action cam. They’ve done the drone, the stabilizers, the final frontier is the action cam. They’ve built a great brand on the drone side, and people will likely flock to DJI. They’ll be able to dominate GoPro when it comes to manufacturing, since GoPro seems to just stumble and stumble there. All while DJI is pushing the limits on resolutions.

      None of which even speak to Karma the drone. It’ll be really interesting to see what they do there. I’m hedging towards them throwing in the towel on Gen1, and going out with a Gen2 next spring. But the other hand says that even with a sucky Gen1, they’re still building market share. Either way, investors aren’t happy – which further hurts them since they’re no longer private. That increases pressures, and likely had indirectly led to these sorts of slips.

  6. Harald

    typo: “sad”

    5) GoPro cuts 200 employees: Always said to see any

  7. jason mant

    Wow always knew Bluetooth was a pain, as a mechanic having to tell customers that there bt on phone is not compatible with car is a pain!


    Ray – two questions:

    1) Renewed interest in the Stryd Power Meter? Any plans for a review?
    2) You previously tweeted you were planning to post the Mavic review this past Friday. Did that get pushed back or still planning to post soon?

    • 1) Yes, much renewed now that I don’t have to wear a chest strap.
      2) Mavic is on the plate for publishing tomorrow. Text/photos are done, just wrapping up the video portions. I always underestimate just how much time video editing takes.

      I put together one video that’s more of a ‘pretty’ video of shots I took, which took a while to color grade (my first attempt at such). And then other videos I have are more how-to’s (one around sport tracking, and the other around performance in extreme winds). The challenge for both of these is that I got over-ambitious with how many cameras I used to shoot them. So getting all the footage in sync has been…slow.

    • MAGNUS

      Great – looking forward to the Mavic post. Mine’s been on order for a few weeks now and was hoping to get a chance to read it beforehand. Though, I’d honestly wish I already had it in hands.

      Also, I’ve gone back and forth on the Stryd device. I a sucker for data but have been really hesitant on pulling the trigger. Really interested to hear (or read) your thoughts on the device.

    • Ken

      Any plans for a review of the DJI 4Pro? I’d love to see a head-to-head vs. the Mavic. I’m torn between the two of them.

    • Maybe. Haven’t quite decided how much cash I want to splurge there. To be honest it’ll depend a little bit on reaction/etc over the next few weeks on the DJI Mavic review.

      Note: First video is up here: link to youtube.com

      Others are processing/exporting on my Mac…

    • MAGNUS

      Saw the first clip yesterday. Footage looks great… Impatiently standing by for the write up… I think my unit is delivering end of week and I’m eager to get my hands on it.

  9. Vinto

    Hi Ray,
    that video of Jamie Lee reminds me of this other one that I found as crazy: link to redbull.com
    Enjoy your civic duty! And thanks for helping with mine!

  10. Jesper N

    On the Strava KOMs (vs EPO). Can’t we just report that dude, and have him kicked off Strava???

    And what about folks cheating on Zwift?? With wrong weight I suppose. Just tonight, I got overtaken by a guy doing 6w/kg, steady for several minutes. Can’t be right, but still gives KOM on Wattopia…..

    • It is very easy to write software that will take power from one ANT+ sensor/ANT FE-C trainer, multiply it by some factor and then relay it either as another ANT+ sensor or ANT FE-C trainer. This way one can become a king on Zwift/Strava/Whatever other platform. Well that is until everybody else will have started to do the same.
      So no need for real dope on computer based platform. Digital one will do just fine.

  11. Aurelien

    Where is the Apple Watch nike review?
    I will run Corrida d’Issy.Maybe i can meet you.

  12. John

    GPLama posted a Basics of ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart video recently with a pretty good demo showing how pairing a Bluetooth smart trainer with an iPad makes it unavailable to an iPhone, etc.

  13. Ross

    Thanks for reading my question regarding the 920xt and lap swimming. This is the response from Garmin…

    We are currently aware of an issue when uploading activities where the elapsed, moving, and overall time is the same. We are currently working on resolving this issue, however we do not have an estimated time frame when this issue will be resolved. I apologize about any inconveniences this may cause, and we appreciate your patience.

    Thanks anyway ?

  14. Ben

    Hey Ray – Thanks as always for the useful information. Is there a chance that Suunto will roll out an Ambit Vertical update soon that is similar to this one for the Peak? At least it looks to me like this one is only for the Peak…

  15. Robert Black

    Do you think Polar will add ant+ to the next generation of devices? Having seen the proposed h7i on the FCC ID site. It certainly has a logo space that could be ant+ shaded out. Fingers and toes well and truly crossed on this one

  16. Mike Richie

    Hi Ray, Does that seem right that you are pushing 300 watts of the Stryd while talking and filming a video? If so, I’m extremely impressed (as I am anyways by most of your exploits). But there is a point where you even say you are not breathing so hard and the watch is showing 300+ watts. I’ve got to to wonder if the Stryd is over reporting watts, at least compared to cycling.

    • It’s hard to say. I think it’s overreporting slightly at Z2, but about right at higher wattages. At least compared to the HR strap model.

      Though ultimately, there’s no true direct correlation to bike power. The Stryd folks sent over a more detailed study that I’ll dive into over time.

  17. Robert Black

    Fitbit buys pebble but not the hardware. So I guess they’ve asset stripped the best people and the ip, the rest will fade away to oblivion

    • Mike Richie

      Yes, it appears the Pebble Core is canceled. The first thing from them I found truly interesting. Certainly leaves the door open for someone else to provide a similar gadget, though.

  18. Alberto

    I recently re-read your Ambit3 review and… more than two years ago DC Rainmaker said Ambit 3 needed an step counter… When in the path to obsolense, they add it (and the replacement uses touch screen Really? For a unit intended to be use largely sub zero?)

  19. Jessica

    BLE sucks because the BLE model of “advertising” isn’t appropriate for sensors. The ANT+ broadcast model makes more sense for sensors.

  20. Dan Morse

    Hey Ray,

    Love the sight and the podcast! Is there a review of Quarq’s DZero power meters forthcoming? Would love to hear your thoughts!