A DCR August Wahoo KICKR Giveaway!


Now that everyone has recovered from the Giveaway Extravaganza, it’s time to get this DCR Giveaway Show back on the road again.  And there’s no better time to do so than mid-way through the 2016 Summer Olympics. Think of this as a bit of a training-pep talk, aimed at pulling you away from 8 hours of water kayaking prelims, and back out to the great outdoors.  And no better way to get prepared for that than a new trainer.

So I’ve decided to giveaway said new trainer.  Well, actually, technically my friends at Clever Training will be giving away said new Wahoo KICKR trainer.  See, they’ve just re-inked their deal with Wahoo Fitness, and now they’re all Wahoo’d up.  Or something like that.  Either way, you get a trainer. You’ll have to carry it from the front door to your pain cave though. Neither I nor the UPS man is going to do that for you.

To enter: Simply leave a comment below with what Olympic events you’ve been watching. Easy as that!

Yup, it’s that easy!  And yes, you can enter no matter where you live.  Brazil, Boise, or Bulgaria – all are OK!  Perhaps being all Rio’d up, someone from Brazil will win.

Remember that by supporting the site through Clever Training you also can save 10% on basically everything they sell, either using the DCR 10% coupon code of DCR10BTF, or for some products the VIP points program.


The giveaway entry period will run through August 15th, 2016 until 11:59PM US Eastern Time.  Winner will be selected randomly, not on coolness of the Olympic sport you selected. Selecting ping-pong may have unknown results on your odds.

P.S. – If you’re also a European reader, you can double-down on giveaways with Clever Training Europe’s massive summer monthly giveaway.  Double-boom!


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  1. Alexandre Provencio

    Can’t stop watching swimming, cycling, running and of course soccer since I’m brazilian !

  2. Olivier leclercq


  3. Birne

    Cycling pursuit

  4. Troy Brown

    All swimming, and a few track events

  5. Pete

    Cycling, tennis, swimming

  6. Alistair

    Track Pursuit

  7. John Cardona

    Swimming, beach volleyball, track

  8. Brian Dickens

    Swimming and bike events

  9. Leonardo Chao

    My favorite Olympic event so far has been the Men’s and Women’s road race. I have also been watching the women’s beach volley ball games.

  10. Juan montoya

    Swimming , cycling , track and field

  11. Ewan

    All of them. Cycling to athletics to swimming to dressage to archery to tennis.

  12. Kevin


  13. David Walker

    Cycling, rowing, swimming

  14. David dylla

    Men’s indoor volleyball and swimming.

  15. Xabier Díaz Silvestre

    I’ve really enjoyed beach volley. Thse women and men have more reflexes than Batman!!!

  16. Adam

    Watching a lot of olympics. Swimming, gymnastics, volleyball, whatever.

  17. Bobby Craig

    Track, swimming and cycling

  18. Mike Catania


  19. Ben

    Cycling and swimming have been the ones I’ve been watching 🙂

  20. Selma

    Following so many sports! But running and swimming are among my favorites

  21. Dan


  22. Pavel Nouel

    track and field,swimming, cycling, anything I can work into my schedule

  23. Cycling and Track & Field

  24. David Berry

    Gymnastics, swimming, basketball, and everything in-between

  25. Oscar

    Cycling, swimming, gymnastics, sailing, crew, canoeing, archery, weight lifting, and fencing.

  26. ChrisGreb

    Cycling, rugby, swimming, track and field, triathlon (eventually), shooting.

  27. Layne P

    Track and field! Womens gymnastics and swimming are always good too

  28. tom s.

    Cycling , swimming, track, gymnastics,

  29. Greg

    Rugby. First time in the Olympics since television was invented.

  30. Moritz Sauer

    I watched Beachvolleyball a Lot, also the Swimming Events

  31. Juan Jimenez

    all cycling, swimming and football


    Swimming and gymnastics

  33. Tuan Nguyen

    Swimming, cycling, and running of course!

  34. Standley Douglas

    Time trial!

  35. benruns


  36. Muzzaffar

    Men’s Keirin. There’s a Malaysian athlete and we’ve never won gold!

  37. Benjamin White

    Swimming, gymnastics, track, basketball, volleyball, cycling road and track.

  38. David Nelson

    Triathlon and cycling. Boring.

  39. Kristen Nelson

    Triathlon and gymnastics. Swimming too

  40. Philip Kaiser

    100m + 200m men’s sprints

  41. Dillon

    Everything! Thanks Internet! Really enjoying the obscure, lesser watched sports.

  42. Brian


  43. Titus

    Track and Field!

  44. Blaise Barbeau

    Swimming is my favourite event!

  45. Ray Terry


  46. Chris Kennedy

    Swimming, biking, running 🙂 Diving, fencing, equestrian and more.

  47. Adam Campbell

    Table tennis!

  48. Neil Cikins

    Cycling and beach volleyball.

  49. Tim

    Mostly the track events, but have seen a bit of the gymnastics and swimming also.

  50. David N.

    I’ve been watching all I can from swimming, gymnastics, track, basketball, volleyball, cycling road and rolling.

  51. KymK

    Road and Track Cycling

  52. Simon Gamble


  53. Robyn Gamble

    Women’s beach volleyball

  54. George

    Field hockey!

  55. Barry Cooper

    Swimming, T&F, volleyball.

  56. Kevin H

    Cycling, fencing, gymnastics

  57. Roger


  58. MikeInEverwet

    Swimming, track & field, velodrome events

  59. What a ride by local hero Kristin Armstrong!

  60. Tim Everets

    Road Races, Time Trials. Would love a new Wahoo Trainer!

  61. Justin


  62. nicklesmn

    Swimming, and most Track events.

  63. Craig

    Watching any cycling I can get …

  64. Eduardo

    Swimming and cycling

  65. Jill R

    I’ve been watching track and field and synchronized swimming.

  66. Francisco Migoya

    Swimming, tennis

  67. Paul Anatone

    Watching everything from Archery to Rowing. Lots of track cycling this week.

  68. Joe L


  69. Chris

    Gymnastics and swimming!

  70. Sergio R

    Gymnastics, track & field, diving, and swimming

  71. Jordan Parker

    Swimming – still trying to explain to my 4 year old how awesome it is that 35 year old won gold in the 50m free.

  72. Linda Reynolds

    Track and field, swimming, gymnastics and volleyball. So much to watch and not enough time 🙂

  73. Tennis singles where PR won it’s FIRST gold medal!! Mens 100 meter! And of course the mens road race!

  74. Ryan

    Track cycling, some swimming, 10km and marathons. Water polo, rugby 7s, pretty much everything.

  75. BlakeWill

    I’ve been watching all the highlights on the NBC iOS app with my kids. It’s been a good way to introduce them to a wide variety of sports. The coverage is not satisfactory, though. I want to see more cycling and triathlon!

  76. Ronnie

    Swimming, Gymnastics, and Volleyball

  77. ryan elliott


  78. james ritchie

    i’ve been watching road and track cycling, a lot of gymnastics and swimming, and some late night soccer.

  79. Kris Pachla

    We’ve watched mostly Swimming, but just started watching Track!

  80. Shawn Hime

    Watching almost everything; cycling, rowing, swimming, volleyball, love all of it!

  81. Joe Donahue

    Women’s skeet.

  82. Deanna jones

    Swimming, cycling, track & field and soon triathlon!

  83. ShellyM

    The 400m! Crazy.

  84. Brian B


  85. Ka Ming Yeung

    sailing, my favourite!

  86. Don Ferraro

    Swimming, boxing, track distance events, heptathlon

  87. kynapse

    I’m Canadian, so I’ve been watching Penny Oleksiak tear up the swimming events.

  88. Robert Ware

    Swimming, track, and beach volleyball!

  89. nick sabatino

    been watching as much Olympic coverage as possible. Enjoyed road cycling, swimming, beach volleyball. Currently watching Track and field (400m)

  90. Tim Stevens

    This could be very useful this winter.

  91. RJ Metz

    Track cycling, track and field, and road cycling

  92. Gunjira

    All cycling events. Long live the live-streams!

  93. Brian Lehman


  94. David Bradway

    Gymnastics swimming and track

  95. Ian Bennett

    Cycling, athletics, swimming and rowing

  96. Kelly Medici

    Men’s long jumping

  97. Amy Wages

    Swimming and track & field

  98. Brian

    The 100m. Bolt is a legend!!!

  99. Liam Burke

    Swimming, cycling, table tennis, track & field, marathon and triathlon.