A DCR August Wahoo KICKR Giveaway!


Now that everyone has recovered from the Giveaway Extravaganza, it’s time to get this DCR Giveaway Show back on the road again.  And there’s no better time to do so than mid-way through the 2016 Summer Olympics. Think of this as a bit of a training-pep talk, aimed at pulling you away from 8 hours of water kayaking prelims, and back out to the great outdoors.  And no better way to get prepared for that than a new trainer.

So I’ve decided to giveaway said new trainer.  Well, actually, technically my friends at Clever Training will be giving away said new Wahoo KICKR trainer.  See, they’ve just re-inked their deal with Wahoo Fitness, and now they’re all Wahoo’d up.  Or something like that.  Either way, you get a trainer. You’ll have to carry it from the front door to your pain cave though. Neither I nor the UPS man is going to do that for you.

To enter: Simply leave a comment below with what Olympic events you’ve been watching. Easy as that!

Yup, it’s that easy!  And yes, you can enter no matter where you live.  Brazil, Boise, or Bulgaria – all are OK!  Perhaps being all Rio’d up, someone from Brazil will win.

Remember that by supporting the site through Clever Training you also can save 10% on basically everything they sell, either using the DCR 10% coupon code of DCR10BTF, or for some products the VIP points program.


The giveaway entry period will run through August 15th, 2016 until 11:59PM US Eastern Time.  Winner will be selected randomly, not on coolness of the Olympic sport you selected. Selecting ping-pong may have unknown results on your odds.

P.S. – If you’re also a European reader, you can double-down on giveaways with Clever Training Europe’s massive summer monthly giveaway.  Double-boom!



  1. Christoph


  2. Lionel Gimelfarb

    La course en ligne à vélo, le tennis, et divers (là où il y a des Suisse ;-)
    French course for Ray.

  3. Juri Y

    Women’s Judo but really looking forward to all the track!

  4. Acatri St


  5. Ivan

    Swimming; go phelps, ledecky and King! USA USA USA!

  6. Joseph

    Definitely watched the men’s and women’s road race. Some of the best one day racing I’ve seen in a long time. I had no fingernails left after both of them. I also watch a lot of swimming. Now that track and field is on I’ve been watching those events.

  7. Dermot

    Athletics and cycling

  8. Ralsunt

    Beach volleyball

  9. Chris

    I have become obsessed with rugby 7!!

  10. Brunoille

    tennis !

  11. Jonathan S

    Been watching a lot of swimming and the wife likes women gymnastics.

  12. Luke

    Track and field

  13. Mikkel Staunsholm

    I’ve watched them all! Fuglsang’s silver in the road race was the top one so far, though.

  14. Jeff D.


  15. jose


  16. Rich


  17. Brahm W.

    Beach volleyball, gymnastics, swimming, track & field, rugby, soccer, cycling, underwater basket weaving.

  18. Jon Monkcom

    So much cycling! Plus the diving.

  19. Sumon

    Cycling road race and all track events also all water sport events

  20. Harri Roto

    Ladies windsurfing (go Tuuli!), swimming and of course the men’s and women’s road races and time trials.

  21. Dan Dungan

    Swimming, Beach Volleyball and yes…Golf.

  22. Andrew

    Mainly watching swimming!

  23. Hans Lellelid

    Cycling! And it’s kinda hard to avoid the beach volleyball and swimming.

  24. michal s

    mostly volleyball and swiming

  25. Andrew D.

    Swimming, gymnastics, biking,

  26. Alexander Cieslak

    All the track events, plus the road races

  27. Karl K

    cant help it, but im just amazed by the gymnastic.

  28. ChrisW

    Looking forward to the Triathlons.

  29. Steve

    Swimming, Cycling, Beach Volleyball

  30. Peter Dowling

    Women’s Beach Volleyball (of course)

  31. Vesa Salo


  32. Sean F

    Cycling, volleyball and swimming!!
    Go Canada!

  33. Julie Wylie

    swimming, cycling, gymnastics mostly.
    While I was waiting on car maintenance today I watched steeplechase, water polo, and beach volleyball in the waiting room.

  34. Jaime Zaldivar

    Just viewed a 100m heat and how easily Usain Bolt won with minimum effort. Amazing athlete. But I have viewed a lot, especially where Chilean athletes compete.

  35. Robert

    Actually nothing, but I nearly watched road cycling.

  36. Waiting to watch the women’s Team Pursuit finals. Should be a great race.

  37. David Tupper

    Swimming, Soccer, Basketball, Cycling, Track Cycling – anything really.

  38. OBI

    As much as I can!

  39. Danny Brownell

    All events right now sitting here with a torn rotator cuff

  40. Ben Murray

    Cycling events, mens basketball, gymnastics, swimming

  41. Marcin


  42. Chiya Barrett

    Judo best sport ever

  43. Michael Watkins

    I’ve been watching all the cycling! Can’t wait for the BMX!

  44. Benny B

    Track and field, swimming, rowing, ping pong

  45. Ian Clark

    Cycling & swiming

  46. Ryan

    Cycling and rowing – it’s all about the vo2max sports for me!

  47. Jan

    My wifey made me watch Rugby…

  48. normant

    Swimming !!!! and Soccer

    Thanks Ray!

  49. Brian

    Kayaking and rowing

  50. Hugo

    track racing, road racing

  51. Tom R

    Swimming and anything else that’s on!

  52. Greg Franks

    Swimming, rowing, cycling, volleyball, gymnastics.

  53. Jon S

    Just the cycling – via a dodgy VPN on wobbly hi-fi whilst on holiday overseas!

  54. jmorrissey


  55. Running of course.. and I am from Bulgaria ;)

  56. Nicholas

    I’ve been watching cycling and swim. I’ll watch all the sprints as well.

  57. Håkan Simonsson

    I have watched skeet.

  58. Vencislav

    Swimming, Boxing and little volleyball. (:

  59. Tim Van Epps


  60. Greg s

    Speed walking all day long

  61. Alan

    Rugby 7s – both the men’s and women’s were great games to watch. Good to see Fiji win their first ever Olympic medal.

  62. Leonardo Nascimento

    With pain cave season closing in it would be great to get it. I’ve been watching the cycling (where women’s competitions, both in the road and in the track have been much more interesting than men’s), and volleyball.

  63. Mark Wilkinson

    Not a single event have I watched.

  64. alexey p

    road race, itt, trampoline, kayak

  65. Jesse

    Cycling road races and TT

  66. James

    Cycling and sailing mostly.

  67. Megan

    I’ve been watching everything but my favorites are swimming, gymnastics and beach volleyball.

  68. Keaton S.

    Swimming, track, and cycling mainly!

  69. Matt

    Cycling and kayaking have been the only events I’ve seen. Waiting for olympic tetherball to finally become official.

  70. Goran

    definitely, basketball!

  71. Antonio Alonso

    As much as I can, which is never as much as I would want to

  72. Joe Powers

    Everything I can

  73. Max Jaeger

    Womens Tennis Finale

  74. Nick

    Lots of track cycling!

  75. Nathan George

    Pretty much everything! Really enjoying the olympics – especially GB cycling!

  76. Philippe G

    TTs ;) loved it!

  77. Domen

    I already watched all road cycling events, curently I follow track cycling and then I will defenitly watch mountain biking. Like to watch also some other random sports, especially if athlets from my country are included.

  78. Przemek


  79. Alison Thumm

    Cycling! Swimming! Diving! And don’t forget Cupping!


    Track Cycling is the most fun!

  81. Sms

    swimming, running and road cycling

  82. Toby Collis

    Enjoying the rowing!

  83. Noel De Kock

    Fencing, field hockey, rugby 7’s

  84. Jack

    Swimming and table tennis are solid choices.

  85. Aaron

    I love the gymnastics!

  86. T. Groenewegen

    Would love the kickr for the winter season!

  87. Jay Mahan

    Did you see in the 50M freestyle, they hold their breath for the entire race? Granted, it’s a 21 second race, but that’s pretty neat.

  88. Watching men’s volleyball and watching handball for the first time.

  89. Rafal


  90. Marty Bonick

    Enjoying watching swimming, cycling, and looking froward to triathlon!

  91. Hannes

    tennis, soccer, ping pong, beach volleyball, swimming

  92. Alberto Reyes

    swimming and Track

  93. Paul D

    In front of Nigeria-Denmark (Soccer), and looking forward to the triathonl!

  94. Charles dl

    Rowing, Cycling, Judo,…

  95. Kyle Floyd

    BAD-Minton, baby.

  96. David

    Great giveaway. Been watching swimming and basketball.

  97. Boris L

    Been watching road and track cycling!

  98. Y B Lee

    Been following track cycling and football.

  99. Mike Moroz

    Anything and everything. TV channel only changes between Olympic channels

  100. Yang Tang

    Lots of swimming, a lbit of road cycling, starting to enjoy the track and field now.

  101. Jon

    Swimming and athletics mostly

  102. Paul S

    Womens rugby sevens – great fun to watch – Fiji men showed us Brits how to do it though.

  103. Borrey Kim

    Swimming, Athletics and will watch triathlon.

  104. Malte

    Tennis, Cycling, Swimming

  105. Philipp

    I watched swimming a lot. Then I also checked out cycling and beach volleyball.

  106. Kelly Mollet

    Swimming has been fun and also basketball

  107. Roy C

    Cycling of course!

  108. Hans

    M & F Marathon, M & F Mountain Bike

  109. Matthew Soldo


  110. Dave

    Cycling, more cycling and the heptathlon

  111. Everything in the velodrome and the diving!

  112. Frosty

    Trap shooting

  113. Ileana Paul

    swimming and soccer

  114. Ben Harris

    Swimming, swimming, swimming.

  115. Pete

    As much cycling as can be found, various volleyball. Lots of the other stuff not normally available

  116. Tim C

    The women’s road race had a great finish

  117. Richard

    I enjoyed Nishikori’s tennis win earlier in the week.

  118. Samuel Mills

    a lot of swimming and volleyball or whatever else is on.

  119. Cycling – what else is there to watch?

  120. Isaiah Reich

    Definitely the cycling. Nothing like those tumbles.

  121. Steve B

    Swimming and cycling.

  122. Horia Neamtu

    Swimming, team handball, water polo

  123. Andrew

    Swimming and Running and waiting for MORE running!

  124. AIZ

    Oh yeah… kicking back and watching track and field this weekend. Looking forward to triathlon later this week!

  125. Gage

    Swimming for sure.

  126. Gowin

    Woohoo! Err, I mean Wahooit would be great to win.

  127. Nick Smith

    Track cycling has been awesome in Rio…makes you want to dust off the old fixie and go hell for leather!! Also been watching the swimming, tennis and looking forward to the track and field events :)


  128. Juan

    Swimming, cycling and football.

  129. Mike

    Modern Pentathlon

  130. dolf denkens

    Road race men and women, some swimming, some gymnastics (forced by the wife),…

  131. Lily


  132. Robert Berntsen

    Diving, Swimming, and Volleyball

  133. saskia burm

    mostly the road race (Go Gregg!!!!!) and gymnastics

  134. Xavier


  135. Matt Page

    Track cycling!

  136. Dan

    I’ve been watching swimming, gymnastics, and volleyball.

  137. Jenn Cox

    Love me some Clever Training. Been watching mostly cycling. Watching fencing right now but don’t really understand it,

  138. Michael W

    Swimming and Gymnastics. Going to watch some Track & Field tonight/tomorrow though!

  139. Cg

    Swimming and cycling road race.

  140. finchiTFB

    Cycling, T+F, Volleyball, Rowing

  141. Hélder Rodrigues

    Mostly whatever is on TV when i have the remonte for me :-).

  142. Rob S

    Swimming. And anything else I can catch, love the Olympics!

  143. Tim G

    Swimming, diving, track and field, gymnastics… and whatever else happens to be on as I drift to sleep on the couch after a long day.

  144. Tom Santaniello

    Been watching cycling, swimming, and looking forward to track & field as a friend of ours, Jenny Simpson is running the 1500.

  145. Bill D

    I’ve watched swimming, volleyball, cycling, soccer, and gymnastics so far. Plan on seeing track and field events next. Go USA!

  146. SP

    A lot of swimming, and also some judo !

  147. Sean Ormerod

    Team Pursuit Track – Woman Bronze $$$
    Mens/Womans Road and TT

  148. Jessie

    Swimming and will watch triathlon!

  149. Jason

    Swimming, Swimming and more Swimming …

  150. Sam

    Team pursuits!! (I’m British ;))

  151. eL Gee

    Watching anything, but mainly, cycling, kayaking, rowing, athletics, volleyball and handball.

  152. Jim Toye

    Watching everything .. looking fwd to the tri’s :)

  153. Kurt

    Cycling and whatever else is on when I have some time to watch. That cycling inspires me to get on my trainer – oh wait I don’t have one at the moment!

  154. Kerry Martin

    Other than the usual swimming and cycling, rugby has become really interesting to me all of the sudden.

  155. Ty

    Swimming, volleyball, tennis, hand ball, diving, shooting, archery, gymnastics. I guess it’s obvious I had the week off…

  156. Swimming, Boxing, Athletics Volleyball.

  157. Edward Gerovian

    Been watching trampoline gymnastics and badminton. ??

  158. Rich


  159. Darren Lavey

    You can’t beat watching Men’s gymnastics!

  160. Eric

    Beach volleyball for the uniforms.

  161. Sylvain Michaud

    I tought of once again boycotting the Olympics because lawn bowling isn’t part of it anymore. But I’ve settled for Cycling (road/track) and volleyball (the real one, not the beach one).

  162. Jo

    Well I am partial to watching the smaller nations get some of the limelight – loved Fiji in rugby

  163. Becky Grindstaff

    Swimming, track, and diving in the green pool

  164. mmb

    Athletics and all the cycling.

  165. Noah

    diving into green jello pool

  166. Jason

    Swimming, cycling, track and field

  167. Diogo

    Beach volleyball ;)

  168. Jere

    Cycling!! And fencing, volleyball, swimming.

  169. Andy W

    Looking forward to 100m & 200m

  170. Simon jenkins

    As an Aussie I have been watching swimming mostly, but have lost a lot of sleep watching whatever I can!

  171. Matt Guyatt

    Swimming, soccer, track, anything that happens to be on ;)

  172. Gertjan

    All the events that are on television when i’m home.

  173. jake bennett

    gymnastics. daughter will not watch anything else. she figures thats where she’ll bin in 8 years!!

  174. Scott Ho

    Swimming domination!!!

  175. Jwe1987

    Been watching swimming and cycling naturally

  176. Russ

    Swimming & Track are my favorite and what I’ve been watching.

  177. Chris Cooper

    It’s a wold record year for commercials, so watching a ton of those. In between, lots of crashing (I mean cycling), swimming, gymnastics.

  178. Derek Lussier

    I’ve been watching plenty of swimming and gymnastics.

  179. donald

    swimming, track and a touch of velodrome action

  180. Lance


  181. Pedro

    100m, 200m, 800m and track&field events.

  182. Chris Bates


  183. Matt

    Soccer, Beach volleyball, Cycling, Rugby, Hockey. The list goes on.

  184. Katie S

    Is ALL THE SPORTS an acceptable answer? Still recovering from the crushing defeat of US women’s soccer yesterday though.

  185. Arthur Chambers

    10k womens and mens

  186. Queena Chen

    Gymnastics, beach volleyball, swimming, and very soon, my favorite sport – freestyle wresting!


  187. Thomas Snaaijer

    I basically watch everything! Right now 100m sprint for women, Go schippers!!!

  188. Mark W.

    Swimming, cycling, hockey

  189. Justin Nance

    Swimming, diving and track. And cycling!

  190. Adam

    I’ve been looking forward to the Men’s 10,000m for quite some time…and we are half way through as I type this comment!

  191. Dom

    Cycling and swimming and every other one I can.

  192. Swimming and Track and Field!

  193. Andrea C

    Cycling (all forms), swimming, rowing, basketball, rugby7.

  194. Phillip Lindsay

    New Zealand rowing events

  195. Dave

    Swimming and Track and Field. It’s amusing to see all the sports that never get any attention otherwise tho…

  196. Rob Libbert

    Watched road and track cycling, 7’s Rugby and Sailing!

  197. Track cycling and athletics.

  198. Ranga

    Swimming and track and field

  199. grayson wright

    Swimming, cycling and track.

  200. Bob Mako

    Soccer, most swimming and now on yo track and field

  201. Noah Gray

    Just the Triathlon and the Road Race

  202. Amber Gray

    Road Races and the Gymnastics

  203. Alan koh


  204. Alice

    Archery is to the summer game what curling is to the winter games. I can only watch it every 4 years and I love it

  205. Carl Boudakian

    Watching swimming, track (just saw the 10k race), and kayaking!

  206. Carlos Gonzalez

    Outstanding Olympics so far…Glue to watching swimming and all cycling events.

  207. Adam Uribe

    Swimming, cycling and women’s beach volleyball

  208. B Q

    I have not watched the olympics yet… Just too busy doing other things.

  209. Troy

    Closing ceremonies:)

    Maybe mtn biking to watch Peter Sagan

  210. Matt

    Swimming and Volleyball

  211. Ty

    Swimming swimming swimming!!

  212. Steven Chasteen

    Men’s 10,000m race and Mo Farah

  213. Jamie


    Thanks for the giveaway!!

  214. Glen

    Swimming & athletics

  215. Alejandro coy

    Swimming every night.

  216. Yaron Regev

    Swimming, cycling and looking forward to the triathlon events

  217. Sam Timmer

    We just recorded all events that NBC is showing. So lots of swimming, volleyball, some rowing, and some random sports (judo, fencing, trap shooting). The issue is, by recording everything and only watching in the evenings, we are about four days behind live broadcasts.

  218. Dan Lipsher

    Been watching whatever smiling and/or crying Americans NBC has decided to feature. I heard athletes from other countries are also participating, but those sports must really suck since USA-USA isn’t involved.

  219. William Rush

    Cycling track racing and road racing

  220. aaron N


  221. RAFrisk2

    Had to watch the swimming, cycling and running….. Strange sports pattern, right??

  222. Watching everything. How about those CDN ladies in the pool?

  223. Bob

    Road cycling, getting into some of the track events now, aling with some swimming. I’ve enjoyed seeing Leonidas of Rhodes getting due credit again after 2165 years.

  224. ReneeS

    Swimming/Gymnastics/Cycling/track & field/Synchronized diving & swimming/beach volleyball/Rowing

  225. Dustin


  226. Mathieu Locas


  227. Jason

    Swimming and cycling

  228. Dan

    Women’s cycling!

  229. Rusty Davis

    Cycling road/track
    USA dominance – I mean swimming
    Beach VB
    flopping & whining aka soccer

  230. Braeson Holland

    Cycling (road+trials), diving, and fencing!

  231. Johan granath

    Tennis and Track!

  232. Jonathan Pinchefsky

    Women’s beach volleyball

  233. Shane Wheeler

    road cycling

  234. Dor N

    Israel’s Judo competitions!

  235. Malk

    Swimming, swimiIng…and….swimming!

  236. Robin Wade

    GO Canada swiming

  237. CCrady

    Cycling, swimming, gymnastics

  238. Connor

    Any cycling events, swimming, gymnastics, volleyball, rugby and pretty much what ever else happens to be on at the time I see the TV. Been loving watching team Canada!!!!!

  239. Sarah

    I watch as many as I can but my fave is heptathlon!

  240. headstart

    Fencing, cycling and table tennis

  241. The cycling Road Race was the highlight for me. Watched some track too. Volleyball has been good. Go Canada!!

  242. D848

    Cycling, swimming, basketball

  243. Daryl

    Just the swimming so far…

  244. Nando

    Track cycling. Wiggo & Cav. MTB. Nino Schurter & Jolanda Neff. Usain Bolt. Michael Phelps.

  245. Yury Y.

    Gymnastics and cycling.

  246. Leo Robles


  247. Aksairus

    swimming and running

  248. Tom

    Rowing, T&F, oh and the beach volleyball ?

  249. Rb

    Everything! CBC’s online coverage has been great!

  250. Juan R.

    Swimming and track and field

  251. Thibault W

    Phelps. He is a sport!

  252. Pandraztic

    I’ve been watching Rugby (woooooohooooooo finally back in the olympics!), Swimming, and bits of cycling when I can catch it. This year’s competition has been so so awesome.

  253. Eric

    Table tennis

  254. Chris

    Men’s road cycling :)

  255. Kevin

    swimming + track and field

  256. Everything!!! Cycling and boxing are my favorite.

  257. Jeff

    Swimming, beach v-ball, gymnastics

  258. Cindy

    Swimming and gymnastic

  259. Conor

    All of the swimming and as much of everything else I can fit in!

  260. James L

    Swimming, ping pong, cycling

  261. Julianne

    Immersed in the swimming!!!

  262. Con

    All have been great so far but really enjoying watching the athletics

  263. George

    Swimming, Hockey, Cycling

  264. John Curtin

    swimming and cycling — although a Canadian at birth, who can resist watching TEAM USA crush it.

  265. Chris Barnett

    Err Table Tennis , Trampoline and Judo

  266. sam

    swimming ann triathlon

  267. Luis Bencosme

    Swimming, Soccer, Tennis and running

  268. Stacey

    Swimming, gymnastics, some diving. Watched some water Polo just because I am trying to understand it. Love it.

  269. Keith G

    I’ve been watching swimming. It seems to be on all. the. time.

  270. Josh

    A little bit of everything: swimming, basketball, track cycling

  271. Barry Ryan

    Beach volley ball! Road races & swimming

  272. Alex Boshuizen

    Ttrack cycling. But really I watch anything that is on.

  273. Mike Conza

    Can’t go past the heptathlon

  274. Niklas

    Team Sweden beats Team USA in penalty shoot out in women’s football tournament.

  275. Phellan

    Swimming, basket and Tennis. By the way it is just me or these Olympic games are not as vibrant as the last ones??

  276. Jay

    Soccer, cycling TT, a bit of swimming and some track

  277. Vincent vaucelle

    100m man.

  278. Kyle Engelhardt

    Love watching the road cycling, the indoor track cycling, and all the men’s/women’s swimming events.

  279. Paul Rummelhoff

    Swimming, swimming, swimmimg.

  280. Daniel Stanworth

    Swimming and track.

  281. Pete

    Swimming, track and cycling

  282. Kawika

    I’ve been watching cycling and swimming, of course, but also gymnastics and dividing, as well as volleyball.

  283. Silja

    Gymnastics and running have been most interesting. Marathon today.

  284. Russ Bovaird

    Hockey & all the cycling.

  285. Raphael

    Swimming, running and tennis and a bit of anything

  286. Grant Barrington

    Swimming – can’t go past watching swimming as an Aussie…. oi oi oi

  287. Steve Hall

    Track cycling – awesome stuff. Go GB

  288. Tobias

    Watching the road bike street race, time trials, and some swimming. Awesome what these folks can do.

  289. Peter Weir

    Team pursuit!

  290. Sam Estell

    I like watching the Olympic team pursuit

  291. nathan simpson

    Bit of this and bit of that. Table tennis. 10000 today and long jump. Just soo many sports to choose from.

  292. Dan

    Haven’t been watching any events. Just some highlights of the cycling ones. The Chinese TT helmets are popular on Wechat.

  293. Kent

    Cycling and sailing

  294. Lukas

    Spartacus winning his timetrial gold medal

  295. Mikk

    I like every sport but my favorite is cycling

  296. Jonathan Williams

    Cycling (outdoors and on the track), rowing and the track & field

  297. Daniel Sheldon

    Cycling, swimming, Vball


    Triathlon of course.

  299. Steve E.

    Everything from bike crashes to diving into blue (and then green) pools to volleyball on the beach and then on the court. The Canadian feed is far better than NBC’s… plus, I like to see events live.

  300. Scott Hulbert

    Watching lots of table tennis, swimming, and basketball

  301. Brian Noah

    I’ve watched cycling, when I can.

  302. Ryan V

    Swimming and cycling so far.

  303. William

    Swimming, cycling and I will watch the triathlon races

  304. Wing

    A bit of everything, have yet to see long long though.

  305. Marco

    Track cycling, rugby and football!

  306. DaniC.


  307. Jan K.

    Windsurfing :)

  308. Alex

    Anything with Team GB!

  309. Andreas

    Swimming and cycling when I gotten some spare time.

  310. Tom


  311. Brett Cole

    Track & Field!

  312. Oliver Christmas

    Swimming. They make it look so darned easy!

  313. Bond

    Paulina Swoboda, Kszczot, and voleyball, handball

  314. Henry


  315. Huy

    Skeet shooting.

  316. Douglas Frost

    all of the cycling!

  317. michal

    Vball, swimming, laser sailing so far

  318. Kenn Jordan

    Cycling in the Velodrom

  319. Dudley

    Cycling swimming running……waiting for the triathlons. But basically all of it. Turbo and live sport a perfect match

  320. Andrew M

    Cycling road race

  321. Neill Clements

    Track cycling and diving.

  322. Richard D

    Swimming, Track, cycling, rowing, whitewater, volleyball, and soccer

  323. jake tanguay

    Track cycling, Wiggins rules!

  324. Wez

    Cycling, field hockey, volleyball, tennis, judo, boxing and rowing!

  325. Mike

    I’ve got one of the streams running constantly. The Olympics are jsut so great to watch even though there has been so much controversy this year

  326. Rob Priest

    Anything and everything!

  327. Francis C

    Swimming, running, and gymnastics. Phelps is the greatest, Mo is just unbelievable, Simone 2x are awesome, Yusra is inspiring, and the list goes on. Can’t wait for Gwen. She’s gonna rock it.

  328. Mike

    Swimming, soccer, tennis, gymnastics, volleyball, track…

  329. Chuck

    Swimming and everything else!

  330. Konrad

    Almost every event. Especially water-based.

  331. Nicolas L

    Cycling and swimming ! Fan of Phelps !

  332. John P.


  333. ¡Waiting for marathon!

  334. sabina

    gymnastics and athletics :)

  335. Marcello

    Running, skeet

  336. Trampolining, Dressage, Skeet! Water polo! Rowing, Cycling, Swimming! Lawn bowls! Just not golf.

  337. Mattias

    Swimming, triathlon.

  338. KeithS

    Whatever is on when I get up. Mens 10,000 today was a brilliant race

  339. Peter

    Volleyball… GO Poland

  340. Earl Garcia

    Cycling, boxing, gymnastics, table tennis, judo, volleyball, soccer, and swimming

  341. Kamal

    I have been watching swimming & road , track cycling.

    Its interesting.

  342. Patrick

    Cycling Road Races

  343. Jason

    Swimming and track!

  344. joris

    cycling :-)

  345. Iona Robinson Zeki

    Gymnastics, cycling, bit of tennis and all the athletics

  346. David E.

    The cycling… GB are awesome!

  347. Kevin

    Everything , apart from Golf.

  348. David N.

    Not really watching the Olympics but following more or less everything it on the Internet.

  349. Toby

    Cycling, rowing and the dancey horsey thing.

  350. Nacho Alvaro

    Swimming & tennis so far. Waiting for triathon,

  351. Stephen Addison

    Trying to watch as much of the swimming as possible but its on at awkward times in the UK :(

    Other than that, anything thats on while I’m in the house, been amazed at the kayaking, and got a little bit into the fencing! I didn’t see that coming!

  352. Fredrik

    Track cycling, golf, swimming

  353. Wayne

    Rowing, cycling and sailing … the only ones NZ is doing OK in.

  354. Ian

    Swimming, definitely the swimming.

  355. Road race, Time trial, swimming, Basketball and even archery :-)

  356. Paul


  357. Gus Tang

    Swimming, cycling and running

  358. Haukur


  359. Lena Furberg


  360. Sascha

    Swimming, and Soccer!

  361. Dean Cowlishaw

    Swimming – Bad ass Phelps !

  362. Jenny

    Swimming, gymnastics and track cycling

  363. Jet

    Swimming and Athletics.

  364. Sailing, cycling

  365. Tom arthur

    Men’s cycling time trial

  366. Dave McKeown

    I’ve been watching: Swimming, Cycling, and track and field. Go Canada!

  367. Jeroen

    Ping pong?

    Seriously, the marathon. And the tennis final

  368. HH

    I’ve been watching mainly the handball og cycling events.

  369. Yagil

    Just some highlights. Due to time differences most things take place when I’m away from the computer.

  370. Christophe


  371. Katri

    I have been travelling until yesterday and therefore I have been not fully following anything yet, rather I get my info through random radio broadcasts, limited minutes on the web or friends calling me on the phone and giving updates alongside with other info they planned to share or discuss.

  372. Denis

    cycling, swimming

  373. Ben Gorton

    Fencing. Cant get enough

  374. Aonghus Moriarty

    Road cycling, track & rowing (come on Ireland!)

  375. Greig

    Haptathlon – screaming at the TV every time Katarina Johnson-Thompson throws.

  376. Bart Buczek

    Road race and TT :)

  377. Vast524

    Enjoying all the sports that are shown except for women’s gymnastics and synchronized swimmer. There are some sports that you need to drawn a line of enough is enough :)

  378. Adam Robinson

    Track racing, team pursuit, time trialling and road racing and a bit of athletics

  379. John Wehman

    Swimming, cycling, gymnastics, track/field,

  380. Skybono

    Swimming, cycling and sorry table tennis

  381. rayb

    Anything and everything

  382. Josep Maria

    I have seen basketball.

  383. Jeffrey S Roush

    Swimming, fencing and gymnastics

  384. Swimming, athletics and road bike :)

  385. Anssi T

    Cycling, of course! :)

  386. Thomas Skov Jensen

    cycling – track and road

  387. John Paul David

    Swimming, Running and Cycling.

  388. Kris

    I’ve been watching the road bike events, that’s all.

  389. Simon

    Swimming, cycling and athletics

  390. Ronen Ben Ari

    10,000 mens

  391. ross williams

    Road Race and Keirin

  392. Roy

    It’s been raining a lot over here the last 4 wks, a trainer would surely come in handy! Thanks

  393. Dejan M.


  394. A Jeffrey


  395. Bastian Güttler

    Thanks for the giveaway!

    I’ve been watching Basketball, Handball, Judo and Tennis! Lot’s of free time during my holidays…

    Greetings from Austria,


  396. Daniel Romero

    I’ve been watching Swimming, Gymnastics, and Track Cycling

  397. anthony

    rugby sevens

  398. TriBazz

    The amazing Mo Farah in the mens 10k – down but not out! And of course, the triathlons

  399. Adam G

    Swimming, gymnastics, 800m, track cycling

  400. Jan

    Swimming, diving, and track!

  401. Robin Stephens

    I just want to say thank you for all your great reviews. They certainly help me make decisions on what to and what not to buy. They are thoughtful and extremely appreciated.

  402. Dale B.

    Swimming, cycling, gymnastics, diving, water polo, and just started watching the track & field events.

  403. Ray Maker

    Count me in son!

  404. Kevin Pearce

    Judo and fencing

  405. Peter Day

    I know one of the competitors in woman’s Judo, so of course i was watching that.

  406. nikos

    Korakaki Anna’s shooting gold metal viva Greece !!!!!!!

  407. Oliver R

    swimming / cycling / gymnastics / beach volleyball

  408. Nick Duck

    I’ll be watching Beach Volleyball, Golf, Cycling, Rowing, Football, Rugby 7s. the whole lot. After that TV fest I’ll need a good Bike trainer.

  409. Dana Harman

    Watched a little bit of the gymnastics competition and my husband showed me some of the team pursuit videos from past years so I’ll try and catch some of that.

  410. Andy Bonnell

    So far I have been able to watch a few rugby matches and the majority of men’s swimming events.

  411. Kevin Roberts

    What I’m watching at the Olympics is not track cycling that is for sure. I’m stuck watching a bunch of beach volleyball.

  412. Patrick Utrecht

    I’ve been watching most of the medals events given a chance. I also try to watch the less televised (normally) sports like archery and kayaking. But my main event was the cycling road race.

  413. TOM

    Track, Swimming and of course GB Cycling

  414. Jeff

    Just the highlights so far

  415. Rafal

    Swimming, cycling, marathon and triathlon.

  416. Yair

    Women’s road cycling !!!
    First time we have an Israeli representation in the olymics

  417. Watching the crazy descents in the cycling road races while sporting the kind of anguished facial expressions usually reserved for watching horror movies.

    Sitting up at a crazy hour of the night, watching Mo fall over, get up and win in the 10,000m.

    Catching a few minutes of sailing and having no notion of what is happening.

  418. Roy Mathew

    I have been watching soccer, swimming, track and field,hoping to catch 100 m finals.

  419. Andrew

    All the cycling, swimming, basketball and soccer I can manage. Plus a few other odds and ends

  420. Water Polo! Road race and TT as well

  421. gil eliraz

    swimming, but from now on – athletics :)

  422. Chaz

    Swimming, cycling, volleyball, basketball and whatever is on the US primetime feeds.

  423. Ben

    the swimming and now the track events

  424. mark naisbitt

    5b Woodbury Court
    10 Parkvale Drive

  425. Simon Maurice

    Watched the swimming and now waiting for the the marathon

  426. Craig T

    swimming, beach volleyball, track cycling

  427. Phil

    Ping-pong! ;-)

  428. Stuart W

    Swimming and track.

  429. Markus

    Swimming, cycling (road and track), Track & Field and right now: women’s marathon

  430. Monia

    The marathon

  431. Leigh Madger

    Swimming, track, and water polo!

  432. Andrew

    Track and field

  433. Ståle

    Road cycling and athletics

  434. Michael Cronin

    Air rifle

  435. Swimming, rowing, and now the athletics! Inspired by every single athlete. Looking forward to the triathlon :)

  436. Mike Gathy

    Water Polo

  437. Nicholas

    Right now: Women’s Marathon.

    Past: Women’s Beach Volleyball; Men Swimming; Women All-Around Gymnastics; Men’s Soccer; etc…

  438. Jallal

    More or less all the events I was able to watch: swimming, boxe, weights, tennis, gym, tracks…

  439. Michael Woods

    The men’s swimming!!!

  440. Jonas

    None. I’m just checking the results online :)

  441. Patrick Hatcher

    Swimming, Beach Volleyball, Cycling. I was glad to see that the Netherlands female cyclist was relatively ok. That was the scariest crash I’ve seen. I thought she broke her neck

  442. Ivelisse

    Mostly gymnastics

  443. James Donnelly

    Yes I’ve been watching the Olympics – The Cycling Obviously! – Gymnastics and the Athletics! ….Go Mo Farrah! Lol

  444. Mike

    Cycling track is the best.

  445. Paul Hesketh


  446. Paul Irwin

    I’ve watched allot of lengths this Olympics!!!

  447. Jerry M.

    Swimming and cycling.

  448. Trinity

    Swimming (Penny Oleksiak!!!, Go CANADA Go!) Heptathlon (Brianne Theison-Eaton!!!) Track (Melissa Bishop, Andre De Grasse!!!), Diving , Gymnastics (Ellie Black!!) and really anything with Canada in it!!!! Go Canada Go!

  449. rclar

    Shooting of course!

  450. James Bruce

    I’ve been watching the swimming, track, and volleyball.

  451. Erik L.

    Road Cycling

  452. BruceL

    Running, everything from the 100m to the marathon

  453. Patrick

    Cycling, gymnastics, swimming

  454. Ray Venables

    10000 meters and marathon

  455. Ulrich

    Swimming, cycling, tennis, golf, badminton, shooting ( by accident…), marathon,…

  456. Pu Hwai

    Swimming and track cycling!

  457. Sebastian

    Swimming, Cycling, Athletics, and then whatever’s on!

  458. Nick

    I am thoroughly enjoying the womens’ marathon at the moment, but have also been partaking in the various track and field and swimming event watching.

  459. Dan Jones

    Cycling, soccer, swimming, gymnastics. Triathlon soon

  460. mike guertin

    Track & Field – and rewatch swimming.

  461. Tong

    I am watching marathon !! And good giveaway man …;-)

  462. Jacob DeWispelaere

    Swimming mostly… no cable so whatever is on the main NBC channel.

  463. Erik Ingman


  464. Shailendra

    Archery & TT

  465. Ellen Mcdonell

    Swimming and the women’s marathon and triathlon next week

  466. Francis Fillion

    Triathlon, road bike racing, swimming and mountain bike race.

  467. Kaya Emilie Berge

    Cycling of cource:) And Dressage!

  468. adam

    Cycling for sure (track events!) and kayaking.

  469. Joseph Brown

    I’ve enjoyed watching Michael Phelps end his career on a high note.

  470. Jonas S

    Marathon, rowing, whatever is on when I have time to watch

  471. Steven Knapp


  472. Pieter V

    Everything cycling, Field Hockey, and a bunch of swimming.

  473. Moises

    Soccer, volleyball, cycling, gymnastics, swimming, and it’s nothing but track and field from here on out. Go USA runners!

  474. Henk Huisman

    Watching cycling (road, timetrial, track), beach volleybal, windsurfing, but mostly enjoying athletics.

  475. Sarat


  476. jens

    Soccer,bicycle, pingis, golf and skit shooting

  477. dave dupuis

    mens 10000m, what un final lap by Farrah after falling !!! just wow

  478. Budd


  479. abc123

    Lots of rowing. A few of my college teammates are racing!

  480. Peter

    Track and fields

  481. Heavyhasso

    Team GB – smashing WR’s in the velodrome! Go Team GB!!!!

  482. Goswinus

    Cycling, track cycling, waterpolo and so much more.

  483. Christopher

    swimming, cycling

  484. Anh Tran

    Mostly Swimming, Track and Field , but i love them all.

  485. Spencer Reynolds

    Swimming, womens cycling and volley ball

  486. Matt Parker

    Marathon, swimming, track & field

  487. Adam

    Track cycling and rowing for me.

  488. Anthony

    Whatever comes up… a lot.

  489. Tobias Beck


  490. Michal Maliarik

    I am looking forward to see Triathlon 18.august. Namely Richard Varga SVK.

  491. Fman

    The cycling of course – when I can – and the rowing.

  492. Bill

    Everything! Can’t get enough of it!

  493. Praneeth

    Planning to watch the triathlon event, but no one to support from India. But lot of other great athletes !!

  494. Zsolt Csapó

    As many as I can!

  495. Björn

    Swimming, rugby and cycling!

  496. Elive

    Always keen to watch a new Olympic sports like Rugby Sevens, with Fiji kicking some ass. Hope to see some velodrome action and the long distance road races too.

  497. Vincent

    Swimming, football

  498. Bob Webber

    Cycling, swimming & track & field!

  499. Rachel

    Swimming mostly! Marvelled at heptahlon as well.

  500. jose


  501. Andy

    Men’s and women’s 4×100 Medley relays (swimming)

  502. Jack

    Really enjoying the swimming this year. Watching Ledecky come into her own has been really exciting, and Phelps swan song has been really fascinating as well.

  503. Drew

    Swimming, diving, volleyball, cycling, and anything else I can catch!

  504. Kevin

    Men’s cycling road race

  505. David Zupancic

    Cycling, swimming, judo!

  506. Chet S

    I am ready to ride!

  507. Andre

    Swimming, cycling, track, rugby.

  508. Francis

    swimming cycling and almost all the rest …

  509. David Wariaro

    Swimming, track and field and some of the cycling ;)

  510. Bill C

    Loved the Swimming, wished for more Cycling though loved the Road Race coverage, enough Beach Volleyball already

  511. Rob Videtta

    Swimming, Hockey, Archery and basically anything and everything. Can’t wait for the Canoe and Kayak events tho!

  512. Greg

    I’ve enjoyed watching the cycling, track and field and swimming events in Rio.

  513. Flemming Lundager

    Clearly swimming :-)

  514. The Panda

    TT Table Tennis

  515. Mike Richie

    I just watched the women’s marathon – three us women in the top 10! The Final Five have been blowing me away and Kristin Armstrong is amazing. US Women Rule!

  516. Mike Brown



    I’ve been watching a bit of everything.

  518. I’ve been trying desperately to boycott the olympics actually, as i’m a squash coach and former professional player. The IOC have basically stitched us up 3x and now installed skateboarding among others, for Tokyo 2020.

    Anyway, the boycott was broken today when Usain Bolt made his appearance in his 1st heat – I couldn’t resist, there’s something amazing about this athlete – something similar to when I saw Carl Lewis live.

    So, 100m Sprint – that’s what i’ve been watching – and what broke amy IOC Boycott!

    PS Love everything you do. Big Fan.

  519. Edward

    Rugby!!! It is the best! Love it.

  520. Jennifer


  521. Adrian

    Swimming and cycling

  522. Cristina de León

    Swimming and boxing ?

  523. Alex B

    Road and track cycling – Go Team GB! Tennis & athletics – and diving into a green pond!

  524. Crystal Sundaramoorthy

    Cycling, swimming, gymnastics, diving, marathon, triathlon

  525. Michael


    ( •_•)O¯`·.¸.·´¯`°Q(•_• )
    X |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯| X

  526. Bob McMillen

    Just about everything, but especially cycling, rowing, and swimming.

  527. James deMelo

    Well since cycling is over already probably basketball!

  528. Stein Roar Solberg


  529. Tas

    A bit of everything so far, but mostly cycling in the velodrome and the gymnastics

  530. David Cagle

    Swimming and more swimming. Waiting on Tri!

  531. Brian

    Women’s Field Hockey!

  532. Daniel Bills

    Track Cycling and swimming

  533. Ricardo Pereira

    I’ve watch the table tennis and swimming events. But I’m looking forward for the xc mtb.


    I’m just back from cycling the Camino de Santiago so I’m playing catchup on YouTube….Mo Farah’s win was spectacular!

  535. almost all sports but focus on track&field events.
    Like to run myself so distance running is my favorite

  536. Alex Wiggins

    Been on my honeymoon, so mostly gymnastics and swimming.

  537. Kristina

    Men’s beach volleyball. RIP Goose.

  538. Pedro Navarro


  539. Craig Mackenzie

    Every thing I can.

  540. Chris Wiggins

    Phelps events

  541. Jorick de Bruijn

    Wonend marathon, track cycling, the road race was also pretty epic

  542. Roger Parenteau

    Everything I can. Loved the men’s and women’s road race.

  543. Jens Rasmussen

    Diving, swimming, track bike, handball, rowing

  544. Chong WH

    Swimming, table tennis, badminton.
    The few sports which my country is represented.

  545. AndreasH

    I’d take a givaway :-)

  546. Kasper Vainio

    Track and field (especially javelin and 100/200m)

  547. Ricky Klingvall

    Swimming, and waiting for Triathlon. Hopefully Lisa N will make the Gold.

  548. Don

    Hands down…golf. Nothing more exciting to watch on TV.

  549. Björn

    Cycling and windsurfing

  550. JoeriB

    Cycling off course! Gold medal for Belgium! And lot’s of other sports, Judo, swimming, looking forward to the mountainbiking…

  551. Artjom Skljarov

    I see all of it. Looking forward for a triathlon

  552. Adam

    Swimming replays only so far. But have some gymnastics recorded for my daughter.

  553. Rory

    As always I am enjoying the swimming, sailing and rowing. All water related for me as a spectator , so I definitely need an indoor trainer. Lol. I do cycle .

  554. Mark Wells

    Have been watch track cycling and diving mostly but also whatever is on where team GB are compeating

  555. Konstantinos Velaoras


  556. Neil

    Cycling road race, TT men’s and women’s

  557. Gordon Delgaty-Cook


  558. David

    Swimming, of course!

  559. Ben

    Cycling road race, beach volleyball, gymnastics, and swimming.

  560. John

    Swimming, basketball, cycling, beach volley, water polo, judo.

  561. Honza Knyttl

    Definitely swimming with MP and other legends.

  562. Kent

    Swimming, Biking, and Track

  563. Alex


  564. Mathias

    Road race, Go Greg Van Avermaet

  565. David

    Swimming, wind surfing and cycling

  566. Darren

    I’m watching as much of the cycling as I can!

  567. Meghan W

    I’ve been watching women’s cycling and the women’s marathon for the Olympics

  568. Georg

    Swimming, shooting and cycling

  569. Reinout

    Swimming (mostly Phelps and Ledecky, but also backstroke), Wiggo, gymnastics, road cycling (including TT)

  570. Jonathan L

    Athletics, indoor cycling and golf.

  571. Carla

    Opening ceremonies

  572. Chris

    Anything and all

  573. Alex Catmur

    Everything I can

  574. ChrB

    Cycling road race, tt and track.

  575. Ioannis Papatheocharis


  576. Gary R

    Cycling, swimming, and gymnastics – pretty much all that they play on NBC during prime time.

  577. Jan

    Many different sports, from cycling to fieldhockey and from windsurfing to handball.

  578. Ian Johnstone


  579. Alex P

    Rugby! It’s the first year 7’s has been in the Olympics! I’ve also just left the stream on whenever I’m doing something, though, so I’ve seen a lot of the events.

  580. Harry Dugan

    Cycling and Swimming and whatever is on.

  581. Jordan A

    Beach Volleyball
    Looking forward to triathlon this week!

  582. Alex

    Swimming and rugby, and cycling of course.

  583. Joshua rasmussen

    Swimming and cycling

  584. Carlo Ceppi


  585. Enoch Palmer


  586. Rafal

    Cycling Road Race + Individual Time Trial (great performance from Cancellara:)

  587. Pieter

    If possible bike, would be nice to not be dependent on the weather :)

  588. david gralnik

    swimming and cycling

  589. liz dwors


  590. dominic stockton

    women’s heptathlon, men’s 10,000m, women’s 100m. also, the keirins. bloody amazing.

  591. Brad Borgald

    Women’s MTB!

  592. Slowmo

    Beach volleyball

  593. da_fox

    I actually haven’t been watching anything. Don’t WATCH sports, DO sports!

  594. Nev

    Rugby 7’s … and cycling!

  595. Stanislav

    Waterpollo and basketball

  596. jack allen

    cycling, swimming, beach volleyball, tennis

  597. Ze Pedro

    All the cycling I can watch! Looking forward for Sagan on a mountain bike!

  598. Benjamin alto

    currently beach volleyball

  599. Daniel

    Watching waterpolo right now!

  600. Duncan

    Been watching the cycling!!! Aren’t The Brits doing well? ;-)

  601. Alex

    i’ve big Olympic fan, been watching a lot of Swimming and Judo,too bad we have this only every 4 years :-(

  602. a_ro

    Swimming, Tower jump, Cycling, Track Cycling, Gymnastics, Tennis, Hockey, Golf, Rowing

  603. Jon D

    Anything they place on prime time in the US, basically lots of diving, swimming, and gymnastics at first.

  604. Louis alexander

    All of it! Go team USA!!!

  605. Ivan De Paepe

    Men”s road cycling with Greg Van Avermaet his victory!

  606. Eberhard


  607. Arran Jacobs

    Been watching the road race, and lots of velo cycling! Go team gb!

  608. Jeff Stenquist

    I’ve mostly been watching swimming, cycling, and gymnastics.


  609. Checho

    Wrestling and gymnastics!

  610. Brent Roberts

    Watching some track and field. 800 meters…

  611. Matt Bennett

    Cycling, swimming, soccer…anything I can!

  612. Peter Felix

    All of it has been fantastic but the sprint track cycling is really exciting.

  613. Rui Silva

    I m going to watch the 100 meters Mens final.

    And, i just watched the usa basketball team, winning another game.

    Best regards

  614. peber

    Some of the swimming, which has been awesome. Tennis, W final, fantastic. A heavyweight weightlifters standing backflip, wow. Athletics up next, and the triathlon, exciting.

  615. Craig Lubbe

    I’ve been enjoying track and field and weightlifting!

  616. Sean Peyton

    Have loved watching the Olympics – including the road racing, time trial, track events and of course the gymnastics, track and have even been enjoying the horsey events!

  617. William sacarelos

    I wanted to watch the men’s road race but could not find it anywhere so I went on a ride instead

  618. pete w

    Track cycling-sprint race skill and power great to watch

  619. Nick G

    Far too much track cycling…

  620. Jae

    Watching swimming, basketball, and track & field. Love the competition.

  621. Duc Phan


  622. BartW

    Athletics and cycling

  623. Ermanno

    Sto tifando la Cagnotto e i suoi tuffi da medaglia d’oro forza Stefania

  624. Ermanno

    Viva il ciclismo su strada e su pista!!!!!!!!

  625. Luca

    Swimming…Paltrinieri rules!!!!!!

  626. Giles Rowland

    swimming and cycling!

  627. Martin

    I love to watch the swimming.:-)

    Best regards Martin

  628. Albert

    So far I was just able to catch few small news on radio being offline training and racing. I am really looking forward to watch MTB XC race.

  629. Jim

    All the running, biking and swimming I can. Plus some track and field and Kayaking.

  630. K Mark

    cycling, of course!

  631. Damien

    While I was in France on hols, Handball and Fencing
    Now that I am back in the UK, Track Cycling…

  632. Axel

    Hockey is my favourite

  633. Robert House

    Swimming, Diving, Swimming, swimming?

  634. Debbie M

    swimming and gymnastics

  635. Andy

    I have watched the cycling, gymnastics, swimming

  636. Brandon

    Have ended up watching about everything. Had never watched Fencing before these olympics, got that done. Swimming, gymnastics, volleyball, the cycling races and now track have been the most, I’d say.

  637. Chris jones

    I’m loving the diving, gymnastics and of course the track!!

  638. Anthony LoSasso

    Count me in!!

  639. Jim S.

    Saw marathon this morning

  640. Åsmund S.

    Cycling, swimming, tennis and handball

  641. Conor Robinson

    Road and track cycling, swimming, track and field, gymnastics and diving!

  642. Norman Kwong

    all the swimming events!

  643. E.Joris

    Cycling :)

  644. David Faria

    Everything that is on outside of work hours ;)

  645. Alejandro

    All I can, specially cycling, tennis and basketball

  646. Gabriel

    Mostly beachvolleyball, m and w 10000m and the final golf round.

  647. Adam Baxter

    Women’s cycling

  648. I saw the swimming, one of my workmates used to train together with the gold medalist Anthony Ervin, we were so pumped!

  649. Martina


  650. Tiffany

    Gymnastics, Swimming, Track & Field (Steeplechase), Volleyball (Women’s Beach ;))

  651. Nick

    track & field

  652. Dustin

    Beach Volleyball!

  653. Greg Shotts

    track cycling

  654. Gerald

    50m Rifle 3 Positions

  655. Swimming, track & field, velo cycling and beach volleyball.

  656. Swimming, Cycling, Triathlon, and the Athletics (1,500m and 5,000m!)

  657. Jennifer Craig

    I’ve loved every minute of watching the games be it hockey, cycling, swimming, athletics it’s all been fantastic!

  658. Joe Weeks

    This would fill out my winter cave nicely…

  659. mroek

    Handball, rowing, and more

  660. Richard Cockerill

    Track cycling

  661. Corey Higham

    Fencing, gymnastics, heptathlon, swimming, beach volleyball, and cycling:)

  662. Roger Cowan

    Cycling of course (plus some trampolining)

  663. Fernando

    Swimming, tennis and waiting for Triathlon! Go Mario Mola!

  664. Jwarkins

    Cycling, track & field, swimming

  665. Jwarkins

    Swimming, cycling

  666. Tom

    All of it….!

  667. Cycling in the velodrome, and anything/everything else

  668. Richard Lemley

    Swimming! Now track and not so much field. Looking forward to the Tri’s

  669. Tomc


  670. Bill Shepard

    Volley Ball

  671. Michael

    Rugby Sevens, Rowing, Kayaking, and Cycling

  672. moshe

    Phelps, Kristin Armtrong, froomey, cycling
    waiting for the olympic tri

  673. Gabor Kmetyko

    Track cycling

  674. Derrick Yap

    Swimming!! Sad that event is almost over.

  675. BC

    As a recovering swimmer, it would be swimming. Always sad when the first week is over.

  676. Veronica

    I’m the odd ball, watching archery and water polo!

  677. Max B

    Lots of swimming and now track and field…. And some badminton as well.

  678. Daniel Powell

    Cycling and track and field

  679. Larry

    The only thing better than owning one KICIR is to have two. Everyone needs a his and her matching set of trainers.

  680. Chris Jacobi

    Watched the Aussies falter in the pool, the soccer pitch, and the velodrome, but watched them win in the single skulls

  681. Dan S.

    Mens and Womens Marathon!

  682. Michael

    Fencing, Swimming, Athletics, Vollyball

  683. TimG

    Swimming! Not that Australia is doing that well…

  684. Megan Rummelhoff

    Gymnastics and swimming.

  685. Jhonathan Montoya

    Womens Beach Volley!!! and also saw the TT road and road bike competitions.

  686. KL

    I’ve been watching swimming, road racing and indoor track racing. GO USA!

  687. Norm Thomson

    We watched the Women’s Cycling Road Race. Scary, edge of the seat competition!

  688. SHawn mckenna

    Swimming, cycling

  689. John Craft

    Swimming, hoops and volleyball

  690. Chuck Morgan

    Whatever is on between commercials…

  691. Paul Smedman

    Cycling, Track, Golf and Women’s Soccer – Go CANADA!!!

  692. Greg J

    All of them! But mostly swimming and track cycling

  693. crazy monkey

    basketball, rugby 7, soccer, cycling

  694. Irwin Permata

    Great Ray! watch Mo Farah wins 10.000m GOLD!

  695. Anthony Gatti

    Swimming, Cycling, a tiny bit of golf and now a little track.

  696. AM

    Swimming, water polo and cycling road races.

  697. Sim Yong Siang

    Just swimming and nothing else.

  698. Henry HOlt

    Men’s 400M final right this moment.

  699. Howard

    Swimming, Phelps is amazing!

  700. Allen

    Track cycling, diving, fencing, volleyball

  701. Daniel

    Cycling and track. Sometimes track cycling…

  702. Stephanie

    Beach volley ball

  703. Richard

    Track and Field!

  704. KaymMck

    Swimming, gymnastics, volleyball, diving, track and field

  705. E L

    Track cycling!

  706. Ronnie Petty

    Marathon, Track and field, and swimming. Go team USA, Flanagan, Felix and Phelps

  707. QSL

    The brutal 200 fly

  708. Chris Power

    Swimming, gymnastics, fencing, track and field

  709. Zack

    Watching the 100 meter final!

  710. SBRides

    Swimming Rules…

  711. Kim


  712. Michael Meryment

    Track Cycling

  713. Dan E

    So much swimming! and Indoor volleyball. but i’ll never admit that in public. opps.

  714. Terry Reich

    I am currently in Malaysia so everyone was watching the half Malaysian/Singaporean beat Michael Phelps

  715. Matt N.

    Sprint and Keirin cycling, swimming, just all of it! The swimming and the gymnastics have been incredible to watch.

  716. Paul

    Swimming, track and field, cycling, gymnastics, and rugby, along with a few others here and there on the TiVo.

  717. Tim S

    If it is on TV, then I am watching it.

  718. Matthew

    Swimming, Gymanstics and Track & Field

  719. Matthew Swartwout

    Road Race & TT, Swimming, Basketball, Track Cycling

  720. Ben

    Track Cycling, Road Cycling! Go team GB!

  721. Alex

    swimming, cycling, and anything else that shows up on the tube

  722. Sharon

    Gymnastics, track, women’s cycling a netball.

  723. Erik

    Swimming, track & field, gymnastics, volleyball, cycling. And whatever else is on when I happen to tune in.

  724. Rémi Ricard

    I wanted to watch judo but it was my week of cycling. YouTube to the rescue.

  725. Justin Wild

    Cycling – men’s and women’s road races

  726. Ron Leonard


  727. Ericka rios

    Track an swimming !

  728. Robert Stark

    Cycling, rowing, hockey….ok, all of them.

  729. Peter Neuhaus

    Men’s indoor volleyball.

  730. Jacob

    Swimming, gymnastics, and track.

  731. James

    track cycling, swimming, athletics, basketball and anything else!!

  732. TJ

    I’ve watched a ton of everything. Racing, volleyball, and gymnastics. USA!

  733. Evelyn

    Watched Oleksiak and Phelps win gold on Thursday… listening to the CBC announcer was an event all in itself!

  734. Holly S.

    Track and field!

  735. Jason Titus

    Swimming and volleyball

  736. Andrew M

    Swimming, cycling, hockey and taekwondo

  737. Happy Runner


  738. Baptiste


  739. Ricky

    Men’s 100m final!!!

  740. Mike D

    Swimming and cycling

  741. Mark Moylan

    I have watched just about everything, but some of the best things I have seen were ping pong and cycling.

  742. Cesar Hernandez

    Every event I can watch! Much respect for the very best!

  743. Ted Jones

    Finally, the track and field is underway.

  744. Sarah j

    I have watched a bit of everything including the 100m final tonight.

  745. Louis

    Bolt the greatest

  746. Jim Shepherd

    Biking, swimming, and gymnastics so far.

  747. Mike g

    Watching swimming (and most other sports). Way too much watching.

  748. William Hartmann

    Swimming and road racing.

  749. Cong Qin

    Swimming and water polo!

  750. chake

    Thank goodness for the nbc app. Beach Volley Ball.

  751. Mark M


  752. Joel Widmer

    All of it.

  753. Lew Wor

    Rowing,and of course Track and field

  754. Jason Ryther

    Been watching Phelps, Ledecky, and the rest of the US crush the swimming events!

  755. Jason N

    Gymnastics, Swimming, Synchronized diving, road cycling. Here’s to hoping that Ledecky is clean.

  756. Lee Douthitt

    Rowing and Rupp.

  757. Luke Metcalfe

    Only men’s gymnastics.

  758. Anthony


  759. Jordan k


  760. Michael Fontbin

    Cycling, swimming, track and field, basketball, golf

  761. Chris

    Road races, TTs, golf, gymnastics, you name it! Been a great Olympics.

  762. Guido

    Literally nothing – all the doping is killing it for me.

  763. Brice Etienne


  764. Bryan H

    Track cycling. To see wiggo and cav.

  765. Peter Scott

    Swimming for me. Good to see the Aussies go well.

  766. Dylan

    Women’s Marathon Nice Job USA with 3 in the top 10!

  767. Michael


  768. Scott Brown


  769. Rob Regan

    Love the detailed reviews. Will be watching Swimming, the Marathon and Triathlon.

  770. Jill H

    Lots. Volleyball, archery, trampolining…

  771. Damian

    Cycling but I’m hanging for the triathlons

  772. bruce bergstom

    Cycling , running and swimming

  773. Jorge

    Women’s Triple jump

  774. Glyn

    Track cycling has been exciting to watch. Road cycling was a little scary and the coverage was not great after being spoiled by the superb TV of TdF.
    Swimming, diving, rugby 7s, athletics, rowing, gymnastics, judo, beach volleyball, golf and tennis all great too.
    It is all goodt to watch with such a brilliant festival of sport.

  775. Dancov


  776. Charlie Carson

    Anything when I chance to turn it on. Was just watching handball tonight.

  777. Marko Knezevic

    Rowing and Swimming all day long!

  778. EricM

    I will watch whatever I can; swimming, track, volleyball, sailing…

  779. Stefan L

    Unfortunately, I haven’t seen much yet. Just some random bits and pieces.

  780. Ursela K

    I love swimming and athletics and of coarse triathlon. I have been watching everything though.

  781. Brian M

    Cycling, swimming, volleyball, track and field, etc, etc. All of it is great!

  782. Ted Cook

    Women’s triple jump, awesome to see Yulimar so happy for her silver medal

  783. Stacy

    Swimming, cycling, gymnastics.

  784. Chris

    Really looking forward to the mountain bike race this year.

  785. Stacy

    Corrected email
    Cycling, swimming, track and field

  786. Jordi

    Athletics, when I remember!

  787. Tosin

    Swimming, cycling, beach volleyball, gymnastics. Looking forward to triathlon this week.

  788. Lauren

    Track and field events.

  789. Erik

    The road cycling and atheletics are given! :D

  790. Kevinm

    Track cycling, particularly the omnium.

  791. Philipp

    Field Hockey

  792. Hendre Greeff

    All cycling events

  793. Naoki


  794. JEff Miller

    Anything I can. Would love to see more cycling and running than I have.

  795. Michael

    Judo, Cycling

  796. Dr bo

    Men’s 100 Meters! Go Bolt! Plus I am watching everything else that I can fit in…..

  797. Colin

    Womens road race!

  798. Jason

    Gymnastic & Swimming.

    Now time for rack and field…

  799. Grega Juvancic

    Road Cycling. Rest is either not interesting or start to late at night.

  800. Niels

    Beach volleyball yeah!

  801. Nikita

    Mountain bike for sure

  802. Michel

    Men’s cycling and time trial.

  803. Geoff


  804. Jeremy Me


  805. Mike

    Only cycling so far

  806. Runnermax


    I’ve mainly been watching athletics but eager to see Triathlon & marathon swimming start!

    Have a fun day!

  807. JochenB


  808. Anatoly


  809. Patron Matze

    Watching Hockey is excellent!

  810. MikaH

    At least all cyclilng events road, track, mtb and bmx.

  811. Nina

    The gymnastics and athletics. In awe!

  812. Kwek JH


  813. Bartu Altioklar


  814. Angelo Bryant

    I watched the men’s Olympic road race. I’ll be watching the mtb events as well.

  815. Jeremy Linter

    I’ve been watching every event that I can, love seeing team GB doing so well.

  816. sherman


  817. RaduT

    Watching as many events as I can fit in my schedule.

  818. Keith Rasmussen

    Cycling, marathon, triathlon.

  819. Johannes W

    Yesterday Tennis, sometimes whats shownon TV, but I’m looking forward to the MTB battles

  820. Denis

    10000m :-)

  821. KamilN

    Olympic triathlon.

  822. Christine

    Everything what my frien looks, he is the king of our tv’s remote controller ?

  823. MatthiasH

    Phelps Games – Swimming!

  824. Dan Lynch


  825. Robert K.

    Today, Men’s canoe single 1000m

  826. William Fraser

    Track cycling!

  827. Luke P

    Swimming, track and field and looking forward to the marathon and triathlon

  828. Felix

    Swimming and Track!!!

  829. Steffen

    Pretty much everything (well, time permitting). If only the timezone was better…

  830. Mihal


  831. Max L

    Marathon, ladies.

  832. Renee Haver

    Everything I have been able to catch! Rowing, athletics, archery, swimming, hockey…..

  833. Jon Tiktin

    Olympic sprints (track cycling)

  834. Tom JM

    Heptatlon and road cycling :) Also a spot of golf and a lot of the swimming.

  835. Mike Mcmillen

    Swimming has been fun to watch

  836. Swimming and athletics

  837. UHJ

    I’ll be watching cycling; road, track, MTB and BMX as well as some athletics and any weird sport I may drop in on and not know anything about. I love trying to figure out rules and regulations by watching a match/game/shoot-out or what-ever.

  838. massimo

    Swimming and women’s marathon

  839. neil

    mens 400m final, cycling in the velodrome.

  840. Bunny Terminator

    Track cycling and triathlon

  841. Ben Dobson

    Bits and pieces of everything, loving the rowing and cycling though

  842. Gerrit

    As much as I can, new fan of the diving events.

  843. Julian

    Really enjoying the cycling. Track and road. Lots of medals for Team GB!

  844. nakaken

    table tennis

  845. Richard Jennings

    Cycling and badminton

  846. Malcolm Bruton

    Any of the Tack cycling. Go Kiwis !!!

  847. Rahul B

    The Triathlon!

  848. Armin Hackmann

    Basketball, Swimming & Running events so far…

  849. Almat

    swimming and dying to watch triathlon

  850. Yannick

    All of them!!

  851. Jesper C. Sort

    Road cycling and the magnificent result from J. Fuglsang

  852. Stuart Gover

    The cycling for the most part, but it’s amazing how watching Judo or fencing at 2am is just as riveting!

  853. Robin Warrington


  854. arne f8

    I watched the men’s road race, most of the swimming and the women’s tennis final (amazing).

  855. Julian

    Cycling that’s obvious track and field and rowing so far

  856. ChrisSS

    Track cycling – great racing!

  857. Alasdair Lacey

    Road cycling, track cycling and bit of everything else!

  858. Dan360

    Gymnastics, golf and tennis yesterday. Loving everything Olympic.

  859. Charlie Gregory

    Cycling of course!

  860. Morten Saey

    Cycling of course!

  861. Mafalda Rodrigues

    All I can grab.

  862. annette beuke

    womens marathon

  863. Steffen

    Swimming, Cycling and Surfing (Dorian rulezzz :-) )

  864. Casey Ross

    Cycling road race and now track and field!

  865. Kien Chua

    Table tennis and Swimming

  866. Yorick

    Beach volley, tennis, … a bit everything

  867. Jons

    Swimming, lots of it.

  868. Amedeo

    Men’s final tennis match between Murray and Del Potro (replay)

  869. Hilla Benita

    I love the jumping.. all, triple jump, high jump, distance jump

  870. Will

    Swimming, Badminton

  871. Erlend Simonsen

    Womens Handball, go Norway!

  872. DMR

    The velodrome action is hard to beat. Looking forward to the triathlons this week. Go Team GB!!!

  873. thorvald

    Gymnastics and judo

  874. stefan


  875. Luminita


  876. Martijn

    Hockey, Cycling and Athletics

  877. 8


  878. Pauline

    Volleybal and running

  879. Obeidullah Moosajee

    Cycling, Track Cycling. 100 meters sprint.

  880. MikeKomputer

    Swimming, Judo, Athetisme, Cycling, and lot of more :-)

  881. Roman

    Cycling and swimming.

  882. Martins M

    Road and Track cycling

  883. Stefan

    Swimming, soccer, marathon

  884. Peter

    Track cycling and enjoying another side of cycling that I haven’t really watched before.

  885. Winter

    athletics, bike and tri

  886. Gunthar

    Road & TT races. Looking forward to the MTB race!

  887. Bas de Lange

    Cycling, Indoor cycling, hockey, swimming and volleyball (indoor / beach)! Great fun to watch other sports as well.

  888. Sergey

    football; running, shooting, ping-pong; tennis; a lot of different other events that one would watch just during Olympics :)

  889. Matteo Kohlloeffel

    Cycling, fencing

  890. JB

    I’ve been watching almost all the cycling disciplines and having fun so far!

  891. Kevin

    I have been watching them all but not sure anything beats swimming and middle distance running.

  892. Job

    Men & women road race + everything else that comes by.

  893. Carlos

    Synchronized Swimming!

  894. Beth

    Swimming and track & field (as well as whatever else I can catch in the evenings)

  895. Nico

    All cycling events both men and women!

  896. Norman Bungay

    The only events I’ve been able to see so far are men’s and women’s swimming relay, women’s 100m track, men’s 10k track, and a little of the women’s gymnastics.

  897. Kreis09

    TT, MTB XC, Basketball

  898. Obsessed with Track & Field, and some shooting, handball, and fencing.

  899. Andrew Dickinson

    Swimming and Athletics

  900. Jeremy

    Watching everything I can! Especially enjoy swimming and cycling.

  901. stefang


  902. Alex Greenbank

    Swimming, track cycling and athletics mostly.

  903. Asis Pardo

    On holidays, completely disconnected with the family… so nothing!

  904. andrew82


  905. RobinL

    Cycling, cycling, cycling.

  906. Pat B.

    Anything cycling of course!

  907. Matthew Harris

    Weight lifting and water polo

  908. Track cycling, gymnastics…

  909. Mike Hayes

    All the cycling – road races, TT and the velodrome. I’m hooked!

  910. Chimera

    Nothing this year, not happy with the cost of the event for the people of Brazil.

  911. Sofia

    Swimming and diving

  912. Josh

    Resting in a freshly broken foot *sad panda*

  913. Rich O'Kelly

    Track cycling, gymnastics and track and field, but pretty much anything I can!

  914. bas seelen


  915. Juris

    Cycling, track and field

  916. Baksteen

    I will be watching the Cycling both indoor and outdoor. Also handball and fieldhockey

  917. Tanner Daniels

    Love watching the biking races. I’ve sadly only been able to watch highlights because I don’t have much time to watch television but I try to squeeze it in!

  918. Nate

    Cycling, Swimming, and Beach Volleyball are my favorites. Show me the Wahoo!

  919. Chris


  920. Andrew

    Volleyball, cycling, and track & field

  921. Jamie

    Track cycling, well done team GB

  922. Timo

    Only road cycling!

  923. Bruno

    Swimming and running

  924. Ken hillier

    Cycling and swimming

  925. Ken Sala

    cycling , swimming,soccer

  926. Sergio V.

    Besides road cycling events, I’ve been watching swimming. Cheers!

  927. AaronB

    Have been loving the cycling coverage as well as swimming.
    Thanks for the blog

  928. Will R

    Road races and time trial events.

  929. Scott B

    Swimming, cycling (road course and TT), volleyball and gymnastics.

  930. Tauno

    I was watching Olympic disc trow

  931. Cycling, cycling, cycling. Wether it’s mountain biking, road racing or on the track, if there riding bikes I’ll watch it.

  932. Johank

    Cycling, hockey, athletics

  933. Matt Miller

    Swimming, volleyball, cycling.

  934. Matt Routledge

    Watching mostly Cycling & Rowing. Thanks.

  935. Victoria Di Savino

    Congratulations to Juan Martin del Potro and his silver medal at tennis! Vamos Argentina!

  936. Darren

    Cycling, Athletics, Gymnastics and Swiming!

  937. Nick F

    Only cycling.

  938. Sean O'Connor

    Handball and Archery!

  939. fili

    Long distance swim

  940. Peter Davies

    Cycling (all) Gymnastics (all), swimming, diving, Boxing, Running (all), athletics, ping pong – I’m loving the games!!

  941. bd

    Track Cycling

  942. Ulrika Nordling

    Golf! finally back in the Olympics :)

  943. Matt Granger


  944. Eddy76tm

    I love Handball, cicling and athletics.

  945. Stephen Lawson

    Swimming, track and field, and gymnastics

  946. simeoni

    Swimming, cycling and athletics

  947. Steven Bass

    Watching all the swimming, road cycling, track cycling and track and field!!


  948. Jimm

    Cycling, swimming, soccer, track & field

  949. Phil Clark

    Come on, winner winner kickr dinner.

  950. Will

    Track cycling, fascinating and terrifying!

  951. Eric Lachance-Tremblay

    10k swimming!

  952. Lance L

    Swimming and track & field

  953. Brandon Mullen

    I watch whatever is on. All of them are great.

  954. Peter Poulsen

    Swimming, cycling, athletics and sailing

  955. Jeffrey Stevens

    Mostly been watching a big, black screen… Stupid DirectTV…

    But did get to watch the men’s 100m and 400m last night.

  956. jensF

    Beach volley, sync jump, track biking, what ever is on between 10ish and 11ish pm CET

  957. Dylan

    Initially Archery but also the cycling and athletics. Oh and it seems we can now watch gymnastics too (GB)!

  958. Craw

    Track and Field

  959. Steven


  960. BC

    gymnastics, soccer, swimming

  961. Jeff

    As much as possible, but cycling is a favorite!

  962. Nick Toth

    Everything! Been taking all the events in.

  963. Jman

    Been watching lots of swimming and cycling (road, time trial, track).=)

  964. Mark

    Swimming has to be my favorite so far. Just amazing to see the pure speed in the water.

  965. Carl Belanger


  966. MattS

    Caught the sprint race where someone is eliminated every other lap. That was pretty neat to watch.

  967. Bryce

    I have been watching pretty much everything I can. I key into the cycling and swimming events mostly. Pretty awesome!

  968. Ihsan

    Well of course, time trial!

  969. Swimming of course!

  970. Jacob Bugno

    Lots of swimming. Little bit of beach volleyball ;)

  971. Michael Barlow

    All the cycling, of course. Plus hockey swimming rowing and a few other bits and pieces.

  972. Sean

    Track (velodrome)

  973. Leon

    Mostly swimming and cycling

  974. William

    Watching Track and Field. Waiting for BMX!

  975. Adam

    Swimming, cycling, running!

  976. Rob

    I watch whatever event they show on tv… GO USA!!

  977. Andrew L

    Haven’t managed to watch this time, but caught the men’s and women’s RR.

  978. Ast

    Mostly the Brits mopping up at the velodrome, and weirdly some ping pong, which was great!

  979. James Browning

    This year I got really into archery (probably because of the awesome hats)

  980. Sean

    Track and Field.

  981. Travis Clark

    Swimming, volleyball, track

  982. Klara Ennafa

    Watching everything even sports even fencing !

  983. David Smith

    100% ping pong! A true sport of warriors

  984. bikeman

    Cycling, gymtastics, T & F

  985. Justin

    Just finished watching the women’s 10k OWS!!!

  986. Lisle Adams

    All of them! Swimming and Track are my favorites.

  987. M

    Gymnastics, judo and swimming!

  988. Nicholas Rayman

    Cycling, go Cav go!

  989. Gareth Mills

    What haven’t I been watching.
    Cycling, Athletics, and even swimming have been on my Olympic watch this time round.
    Pretty much anything except the horse dancing……

  990. Chris

    swimming, cycling, golf, track

  991. Spark

    Swimming, track, gymnastics, volleyball, and cycling. Thanks!

  992. albert

    As much as possible, but I did not miss the cycling events!

  993. Simon J

    Athletics, rugby, track cycling

  994. Dan Irish

    Swimming, Cycling, Track, Volleyball, Diving, Gymnastics even Ping Pong… pretty much everything I can!!!

  995. dieter Neirinck

    Watching Greg Van Avermaet win the olympic road race… Over and over again !

  996. Nick N

    It was swimming, but now track.

  997. Tim

    watched some badminton the other day…but mostly swimming and volleyball

  998. SThom

    the volleyball is amazing so far

  999. Pete Osborne

    Track Cycling

  1000. Sam Albrecht

    Swimming & Tris

  1001. Rick B.

    Gymnastics and swimming now moving on to track and field.

  1002. Karen

    Football, aka Soccer. As much as I can. Also swimming and track and field. Women’s marathon.

  1003. Steven Warren

    Track, Swimming, Gymnastics, Weightlifting, and White Water Kayak!!- so awesome.

  1004. Paul Hobson

    Swimming- sensational

  1005. Alexandre Ebert


  1006. BBelrose

    Basketball and of course, cycling!

  1007. Norman Graham

    Road cycling / track and field

  1008. Ian

    Indoor Volleyball

  1009. Steen Sadolin

    I watch it all…

  1010. Emmanouela K

    Cycling and tennis.

  1011. Alexis BV

    Soccer, Cycling and Judo

  1012. Gregory Nash

    I’m watching road racing.

  1013. Corey Maillette

    I watched the women’s marathon, men’s 10k final and some swimming.

  1014. Matt Haga

    Whatever clips my non-cable having self catches the next AM. Although cycling for sure… Those I find.

  1015. Steve G

    As many as I can. I don’t believe that there’s a single sport that I haven’t watched at some point.

  1016. Kevin

    Bike races both the men’s and women’s road race, plus the track racing.

  1017. Richard C.

    I’ve been watching as much Olympic goodness as I possibly can — not just the big sports (swimming, track and field, gymastics, etc.), but also the lesser watched sports (field hockey, fencing, archery, etc.). I love the Olympics!

    Thanks for the giveaway.


  1018. Rhonda Radench

    Shooting and trampoline.

  1019. Eric Jenkinson

    Cycling and Boxing

  1020. Mary

    Track, swimming, gymnastics, and will watch triathlon of course!

  1021. Rick Wintheiser

    Well first it was swimming and gymnastics but now RUNNING…. the ladies marathon was very interesting. The USA did well, just not enough juice at the end.

  1022. Julia Montag

    All the “Athletics” events, which apparently is what they call the track & field + marathon.

  1023. Chris Walkup

    Too much of it – all of the swimming, the cycling, the gymnastics, the women’s marathon, the track… now i just need a sleep marathon.

  1024. Steven W


  1025. Kris

    Track cycling! (And whatever else is on)

  1026. Joshua T Benefield

    Swimming, gymnastics, beach volleyball, road race (men’s and women’s) rowing, track and field and anything I can get away with when I’m not at work

  1027. Greg Porter

    Men’s and Women’s Road Race!!

  1028. Russell Jewell

    Swimming, cycling and track and field.

  1029. Fabiana

    Woman 10k sea swimming

  1030. Jef Lamoureux

    volleyball, gymnastics, swimming, archery, cycling (obv), soccer, wrestling

  1031. Markus Wråke

    Gymnastics! That crew is pretty darn amazing.

  1032. Gaertner

    120km gravel tour

  1033. Michal Vojtech


  1034. EJ Barth

    Cycling individual time trials plus whatever happens to be on prime time. Mountain biking should be great this coming weekend.

  1035. Fabio

    Most of them…. LIVE!

  1036. John Mah

    All of it!

  1037. Kelly

    I’ve been watching the swimming and gymnastics

  1038. Erik B

    Swimming and cycling, velodromes are unexpectedly fun!

  1039. JD Smith

    Swimming, diving and Track and Field.

  1040. JJEJ

    Bike races, swimming, running events

  1041. Mike N

    Swimming, swimming, swimming!

  1042. Daniel

    Diving and soccer.

  1043. Michal

    Cycling for sure

  1044. Steve-O

    Apart from cycling, of course, I’ve really liked watching rowing. Talk about fitness! It’s amazing!

  1045. Matthew Aguirre

    Swimming and track & field…doesnt get any better than that!

    Thanks Ray….youre the man

    MAtt Aguirre

  1046. Scott P

    Track and field all weekend long!

  1047. Derek

    Watched a ton of swimming, now moving on to track events.

  1048. Marco Berg

    Track & field

  1049. Jonathan

    Swimming and track!

  1050. Andrew E

    Cycling, Athletics, Sailing, Rowing, Canoe, Volleyball

  1051. Brad

    I’ve been watching mostly commercials.

  1052. DR

    Cycling time trial.
    BUR everyday I spent many hours watching Olympic sports

  1053. Lorenzo Pasquale

    My favourite was 10 Meter Air Rifle, perhaps because as a youngster I was a sport shooter myself.

    In the middle ’70 we only had Spring Piston Air Rifle.
    What a difference from modern pre-charged pneumatic (PCP) air rifle!

    And, needless to say, I was on cloud nine when Niccolo’ Campriani won the Gold Medal setting a new olympic record!


  1054. Mike B.


  1055. Erik

    Track cycling. Especially keirin!

  1056. Sean Moynihan

    Swimming and Diving, love the fancy green water!

  1057. Hi Ray! I was actually in Rio for the first week, I saw the opening ceremony, indoor and beach volleyball, one soccer match, multiple rowing events, road cycling, gymnastics, swimming, and basketball! It was an action-packed 12 days and I loved every second of it.

  1058. Dieo

    10,000 m final ?

  1059. Dave Chamberlain

    Andre De Grasse takes bronze in the 100 m final!

  1060. Tony

    beach volleyball

  1061. Jeffery Larson

    Any swimming I can catch.

  1062. Josef Jocson

    Women’s Beach Volleyball ;p

  1063. Andy Delcambre

    Mostly been watching swimming but excited about triathlon in a few days!

  1064. Martin

    Diving, swimming and womens handball.

  1065. ken fabsik

    I have enjoyed swimming with Katie Ledecky

  1066. Gary R

    Field Hockey, Team Handball

  1067. Jamie

    I’m Olympics-obsessed…watching anything that happens to be on. Very much looking forward to the triathlon events this week. Thanks for the chance to win!

  1068. benji

    swimming and beach volleyball!

  1069. Patrick Myers

    Been watching swimming, volleyball, and that equestrian event where the woman fell off the horse. Ouch!

  1070. Dina Adams

    I watched the women’s Keirin for the first time this year. This is so cool!

  1071. Kel

    Track, gymnastics, cycling, swimming… A bit of everything! Love the Olympics

  1072. Mike

    None. Don’t have a TV.

  1073. Dany Boulay

    100 meters sprint

  1074. Tyler

    Watched cycling and basketball this weekend.

  1075. Mats

    I´m following the cycling and golf.
    Looking forward to cross country MTB competitions this weekend

  1076. Jay Duncan

    Watched swimming, fencing, gymnastics, volleyball (both regular and beach), 100m sprint, basketball, a few minutes of wrestling, and painting. No wait that was what I was doing.



    Cycling and swim

  1078. Tom

    Swimming, Cycling

  1079. Eric Appelbaum

    watching pretty much everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thanks Ray

  1080. Brendan O.

    Women’s swimming, particularly the 800M freestyle – most efficient strokes to watch. They need to add the 1500M!

  1081. Michael


  1082. Paul Miller

    Women’s hockey and Men’s light heavyweight boxing

  1083. Michael J

    Watching it all but especially the cycling and women’s soccer. Looking forward to Peter Sagan winning the MTB race. :-)

  1084. Noah

    Bikes and boats

  1085. Simon Gough

    Rowing, track, athletics, swimming!

  1086. Mark E.

    Track and Field: Men’s 100M

  1087. Christian Bodaneze

    Track Cycling!!!

  1088. Shane

    Track and Field, Cycling and Swimming.

  1089. Jonathan

    Swimming mostly

  1090. James D

    cycling road race

  1091. James Shum

    Swimming, tennis, cycling

  1092. Kyle

    Watching as much as I can.

  1093. Zack


  1094. David

    All of the cycling and as much swimming as possible. As I’m in Sweden I also had to watch some golf (where they got silver)

  1095. Cosmo

    Golf and water polo

  1096. Bo

    Swimming, cycling, gymnastics and athletics

  1097. Glenn

    Swimming; cycling; gymnastics; volleyball; track

  1098. david

    Cycling Track! A former teammate got Silver there!

  1099. Adam F.

    Anything that breathes in the Velodrome is being watched. I can’t get enough of track cycling.

  1100. Kayce Shelton

    Men’s Omnium has been my favorite so far.

  1101. Claudio Pi

    Track & Field / Triathlon while zwfiting :)

  1102. Steven Stratis

    Gymnastics, Swimming and Cycling.

  1103. Joe M.

    Olympics here I come. (as a spectator)

  1104. Frank

    Howdy from New York!

  1105. Mike Dettman

    Track and Field, 400M

  1106. IzzyODT

    Judo for me ;-)))

  1107. Richard Albertson

    Synchronized swimming for sure!!

  1108. Andreja R

    cycling, judo, kajak and handball

  1109. Ralph

    The Women’s Marathon was my favorite event thus far.

  1110. Fred


  1111. Bruce

    Most of my Olympics viewing is via NBC Sports Recap, so I have caught a broad spectrum, including swimming, beach/indoor volleyball, men’s road/TT cycling, gymnastics, and track events.
    Thanks for hooking us up with the periodic giveaways :-).

  1112. NPfi

    Basketball and road cycling

  1113. merlinbk

    Soccer and Running. Btw this page has had the hardest time loading for me. Too much traffic?

  1114. Marc K

    Swimming and Track & Field

  1115. Eric

    Swim, bike, run and anything else on

  1116. Andreas Ritter

    the Keirin!

  1117. UliS

    Not much really. Would love to watch more tennis though.

  1118. C Wheeler

    Every event that I can watch….however Track’n’field is the gold standard.

  1119. Joel

    I’d love to be all Wahoo’d up!

  1120. Jonathan

    Swimming, volleyball, track — waiting for triathlon!

  1121. Nick_MN

    Cycling, Swimming, Gymnastics, Track and Field, and looking forward to triathlon!

  1122. Anthony Pratt

    Lots of cycling, handball, and swimming

  1123. Mike

    Men’s Steeplechase

  1124. Nathan G

    Lots of cycling, including the Men’s & women’s road race, and the men’s time trials. I’m really excited to watch the Triathlons this week, too! I’ve also found myself watching more judu than I’d expected–I don’t entirely know what I’m looking at, but I find the movements & speed quite interesting.

    And of course, watching Katie Ledecky should be in its own category…

  1125. Brandon Weaver

    Swimming, gymnastics, and sprints!

  1126. Steve Brierley

    Track Cycling and Horse Dancing!

  1127. M Sabnis

    Cycling (that’s it)

  1128. FamWin

    A lot of sports, with the Olympics you see sports they normally don’t show on TV.

  1129. Adam

    Cycling, Swimming, and Track

  1130. Scott R

    I’ve been watching a lot of beach volleyball, track, and swimming… can’t stop!

  1131. Brian A Ruggles

    Would love this – thanks!

  1132. Mark Yancey

    Road cycling time trials, and lots of other stuff that I never get to see other than at the Olympics.

  1133. John

    Swimming, gymnastics, cycling, track and field!

  1134. Anthony D.

    Swimming and track!

  1135. Jens Schou

    Cycling and mountain bike

  1136. Erkan Bayraktar

    A smart trainer is all what i need for now. D really appreciate it if i m the lucky 1. Either way thanks a lot DCR.

  1137. Allyn Crowe


  1138. Greg F

    Swimming, gymnastics and the Irish rowing team ;-)

  1139. Richard W

    Anything with a Canadian in it…

  1140. Chris Yeung

    My family and I have been watching pretty much anything that involves swimming, biking or running.

  1141. Marco L

    Judo finals and swimming :)

  1142. Michelle B.

    I love watching the track events. I personally love watching it while I’m running on the treadmill. (It makes me check my form since all the Olympians are graceful gazelles and I am more like a drunk hippo.)

  1143. Sebastian Nehls

    Womens marathon

  1144. Kyle

    Swimming. They make me want to swim more and run less.

  1145. steve

    ping pong :)

  1146. relexi

    Women boxing just today. Great show :) looking forward to the marathon on sunday!

  1147. Reinhard

    Swimming is what I found most exciting…

  1148. Ibisxin

    Gymnastics, ping pong, canoe

  1149. Dustin Ray

    Swimming, handball, water polo, cycling.

  1150. Barney


  1151. Taff Tanner

    cycling and athletics and swimming and dressage

  1152. Tanner


  1153. Angelo

    Cycling and maraton

  1154. Alex

    All the events that I can watch !! =D

  1155. Charles B

    Track and Field!

  1156. Matt Seeds

    I’ve been watching soccer and cycling.

  1157. Adam

    Watching the omnium atm

  1158. Laura

    Track and Field now!

  1159. Liang Chang

    Diving, Swimming, and Sprint

  1160. Andreas He


  1161. Jason Fears

    All of them!

  1162. Jake Johnson

    Women’s marathon. Amazing!!!

  1163. Bryan R

    I have been watching cycling, swimming and track so far with the triathlons and mountain bike events on deck.

  1164. Gus Corona

    Phelps and Katie Ledecky.

  1165. Michael freitas

    Swimming and track. Suck amazing athletes.

  1166. Matt Martino

    synchronized swimming all the way!!!

  1167. Sebastiaan P

    Been watching all the cycling so far, being dutch there have been many extreme moments in all disciplines so far, with Gold + I’m awefully happy she’s not dead as the most extreme, though cycling without falling against the 90 degrees track-bording is up there as well… Swimming, Archery, Athletics and volleyball.

  1168. robert taylor

    Mara Abbott’s performance in the women’s road race!

  1169. Kimmo Koski

    As many as possible.

  1170. Aaron Herman

    I have been watching cycling, volleyball and soccer.

  1171. Ruud

    Cycling ofc!

  1172. Swimming. So much swimming. So much jealousy of their swimming speed.

  1173. Charles Wilkinson

    I have to admit that I’ve been sucked into watching gymnastics. There are some crazy people in that sport.

  1174. Brian B

    Synchronized swimming. Only by default as it was on the TV at a restaurant.

  1175. Mark Simkins

    All the cycling, whitewater canoe and of course looking forward to the triathlon.

  1176. Scott Louis

    It’s just what I want!

  1177. shailendra bhide

    Michael Phelps, Simone Biles, Usain Bolt and Fabian Cancellara

  1178. Andrew Stott

    What great contest.

  1179. Jeffrey Hansen

    Track cycling ftw!

  1180. Shannon

    Cycling of course

  1181. Anthony Anicete

    Swimming and basketball

  1182. Gerardo I. Velazquez

    Beach Volleyball and following our first gold medal with Monica Puig in tennis! #PicaPower

  1183. Brian Carter

    We were digging the futbol until the USA ladies got knocked out by Sweden. Good for them, though – it was quite the game.

  1184. Guillaume

    Cycling, Rugby and Judo!

  1185. Lots of swimming, some track, and the TT. Looking forward to the triathlons

  1186. sender sakajani

    I watched the man volley ball France vs Usa.

  1187. Miriam

    Swimming and triathlon.

  1188. Shane Sullivan

    The women’s Rugby Sevens has been fantastic!

  1189. Sergio De La Garza

    Every Mexican out there competing!

  1190. Jonathan


  1191. Amy H

    Swimming, diving, gymnastics, track & field

  1192. Peter

    Lots of swimming and track cycling! And of course the road races.

  1193. Rebecca

    I’ve been watching a bit of everything, but mostly swimming since that was my primary sport growing up and one of my old teammates was competing!

  1194. Ben

    Swimming is the best

  1195. Tony Marcus

    Swimming, Cycling. Oh well, just about everything.

  1196. Lawrence

    opening ceremonies and swimming

  1197. Kyle Pennell

    Handball, volleyball, and the marathons

  1198. Jim Hansen

    I watched as much cycling as I could, and always love to watch swimming and track and field.

  1199. Charlie

    Literally everything. It’s not easy.

  1200. Jitendra

    Hockey / Archery / Swimming

  1201. Tobias

    Cycling , athletics

  1202. John M

    Gymnastics, swimming, running!

  1203. Chris J

    Swimming and track

  1204. Stephen Makin

    Road cycling, track cycling, tennis, golf, and dancing horses.

  1205. Johnny

    Seems like field hockey is all that’s ever on when I’m able to watch. Weird sport, field hockey.

  1206. Patty Clements

    Gymnastics, heptathlon, swimming

  1207. Buzz

    Swimming. Track.
    Limited coverage at home. :(

  1208. Thomas


  1209. Aaron B

    Enjoying the Track cycling … had to Google the rules for most of them (Omnium is crazy!)

  1210. David L.

    Swimming, track, gymnastics aka all of it!

  1211. Nacho

    Road cycling and swimming!

  1212. Zachary

    I’ve been watching very little, mostly swimming and running online clips.

  1213. Lisalisadc


  1214. Jeff Votteler

    Track all the way!

  1215. Roy

    Track cycling.

  1216. Duncan

    Obviously the cycling, track and field and the swimming

  1217. Paul

    Swimming, beach volley-ball and of course the 100 meters

  1218. Ian McQ

    Pretty much everything I can, but cycling is the priority!

  1219. Charles Nicholas

    Cycling & track & field.

  1220. Juris

    Cycling, beach volleyand weightlifting, – so far. Bmx to come.

  1221. Arturo

    Women tennis gold medal match, first gold for PUR!

  1222. James Q

    Watching the track cycling

  1223. Mike Kazuro

    Road race, rugby, v-ball, badminton, so far.

  1224. Lewis Cooper

    Track cycling every time.

  1225. Kevin Bradnick

    Weight lifting, track cycling, gymnastics

  1226. Marc Milner

    I’ve enjoyed the swimming.

  1227. JK

    Cycling, T&F, diving , Gymnastics, archery, rugby, rowing, wightwater ?

  1228. Michael


  1229. Tim

    Track cycling

  1230. Jill

    Women’s field hockey and of course triathlon!

  1231. Crispin

    All of the cycling. The men’s omnium second half and women’s omnium first half today were insane. And that crazy wall riding over the weekend!

  1232. Soccer, track, and swimming.

  1233. James Stevenson

    Just finish women’s marathon swim. More tackling than water polo.

  1234. Josh

    Swimming and running.

  1235. Chris

    Swimming, track, road cycling, rugby

  1236. Gareth jones

    Any cycling event

  1237. Kalei

    Swimming, gymnastics, track and field, cycling rowing! I love it all!