Black Friday Sales Kickoff: $100 off Fenix3, Withings Scales from $69, and more (Update: +Suunto Ambit3!)


Well then, that’s getting things off to a bang.  A crap-top of sales just launched today and late last night.  Below is but a snippet of just some of the launched sales this morning – the rest I’ve put into my continually updated Black Friday page:

Garmin Fenix3 – $100 off:  This puts it down to $399 for the main Fenix3 units (sans HR strap).  But it also applies to any bundles, and even the Sapphire ones as well as the new rose gold and leather variants.  Like the FR920XT last week, we’ve never seen deals this low before.  Available on Clever Training (select drop-down for model/bundle), not combinable with the DCR discount, but you do get free US shipping!  Deal ends Monday, Nov 30th, 2015.


Withings WS-30 WiFi Scale down to $69: Seriously, this is flipping awesome.  You’ll see my WiFi shoot-out post later today, but really – this is the best deal we’ve seen on this scale in years.  Oh, and the WS-50 is down to $99 too!  Amazon and Clever Training.  End Nov 30th.


Wahoo RFLKT down to $49: Very sweet deal given the recent firmware update adding in support for smartphone notifications.  This makes for a great bike commuter computer. Available on


Update: Suunto Ambit3 from $199: There’s all assortment of Ambit3 units on sale, with the Run version starting at $199, and then the Ambit3 Sport at $269, and many more. Solid deals, especially the sport one.

Not to mention the Vivoactive dropping further now down to $169, the Vivofit2 down to $69, and the TomTom Multisport GPS to $99 (as well as the FR15)!  Plus Power2Max deals and the Withings Activité Pop to $99.  Tons more details here and another 20+ products.  And that’s not even covering Friday’s announcements.

The rest are all listed on my consolidated and continually updated post here – just click the giant picture.  You can find the landing page on the right side of the site too – just look for ‘Holiday Deals’!


Just click on the above – I’m updating it as often as once per hour over the next 3-4 days, as I see new deals.



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  1. Sagar

    Sigh, really double guessing my 235 purchase now that the Vivoactive is half the price!

  2. Xcbr

    Any reason not to get the fenix 3 over the Garmin 630 (except for the slimmer profile/less weight)? The fenix 3 will be getting the lactate threshold information and the running dynamics, right?

    • André Lemos

      Running dynamics, yes, LT, no.

    • Kurt

      I scratched my f3 glass the other day. I’ve had it since March, and only take it off to charge it. I don’t think the saphire is with the extra cost. I’ve smacked it in things many times, and was afraid to look, but no scratch. Then, I bump the marble counter with it and “awe crap”. LOL! Two scratches near the date in the pic.

  3. Jan

    Hey Ray,

    i would love to know how much scales are bought over your affilliate link. Maybe you can wrap up some statistics at the end of the season.
    Btw i just bought one ;)

  4. Paul in Kirkland

    The scale is on my Christmas list, but it’s probably too pricey even at the reduced price. So that means it’s going to be a present to myself ?

    Do you think the $99 is a good value at that price? Either way, $69 is a no-brainer, especially now that I’ve committed to the Activite Steel. What a great platform.

  5. Julien Groues

    Ray – thanks for this. Awesome. I am thinking of getting the RFKLT for when I rent bikes on travel. At 50 USD seems a good purchase. Do you have a link for it ? Cant find it online.

  6. Luki

    Hi Ray,

    are you aware of any deals for the Europeans?


  7. You need to find an European partner site too, right now the deals are USA oriented. Is this where the majority of your readers reside?

  8. Malte

    Living in Germany/ Europe I’d love to get tipps for a Europe based shop as well.
    Often CT had good prices, but shipping, customs and taxes make any offer unattractive or at least unpredictable.

    • Daniel


      Stick with Offers as well as what is going on a . I found some nice parts already.



  9. tosin

    I want spending money, but I just might have to.

  10. Andrew

    Same Fenix 3 deals are at REI

  11. Alek

    Hi Ray,

    i have read Your recommendation regarding choosing between 920XT and Fenix3 for triathletes, is it changed after garmin introduced quick release kit for F3?

  12. Jacob Mathieson

    Whats your thoughts on a $200 Fenix 2?

    • Michelle

      I would not spend $ on the Fenix 2. The Fenix 3 is a huge improvement over the Fenix 2. The Fenix 3 is one of the best Garmin products I have purchased. Light years above the Fenix 2 beginning with the screen. Overall it just works better.

    • Joel William

      I’m wondering the same thing Ray. Would the Fenix 2 make a good budget triathlon watch? I’m really not convinced I want to pay double the price for better OS, screen and activity tracking.

  13. Marcel

    I just saw a FR610 on Amazon, albeit ‘certified refurbished’, for $120 – link to But the interesting thing (to me) was that it also said: discontinued by manufacturer. Did I miss something, is the 610 dead?

  14. tedder

    Wow- the RFLKT at $50 is a great deal for someone who wants a basic phone-driven “bike computer” (really, a display). Especially iPhone users, as they can drive it from either Wahoo or Strava.

  15. Robert Black

    Forerunner 230 with hrm 50% off,link to

    Also same site 235 for £135

    • Tim

      And unsurprisingly out of stock. I wonder if those prices will stay the same when they have stock available?

    • Robert Black

      They had stock when I posted it.otherwise I wouldn’t have bothered. Its also listed albeit not by me on hotdeals, that’ll be the cause

    • That price is below cost (by a fair chunk), so I’m guessing they only had a couple – likely just used to draw people to the site.

    • Robert Black

      Prices will be back to normal no doubt. If there anything like the company I work for we run promotions every Wednesday on a wigig basis. When its gone its gone. I bet they had maybe 5 of each item at most.

    • the boxers

      Just bit the bullet on that site. It says it is in stock. Also if you go to the AXA PPP web site the is a coupon code for £10 off (mine was APPP1015). So mine was £178.99

  16. Robert Black

    Two minutes ago their still showing just the watch at a great price

  17. Gabriela D

    For those who missed last weekend’s sale on the 920xt… still has them on Sale for $360 :)

  18. ekutter

    Is there anyway to give you credit if purchased through REI. I can get an extra 5% for using my REI credit card even on sale items?

    When I tried to add in the DCR discount code at Clever Training, it gave me $15 off but at the full price of $149 for the WS50. So I assume the further discount doesn’t work there.

  19. Alex China

    FYI Vivoactive on sale for EUR159 on amazon’s italian website link to

  20. Michael (Warsaw)

    “(sans HR strap).” ca fait tres Franglish :)

  21. Karl Trout

    Ray, Did you see this deal?
    Free Praxis Chainrings or 30% of Garmin products if ordering a Power2Max in North America.
    link to

    OR 20% off today only on the Europe site.
    link to

    The BEst (If you need a crank based, affordable dual leged power meter) Just got Alot better!

    note: I’m only Hyping this because I was going to buy one anyway and when I emailed them last night about specific options I needed they totally took care of me. Customer Service best I’ve experienced, next to DMM in wales but that’s a different story.. :-)

    Happy Holiday CupCakes To All,

  22. Paul

    I bought a Fenix 3 sapphire from Clever Training 2 weeks ago using the DCR VIP program and since it went on sale so soon after I bought it I emailed VIP support to see if they would price match. Just got an email back saying they would credit me the extra $40 discount between the DCR discount and the current sale price. :) You definitely picked a great retailer to work with Ray.

  23. Cole has the cheapest Garmin Edge 520 I’ve found. 30% discount with BLACK10 promo.

    If you buy in GBP at today’s exchange rate it would come to just under $272 USD (providing you have a no fees exchange card). Otherwise, it’s $278 direct in USD :)

    I bought a couple at just under $377 AUD ea.

  24. John Wetterstrand

    Wahoo has the Kickr Snap at $699: link to

  25. Minh

    Hi Ray,

    I am looking to buy the Fenix 3 but debating between the saphire version or the regular version. Beside the nice wrist band, is there a big difference between the glass itself? Is it worth the upgrade? Also the regular version, does the colour resemble the saphire? (Body of the watch)

    Lastly it seems like every website has the Fenix on sale for $400. Do you know if this will be a permanent price reduction like what they just did for the 920?

    Thank you and keep up the good work!


    • I personally don’t find the glass worth it. I’ve yet to hear of anyone actually breaking the other units, and I don’t off-hand remember anyone scratching the display itself (the bezel yes, but even the sapphire bezel scratches).

      As for the deal, it ends Monday. Basically Garmin authorized retailers for the sale for specific dates and specific prices – so pretty much everyone’s in the same boat there (in the US anyway).

      For the FR920XT, it was just temporary, so it’s already gonezo.

    • Minh

      Thank you Ray for the info!

      Stay safe! Cheers!

    • Larry

      I have regular watches with both mineral glass and sapphire lenses. The mineral glass is on a Seiko divers watch and it gets banged around a lot and probably gets used the most. The fancy_swiss_made automatic is sapphire and I’m not particularly careful with that one either. Both have been in use for 7+ years. The mineral glass is showing some minor scuffs while the sapphire is clean. I’m going for the mineral glass Fenix as it’s good enough for a several year use technology watch versus a multi-generation heirloom.

  26. I love your in depth reviews and have ordered many items based on them!!! Took a chance on your recommendation of ordering my new gps watch (went with Suunto Ambit3 Peak) from clever training instead of my usual go to running warehouse or amazon, and they have failed to even ship my item since ordering on Monday… just fyi, i reached out to them today and they still have not shipped due to an input error on their end. They did however charge me and collect payment on Monday, so a tad disappointed for the first time trying a new vendor for an expensive item!

    • Hi Colleen-

      Sorry about the troubles. Definitely not the norm. I just checked with them on your item, and indeed, due to a weird systems error, yours didn’t get sent to the warehouse (I can’t remember the last time this happened – maybe a few years ago)?. They did however confirm they’ve upgraded the shipping to express and that it’s going out today.

      Sorry again – I definitely appreciate the support! And enjoy the Ambit3!

  27. Jay M

    For those of us that missed the Fenix 3 offer, is there an precedent for this to be repeated (e.g. post-holidays)? Thinking I will go with the Fenix 3 over the new Forerunner offerings and trying to decide if I should hold out for it to be discounted again in the (hopefully near) future, or just acknowledge I missed the deal and fork over the “extra” $100. My fear would be that we won’t see that level of discount again until Fenix 4 is released.

    Thanks for all your work (can’t imaging running and riding with as many devices as you wear/use).

    • George

      Tough to say given that it was unprecedented for Garmin to give a significant price break on a current model of a high end watch. Given that Clever Training has a pretty generous return policy it seems you’d be somewhat protected if they were to offer a lower price within that time period.

    • Jay

      Thanks George. Good point on the return policy – keeps the hope alive. :-)