I want my free cookie back

(Note: Sometimes you dig deep into the things I haven’t yet posted jar…just like you dig deep into the cookie jar.)

I like cookies.  Quite a bit in fact.  Today alone I ate a whole bunch of cookies as part of some little not-so-individual pack of cookies (I deemed it an individual pack, but in reality it was probably more suited for a small tea party).

That’s why back a while ago (ok, a long while ago) when I got an offer to get a free cookie – I jumped on it.  After all, a cookie is a cookie.  It was some random web form I filled out with Kashi, where they were promoting their newfound cookie product.  Though, instead of just calling it a cookie, they use their fancy marketing name for it: “Kashi ™ TLC © Oatmeal Dark Chocolate Cookie”.  Really, they just couldn’t call it a cookie?  You know, like “Kashi Cookie”.  That has a ring to it.

Anyway…a very forgettable time later (months) a random single cookie arrived in my little mailbox.  Of course, because it’s pretty awkward to send a single cookie to someone (duh), they went out and packaged it up all nice and cute.  Basically making it appear to be much larger than it really was with lots of fancy packaging.

Here is said cookie:


Now, what happened at that time between me and the cookie…stays between me and the cookie.  I don’t eat and tell.

But…fast forward another few months later, and I notice an e-mail subject that has the word cookie in it.  Immediately I spring into ‘pay attention’ mode.  We are talking about cookies here – and it seems that given someone went to the trouble to send me an e-mail about a cookie, I should read it.

So I did.  Here, you can read it too.


At this juncture…I became a sad cookie.

First off – did they have such low confidence in their cookies that they thought a single cookie would last at one’s home for a period of months?

Secondly – and far more importantly – If you were so concerned about me – why not send out a known good cookie?    That only seems logical to me.  If I had thrown the original cookie away per their desire, then I’m now left with no cookie.  All this work filling out forms, reading e-mails, and throwing away cookies…for nothing.

Which, brings me to my relatively belabored point: I want another cookie.  Another free cookie, this time one that they won’t want back, or thrown away.

Is that too much to ask for a Friday?  I think not.


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  1. That is too funny. Except now I also want a cookie, and I don’t even care if it is free

  2. 100% AGREE!

    Why don’t I get free cookies? Oh wait, I did, 12 free cookies from Erin Baker’s :) This makes Matt happy!

    Have a good weekend.

  3. Very funny! Have you tried Erin Baker’s Breakfast cookies? They are delicious. Erin Baker’s Wholesome Baked Goods is also the official granola of Ironman. Definitely check them out.

  4. Cookie? Did someone say Cookie? Where’s the Cookie? I want a Cookie!

  5. Hilarious and yet, altogether sad. I agree, you deserve a new cookie.

    In my possession a cookie wouldn’t last a New York minute (which is appropriate since I live in NYC).

  6. I love Kashi’s cookies, so much that I can’t buy them because a serving size is when i run out.

    Just FYI, Kashi voluntarily recalled products. Their products didn’t use the tainted peanuts, but were processed in a plant where potentially the tainted peanuts could have been used. I found out when I called about their peanut butter granola bars. Ironic marketing though.

    Mmmmmmm, cookies.

  7. Maybe you should email Kashi, say you had no adverse effects from the Oatmeal Chocolate cookie produced on POSSIBLY contaminated peanut lines…and that you’re willing to take all the recalled cookies….yum.

  8. As ever, accepting a cookie leads to spam.

  9. Really, who keeps a cookie laying around for over half a year??? And should cookies be able to survive a life span longer than 2 weeks outside of a freezer???

    Kashi, you have made me think too hard for a Friday.