Random Musings

I couldn’t decide what to post.  So I posted nothing.  Not to say I don’t have plenty to post – because I have many saved/drafted posts (dozens).  It came down to posting a ‘How to make fresh pasta’ photographed post that I put together over the weekend, or a rant on Swim Wave starts, or a post about weird ass bikes or a post on how to use CO2.  I didn’t ‘feel’ like posting any those, so I just posted nothing – hence the void.

Instead here’s just a bulleted list of random thoughts from the past few days:

  • I really enjoy the week before a race, all of the workouts are under an hour and are generally quite a bit of fun.  I did an awesome short brick on Tuesday – about 45 minutes on the trainer and then a slightly long 5K run after – all at increasing tempo paces.  I’ve got the same thing again later this afternoon/evening.
  • My Mom had recommended that in order to keep my toilets all sparkly and shiny I get one of these little round things you drop into the tank on the toilet.  Well I did that.  When I got it the package was blue – but it said as long as you flushed once per day that there would be ‘no unusual discoloration’.  Well, it turns out that means ‘other than blue’.  So now I have two completely blue-water toilets.  And I tried to remove the little hockey puck like thing, but it just sorta disintegrates and spreads more blueness everywhere.  Apparently she meant to get the clear variety.  Nonetheless, now half the toilets in my house are like a blue-man festival.  Not good.  Not stylish.
  • …And not conducive to hot chicks.  However, that appears to not be an issue given I don’t actually have any around – so it’s sorta a moot point at the moment.  I could see this becoming a problem at some point in the future (the no chicks thing, not the blue thing – that’s already a problem).  Actually to be fair, as I was commenting to a fellow blogger I go in phases of being perfectly content at not having a relationship to really wishing I had someone to hang out with.  It seems to be an inverse relationship to how many hours I train on a given week.  Not to say if the right opportunity came along I’d turn it down either – as I’m more than eager.  But despite how it may appear on this blog, I’m fairly shy in most first time social situations.  Anyway…
  • Yes, it’s 3:18AM – and I just finished up work stuff a short while ago.  Ugh.
  • I get to go back to Seattle in a few weeks for work.  That’s great as I haven’t been there in a long-ass time (like 5 months I think).  Schedule’s just worked out odd this spring.  And I’ll be there on my birthday (not good for friends here, but my parents and brother will be happy out there).  I just realized that a few hours ago.
  • I think I overanalyze what to post sometimes.  Probably because I’ve found I have a fairly diverse audience, but I myself have a lot of semi-random interests.  Many folks have blogs that are focused very exclusively on one exact thing (i.e. Movies – which is cool), but mine tends to be covering more my life in general (triathlon, running, food!, travel, misc).  So I’m never quite sure how much, how often or of what to post.
  • It’s now 3:27AM.  I should go to bed.
  • Double-ugh – I still have to pack for this weekend.  My flight’s later on tonight up to Rhode Island, and I haven’t even packed a single item – let alone that after my workout I have to box up my bike.  I hope the new bike fits in the case.  Cause that would be really bad if it doesn’t fit and I find out 3 hours before my flight.

Ok, that’s all the random things I have on store for today.  I promise a semi-useful post at some point in the next few days.


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  1. No complaints on the bullets or the wide variety of topics you cover. It’s good blog spice. However, if you ever do feel like posting about how to use CO2 – that would be awesome. I’ve been carrying one of those (heavy) little suckers around in my bike bag for like a year and a half. I have no idea now (if I ever did) of what to do with it should I have a flat (and my hand pump had mysteriously fallen off my bike.) Safe travels and happy racing this weekend!

  2. SLB

    Random is good; besides if you make a list of random things it eliminates the randomness!

    No, serioulsy it does…am I being random?

  3. you def spend more time deciding what to post than i do 🙂

    don’t forget-girls are nothing but trouble!! 🙂

    most importantly, kick some butt this weekend.

  4. JEK

    Go to sleep!
    As for the question on C02 – practice. I was attempting and well, I can change a flat but am not so handy with the cartridge.
    As for toilets…I am more of a natural cleaning product kind of gal. Well I don’t actually clean my own toilets but I do leave stuff for my cleaning lady. I HIGHLY recommend Method products from Target. You can ge a Eucalyptus cleaner for your shower and toilet – not only will it smell nice and be shiny but your not dumping chemicals back into the water system.
    Though I do use, now and then, Lysol bowl cleaner. I know, it goes against what I just said but you need something stronger now and then.
    See you this weekend!

  5. The blue thing can be fun. It makes for an interesting determination of whether or not you are dehydrated, because after you go, the toilet will look green instead of yellow. Always good for a change of pace from the norm.

    And if your bike doesn’t fit in the case, at least you know you can always have your friend fly your out there, right?

  6. I have totally been in the blue-toilet situation. It stained the toilet in my rental apartment… the landlord = NOT happy.

    On a totally unrelated note, I’m gonna be in DC this weekend. Any recommendations of sites I must see or restaurants I must eat at?

  7. No problem with randomness! I think as triathletes we need some of it in our lives since we’re so used to a set schedule!

    Good luck this weekend at Rhode Island 70.3 🙂

  8. hope the darn bike fits…that would suck big time…

    any chance the blue man group will perform in your toilet??

    i have the c02 thingy but have not had to use it…. been very lucky in training and racing as far as flats go….maybe if i went faster???????? yeah….thats it…

  9. Blue water was all the rage back in the mid-80s, around the same time as cushioned toilet seats.

    Just post it all, dude. You’re good at making things interesting.

  10. The fact that 9 people still leave comments to your randomness shows that even in randomness, what you have to say is still interesting. 😉

    Do girls really care about blue toilets? I know I don’t. I just care that they’re clean. If blue=clean, fine by me.

    My thoughts on relationships and doing triathlon is this: if the sig. other is not a triathlete, it complicates things. A lot. In other words, one would hope that person does at least one of the three (i.e. Matt cycles so we get to bike ride a lot together). But even then, training time = taking a lot of time away from sig. other. I really can’t fathom doing an IM because of the time it would take away from Matt. I just wouldn’t want to do that to him (or me…). Half-IM is alright, but I know he still puts up with a HELL OF A LOT.

    So…anyway, I guess I’m just responding to your point about how your desire for a relationship fluxuates with hours spent training. I know when I was single it was a lot easier to spend time training, etc. Oh and if you’re both triathletes – when you’re both stressed pre-race, I’ve heard that sucks, too. There’s pros and cons to everything. 🙂


  11. I like random posts. I think girls care about seat down more than blue water. Your commentators are great. I had forgotten about cushioned seats. I guess blue plus yellow does equal green. And why would someone want a s.o. that does everything you do so you’re joined every free moment. When is the down time then? B/c after the chemical reaction wears off after about 12 to 18 months… Good luck in RI!

  12. I love all of your posts–even when they are on things I don’t understand like cooking. I love the cooking PICTURES. Sometimes I just look at them and drool and imagine employing a personal chef.
    ha ha.
    Have fun at RI! I can’t wait to hear the report! Welcome to New England!
    Also, I too would like to read that CO2 post.

  13. At least you have randomness (or food) to fall back on!

    Thanks for the trip down memory lane…blue water. WOW, haven’t thought about that since, well, the 80’s or maybe 70’s.

  14. It’s nice that you share other stuff in your life! I enjoy the blue toilet diversion – btw, that’s so 80’s!