Recent Posts in “The Queue”

Tacx Genius VR Trainer with TTS 4.4

Last year I reviewed the Tacx Bushido trainer, and this year I’m tackling the more advanced Genius VR trainer.  This unit supports steering as well as the ability for the trainer to simulate downhill segments … Read More Here


Power2Max (Updated Version) with estimated left/right power

This is the new September 2012 version of the Power2Max.  The core updates is that it now contains a temperature sensor for minimizing drift due to temperature changes, as well as including estimated left/right power.  … Read More Here


CycleOps Virtual Trainer Software & PowerBeam Pro

Here’s a quick peak at the new CycleOps Virtual Trainer software and the latest version of the PowerBeam Pro.  The PowerBeam Pro was updated back in October with mostly minor tweaks.  Additionally, the unit is … Read More Here


Tanita BC-601 Segmental Body Composition Scale

This unit actually came in a while ago, and is working it’s way through the review process.  There’s a bit of a pile of scales these days.  This unit is a bit different in that … Read More Here


Fitbit One: The Bluetooth Smart-enabled Fitbit

This is the latest Fitbit to be released.  The Fitbit One is a bit more featured than the recently released Fitbit Zip.  Additionally, unlike previous Fitbits before the Zip, it now includes Bluetooth Smart to … Read More Here

Delorme inReach 2-Way Satellite Communicator

I picked up this unit as my singular Black Friday purchase, at about 35% off. The inReach is a two-way satellite communication device that you pair to a smartphone, and can message back in forth … Read More Here

Withings WS-30 WiFi and Bluetooth Scale

Here’s a quick glance at the Withings WS-30 WiFI & Bluetooth Smart scale.  This scale acts like the previous Withings WiFi scale, but can now also talk directly via your phone for readings.  Configuration also … Read More Here


Soleus FIT GPS Watch

I’ve reviewed both the Soleus 1.0 and 2.0 GPS watches, and while the basic watch functionality is good, I found the 2.0 software horrible.  Thus, I only agreed to review the new downloable Soleus FIT … Read More Here


Ultra TwoNav GPS Cycling Computer

Just before heading out of town I unboxed and took a quick spin around town doing errands with the Ultra TwoNav computer.  This unit by CompGPS includes a touch screen, and mapping.  Plus ANT+ capabilities.  … Read More Here


Kurt Kinetic inRide

Here’s a couple quick shots of the Kurt Kinetic inRide in action with a Kurt Kinetic Road Trainer.  This Bluetooth Smart accessory outputs power, speed and cadence and attaches to some of the Kurt Kinetic … Read More Here