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Timex Run Trainer 2.0 Unwrapping (including first run photos!)

The Timex Run Trainer 2.0 builds on the initial Timex Run Trainer GPS unit, by going with a bit slimmer size and a much refreshed menu system.  Thus far, after a single three-hour run I’m … Read More Here

O-Synce ANT+ Wireless Lap Button

This is one of those silly simple things that just makes SO much sense.  Especially for mountain bikers.  This tiny little button can be mounted right on your handlebars (you know, near you’re hands), and … Read More Here

Garmin Edge 510/810 Rubber Cases

This isn’t really in ‘The Queue’ from the standpoint of me reviewing them.  I’m just stashing the pics here simply so that folks that were waiting for the photos know they’re here.  Make sense?  Good.  … Read More Here

Mio Cyclo 305 HC

The Mio Cyclo 305 is a cycling GPS unit with mapping and more casual features – such as ‘surprise me’ routing (the ability to have it pick a random route that meets various criteria).  The … Read More Here

Wahoo Fitness RFLKT Unboxing

The Wahoo Fitness RFLKT is a phone tethered bike computer display.  In other words, it relies upon apps from a phone to display data.  This can be native apps like the Wahoo Fitness app – … Read More Here


O-Synce Navi2Coach Cycling GPS Unboxing

Picked up this unit at CES, even though I had seen it in demo back at Eurobike/Interbike.  It’s an Edge 500 competitor, and I’m pretty impressed with it.  It had incredible customization, and a super … Read More Here


Wahoo Fitness KICKR Unboxing Photos

Here’s some unboxing photos from the KICKR.  The box held up pretty well, since it was air shipped from Taiwan to LA to Vegas, moved around the massive convention floor multiple times, then taken with … Read More Here

MetaWatch Strata Smartwatch Unboxing

The Strata MetaWatch is designed as a glanceable display unit for your phone – items like notifications of text messages, weather, etc…  This was the result of a Kickstarter project, where I paid for the … Read More Here


Wahoo Balance Bluetooth Smart Scale

The Wahoo Balance scale is the latest entrant into the smart scale arena.  The unit includes Blueooth Smart functionality (and thus, can connect to Bluetooth 4.0 devices such as the iPhone 4s/5).  It doesn’t include … Read More Here

Pear Square One ANT+ enabled sports tracker

The Pear Square One is a bit of a cross between an MP3 player, a coach, and a run tracking device.  A number of you have been asking about the $250 unit for a while … Read More Here