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Cargo Bike Crit Race Report: With a Power Meter

As is the case when signing up for most races, you usually think it’s a good idea. In hindsight, about 75% of the way through said race, you usually regret your life choices. When I signed up for the cargo … Read More Here

Getting the Christmas Tree Home via Bike: 2021 Edition

As has been the tradition for nearly a decade of living in Europe, we’ve been bringing home the Christmas tree by bike. Seriously, all the way since 2012 in Paris using the basket of a Velib (when we apparently looked … Read More Here

5 Random Things I Did This Weekend

This weekend The Girl was off enjoying the weekend away in Austria, giving me full reign of the two kiddos.  As such I was a bit limited in terms of doing things like outdoor rides on a road bike…but I … Read More Here