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Xert’s New Forecast AI Let’s You Pick Future Max Power

As we slide into the quiet period around the holidays and end of year, companies are doing their best to finish off projects. And one such project that Xert has launched into beta is their Forecast AI tool. Essentially, the … Read More Here

Suunto announces decommission plans for Movescount platform, impacting some watches

Two days ago Suunto announced plans to retire their online training platform, Movescount, sometime around Summer 2020 (~18 months from now). Instead, users will use the newer Suunto online platform (previously called Sports Tracker – no relation to SportTracks). That’s … Read More Here

TrainerRoad rolls out new forward looking calendar, planned workouts. Set to raise prices.

Today TrainerRoad announced and released their next set of features to their platform, which edge it closer and closer to a full-fledged training log platform than just a trainer control platform.  This transition of course isn’t new. It began in … Read More Here

TrainerRoad now pulls in outside rides, adds training log and load analysis

In the growing battle of not just trainer platforms, but training log platforms, TrainerRoad just took a big step forward.  As one of the original pioneers of device-agnostic indoor training apps, they now allow you to account for your outdoor … Read More Here

Today’s Plan Adds Triathlon Support (Cycling/Running), and Connect IQ Apps

Every once in a while I wander into the software/platform/apps realm for a post.  I usually do so sparingly because this category of sports tech changes so quickly that any post I write quickly becomes out of date.  That’s less … Read More Here