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The Massive 2021 Sportswatch Year in Review with DesFit

It’s up, the massive 2021 Sportswatch Year in Review video! Now going on the third year in a row, we sat down and discussed the nearly 20 different sports and fitness wearables that have been released over the course of … Read More Here

DC Rainmaker State of Sports Tech 2021 Keynote

It’s up! The 2021 State of Sports Tech Keynote that was delivered last week, encompassing everything going well…and not so well, in the sports tech industry. From watches to indoor training sensors to action cams, and given this is an … Read More Here

Sports Tech Huge Amazon Prime Day Roundup & Tracker!

 In the unlikely event the internet or Amazon hasn’t already informed you, today and tomorrow (Monday/Tuesday) is Amazon Prime Day. That means that most (all? Update: Not All, Not Canada) Amazon country properties are doing pretty substantial deals across … Read More Here

First Sports Tech Cloud Platform & Incubator Announced by Zone5 Ventures

Today’s post is gonna be a bit more on the geeky/industry side of things, though, I suspect most of you can see how this will ultimately carry itself through to more choice in consumer products down the road. Or, just … Read More Here