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Samsung Announces Galaxy Ring: Everything You Need to Know

Samsung has just announced their Samsung Galaxy Ring, and with it, provided approximately zero details, except a pretty picture. But sometimes, a pretty picture speaks quite a bit. To set the stage, literally, they had just finished talking about a … Read More Here

Oura Outlines Missing V3 Features Plan (And It’s Not Good)

When the Oura V3 launched last fall, it was met with both excitement and frustration. First, was the excitement of a new product with a slate of new features, then there was the concurrent frustration of a new pricing model … Read More Here

Oura Ring Generation 3 In-Depth Review

Last month Oura announced their 3rd iteration of their ring, which packs in more sensors while still looking the same. But more important than those sensors, are the new features and functions those sensors light up, which shift the company’s … Read More Here

Oura Ring 3: First Impressions After A few Days

Earlier this week Oura announced their new Oura Ring 3, both an upgrade in hardware as well as a shift in business models. For those not familiar, the Oura Ring aims to track your daily activity, as well as nightly … Read More Here