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All Indoor Cycling App Pricing Compared (2023 Edition)

Yesterday, after (many) years of people asking, Zwift has finally added an annual payment option. In doing so, they became the final company to add in annual pricing for their product, joining the rest of the industry. Of course, the … Read More Here

The Giro’s Synchronized Trainer Cycle Dancing Performance: Analysis & Review

I just finished reading Iain Treloar’s excellent recap of the spectacle that was the 2022 Giro Teams Presentation. He ultimately gave the 1-hour and 50-minute extravaganza a meager rating of 4.5/10. I am no expert on such events, nor how … Read More Here

The Smart Trainer Annual Recommendations Guide–2018 Edition

It’s that time of year again: Indoor trainer season. Though in reality, that’s actually not terribly true these days. With indoor training apps and the entire experience becoming more and more immersive, more and more people are using them all … Read More Here