DCRainmaker Sticker Request Form

Stickers can be ordered above, the goal here isn’t to make any money, but also not to lose too much money. I’ve streamlined it via Google Checkout – simply because it’s super easy for me to download and print to labels. For US folks, your cost is merely $1 US per sticker (including shipping). For those outside the US, there’s temporarily no $1 surcharge – merely because I can’t (easily) create seperate buckets in Google Checkout…so enjoy! Mailings to US Military bases overseas (APO/FPO) will be free of all charges (including sticker cost), simply enter in coupon code DCRMIL, and as long as it’s an APO/FPO address you’ll be good to go. If you’re military overseas without an APO/FPO address, shoot me an e-mail and I’ll take care of ya.

With thousands of folks wanting sitckers, I wanted to keep this as clean and simple as possible – so I could focus on writing fun posts, and not licking thousands of envelopes. Stickers will be batched and shipped once per week, using US Postal. Also, the ordering system thingy is set to let you know if there’s no more in stock (it won’t let you order anything). I’ve got an initial stock of 1,100 stickers that I had made from Stickermule, they look like the above.

And once you got your sticker – go ahead and submit your photos here to the DCRainmaker Sticker Flickr pool, I’ll feature the best and most creative ones each month and feature them here. And I’ll even toss in a bit of a prize. You know I do prizes well, right?

Thanks all!