Live Event

Welcome to the DC Rainmaker Live Event Page!  I’ll use this from time to time, mostly in testing.  By default it’ll say an event is in progress because it’s just how I’ve set it up as an ‘always-on’ channel.

Most of what you see here is just my random testing of various devices.  No warning and quite frankly – very rarely.


Below is a link to the Livestream broadcasting page for the current event, which is streamed from a GoPro Hero4.  The stream is funneled from the GoPro action cam to the iOS Livestream app, and then from there direct via 3G/4G/LTE to the interwebs.

Additionally, because I’m too cheap to pay the $100 a month at this point for the higher end Livestream account, you’ll have to authenticate to Livestream first (via Facebook or e-mail), which is free. Perhaps down the road if the quality with a GoPro improves I’ll look at actually paying for an account.

If the above link isn’t working, then you can try my generic channel link here.