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It’s me again, The Girl, writing for you the DCR weekly newsletter. If you’re just now climbing on the newsletter bandwagon then you’re way behind, and should to go HERE to catch up!

Ray is sick in bed today (or possibly just faking to get a little more sleep after he has taken over night time feeding duties), thus I have successfully captured another week of the newsletter gig! My goal with the newsletter is to wrap up what has happened in the DCR tech world over the last week, but upon reflection… it doesn’t appear the man put out much content? In actuality though, he had a slew of people parading through the studio for various meetings. Tis the weeks ahead of CES announcements coming up the first week of January.

On with the show!

It’s “Christmas week”, and I know how a lot of you (*cough*, men) work, you’re still not done your Christmas shopping. So if you need some last minute deals I would keep checking this page as Ray is still updating sports tech sales. As well, Ray did manage to squeak out a video "5 sports gadgets under $80”. The video starts out really dramatic with intense Christmas music. I think he was editing this while we were watching the Christmas classic “Home Alone” during the home invasion part! The video was shot in the famous DCR Man cave, which Ray made a video of last week for your entertainment, and then I went ahead and upped our insurance policy on the place… again. Maybe I should just re-watch Home Alone and take notes on the best booby-traps for the place. Anyways, if you don’t “do” Christmas or you just have more time on your hands then you need, then go ahead and skip all of that and head to the DC Rainmaker YouTube Channel for other browsing entertainment.

Other than the YouTube single Ray released last week, he also managed an in-depth review of the ProShift Automated Bike Shifting System. While I just fell asleep even typing out that product name, it seems others enjoyed the post as it has created some debate in the comments section. As well, listed for you below are the other two posts he cranked out, one being our weekend randomness which includes bar hopping with the babe.

Finally, I’ll go ahead and give a “heyyyyy” to the guys at WatTeam. They were one of the ones that came by Ray’s office this past week to chatter about their updated sub-$500 dual-leg power meter, which is set to start shipping in January.  Also, there’s more water bags around the cave as a result.  Not sure what that’s all about.

Since I’ve received lots of emails from you guys (sorry if I haven’t responded yet!), I gather that most of you are actually scrolling down to “The Girl” section. Awesome! I’ll keep doing my best to keep that going, but I wonder if you might want a question and answer section instead or in addition? The DCR Newsletter email is listed below as always, so if you have a “non-tech”product, Ray, The Girl, or Paris question send it along and we can see where that goes! Now get to scrollin’.

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In Depth Thoughts from the Girl

Thanks for joining me down here below the fold for the ramblings of a sleep deprived, running hungry, liaison to Ray. Last week was my big birthday week! Yay me. And I have to give Ray credit, he did good this year! Years in the past he’s often been away on work trips and I think he casually figured if he was away he didn’t have to make up for it when he came back? Or maybe because I’m one of the lucky ones with a December birthday that he could sorta roll it all into one occasion? I’m actually serious here, 30th birthday… not even a card. He hasn’t lived that one down yet, I’ll wait and see how my 40th goes.

Anyways, the man came up with something super sweet this year, and that was recreating our first “Ray cooked dinner date”. There were also presents this year to boot, which has me concerned if he’ll have any momentum left for Christmas?

Anyways, while it took me forever to try to find that blog post of our date night, I became wildly distracted finding old blog posts that detailed some of the beginnings of our relationship. You have to know that I HATED the idea of dating a blogger. I found out from a girl at a bar that Ray had a blog, and I almost spit out my drink. Here we had been dating for a month or so and the guy never mentioned it. So after that I had put in a strict policy that I NEVER wanted to be featured on the blog! No pictures and never say my name. That’s how “The Girl” sort of started. So I’m listing out here some of my favorite finds, go ahead, indulge!

·        I became Ray’s fashion designer

·        Building the world’s largest Rice Krispy Shoe

·        That time I taught Ray how to do a flying mount

·        When Ray became my super hero and ran with me for the last mile of my first marathon

·        Eating PB&J’s on the side of a mountain in New Zealand

·        Paddle Boarding in Bora Bora

·        And never to forget that time Ray blogged about his Giant Sac. I was officially mortified knowing my parents followed his blog…

Those are just a few of the posts that I found.


The baby is now awake from her nap and beckoning me, so I must be off! Speaking of baby, in case you missed it, I complied a page of all of the baby stuff that’s keeping us alive! If you’re in the market for buying baby stuffs, there’s some goodies there to check out.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you have a wonderful December Holiday!

~The Girl

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