The FIT File Podcast is Back!

Yup, you heard that right – the FIT File Podcast is back, and this time with video too! As always, we’ll be digesting the week’s sports tech news with a bit more debate, and geekery nuance than we might in our respective reviews. Plus, we’ll talk about things that might not be in a review yet. And as with before, it’ll be packed with plenty of tidbits on how things actually work behind the sports tech industry.

The format will be familiar to past episodes, and probably some of the cast as well. For this reboot, Des (of DesFit) and I are hosts, but we’re going to have others from time to time. For example, from time to time, we’ll drag back in Shane Miller (GPLAMA) and others. Further, we’ll occasionally have deep-dive interviews with experts on various bits of sports tech, digging far deeper than normal on a specific topic or product area.

Now this time around, all of the episodes are recorded both audio and video. You can see the first episode up on the new FIT File Podcast YouTube channel (above), or down below with numerous podcast platforms. You can always quickly find the latest episode or links at

Here’s the tech we get into for this episode:

– Garmin Connect Refresh
– Garmin HRM-FIT
– Apple Watch Ultra 2 & Series 9 Blood Oxygen Drama
– Samsung Galaxy Ring
– Running Track Rabbit Hole

And here’s where you can find the podcast:

Apple Podcasts
YouTube Music
RSS Feed

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With that, hope you enjoy and thanks for listening!


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  1. inSyt

    Welcome Back 😁

    Video too – this can be a good way to test out that new dance profile?

  2. Oli

    Hey Ray, just a quick headsup, Google Podcast will be shutdown soon. I would recoomend replacing the button with Pocket Casts or something similar.

  3. ian

    A very pleasant surprise to see this in my pod feed this morning !!

    Brilliant to hear it again from you and Des

  4. Neil Jones

    Yay! One indoor training session a week just got a bit more bearable!

  5. Bradley Tipp

    Great podcast – and a good format for you both

  6. Todd Tannenbaum

    Fantastic! I’ve missed this podcast, glad you brought it back. 👍

  7. Ian Bird

    Great news that the podcast is back.

  8. Scott

    Happy to see the reboot! Why did the podcost with GPLAMA go into hiatus?

    • We paused in basically peak-COVID April 2020, mostly due to both of us being pretty slammed given we had to balance getting our work done at the same time as managing kids at home out of school/daycare. Just never got back on the horse.

      Fear not though, between Lama, Des, and myself, we text toghether more times in a day than teenage girls. 🙂