Big Sales Start: Garmin Fenix 6 Series $200 off, Smart Trainers 20% off!


A slew of sales have started today, with many retailers opting to get a jump on Black Friday deals. Probably the most notable major brand to start sales today is Garmin, with the Fenix 6 Series at $200-$250 off (bringing it down to $349 for the base units). And then virtually all smart trainers at 20% off, including the Wahoo KICKR! However, that’s only a small portion of their sale slate, as seen below.

We’re also seeing a number of smaller brands either start today, or announce their sales today. I’ll be adding these in as fast as I find them or hear about them, so definitely keep checking back.

Undoubtedly, we’ll see more deals over Black Friday weekend itself – though rarely do we see any deals that beat current deals. For example, we won’t see Garmin increase the sale to $250 off, because then retailers would have to deal with swaps and returns for a lower price. Plus, Garmin almost never does ‘another’ sale over Black Friday specifically anyways. They just announce their sales now, and let ‘er ride.

In general, sales fall into two buckets:

A) Retailer driven sales (e.g. Amazon, REI, Wiggle etc…)
B) Manufacturer driven sales (specified by the manufacturer, but then sold through retailers)

Within the US, manufacturers have to approve virtually all sales, to stay compliant with MAP policies (Minimum Advertised Price).  Said MAP concept doesn’t exist elsewhere.  So in the case of the Garmin sales below, those fall into bucket ‘B’ above.  Whereas everything else in this post falls into bucket ‘A’ above. Make sense?  Good.

For European sales for sports tech, while some minor ones have started, those tend to ramp up on Black Friday weekend, driven by specific retailers. They usually hit peak-deal status on Black Friday (the day). In any case, all of the tables below dynamically update as I add new sales in, so as usual, keep checking back.

Most links here help support the site – which I greatly appreciate! If you know of a sports tech deal (gadget-focused), feel free to drop a note in the comments or in the contact form. As long as it’s not spam-like, I’m more than happy to share it out! 🙂

Oh, and first, three quick notables for links that support the site and everything you see here.

First is REI has their members 20% off sale. If you’re not a member, you can join for $20 (lifetime membership). That gets you 20% off most things, albeit only one item, through Nov 22nd (except basically GPS watches and action cameras, though most of those are on sale anyway). And this includes tech and non-tech.

Next, there’s Backcountry and Competitive Cyclist, which both also have 20% off sales too, and tend to carry more cycle-specific things (both tech and non-tech). Both these links also support the site.

And finally, on the European side we’ve got Wiggle running a boatload of deals, primarily in the cycling side, on both tech and non-tech. I’ve got many of the best sports-tech deals listed down in the ‘European’ section towards the bottom. But there’s countless non-tech deals (like cold-weather cycling gear) too.

Ok, onto the deal lists!

Watches & Wearables:

This covers anything you can wear that’s watch-like or activity band-like, including sensors.  Generally speaking, you’ll mostly find deals here that are on things I’ve written about in the past.  So you won’t find a deal on some random non-sports tech watch here, or on socks.  Unless the socks have some crazy sensor or something in them.

There are no deals currently.

Cycling Gear & Trainers:

Got a bike? Then this section is for you.  Everything from bike computers to bike lights to trainers, it’s all here.  I won’t generally be adding things like brake cables or bike seats here, but if I find a good deal on a cassette to stack on that new direct drive trainer you just bought, I’ll probably list it here.

There are no deals currently.

Action Cameras & Drones:

Wanna record it?  No better way than an action camera.  Anything that’s action camera related or drone related you’ll find here.  That’s especially true of action camera mounts, which are often found for great deals around the holidays.  Same goes with drone and drone accessories.  Usually a great time to pick up an extra battery or extra props.

There are no deals currently.

Other Sports & Fitness:

Anything else that’s sports and fitness related that I think is interesting will be here.  It may not be super techy – but it’s stuff that most readers will be using in pursuit of their running/cycling/swimming/hiking/whatever.

There are no deals currently.

Euro Deals!

What’s that? You’re not in the US and still want a deal?  No problem!  Note that on Amazon Europe deals, generally speaking, you can order from any Amazon European country site (i.e., Amazon France) and have it shipped within the EU (i.e., Spain). Thus, many times deals are duplicated across the sites. I generally try and just distill it down to one.

There are no deals currently.

DCR Random Gadget List:

This is basically the mostly totally unrelated gadgets and things I think are cool deals that I’ve likely bought one or five of (you can never have too many, right)?  Some of it’s probably photography stuff.  Some of it’s random stuff like chargers and battery packs that I use daily, fun camera gear I use to make videos like sliders and turntables, and well…just random things you’ll find around the DCR Cave.  It’s all random…but it’s all awesome randomness!

ProductSale PriceAmazonSale Notes
HoverAir X1 Drone - $80 off!$349Note: There's virtually always a $80 coupon that can be clicked on the Amazon page.

I’ll continue to add deals as I find them.

With that – thanks for reading, and for supporting the site via the links above. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Have a great weekend!


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    I already saw the Venu 2 for 279€ days ago for a short time on Mindfactorys (Germany/Ships EU wide) “Mindstar” special sale site.
    I would have bought it, had it not been for the Venu 2 Plus that seems to launch soon. 😉
    Any news on that front?

    • TDCIYB

      As context: Here in Germany, the Venu 2 has been nearly constantly between 300€ and 330€ (and that already includes VAT) for months now. Quite suprising that it has been more expensive in the US compared to EU. Normally it is the other way around for most tech.
      Anyway, i dont complain.. 😉

  2. Ciprian

    Hi Ray, thanks for this list. Do you expect any discount for the Karoo 2 in Europe until Christmas?

  3. John

    I read online that Stryd is having a 10% off sale on their power pods with code “blackfriday2021”

  4. Heather Riley

    REI won’t allow you to use the coupon on the Polar H10. Suckage!

  5. RMTL

    FYI : The Fenix 6 Pro was 479.99 CANADIAN on Amazon.ca back mid-October.
    Ray, I had DM’d you on Twitter about it.
    With this other sale, I guess now it is just a matter of time before the Fenix 7 😉

  6. Henry Levy

    Fly 6 and Fly 12 are on sale

  7. Juan Becerra

    What do you think, Ray? Is this a sign that Fenix 7 is in the horizon? I’ll be at CES next year, but my Fenix 6 battery is fading FAST.

  8. Scott

    Just check your pricing (or wording) on the SARIS HE. The math doesn’t line up with a regular price of $999, a 20% coupon/$220 off and a sale price of $879.

    • Thanks, fixed. Normally it’s $999 – but maybe Saris raised the price to $1,099 with some or all retailers/distributors, so it broke my preset logic. I’m not sure there. Either way, fixed it now to show the ‘real-world’ discount of $120, down to $879.

    • And actually, just confirmed – price is now $1,099 across the board for the H3 (not sure when it changed), thus 20% bringing it back to $879. Kinda weird, but…ok I guess.

    • Brent

      Saris raised prices on the H3 (and M2 which is now actually $549.99) in July to cash in on demand. No additional features, updates to the form factor, or margin increase for you local bike shop. Just a price increase on six(?) year old products.
      The excuse Saris gave was that their costs MIGHT increase.

    • Scott

      Raise the price, makes the discount look bigger… Either way, still not a bad deal.

    • I had an older conversation with Saris/CycleOps a few years ago, and I’m pretty sure it was the original Hammer that had the flywheel’s specifically cast in Asia, which in turn – being the heaviest component, would probably be seeing 400-1000% increases in shipping costs.

      I can’t find the exact thread though on which specific SKU it was – so totally plausible it’s changed.

  9. M. Andrew

    Thanks DC for this list I got the garmin varia rvr315 off your last list. Today I saw list call my brother and He link off your list and bought one also. Fyi this device is great and has chanced my road riding experience to the positive thanks again for looking out for us

  10. Dave Lusty

    I’m case anyone is unsure, I just bought a Fenix 6 sapphire titanium (not even solar, I liked the silver metal band) as an upgrade to my 5 plus and it’s a huge upgrade. No idea why I didn’t do it before I assume Ray played it a bit cool on the review as this thing is head and shoulders better than the 5 plus. I know the next one will be out in January, and I’ll probably buy it and sell on the 6 but at current prices it’s a really solid deal. Looking at the specs it didn’t seem a huge upgrade but it’s definitely a lot better. Certain Bluetooth headphones still don’t work well but everything else is great. Hoping Ray gives a proper test of headphones for the next one, it’s been a disappointing story and there’s only one person who can realistically hold Garmin to account on this.

  11. Rich Gordon

    Thank you for keeping up the reviews

  12. Patrick

    or, if you’re in NZ, garmin will give you a whopping 0% off as usual.
    do garmin do international warranties? (not that they do support in any meaningful way anyhow)

  13. Craig Robertson

    Tacx Neo 2 SE is only £799 from Wiggle too at moment, lowest it has been i think. Really tempted to upgrade my barely working Flux 2.
    Do you have an affiliate link Ray?

  14. GLT

    Edge Explore never seems to go on sale in the US. It must have been originally priced low to begin with.

    F6XPS is hard to resist at the sale price.

  15. Scott

    Hoping the GoPro comes down in piece a bit more.

    • I honestly wouldn’t expect that to happen. At least, it’s never done it before for the just-released model (more than right now).

      Instead, we do sometimes see bundles offered at the retail list price of the unit itself. Though my guess is then that’d be $499, rather than $449.

  16. giorgitd

    Why would anyone go for the FR745 at $399 when the F6 is $349? Help me understand.. Display size?

    • So the $399 FR745 would include music support, but the $349 F6 wouldn’t (as it’s the base version). Neither would include maps.

      Others may be more about lightness (weight). I suppose in some ways I’m the perfect example of that – I’ve got all the units in a bin, yet I wear the FR745.

  17. Steven

    Skydio is actually $949 after $400. Cheapest kit available is a starter kit with MSRP / RRP of $1,349.

    • Steven

      Ah, read the table wrong, it some how gave me the impression that it’s $599 after discount. I also only remembered the pre-pandemic price of $999 as MSRP for the unit (not a kit)

  18. Dave

    Finally got sick of waiting and bought a mineral blue 6 Pro Solar at $430 off. Glad to no longer be hitting refresh on “Fenix 7” constantly!

  19. Jess

    Hi! Wondered if you had advice on the best slim sports watch? Looking to buy one for my husband who runs and cycles, but also plays a few ball sports where he’ll only be able to wear something quite slim and lightweight…at the moment he is just wearing an old casio stopwatch! I have a garmin forerunner 745 music which I like and think he would too but he says it’s too chunky!

  20. Zumbul

    Ray, do you anticipate the next version of the Garmin triathlon watches (next version of Forerunner 945 and Fenix 6) to be quite a bit better then the current versions or would there be just a minor improvement?


  21. Sean O

    UK: Tacx Flux 2 reduced 13%:

    Amazon: link to amazon.co.uk
    Wiggle: link to wiggle.co.uk

  22. Bruce Burkhalter

    REI 20% off coupon works for Wahoo KICKRs. Code is GEARUP2021

  23. Zumbul

    Are you sure it was the Pro version?

  24. Charlie

    Jumped on the Wahoo Kickr Core at REI. Coupon code worked. Thank you much for the heads up.

  25. Huang

    Stages bike SB20 is on sale as well, $400 off, code: SB20BLACK, valid through Nov 16 (US only)

  26. David E.

    Anybody have any idea *why* these trainers are on such an unusual sale? I mean, all we’ve been hearing about are shortages–of chips and of everything bike related (and of everything else). Yet now all these high end trainers go on an unusual 20% off sale. Seems odd.

    • Charlie

      At REI its a member sale. You can buy one item at 20% off. They just don’t happen to exclude these bike trainers.

    • GLT

      All of the REI sale prices should just be REI trying to clear existing stock.

    • “Anybody have any idea *why* these trainers are on such an unusual sale?”

      Indeed, as Charlie noted, REI does two sales per year – one now, and one roughly spring-time. So for the trainers, it’s actually not a sanctioned sale by Garmin/Elite/Saris/etc… Instead, REI actually takes the margin hit on it (as does Backcountry/Competitive Cyclist/etc…).

      In general, most companies (Garmin/Wahoo/etc…) have a carve-out for two allowed sales per year below MAP pricing for “members only”, which REI basically pioneered. We’ve seen REI introduce some restrictions to make Garmin and others happy – such as “no GPS devices” and “no bike simulators”.

      But otherwise, REI’s been pretty good about this in recent years. The trick will be how long inventory lasts. Historically speaking REI will play game with the smart trainers for about 1-2 days, and then they magically go out of stock…until literally 3AM the day after the sale ends. But given that these trainers were blocked from the same on Friday (I checked all of them), but then allowed about 12-18 hours later, seems positive.

      We’ll see. But as my advice above – if you want a deal on a trainer (especially the Wahoo/Tacx ones), I wouldn’t wait. Buy now, decide and return later if need be.


    • Matthew Cervi

      Thank you for posting the update about the trainers! I had just ordered a Kickr Core at full price from REI on Friday to replace my Snap that is dying. I got on chat with them today and got $180 back. (…which they didn’t want to do initially, but they gave in when they realized they were just going to be shipping 2 to the store with me promptly returning the full price one.)

  27. Hutch

    Grrr, wanted to wait for the Fenix 7, must. resist. solar. pro…

    Dang it, now I ordered one. Thanks a lot Ray.

  28. Katy

    Thank you so much! I just used your REI link to buy the Wahoo Kickr V5 for $960 USD ($240 (20%)off the $1200 USD) which is much cheaper despite the USD/CAD exchange rate, taxes and import duties versus the $1800 CAD price even if it were on sale -20%.

    FYI -> the GEARUP2021 discount code is only valid on 1 single item per member. I had added a Wahoo Climb and Speedplay pedals but the 20% discount only applies to the most expensive item in the cart. I tried to do another transaction after the Kickr but no dice.

    So for anyone acting quickly with REI, pick the one item you want (or pay to be a member twice with another email account in order to use that code again like a new account holder). The discount is deep enough to warrant a second $20 membership fee)!!

    Thanks again, I’ve been monitoring the Wahoo Kickr for months on eBay and waiting for the Black Friday deals -> happy to have pulled the trigger on this one hoping that it doesn’t go lower from here until Cyber Monday *fingers crossed* that I made the right decision.

    • Jim

      I came back to say the exact same thing except I got the Garmin Rally RS 200’s.

      I’ve been waiting to order these for months. Thanks Ray!

  29. BJ

    The Fenix 6 price on Amazon has been increased from $349.99 to $398.80. The site was showing just a few left in stock late yesterday. It must have been more popular than they were expecting, so they bumped the price. I’m surprised they cut the price as much as they did with the whole supply chain shortage situation that should have meant their surplus was lower than previous years.

    • BJ

      Oh, now I see the “Sold by” has switched to XtraBargains where it was Backcountry previously.

    • That’s surprising that Amazon has run ut of stock on some of the models – only because they tend to buy stock by the tens of thousands.

      I suppose it’s possible they got a MAP violation in the last 6 months for going under MAP (which would explain the lack of stock). I can’t remember off-hand that happening, but with so many Fenix 6 SKU’s, it can manage to slide under my radar.

      I haven’t heard of any stock issues with the Fenix 6 from anywhere else though (obviously if there were any issues, Garmin wouldn’t have put it on sale since it sells just fine without the discount). So my guess is it’s mostly a transient thing.

    • BJ

      Amazon.com has taken over again as the “Sold by” for the Fenix 6 with the price restored to $349.99. There were a couple other sellers with it priced around $399 for a few days. Hopefully not too many people paid the higher price.

    • BJ

      Now the Fenix 6 on Amazon is back to XtraBargains for $379. This seems unethical and confusing for customers for the price to keep ping-ponging around every day or two, depending on who happens to have them in stock.

  30. David B.

    No luck on the Shimano pedals @ REI or Amazon.

  31. cmv

    Thanks Ray for the tips.
    Just used your Amazon link to get a Quatix 6, which I’ve been wanting since it came out, but just couldn’t get myself to buy at full price. With 200$ off, it was en easy decision (and no, I don’t need all the boat-related stuff… I just think it looks cooler than a “standard” fenix 6 Pro…)

  32. George Raihala

    Ray…Thanks so much for posting this! As luck would have it, my Elite Direto suddenly stopped last night in the middle of Zwifting…flat out couldn’t turn the cranks. Was able to pick up a Wahoo Kickr Core from the nearest REI for $125 off….and that includes the tax! Appreciate the head’s up!

  33. Eric

    Are the Kickr headwind and climb on sale + 20% off? Or is the listed sale price with the 20% off coupon already applied?

  34. Steve

    Thanks for the heads up. Just got the Wahoo Kickr V5 for 20% off at REI plus a 5% dividend for using the REI Mastercard. Great deal!

  35. Henry Harper

    Thanks Ray! Using your links I got a Fenix 6 Pro Solar from Amazon (just arrived) and 20%-off Kickr from REI, picked up yesterday. I’m pretty sure the F6 Solar has more contrast in the display than my launch-day F6 Sapphire that I just shipped off yesterday for half the current sale price (too low?). Or the default brightness on backlight is now higher on the Pro Solar vs Sapphire? Seems like same 20% setting but more better on Pro Solar. Also sold my 2017 Kickr locally for over half the current sale price, so I am pretty satisfied. It was starting to make an intermittent bearing growl, on its second belt but the flywheel bearing seems good.

  36. John

    A bit of a challenge getting the REI 20% discount in-store this morning. There was a printed sheet at the register desk showing bike trainers were excluded, it probably didn’t get updated when they made that change yesterday. It all worked out in the end, but probably best order online for in-store pick up, just to avoid any confusion.

    In any case, thanks again, Ray! 👍🏻

  37. Saulo R

    Any chance we would see a deal coming in for Assioma Duo?

  38. Maciek

    EU deal on Garmin Vector 3 (dual-sided) for 560€: link to rosebikes.pl – technically this is the same thing as the newer Rally model and also allows for swapping pedal bodies – read Ray’s review.

    • mark-

      thanks. so If want an SPD pedal based power meter, I buy this and a xc conversation kit. What would be the advantage of a rally xc200 over this setup? It has more than 200eur price difference.

    • Correct.

      There’s some very nuanced very minor things, but longer-term who knows. For example, in the Garmin Connect app, your device (if swapped into XC conversion kit) won’t say Rally, it’ll say Vector 3. Also, more importantly, Garmin just released a firmware update for the Rally to fix a few edge-case bugs (including one I noted in my review). That hasn’t come to the Vector 3 pedals.

      Personally, my line in the sand would be simple: If you plan to use them in the pedal body that you’re getting the discount on, but also want flexibility for a different type – then go forth (since, you’d have had to buy that secondary type anyways). But if you’re buying the Vector 3 at a discount to basically ditch that and then buy the secondary pedals, you’re probably not that much different in price than just buying the Rally pedals in the form factor you want.

      Just my two cents…

    • Onno

      “But if you’re buying the Vector 3 at a discount to basically ditch that and then buy the secondary pedals, you’re probably not that much different in price than just buying the Rally pedals in the form factor you want.”

      At Rose (and Bike 24) the Vector 3 + RS conversion kit now cost €740, and the RS200 costs €920. Pretty big difference. The possibility of not getting any further firmware updates is something to consider though, hm.

    • mark-

      yep, that is my math too but there is the firmware element to consider. thanks for pointing it out

  39. Jesper E. Siig

    Hi Ray,
    I am in the market for at Tacx NEO Bike Smart, but unfortunately, I live in Denmark (well otherwise, I am happy to live in Denmark, but it is not for this purpose :), and the European offers aren’t really that good. Amazon says “Currently unavailable.”, and the price I see at Wiggle is £2,374.37. Besides after Brexit I find it too cumbersome to buy stuff in the UK, so I tend to avoid that. Isn’t that the same experience you have in the Netherlands?
    Best regards,

    • Yeah, my guess is that if Wiggle UK is spearheading the Tacx NEO Bike Smart, then I’d also guess other retailers probably got in on it too in the EU, and may be holding that back for Black Friday deals.

      As for buying stuff from the UK these days to the EU – it just depends if they’ve pre-handled customs or not. If so, then it doesn’t bother me much. If not, then it can be messy. I guess I get packages on a daily basis, so I’m kinda used to both sides of it.

    • Jesper E. Siig

      Ah, my bad – the price I am seeing is your £1,899 PLUS Danish VAT 🙁
      Wrt. customs – I must have been unlucky that the companies I have dealt with have all fallen in the “If not” category! 🙁

    • Yeah, it’s more work for companies to properly apply VAT ahead of time (and also properly ensure the shipping documentation shows it correctly). Thus we tend to only see the bigger ones do it (Amazon, Wiggle, etc…). :-/

      Still, while I don’t have any inside information on what other retailers might come up with, I suspect someone will discount it next weekend. It’s likely someone will drop a comment here if so!

    • Graham Clarke

      Yeah I Just got the NEO bike for
      £1600 at tredz shipped
      It was £1799, plus they offer 10% discount with blue light card plus they offer a £30
      Off voucher on first order all stackable. Ordered Sunday arrived today!

  40. Adam Tenney

    Love following your channel. I’m a runner and mtb and also a pe teacher in California, so I’m outside all the time. Currently have the regular instinct the past few years. Looking to upgrade to the Felix. Would solar be worth it for me or it doesn’t make too much of a difference? Thank you for all you do and any guidance from all of you would be welcomed.

    • Honestly, not for the Fenix (solar). I’ve got a video that I’ve still not got around to editing/publishing, but basically, I did some tests two summers in a row with both a Fenix 6 Solar and Instinct Solar showing full days in the sun (outside for days) and while there’s a massive difference in the Instinct Solar (totally viable to have forever power if you spend a lot of time outdoors in the summer), for the Fenix 6 Solar, the battery drain is just far too great to pull it off. It only adds a tiny bit.

    • Adam Tenney

      Thank you very much.

    • C.Sco

      Ray, I’d definitely be interested in seeing your video about that – I’ve been on the fence for a long time about upgrading from my 6X Sapphire to a solar model, it would be great to see a semi-scientific look at the real-world effects (or lack thereof) of having solar. I haven’t really found anyone else that’s done a real test lasting longer than a couple hours, which wasn’t enough data to learn anything useful.
      I would be equally happy to either find out that it offers enough boost for what I need, or to find out I’d just be wasting my money.

  41. Keith Lacey

    200 Euro off Tacx Neo 2

    link to zwift.com

  42. Adam S.

    Ray, does Inside Ride ever offer discounts on their E-Motion rollers?

    • I don’t have any historical record of such in either my database, or my Outlook e-mail box. It’s possible there was a discount outside of that, which didn’t get flagged. But usually those land in my box one way or another.

  43. Cormac

    In the market to get a new running watch. Love the design and size of the Suunto 9 peak as I have very small wrists, but not seeing any sign of a European sale at the moment.
    Can get the Fenix 6S Pro at €479 locally, is there any point in holding out a while to see if there’s a Euro Peak deal?
    Any alternatives?

    • youpmelone

      Holding out for a 6 pro (I have the 6s pro but it is too small…) deal in Europe as well, though Ray’s persistent silence on the Fenix 7 series should be a red flag. He can’t do much else with their NDA (signed one myself.. ) But let’s see.

    • Cormac

      Hi youpmelone,

      The Fenix 6 Pro is available on Harvey Norman dot ie at the same price as the 6s Pro, €479, though I’m not sure if they ship outside Ireland.

      Still hoping I can get even a small reduction on the Suunto 9 Peak.

    • Willem

      Hope you’ve waited. 6 pro is now 609 euro on German amazon.

  44. Marcos

    Hi Ray,

    This Garmin Magnetless Sensors Cadence/Speed Bundle – 20% off promo at REI is no longer valid.


  45. Mike

    Looks like Competitive Cyclist doesn’t have the Garmin Edge 530 or 830 as a solo unit anymore – only available in bundle form.

  46. Skip

    Thanks for generating Black Friday sale information. I have been holding out for a Kickr and thanks to you, saved $240 at REI. You opened up the world of connected indoor training for me.

  47. Trax101

    Tredz.co.uk are matching Wiggles discount on the Garmin Tacx Neo 2 Special Edition in the UK, it’s on offer for £799 only Tredz are accepting other discount codes on the sale price as well. I brought one and used my Blue Light discount card for an extra 10% off. So, I got a brand-new Neo 2 SE with free delivery for £719.10 🙂

    link to tredz.co.uk

  48. Koshie

    Does anyone have experience with or know if it is possible to use a US Wahoo Kickr in Australia? The REI sale is hard to pass up and international shipping is free for orders over $150.

    Also, can any fellow Australians recall if Wahoo Aus had a Black Friday sale last year?

  49. Mathijs

    Euro deal: Garmin Edge 530 EUR219 via Amazon.de

    link to amazon.de

  50. Rai

    Amazon UK has the Garmin Varia RTL515 for 129.99 UKP instead of the usual 169.99.
    I think there are a few other retailers with similar prices.

  51. Evan

    Anything on the kickr bike? That seems to be excluded from the REI member sale even though regular kickr is included.

  52. Tyas

    for the Netherlands (and other European countries)

    quite some sports tech deals on 12gobiking.nl and futurumshop.nl.
    Both have pre-black friday deals on many sports tech (some only valid until today or tomorrow)

    Futurumshop.nl only ships to Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg. However, they do have extra discount (only still valid today): €25 off purchase above €125 with code PBF25

    12gobiking.nl also ships to other European countries (€10 shipping fee)

    Some examples from http://www.12gobiking.nl:
    Garmin Fenix 6 pro of 6s pro for €499 (also available on amazon.de for €499)
    Garmin Edge 530 for €225 (or the MTB bundle for €279.99)
    Elite Suito T for €499
    Elite Sterzo Smart for €59.99
    Wahoo Kickr Core for €699.95

    Websites are in Dutch though, so here a few direct links:
    Smart trainers: link to 12gobiking.nl
    Bike computers: link to 12gobiking.nl
    Sport watches: link to 12gobiking.nl

    ps: i have no affiliation with these sites, nor do i receive any kickback for sharing these links. i just like sharing good deals when i see them

  53. BikePower

    Two things:

    1) Beats PowerBeats Pro are $179 (not $149) as of 11/18 at 10:00 AM MST.

    2) Core (body temperature monitor) has a Black Friday sale and the device is 20% off through 11/30. No code needed link to corebodytemp.com

  54. Neil Partridge

    OMG – Wattbike UK deal has just dropped …. a free mat and HR strap with a full price wattbike! That’s a saving off £75 … a 3.6% saving!!!!

  55. Ilya

    Hi Ray, thanks for your reviews.
    Just two simple questions:
    – Fenix 6s pro or FR 745 for triathlon and daily use? Almost same price now.
    – First home smart trainer, if I had vector 3, i can ignore difference in accuracy? Which one your favorite below 500?

    • It’s a tricky one. Functionally speaking, at the same price you go 6S Pro every time since it has maps and the 745 doesn’t. But that does ignore things like style and weight. And ironically, I wear the FR745 daily as my main watch (since I’m not really going anywhere right now, I like the color, and I like the specific default watch face with training load).

      As for a smart trainer, I wouldn’t necessarily ignore the accuracy piece – I’d try and get something that’s strong. Honestly, my recommendation would be to take advantage of the KICK CORE deal, it’s a bit more expensive than the $500, but it’s such a solid trainer that’s accurate, silent, good road feel, and will last a long long time.

    • Ilya

      Thank you for such a comprehensive answer.
      I’ll flip a coin and choose between Fenix and FR 🙂
      But KICKR CORE better next year, It is better to stop in time, this is a real example, when you start with a small and adding by 100$, you already looking on the top level)

  56. Babak Mansouri

    Stages has a black friday sale on their website for the power meters and their bike:
    link to stagescycling.com

  57. Matt Haber

    “Up to $170 off Karoo 2 with trade in of old cycling computer.”

    link to hammerhead.io

    Trying to decide whether to pull the trigger on this. My Wahoo Elemnt Bolt has been reliable and has a very long battery life, but some of the button covers seem like they will fall off any day.

  58. Alain

    What a difference between the US garmin sales and the EU ones.

    Fenix 6X Pro Solar in US: 699 $ = 619 EUR
    Fenix 6X Pro in EU: 699 EUR

    What a shame !!!

    • Zoltán

      In Hungary Fenix 6X Pro started to be sold at below EUR 500.

      It started yesterday at HUF 179.990, (appr. EUR 489), because the shop in question had its “Black Friday” day on 19/11, but it did not jump back its RRP, which is appr. EUR 714, today it is still just 182.990 (appr. EUR 497).

      And the local VAT is 27%.

      It was the only official Garmin distributor who had this low price for 6X.

      It is an interesting phenomenon, because it happened two years ago, in pre-Christmas period, that another official Garmin distributor was the only one who sold 200 pieces of Fenix 5 plus at EUR 280 (!!!).

      Last year I did not follow the discounted price period.

      So maybe in your country, Alain, there must be a sole official distributor who got the permission from that Garmin country “office” to have deeply discounted prices

    • Yeah, az Zoltan alluded to, in Europe, pricing is largely set by the retailer or distributors. Whereas in the US, pricing is largely set by the company producing the product (and in fact, retailers get in trouble for trying to offer a sale, potentially even having their supply cut off).

      Thus, while Garmin (or whomever) will sometimes assist in sales in Europe, most of the time it’s actually just those retailers cutting into their own margins, which they are free to do. Whereas in the US, they are not free to do so.

    • Andrew P

      Likewise Amazon.es sells them for 489,99 EUR

  59. mike

    The Sandisk will be on sale at costco here in the USA for $100 over black friday sales.

  60. Scott Harding

    MEC in Canada has 25%(+) Garmin FENIX 6, and 10% off their Kickrs.
    link to mec.ca

  61. Steve

    Varia RTL515 for £124.99 at Halfords, Wiggle and Chain Reaction in the UK.

  62. Peter Fine

    GoPro is selling the GoPro 10 Black on the website with a bundle for $399. Better than the Amazon deal- $260 off. Courtesy of CNET

    link to gopro.com

    • Not bad at all, though note that does require the GoPro subscription agreement (as noted above, I think that’s a perfectly good deal, but I know some people are against it.)

  63. Vivek Singh

    DJI Mini 2 fly more combo, was it really 399 usd on Amazon. I see it 550 usd

  64. Ben Vanmarcke

    I can’t see a sale on DJI Mini 2, shows standard pricing of $449 for the unit and $599 for the Fly More package. No discount (yet).

  65. SvenF

    Fenix 6 Pro for €425 on Amazon.de, I think this is the best offer ever in Europe for this watch?

  66. DylanH

    Argos UK have the Garmin 245 Music at £199.99

  67. Robbie

    Looks like the REI code isn’t applying to the Garmin RTL515

  68. Sean Arnold

    Picked up a 945 for 50% off in New Zealand for NZ$550 incl tax (around $380 USD). Pretty happy with that!

  69. Tim

    Looks like the price has increased on the Elite Direto XR. $800 after discount at REI.

  70. Phil Rolls

    Evening Ray

    The Garmin FR245 Music is £199.99 (£70 saving) at Argos in the UK, which is the best price I’ve seen over here

    link to argos.co.uk

  71. Pryme57

    I just saw the Apple Airpod Pros for sale at Costco (US) for $169. You do need a membership there though. I’m assuming that others may follow suit.

  72. Andrew P

    Amazon Spain sells Garmin Fenix 6X pro for 489,99 Euro which is better than DE price at the moment.

  73. MTB&Run

    Got Fenix 6S pro for $429 on Amazon. Already loving it. Upgraded from AW3. Shout out Ray! Thanks

  74. Eric

    Hi Ray, some great deals on Garmin bike-computers here (Germany): link to shop.zweirad-stadler.de

    • Eric

      Okay, I will also give you the prices 😉

      Edge 530 – 194.91 €
      Edge 830 – 266.11 €
      Edge 1030 plus – 413.85 €

      Even if the unusual prices might make you wonder, this is with (German) tax.

  75. Ciprian

    Garmin Edge 530 at 159 EUR on amazon.de !

  76. Manev

    Fenix 6 Pro at €409.99 on Amazon.de !
    6X Pro and 6 Solar at €488.99
    6 and 6S – €349.00
    6S Solar €471.99

  77. Martin

    Here in The Netherlands the Favero Duo Shi is available now for €479 at Futurumshop. The compatible pedals are on sale too.

  78. Griff

    Looks like Assioma is having some pretty good Black Friday deals right now on their Favero products.

  79. Cormac

    Suunto 9 Peak both the standard and titanium versions are on sale at watchesonline.com which is Finland based.

    Peak is €469 – €100 off
    Peak titanium is €594 – €105 off

    Mine arrived in Ireland in 2 days.

  80. Alessandro

    Favero official shop, for Europe
    Assioma duo at 579€
    Assioma uno at 369€
    Don’t know shipping outside Italy.
    Global shipping anyway, check US prices.

  81. Graham

    Garmin Edge 130 Plus on sale in Halfords in the UK for £99.99….

    link to halfords.com

  82. David T

    Garmin Venu 2 for eur 255 on Amazon.de

  83. Oscar Morales

    Are you listing bike deals? Lot’s of bikes on discount for Black Friday/Cyber Monday at Boneshaker Bikes: link to boneshaker.bike

    Brands offered: State Bicycle Co, Throne Cycles, Elite BMX, Fyxation, Golden Cycles, and more.