The Socially Distant Sports Tech Giveaway Results/Winner!

Earlier this week I held the “Socially Distant Sports Tech Giveaway”, which enabled some 4,083 of you to annotate how you’ve managed to get a workout in over last weekend, despite potentially being stuck indoors running a marathon around your kitchen table. In exchange for that tidbit, you got your chance to win yourself a sweet $500 gift certificate to Clever Training to pick up the gadget of your choice.

I did some quick (very non-scientific) analytics on some of your answers:

– Some 720 of you mentioned Zwift in your workout
– About 175 of you mentioned TrainerRoad/TR as your workout
– A mere 221 of you did something with your kids
– One person asked if “Does screaming at the children count as a workout?” – Yes, yes it does my friend. Double XP for each additional child
– Another person did lunges and squats in the bathroom while their family slept

Also of note, over a dozen of you said you used a workout to de-stress given your daily job working in hospitals – you’re awesome! Full stop. Albeit one of you is in said hospital (in a less than ideal way) and did your workout by walking to the bathroom. Hey – small victories! Keep it up, to you and the others that are fighting it!

As is usually the case, to pick the winner I hopped over to my unbiased friend,, and stuck in the total number of entries:


Then it was back to the post to find #1426:


Boom – congrats Yannick! Hopefully you can put that $500 to use for future garage workouts. Or perhaps you’re a crazy optimistic and will pick up an outdoor focused gadget for that futuristic day you get to go back outside your garage.

Also, fun tidbit: I looked back and Yannick has been entering these giveaways for years now. See…the persistent bird does eventually catch the worm!

As for everyone else, Clever Training is running their 20% off most tech deal through the weekend. I’ve outlined a bunch of the best deals here on this page, including smart trainers (which are dwindling in stock, but still some options), plus even the Suunto 7 or entire Polar Vantage series too. And beyond that, you’ll still save 10% via cash or points on basically everything they sell, unless it’s already on some sort of big sale.  From GPS watches to trainers to power meters, and even gel packets. Underwear and recovery devices too.

Thanks to them for the giveaway, and everyone for the support!

Oh, and welcome to April!


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  1. Lucas Van Aelst

    Congrats Yannick!!

  2. Saad

    I wanna grow up to become Yannick

  3. Sam

    Bravo Yannick! Enjoy!

  4. Martijn de Mulder

    Congrats Yannick! Enjoy!

  5. GLT

    Congratulations Yannick.

    Thanks for yet another give away DC.

  6. Anders Lindström

    Hi there DC Rainmaker!
    Hope you and your family is fine I use to read your blog with lots of good advices.
    In these days though, I am a bit concerned that you dont seem to acknoledge there is
    a COVID-19 outside your door?
    Or have I just missed it?
    Anders Lindström in Sweden

    • Robin

      You missed it. Please read the title of this post.

      Congratulations to Yannick. Once again I leave empty handed.

    • Yeah, as Robin said – literally the entire point of this giveaway was about social distancing.

      I’m not sure there’s anything I can contribute on this site relative to COVID-19 in the broader sense. Still, there’s lots of sports-tech impacts that I do discuss where appropriate in a way that’s less COVID-19 and more ‘behind the scenes tidbits’. You’ll find many such bits on the podcast (link to, or in the weekly newsletter where we talk about what we’re doing specifically as a family (link to

      I think most people at this point want some small escape from day to day COVID-19 news, and so my focus is on sports tech. If there’s areas that overlap I’m going to cover it in a way that makes sense, but isn’t COVID-19 ‘in your face’, if that makes sense. My recent Trainer App guide was one such area. In any other year I’d never bother to release an indoor trainer app guide at the precise end of the indoor training season.


  7. Eric

    While I respect the gravity of the situation, I disagree, personally I enjoy this site right now because it does not have much to do with Covid 19, a couple minutes of peace, where I dont worry about my job (and likely lack there of soon) the suffering, the stress, ETC. There are lots of other sites for all things related to that.

  8. Edwin Aerts


    Sunday 5 april 15:30 at and on Éen 13 Worldtour riders ride the virtual Ronde van Vlaanderen 2020 on the Bkool platform. Cool!


  9. _tido_

    Hi Ray,
    If i can have a home trainer – for free – or not I would be glad.
    Impossible to find one on any regular website here (including the ones that you encourage us to use for you make those great tests). Any other recommandation ?
    With your contacts at Wahoo, Garmin, do you have some ideas about if they stop the production, when they would start it. It would be a great article for me to know how the production is impacted (Asia) – while the demand (US-EU) is big. Especially if new trainers and production line have to be made for new hardware.

  10. John

    Congrats Yannick.

    Please let all us losers know what you purchased. It will help ease the pain

  11. Rui Pereira

    Thank you Ray, for another great giveaway!

  12. Frank

    Did Indoortraining on an old unsmart trainer.