Continued Expansion of the DCR Team: Hello P3!

2019-10-12 11.25.22

So I’m a wee bit behind on this, and those of you following The Girl’s Instagram will notice as such, but – we recently unboxed a new addition to the DCR Family: P3 (short for Peanut 3). She joined her two sisters (and fur sister Lucy) two weekends ago. Everyone is doing well, and she’s already been logging time on the bike in the last few weeks.

As with P1 & P2, there were no unboxing photos or video shots for this product. Though, the Dutch hospitals did offer multiple times to assist in such a production, which we politely declined. Of course, like any parent, we have overcompensated for that with plenty of photos since then.

As is also normal in the Netherlands, she came home just over 3.5 hours post birth (around 12AM), where she got to meet both P1 & P2 in the morning when they woke up (and Lucy):

2019-09-29 10.23.17-1

The little nugget is healthy and pretty happy. And Mom is also doing super well too. In fact, she’s already up and pedaling around on the bike…because…Amsterdam? How else would she get around?

As you’ve probably gathered, she was born here in Amsterdam (her sisters were both born in Paris). But like her siblings, she won’t gather EU citizenship anytime soon. Instead, she’ll soon pick up both American and Canadian citizenship once we get her taken to the passport photo place around the corner and get that always hideously bad baby passport photo taken.  Though if we’re here long enough, she could eventually pick up her Dutch credentials.  If nothing else, she’ll always have a birth certificate that says Amsterdam.

Both Peanut 1 & 2 love having her around, and trying to be mommy to her. Lucy is also gently tolerant of her, though, clearly realizes her position on the totem pole continues to slip.

2019-10-05 16.10.12 2019-10-05 16.17.27

P3 enjoys the bike like her sisters. We’ve got her situated in the Urban Arrow using a Maxi-Cosi adapter (or car-seat adapter for Americans). Then the two other kids sit on the bench.

2019-10-12 11.19.35 2019-10-12 11.35.54

We also have room for one more kid on the back, though that’s reserved mostly as the time-out position (or, a place to stash scooters this weekend). Trust us, three Peanuts is enough love in this household. Any more love and all my fitness trackers will give-up entirely on sleep tracking.

Speaking of which, like P2 we use virtually no smart baby tech with P3. I don’t even think we’ve pulled out the baby scale yet for her. We tried a sock monitoring thing with P1, but she disliked it significantly and we never bothered with P2. P3 is happy to just chillax all day long in your arms or nearby. No monitoring or tracking needed here. Don’t worry, once they become teenagers I’ll install ankle bracelet GPS trackers – obviously.

With that – hope everyone had a great weekend!

(P.S.: While it hasn’t been updated for P3, here’s our large list of mom/baby/kids gear that we’ve been using with the three kiddos. A lot of you have asked, so we put it in one handy place! From a sport-specific standpoint, the main thing we use is the running stroller. Though P3 is still a bit too young for that, but both P1 & P2 get usage on that.)


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  1. Pawel

    ankle GPS tracker – a silent dream of every father

    • Paul S.

      There’s no need. My daughter is where her phone is, and that I can easily track. (Of course, she’s long since figured out how to turn that off…) Anyway, she’s over 18 now, so I don’t stress as much. By the time Ray’s turn teenagers, maybe they’ll have implants or connected contacts or something like that.

    • Ken

      Only if mandated by Dad & not a judge! ::eek::

  2. Kevin in De Pijp

    Lovely post, glad to read all went well. P3 looks very aero in the first photo – clearly a chip off the old block. And I love Lucy’s expression in the second photo: “WTF?!? Another one?”

    Just an aside, our Dutch language teacher one day heaped scorn on all the “yuppies” (I’m pretty sure that was the word she used) who buy fancy “bakfiets” to ride their children around. She didn’t consider it at all “Dutch,” and thought the time-honored trick using a classic omafiets and adding a saddle to the top tube (with foot rests on the down tube), a small seat to the rear rack, and a baby seat to the handlebars, was the only proper way to transport children. She compared it to the contemptible overconsumption of buying a huge SUV to haul around a few kids! I do have to say, it really looks charming seeing someone riding an omafiets with 2-3 small children arrayed around Mom or Dad, and the kids seem to dig it. That said, if I had small children here, I’d buy the same rig you did.

    • Yeah, we have plenty of other seats on our other bikes as well (and they actually do really enjoy riding them). Though, I’m not aware of any infant option until they can reasonably hold their head up.

    • Edwin

      I have transported our peanut in this contraption and will use it for our upcoming addition also: link to

      It looks flimsy but is pretty solid & shock absorbing. Lots of snores were made by the little one.

    • Kevin in De Pijp

      Oh, yeah, there’s one in my neighborhood, and I see them at the nursery school by my place. The seat is much like what you have for P3 in the bakfiets, but maybe a bit smaller/less padded, so the tyke is essentially on their back. I believe the seat mounts to the stem, with the handlebars just to the sides. The seat/baby are oriented so the head is forward and the baby is looking up at the rider (just as in your setup now). It’s a setup that I don’t think would ever be approved in the US, but then neither would the crazy steep and narrow apartment stairs, or all the tripping harzards when you’re on the sidewalks in Centrum, or . . .

    • That’s right – i have seen those around. Though, it does also say min age 4 months…less so the 4 days we went with. 🙂

    • Doug

      I believe Ray is making quite enough use of his cargo bike to justify it. Answers on a post card for alternative pedal based transport options for an exercise bike!
      link to

      P.s. congrats to all at DCR HQ! 🙂

    • Koen Van den Bergh

      I really liked the kids trailer when they were very young. We had some kind of hammock, so we could use that one from the first month. 2 kids and everything for shopping went in without a problem. I’ve cycled a lot with 1 or 2 sleeping kids behind me, when they were young it was more comfortable than a ‘bakfiets’ for them.
      We choose a Winther Cargoo when they didn’t have much room left in the trailer.
      Today they mostly cycle, up to 50km a day is no problem for our youngest who is 4 now. For larger distances the Winther is still used, but I removed the seats to make use as a shopping bike much easier.

  3. Bart Vlaminckx

    Congratulations to the peanut team.
    En ook gefeliciteerd.

  4. Vixie12

    Congratulations on P3! Don’t worry, when they are teenagers, I’m sure there will be something implantable by then. 😉

    BTW, I’m super jelly of the Urban Arrow and really wish that had been around in the US 17-18 years ago when my girls were babies. I probably would have done way more biking with them back then!

  5. Frank

    Congrats! Beschuit met muisjes 😉

  6. Congrats Ray!!!

    I’m waiting myself for a new kid delivery pretty soon too.

    I’m glad everything went well.

    And congrats too the girl as well!!

  7. JimC

    Congratulations again, and as a father of dual-nationality kids (I’m English / my wife’s Spanish) I’d definitely suggest you do your best to get dual citizenship for your kids, you never know what the future might throw up.

    • Thanks! Yup, both P1/P2 are already dual US/Canadian, and P3 will be once all the paperwork goes through. The US process is very quick, the Canadian process tends to take about 6-9 months all-in.

  8. Kevin Conover

    Congrats but you are soooo outnumbered!

  9. Ian s

    Congrats to you all

  10. Gonzalo


  11. Zoltán

    A while ago you mentioned that Cervelo P3 fit you the best. Or maybe ….. 🙂

  12. hdb

    What an awesome post – welcome to P3 and congratulations to the rest of her family. I suspect life will never be boring in the Maker home.

  13. Patrick Greene

    Congrats! I have Peanut versions 1-4 myself. You have a full life for sure! Enjoy every minute!

  14. Robin

    Congrats Ray and family!

  15. Ray, you are so totally outnumbered! Congratulations on P3’s arrival and commiserations on your diminishing sleep quota.

  16. Nemo

    Congratulations! Very happy for the whole Maker family!! But 3.5 hours- eeeeegads!

  17. Bertil

    Congrats, Ray and family! P3 is very cute in the photo with Lucy.

    Re the 3.5 hours, it is even allowed and pretty common to give birth at home in The Netherlands :).

  18. Dave

    Ray, I just realized I’m not sure I’ve ever seen you mention any of the peanuts names…is that on purpose?! Curious what you named your wonderful baby girl!

  19. Casey Cook


  20. Dr. D

    Congrats to You & Bobby. Enjoy every minute.
    Beautiful pictures.

  21. Bbelrose

    Congrats. Best of luck.

  22. Raf D


    We had our second child in July. Curious to read more about tricks to tracking stroller runs.

  23. Swim N Bike


    Congrats to the Maker Family.

    as terms of citizenship.
    I hesitated to comment on the citizenship, but for tax reasons, it may not be a bad move, just going for the mom’s.

    I hope you and THE Mom will get some sleep coming periods.


  24. Johan Hellström

    A big congratulations to you both. My sons are 9 and 11 and I was immediately taken back 9 years in time looking at your pictures..

  25. Harsh Chiplonkar

    Congrats!!! P3 looks so aero in that first pic. More importantly you are now in zone defense instead of man-on-man defense. Good luck!!!

  26. Hussam

    Congratulations. Very happy for you. And I’m glad you kept the same naming convention and didn’t change it to something like P3s. Very soon you’ll have lots of testers to test the durability of the products you review.

  27. Pavel

    Congratulations Ray and The Girl!

  28. Kris

    Congrats, and enjoy each others company!
    Everybody always asks how the mother and child are doing, so I will ask how the father is doing.

  29. Jeffrey F.

    Congratulations! As any good techie knows, redundant DNA backups are a must. You’ll want to store one offsite sometime in the next 20 years….

  30. Andy Monks

    I assume like all manufacturers that P3 offers significant upgrades over either P1 or P2 😉

    Congrat to both you and the Girl on your new addition.

  31. fisao

    Félicitations et bon courage !

  32. Gerard

    Congratulations guys, how time flies, I recall stumbling onto your site, and began to hear about your girlfriend, “The Girl”. Now up to a P3. Lol.

  33. Doron

    Mazal tov

  34. Tom

    As someone who also has multiple daughters, they are a gift. Congrats.

  35. Diego

    Congratulations Ray, the best for your family!

  36. tadaka

    congrats to the family!

  37. Hubert

    We had children in 3 countries, Netherlands is the best experience 🙂

  38. Daniel


  39. Cameron Taylor

    Congrats Ray & Family…

  40. Jeff

    Congrats Ray & The Girl on your new addition. It’s an old joke but you have to switch from a ‘man defense’ to ‘zone defense’. Life is good! Best wishes!


  41. Dick

    3 daughters! rijkdom!
    Welcome to the club DC

  42. Sean Parchem

    Lucy looks so sweet and calm with the peanuts. What a lucky dog you have.

  43. alainquimarche

    Congratulations to this new beautiful addition to the DCR team.
    Lucy faces when looking at the new baby are priceless 🙂

  44. Gary B

    Congratulations Ray and Bobby. Lovely stuff.

    Make it truly crazy and push for 4.

  45. Tim

    My former OB nurse wife is astounded by the short hospital stay and wondered if you guys bike home from hospital? Congrats!

  46. Benjamin Pettett

    Nice one…or three! Congrats!

  47. Ian Senior


  48. Matthew King

    I see you went the P3 and not the P3X…

  49. joubex

    Congratulations: you begin a soccer team 😉

  50. Carl

    Congrats! P1, P2, and P3. Next is Qualifying, then the Race (Little F1 joke…) Seriously, congrats to all!

  51. Mike 9

    Congratulations…daughters…I have two sons…always wanted a daughter! I really enjoy seeing your family grow, beautiful tots.

  52. Derek

    Congratulations Ray and “The Girl” and big sisters.

  53. matt blocher

    what’s her actual birthday Ray…we had a new addition arrive on Oct. 10…

  54. Artur

    Congrats Ray! Now you’re totally outnumbered!

  55. John

    Congrats to the entire family! Lucy is sooo cute (P3 too). The girl is just amazing, cycling around. That’s a double thumbs up. I can’t remember seeing the day light before a week post birth

  56. Vítor Rosa

    Congrats! And yes, you’re definitely outnumbered 😀 . Like a friend of mine once said, at least you have also a pet (dog in your case), so that you’re able to “boss” someone 😉

  57. Dov Baby 613

    Firstly Mazel Tov as we say.

    Secondly wouldn’t you be concerned, or I’m curious to hear your point of view about head vibrations and newborns brain development until their one-year-old putting them in some sort of car seat in a bike or trailer. When we had a newborn read many articles is that it can cause permanent brain damage all the vibrations at that small age.