The down-low:

So, here’s the deal – I only accept ads that aren’t for companies whose products I review.  Typically, that means that if you’re in the sports technology field – you’re out of luck.  It just doesn’t seem right to both review products and sell ad space about that same company.  That’s like electricity and water (and not of the hydroelectric sort).

So what kind of company’s ads will I accept?  Well, areas like nutrition, wetsuits, clothing, shoes, bikes, bike parts (non-gadgety in nature), sports clubs, etc… are all good.  Basically, as long as you’re not trying to sell sports gadgets or EPO to cyclists – I’m there with ya.

What about giveaways?

Today, I along with Clever Training sponsor all my own giveaways.  If you’re interested in doing something really big…you know, like a super-nice bike…then I might be up for it.  Keep in mind, most of my giveaways start at a value of $300-$400US.  The Giveaway Extravaganza went into the thousands.  Thus, a box of peanut butter flavored gel probably isn’t going to cut the mustard (as much as I love peanut butter gel).

How many people visit the site?

On average, about 3.0-3.5 million page views per month.  These in turn represent roughly 1.7-1.8 million unique visitors each month.  In addition, there are about 34,000 Twitter followers, and over 47,000 Facebook followers.  No, I don’t have a MySpace site. (Stats as of October 2015)

The traffic is divided almost exactly between half US-based, and the remainder international (heavy focus in Europe/Canada/Australia/New Zealand).

Can you target ads to just people in Wanaka, New Zealand?

Yes, I can do geotargeting.

P.S. – Wanaka is a really nice place to visit.

So where do the ads go?

Today, I offer a sidebar ad, and a banner ad along the bottom.  You can see these shown below.

What formats do you support?

You’ll supply the ads, and no crazy blinking text, Flash or distracting animations are not allowed either. Total graphic size less than 40k.

Sidebar – 300×600 Skyscraper
Footer – 728×90 Leaderboard

All other pages:
Sidebar – 300×600 Skyscraper
Sidebar – 300×250 block, as well as 300×300 and 300×600.
Footer – 728×90 Leaderboard

How can I contact you for more info?

Simply fill contact Matt.astrella@flosports.tv to get started!