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This is The Girl, writing to you for the DC Rainmaker weekly newsletter. Yes that’s correct “weekly”, I write this newsletter every week! Without fail. I’ve never missed a single week. Ever.

Now, if you believe that, you’ll believe anything! I apologize you haven’t heard from me. I’ve been vacationing for the last 6 months. And by vacationing, I mean… Had a baby. Moved the family twice to two different international countries. Flew to Australia and back with 2 kids under 2 years old. And have been trying to keep up with the daily ins and outs of Ray! Believe it or not, the last item there is the hardest one of them all! But, I am finally in a place where I feel like I’m back on track, and hope to get this old DCR publishing press up and running again for your weekly entertainment.

If you’re a new newsletter recruit, you can catch up with newsletter archives here, and the way I structure the newsletter is to give you the latest and greatest of the DCR round up, followed by the “below the fold” In-Depth thoughts of the girl!

What's happened lately on the blog? On with the show:

Ray has finally returned home from his Stateside travels. He was gone for a little over a week visiting both Kansas and California. For those of you not informed, Kansas is the home of Garmin. Ray was invited to speak again this year as the Keynote for the Developer Summit, and you can find his talk here on his YouTube Channel. Most notably, Ray told the developers in attendance that to be revelant to the consumers going forward to "just make cool shit".

Garmin Keynote

Do Cool Shit

After he departed from balmy Kansas, he landed himself on the west coast in California! Making this Ray’s 3rd trip to the bike show, Sea Otter. For a general overview of all the tech goodness he found there, check out his Sea Otter Round up post.

Sea Otter 2018

Or, if you’re really only in it for the bike power meter info, you’ll appreciate the post specifically made for you: Sea Otter 2018 Power Meter Round Up.  Finally, if you’re like me and more interested in knowing what Ray gets up to while he is away from the two Peanuts and wifey while on another continent, you can check out his 5 Random Things post.   

Big Sur

There are several “First Looks” recently posted to the blog. Garmin Edge 520 Plus, the new AreoPod Aerodynamic Sensor, the Quarq Tyre Wiz Pressure Sensor, IQ2 Power meter, and last but not least “first ride” using Everysight Raptor Cycling Heads Up Display.

There was also a giveaway! Sorry you missed it. I should have published the newsletter sooner! As well the most recent 5 Random Things post, highlighting how we take P1 for bike rides to keep her from damaging P2 with adorably over aggressive hugs… Bringing new meaning to “Killing someone with kindness”.   

As always, if you don’t have time or the energy to read all of those blog links, you can check out Ray’s YouTube channel. He posts lots of good stuff over there, and it might save you some brain power to listen to some gear info in the background rather than reading a 1,000,000 page long in-depth review. Go click around, lose track of time!

Now is the part of the newsletter where I send you to “below the fold” to read the In-Depth Thoughts from The Girl. 

image First Ride: Everysight Raptor Cycling Heads-Up Display
image 5 Random Things I Did This Weekend
image The April $500 DCR Gadget Giveaway Winner!
image Sea Otter 2018 Tech Roundup: Rylo Cam, K-Edge, Notio Konect, Velocomp AeroPod, Inflation Products and more
image Today’s Plan Adds Triathlon Support (Cycling/Running), and Connect IQ Apps

In-Depth Thoughts from The Girl

Since I’m pretty proud of myself for getting this far into the newsletter today, I’m going to stop right here and not over do it. My fingers might fall off from all of this typing. Also, we don’t want to have too much of a good thing, as Ray’s direct instructions were “don’t over think it, just write your newsletter!”. So there you have it, May 1st Newsletter done.

I will leave you with the open-ended question of, why do you all like the newsletter so much? I have no tech insight for you! Just small jokes I can make on Ray. So if there is something you want to know about, please send it to the newsletter email. You never know, it might just inspire me to write another newsletter before the end of the quarter.

Also, it stopped raining, so I must go out for a run now.

~The Girl.

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