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(Preemptive note from Ray: Sorry for the delayed newsletter.  The newsletter thingy broke late last week, and I only realized it after The Girl finished it up. But, all fixed now. My bad!)

Hey oh, listen what I say, oh!

See what I did there? Now you too have Red Hot Chili Peppers firmly stuck in your brain! This is The Girl, writing to you for the DC Rainmaker weekly newsletter. The “weekly newsletter” that should probably be more lovingly referred to as the “bi-weekly newsletter” or possibly even the “Whenever the heck The Girl gets around to it Newsletter”. What do you think? My intentions were so admirable after the last newsletter to get back on track, but as often life does, it got in the way of yet another newsletter! If you want to hear the details of the latest excuse, you’ll have to keep scrolling down to below the fold to the section “In Depth Thoughts from The Girl”.

So this week, I’m writing to you from another temporary DC Rainmaker headquarters. This time I have relocated to my hometown in Newfoundland. As you may have noticed Ray has been traveling to Mallorca, Chamonix, some alp in Italy, and then Helsinki all in the last 2 and half weeks. At that rate, I figured he might not notice if I packed up the babe and doggie and went to my parents for some good lovin’ and home cookin’! For the record he did notice, but he was happy for us to go get some grandparent loving while he carved up the alps with his brother and dad.

Since I’ve been in Canada Ray has had a pretty full calendar of blogging. We have seen a In-Depth review of the Wahoo Bolt, a look into what is the best action cam for your upcoming summer adventures, and the much anticipated Fenix5 in depth review. Although I’m not sure why that review was so anxiously awaited on, I already said I liked it weeks ago when Ray showed you a teaser photo, and you should always take my word for it! (If you’re new to this newsletter, don’t worry, you’ll pick up on my sarcasm quickly!)

Now if you don’t have all day to go read Ray’s 60+ page in depth reviews, then pop over to the DC Rainmaker YouTube channel and check out the shorter version of “The Bolt Everything”, and the “Fenix 5 Open Water swim analysis”. I imagine if you’re hmmm-ing and hawwww-ing over the Fenix you’re likely a triathlete? So the open water swim is sorta important. Otherwise, you might be like me, an old washed up triathlete who just likes that Garmin finally made something pretty?

Today there is a Facebook live Q&A happening! You’ve probably missed it by the time you read this, but you can always go back and watch the video here after.

If listening to Ray rather than reading is the preferred method then go here. Ray and Ben Hobbs have a “weekly podcast”, it’s about as weekly as this newsletter, so you can do the math there. Regardless, they geeked out a while ago and knocked out another Q&A, so go have a listen. 

If you haven’t read enough banter from me yet, remember to keep scrolling down to the best part of the newsletter, “In Depth Thoughts from The Girl”.

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Hey there, thanks for scrolling down to my neck of the woods here below the fold. If this is your first time reading the DCR Newsletter, then you are way behind, you can go HERE to catch up on past newsletters, and the latest scoop in the Maker fam.!

So, as you have already read, I have kidnapped the babe and the doggie and escaped the land of wine and cheese for an island of fierce winds and bone crushing cold. If somehow this is news to you that I’m a Newfoundlander, you need to start doing some soul searching and ask yourself how big of a “The Girl” fan you really are. You’ll need to stop reading now and go read these three posts Ray has written on my beloved land. 1) Ray’s first Newfoundland experience. 2) The Girl Teaches Ray to Fly Fish. 3) “Around the Bay”. Reading these posts always make me both homesick and extremely proud of the rock I grew up on.

Now what you all kept scrolling for. My latest excuse for the delayed newsletter. We arrived in Newfoundland and brought with us more than just our maximum legal limit of wine and cheese. The babe is now going to daycare over the last month or so and has collected her fair share of bugs and snottie noses. However, the week before we traveled the Halte Garderie (daycare) had an extra surplus of sick kids. By the time we crossed the Atlantic and arrived in the Land of the Free… the two of us were the sickest imaginable. I truly thought I had developed pneumonia, and NoseFredia Snot Sucker just couldn’t keep up with the what the little one was putting out. I know whay you’re allllll sitting there thinking “Yes, this has to happen. She’ll either be sick now or for her first few years of grade school, you choose”.

Well, my response to you is that I’d like to think of myself as a accomplished procrastinator, and not having to have experienced this stain of flu/cold for another few years would have been preferable. On the flip side, I will have to give my parents full Grandparent credit, in fact they should be given an Olympic Gold for performance in care taking. I certainly wasn’t winning any “mom of the year awards” last week, and I wouldn’t have survived without some extra help. My biggest disappointment was cancelling a long-awaited ice fishing trip with my dad. I was so looking forward to being out on the pond fishing, having a boil-up in the woods, beans and wieners of course with hot chocolate. Ray knew how sick we must have been for me to give up the chance to go fishing with Pop… And I am sorry I don’t have pictures I could have shared with you of what a “proper ice fishing” trip looks like. None of this sitting in an outhouse with heat and a radio the way those neighbors to the south do things (‘Merica, I’m looking at you).

So now with 2 days left of our trip, our coughs have started to subside, sinus drainage is a little less colorful, and someone has finally resumed a bit of a schedule! Just in time for me to challenge her again with another transatlantic flight and jetlag. Yay! Don’t worry Newfoundland, I’m going to schedule a re-do in the not so distant future!   

That’s all I have folks, As always, thanks for reading. I’ll be back in the real DCR Headquarters next week for the next instalment of the Newsletter.

~The Girl

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