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Hey everyone, and another happy Fri-YAY!

I am sitting here at my own kitchen table this afternoon watching the rain POUR down. What the heck Amsterdam??? Last summer was a beauty! And this year… yeah, not so much. Seems like not much but cool, rainy days ahead. Meaning, I think it’s time I do some serious investigating on a stylish Dutch raincoat. My current raincoat is a solid 9 years old now? And a little crackled on the inside, allowing for the water to slowly seep into my clothes during my walks and rides around town. I’ve been perpetually “damp” the last 2 weeks. Anyone with a fav brand, I’m open for suggestions!

So, let’s be honest no one came by to hear about my current wardrobe snafus. Let’s take a poke at what Ray has been up to!

First off, I would be amiss to not mention first and foremost that Ray has opened the “Strawberry Short Cake Day- Gadget Give Away”. No really, it seems today is the international day of celebrating all things delicious in cake and strawberries. Regardless of if that’s your thing or not, I’m sure $500 in free gadgets from Clever Training is! So go take a poke and come on back!

Then, we have an equally exciting post, though maybe not so much so all readers compared to the Amsterdam and surrounding area readers. Next month we will be hosting our first summer DCR Open House, Ride & BBQ. If that seems interesting to you, be sure to sign up ASAP. Again, like the December event, we are blown away by the response and confirmations to attend, registration is filling up fast!

Next up, Ray eluded to the fact that he competed in a local triathlon a few weekends ago. He also might have mentioned that his pre-race prep involved eating cupcakes and a one-off swim workout. Not quite how we used to roll back in the Wash, D.C. days. So if either of those are of interest to you, you can read more about his cupcake eating here in his 5 Random Things, and the full triathlon race report here.

Then, once Ray was recovered from his swift triathlon efforts, he knocked out a quick outline post of Apple’s next version WatchOS “What You Need to Know”.

Since the blog has seemed so tech heavy over the last few months, with In-Depth reviews out the gazoo, we decided it was time to take a wee break. A “parents get-away” of sorts to our beloved other favorite city, Paris. If you are hungry I would suggest skipping this part. If you love food porn, then keep reading! Here is Ray’s wrap up of what we were up to in Paris, otherwise known as what we ate in Paris. I believe Ray did some physical exercise while there also, but that’s less exciting. And here is a second post on Paris, which was the real reason behind our trip. Our 6th celebration of the Diner en Blanc - Paris. Our absolute favorite night of the year.

Then Ray decided to really stir up the hornets nest, or poke the bear, or light a burning bag of $h!t on fire on someone’s door step… however you want to describe it, he did it. See, I try to practice the guidelines that my mom taught me, “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all”. But I guess, after years of products after products of BS software bugs, it all let loose. And thus, you have the 500+ (and growing) comment thread post “Garmin’s Biggest Competitor Is Their Own Software Instability”. The post itself isn’t actually that long but is really interesting. Followed by the discussion below in the comments- equally interesting.  

Last but certainly not least, we (finally) have the latest from Stages with their new Dash L10/M50/L50 Bike computers (the ones announced last Eurobike). Woot. Here’s his thoughts after Ray’s first ride in the books. As well, it's notable that Jim from Stages has been super active in responding to questions directly from the company… which I think is pretty cool.

I am well aware most of you just scanned or “yada yada-ed” that section, so, the love for the fabulous world of Audio-Visual is more your style, then this next section is for you!

The FIT File with DC Rainmaker and GPLama:

The FIT File chats between Ray and Shane have become ever increasingly popular! So, be sure to check out what those two are getting on with on your next drive, train, lunch break, wherever it is you listen from. You can find the latest episodes of the podcast on a variety of platforms, iTunes, Google Play, or Spotify. As always, don’t forget to hit those subscribe buttons for updates!


As always, Ray is cranking out some entertainment on the “You Tubes” (as we call it in the Maker house). However, as a general PSA, if you subscribe to the DC Rainmaker YouTube channel you would not have to wait for the continuously late newsletter each week to see the list of all of the new videos waiting for you!

·         DCR Cave- Open House July 13th

image The Because It’s Friday $500 Sports Gadget Giveaway!
image Stages Starts Shipping New Dash M50/L50/L10 GPS Bike Computers: First Ride Details
image The DCR Cave Summer Open House & BBQ: July 13th, 2019
image Garmin’s Biggest Competitor Is Their Own Software Instability
image 5 Random Things I Did This Past Week in Paris

In-Depth Thoughts from The Girl

Hey there! Thanks for getting through that pile of text and making it down here to my neck of the woods.

There is so much going on around here these days I don’t even know where to start. Life is constantly on the fast train in the Maker house, and I’m currently juggling so many to-dos that I feel like I need to channel the Goddess Durga to get a few extra sets of hands around here!

Mostly of note, getting everything organized for our Paris trip last week was hectic. Babysitter, daycare forms, precooked dinners, and all the other things involved with leaving your kids behind for a few days. You can probably imagine there’s a lot to account for there. Not rocket science, but a long list. Regardless, popping away for a few days to re-visit our old stomping grounds was MORE than worth it.

Now we have the big announcement of the DCR Cave Open house, and they has a growing list of things to do. A lot of these are self-imposed things. Sure, we could probably just roll up the giant garage door tomorrow afternoon and people would still enjoy themselves, but we are trying to get some special finishes going for this event. Plus, I’ve already started the food budgets, beer recon, and revisiting my notes from December on what could have been improved on.

Except this time we are shaking it up a little bit with a daytime event encompassing a group ride and possibly rolling out the BBQ. So my brain is at full throttle trying to process and research budgets and liability insurances… Hopefully as well, I’ll actually be able to pull off some 200+ cupcakes for the group. In December I would have lost the baking competition as I showed up with 300+ mini cupcakes who’s frosting had yet to be dispensed. I came to realize if you get enough beers into a mostly male dominated crowd, they are happy to accept “naked cupcakes”. I might have also pawned them off as “low cal” cupcakes. Haha… oops.

Anyways, somehow the day has gotten away from me. I need to get going to the grocery store to secure supplies for this evening’s pizza night. Every Friday night at our house is Pizza Night. The kiddos love getting messy making their own pizzas and singing along with Spotify’s Pizza Making Playlist.

Until next week. Ciao!

~The Girl

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