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Hey everyone, happy Thursday…. Errr Monday!

See what happened was. Last week I had the newsletter ready to roll at Thursday noon, but sommmmeone asked me to hold off on pressing “Go” until he had his latest post done. That way they could both go out at the same time… Well it was evening time Friday night before said post hit the newsstands and I told the boss I had already clocked out for the weekend. So…. there you have it, an inside look at what happens at a husband and wife biz! Please read this newsletter as if it were Thursday past! ha

Thanks to everyone who sent emails the other week to “welcome” me back! Last month really was a hectic one, and I too was sad to miss out on the weekly newsletter jam during July. So here’s to seeing you in your inbox every Thursday morning going forward!

Enough reminiscing then, lets get to it! What has Ray been up to since the first of this month?

Well first up was the MARQ Athlete In-Depth Review. For me personally, it’s not the price tag of the MARQ Athlete that puts me off (though… that’s also horrifying), it’s the look. I honestly think that that watch must be one of the most outdated looking devices Ray has schlepped around with on his arm (since February mind you) in the decade plus that we have been together. I know I am FAR from the most stylish person out there, but come on Garmin, yikes! I’ll be sure to keep on thoroughly loving my Fenix 5S champagne bezel. I am so beyond happy that this In-Depth Review has hit the interwebs and I can finally tell Ray to take that thing off!!! *** Sorry, end style rant ***

Next we have the weekly round up of all the internet deep dives Ray has done in his free time. I mean, next we have the Week in Review.

Followed by, but not second to, the 5 Random Things post. We had a really fun one this past weekend. While we loved our travels back across the Atlantic last month, it was really nice to be back home and exploring our city via bikes again! I think the quote of the post was that our eldest Peanut now believes that the general meaning behind a rainbow is simply “love”. If you are scratching your head over that last one, you should go have a read.

And finally, a much needed “revisit” post of How to Install Free Maps on your Garmin Wearable. I always think it is so cool how many people will chime in on the comments with more free apps/ options on how to do these things! Ray is usually pretty in tune with all the happenings, but it’s nice to have the neighborhood watch adding to the info too! Thanks for all of the extra tips!

Ooops… and finally, finally, the post that held up the newsletter from publishing is the Polar Ignite GPS watch. A much more stylish looking piece of wrist deco than the previously mentioned watch. I don’t know a ton about this one as I haven’t read the review yet, but in dinner time convos, I get the impression that it’s a pretty good option for those that may not have a super-specific training plan already. For the rest of the scoop, go see for yourself the Polar Ignite: In-Depth Review.

Annnnnd that’s it on the posts for this week. Wow, it’s just so much easier to do a round up of one week than *cough* four week’s worth of content.  

The FIT File with DC Rainmaker and GPLAMA:

The FIT File podcast with Ray and Shane continues to grow and grow in listeners, which I think is pretty cool! These guys have been putting a lot of time into recordings, etc. and I think it’s turning out pretty great. You can listen for yourself and find the latest episodes of the podcast on a variety of platforms, iTunes, Google Play, or Spotify. As always, don’t forget to hit those subscribe buttons for updates… and to make Ray and Shane feel warm and fuzzy inside.


Since moving here to the Netherlands, I have been surprised at how many people will come up to Ray and say something along the lines of “Hey, you’re the guy from YouTube”! Which to me is funny, because I don’t think of the DCR ecosystem as being super YouTube driven (maybe we should fix that?). I’ve always assumed, people came to the website for the info on the latest tech gear, and then sometimes the reviews happen to have YouTube videos as a bonus.

So, let me know, what came first for you, the chicken or the egg? Did you find the website first or the YouTube Channel???... Sadly, there are no new videos this week. Doh!

image Week in Review–August 11th, 2019
image Polar Ignite GPS In-Depth Review
image How to: Installing Free Maps on your Garmin Fenix 5 Plus, Forerunner 945, or MARQ Series watch
image 5 Random Things I Did This Weekend
image Week in Review–August 4th, 2019

In-Depth Thoughts from The Girl

Alright alright, the section you’ve all been waiting for!

So last week I dropped a teaser on you all, with the comment regarding my “Gear I Used Post” and an explanation/announcement to come this week. The word “Used” was just my sarcasm coming through as a way to describe my training and racing over the last few years. I guess that’s just it when you throw living abroad on top of two self-owned business, 3 international moves in 2 years (I’m counting our 3 months in Australia and 2 months in South Africa, plus the permanent move to Netherlands). Oh yeah, and casually adding 2 pregnancies/ kiddos and a dog to the mix. I’m not disappointed about this "shift" or step down in training and competition, it was necessary, but it has also been noted and marked for remedying!

That being said, what is the big news, and how/when will I get back to racing again??? Well, if you don’t follow me on Instagram, or you haven’t read the latest 5 Random Things Post yet then you missed the memo. Ray and I are super excited to finally tell you, we are expecting our third DCR mini product tester this fall. Or officially as we call her P3.

It has been a “interesting” seven plus months so far. By and far the most difficult pregnancy that I have had. We have been riddled with medical stuff this go around, a few “oh @#$%” moments, and tears, but finally I’m feeling well enough now to talk about it, and disclose that all is well, and the Maker fam is growing again!

I am very very much looking forward to the infant stage again. Being nap trapped under a hot little ball of baby snuggles is worth every bit of what the last few months entailed! And after that, I have to say, I am very very much looking forward to updating that Gear I Use post for 2020. Said another way, as much as I’m looking forward to meeting our sweet little peanut, I’m also looking forward to getting back at it, pounding the pavement, pushing the weights, obsessively knowing my mile time splits again.

  (Spoiler Alert: Pregnancy Track Workouts were NOT my friend this go around)

Not to be forgotten, I have a lot of outlines drawn up for the prenatal, postnatal exercising posts I mentioned earlier the spring. As well, I’ve been interviewing a lot of professionals in the field of physical/physio therapy, pelvic floor PT, and even chiropractors who specialize in maternity and postnatal treatments. I’m going to take this part of my own post-natal care very seriously this time around, getting healthy from the core muscles out, and then when ready back to the pavement!

Once I’m feeling whole again, look out 2020, I’m hoping to take on some lofty goals both on the road and possibly the track! As well, I get the feeling that Ray will be happy to get his partner in crime back. Donning our running shoes together is, after all, how this whole thing got started!


          (A little throw back photo for you! IM70.3 Boise!!! We were babies!)

Anyways, that’s it for this week (errrr last week?). I hope to see you here in your inbox again on Thursday morning! As always, thanks for reading.

~The Girl

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