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Hope everyone is enjoying their last week or weeks of summer holidays. Finally, the Netherlands has decided that some sunshine is worth rendering for this 2019 summer season. The weather has not been horrible this summer, but not exactly “summer” weather in my books.  I am now, very clearly understanding why last year everyone was completely shocked and excited by just how fabulous the summer temperatures were. To put into perspective, Ray had the old portable AC from the Cupcakery installed in our bedroom last year for about a month, annnnnd we usually picked one afternoon a week to grab the kiddos early from daycare to pop off to the local splash pool. This year. Neither has happened once. Oh well, next year we will just know to make some plans to a hot and sunny sea side for a few weeks!

Now that my summer daze is over, lets move on to why you’re actually spending the time to read this delightful piece of literature. The Ray round up!

First up, we had the back to back posts that keep everyone happy! Ray’s Week in Review, and the 5 Random Things. Keeping in mind, these are posts from August 11-12th. This past weekend was epically fun and full of adventures, but Ray hopped on a crazy early AM flight to France earlier this week, so I am not confident we will have a set of these posts for this week. Maybe I’ll give you a little insight to our past weekend below as a consolation?!

Then more on the techie side, Ray made a “How To” post, for installing maps on your Garmin Edge devices. This is very very similar to the recent “How To” post that he posted for the Fenix, Forerunner, and MARQ series mapping.

After that, we had probably the most confusing title post we’ve seen from Ray. “No, Zwift Racing Wasn’t Hacked. Yet. Sorta. Let me Explain.” Honestly, Ray, what kind of title is that?? I am more than sure this post was a product of conversations between Ray and Zwift expert Shane (GPLAMA), where by the both of them were geeking out over tech securities, application of tech-geekery, and just how the future of e-racing sports can be/could be affected.

New to the blog, we have Ray reviewing indoor training bike rollers! That’s right, here’s the In-Depth Review of InsideRide E-Motion Smart Power Rollers with Floating Fork. I think all in all, Ray was kinda impressed with this new idea and product. In the past, both Ray and I have shared the same feelings regarding rollers… “NOPE”. I’ve already donated a set of front teeth and a knee cap to the sporting world (soccer), so I’d like to keep a clean record here with cycling. But I can see Ray’s wheels turning thinking about this product. He even asked if I’d like to test out this new roller concept, and he got a stern “I already have one hospital bag in my future to pack, I don’t need a second reason to go to the hospital this year”. So, bravo to InsideRide, it seems you’ve piqued some interest in at least 50% of the Maker fam.  

Last, but certainly not least. Garmin has just become the most widely supported music streaming wearable service on the market today. WOW. When Ray told me that I sort of cocked my head and replied “like, for sporting devices?”. Nope. Period. Garmin music enabled watches has just launched with Amazon Music. Bananas. I won’t spoil all of the fun, go read the post for yourself. I found it much more interesting and understandable than that Zwift post! Haha Enjoy!

Annnnnd that’s it on the posts for this week (and a half). Let’s move onto the other platforms you can find Ray spreading technology cheer.  

The FIT File with DC Rainmaker and GPLAMA:

                           (Baby Lama: Photo Credit GPLAMA Instagram)

The FIT File podcast with Ray and Shane continues thrive and grow in listeners, which I think is pretty cool! And speaking about growing… if you didn’t know, the Lama family has grown by 1 over this past week! Hopefully Ray and Shane can knock out a recording later today or tomorrow and the new dada can give you all a glimpse of Baby Lama’s lung capacity! You can listen for yourself and find the latest episodes of the podcast on a variety of platforms, iTunes, Google Play, or Spotify. As always, don’t forget to hit those subscribe buttons for updates… and to make Ray and Shane feel warm and fuzzy inside.


Last week I asked you folks what came first the chicken or the egg? Errrr I mean, did you find Ray first on the blog or on YouTube. My mind was officially blown by the 50:50 ratio of both worlds! Colour me surprised.

·         Quick Movement Explainer: InsideRide E-Motion Smart Power Rollers with Floating Fork

·         Amazon Music now on Garmin Watches: Hands On Details!

image Amazon Music Launches on Garmin Watches: Everything you need to know
image InsideRide E-Motion SmartPower Rollers with Floating Fork: In-Depth Review
image No, Zwift Racing Wasn’t Hacked. Yet. Sorta. Let Me Explain.
image How to: Install Free Maps on your Garmin Edge
image 5 Random Things I Did This Weekend

In-Depth Thoughts from The Girl

Alright alright, the section you’ve all been waiting for!

First up, last time I visited your inbox I commented on Ray’s MARQ Athlete In-Depth Review. Now, if you want strictly tech info on this watch, then you should click on the link and ignore the rest of what I have to say. I am, after all, just “The Girl”. However, it seems that I left a sour taste in at least one readers mouth. So I’m going to clarify. I said “For me personally, it’s not the price tag of the MARQ Athlete that puts me off (though… that’s also horrifying), it’s the look”.

And the reason I said that, as I have said numerous times in previous newsletters, is simply that  I think it’s a very outdated looking watch. I can’t shake the idea of spending that much on a watch that isn’t something you will keep as a time piece and the style of that particular watch is not a keep sake. Also, for the amount of cash-o-la you will spend on the MARQ as a “tech” item, that realistically will get a new model in a year or two, I think it’s silly, and you can get something very similar in specs in (if you want to stick with the Garmin fam) the Fenix series or the latest Forerunner releases.

That’s all I was saying. I wasn’t looking to insult anyone’s mom or personal style choice. I’m just trying to give my two cents to maybe help you save some of your own cents and possible feelings of buyers remorse? Again, as I said last week, until some very amazing DCR supporter surprises me with a beautiful Cartier or Breitling women’s watch, I’ll be sure to keep on sporting my Fenix 5S champagne bezel with suede strap (or white "workout" strap) which could save you a whooping $1K over the MARQ. I hope we have a truce now? Truly no hard feelings.

Okay, what else is happening? Welllllll, not a lot actually. Ray is currently down in France enjoying the rolling hills of Chamonix, at a mere 8,00ft, testing out who knows what. While I am currently on “get off your feet” orders from the midwife. Ray wasn’t too confident leaving me home alone, but I shooed him out the door. Actually, sometimes it’s more relaxing with him gone (sorry!) as his pace of life and work habits sort of suck you in with him. I would say the last 6 weeks or so have been insanely “go go go”. So today, I have literally sat at home with my feet up on the terrace casually typing this newsletter while flickering back and forth on internet tabs including: Amazon baby shopping, news outlets, and some minor stalking of my new favorite quilter on Instagram.

Yes, I said quilter. Yes, I am akin to a 70 year old Gran who loves to sew and quilt. It involves fabric, scissors, measuring tape, and rarely anything more technological than pressing my foot on a sewing machine pedal. You might be slowly scratching your head on how Ray and I ever got together! ahaha  

I might have also baked a cake this morning as well. I figure if he discovers my level of “meandering” from the last few days I can at least say, “oh, but I baked you a cake!”. Most things are solved in this household with a baked delight! But we will have to keep that a secret from you know who for now. Don’t worry, he doesn’t ever read this section of the newsletter anyways! Picture to come next week.

I better clue up now, almost time to go collect the kiddos. As always, thanks for reading.

~The Girl

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