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Happy Tuesday!

Well well well. We have arrived in Cape Town, and have a solid week under our belts already. What have we been up to? Well, what haven’t we been up to?? Let’s get started with the techie goodness recap and the rest will entertain you below the fold!

First up, in case you are thinking “WHAT? When/ why did they go to Africa??” Then you obviously missed the last newsletter as well as Ray’s Hello Cape Town post. So if that’s the case, head on back to either of those quick reads and get up to speed! Thanks again to everyone who have been saying hi, passing on recommendations and invitations for rides, runs, swims, and even date-night/ family experiences. Oh… and not to forget the chiropractor recommendation (thanks Anthony), but more on Ray’s latest woes later!

So, onwards! Shortly after my last newsletter, Suunto announced their decommission plans for the Movescount user platform. I think I only have one word that can describe how that situation is going over and the response from affected Suunto users: “Wowzers” (see the comments section of that post).

Following up the “Wowzers” post, can I add a second situation that made me go “Woof”? Hahaha, sorry, Ray hates when I say that! But it’s from one of my favorite Christmas movies “Home Alone”. ANYWAYS, Wahoo has had their share of issues with the KICKR 2018 and the KICKR CORE units and Ray wanted to help users get to the bottom of things. As you might be aware, the internet can quickly turn into a bash-fest when multiple customers are finding issues with a given product; user forums can be a scary place.

So Ray went to the source and got the CEO of Wahoo on the horn to see what was up. From the video chat/interview Ray has with the guys from Wahoo, I have to give them credit, they seem to be 100% owning the problem and not making excuses. They seem apologetic, eager to explain the situation, and obviously want happy users. They have taken quite a hit with these super random but very real and frustrating issues but, have continued with (what we have heard) to be very helpful customer service and responses to the issues. So, if you’ve been affected by a Wahoo “bug” (or three) and you want to see for yourself. Check out the recent post with Ray and Chip Hawkins, Wahoo’s CEO, video chat.

Next up was the much anticipated DCR Cave Tour. I was sad to miss the taping, it was planned for Friday before we left, but instead of running the camera I was left at the house standing guard for a never delivered FedEx package. “Will arrive before noon” turned into Ray having to race out the FedEx delivery depot and inflict his very serious voice to get the man to go to the back in search for the lost box. Story of our lives. #WaitsForFedEx Anyways, the Cave Tour video was pretty quick, and I imagine we will do a nicer one later in the summer once we actually get the place looking spiffy!

As promised, Ray will continue to post onslaughts of tech related posts while we are here in Cape Town (three reviews in a row this week coming up Weds/Thurs/Fri). Last week, he got to the bottom of the new CycleOps Hammer 2 Trainer In-Depth Review. My apologizes to those eagerly awaiting my tech opinion on this one. I did not read the post. I had two jetlagged kiddos running around and a crippled husband in need of a chiro! My bad!

Finally, we have seen Zwift listen to its users. They have added the option of “world choice”. I personally knew that not being able to choose the Zwift world  drove me bananas, but I didn’t realize how many others hated it too. If for no other reason to go read this post, you should go read the comment section. Pop popcorn first, and crack a beverage. It’s Rotten Tomatoes rated comedy over there folks!

Last but certainly not least, we have the two blog staples. The “Week in Review” and the “5 Random Things I Did” posts. I know, you know by now what these posts are all about! So go forth!

And that’s a wrap! Tech talk over and out. Next up we have the fabulous world of Audio-Visual.


Here’s the quick and dirty round up of all the videos posted since the last time we spoke:

·         Ray and Chip Hawkins, Wahoo CEO, chat KICKR issues

·         DC Rainmaker Cave Tour

·         CycleOps H2 vs Kickr 2018 Noise Comparison Test

That’s the round up from this past week. Thanks to all of the DCR YouTube Subscribers!

image 5 Random Things I Did This Weekend
image Week in Review–January 27th, 2019
image Zwift Finally Rolls Out World Choice…Sorta.
image CycleOps H2 (Hammer 2) Trainer In-Depth Review
image DC Rainmaker Cave Video Tour – January 2019

In-Depth Thoughts from The Girl

Hey there!

So, today I want to paint a picture for you. Ray. Ray is the guy who is always limber, and healthy. Runs 13 miles on a whim, finishes workout and gets in car and drives home. No stretching. No core exercises. Likely doesn’t even drink a recovery drink. Seriously, if the guy ever even asks where the Advil is, I look at him like “Oh my gawd, what’s wrong? Do we need to go to the hospital????”

Versus me. I’ve done everything possible since around 4th grade when I took my first out of province trip to compete at an Atlantic Canadian squash trip, to stay healthy. I’ve been in and out of so many physiotherapist offices, I do ALLLLL the little stabilizer muscle exercises, and core stretches. You get the point. And yet, my sciatic nerve, SI Joint, and the rest of the lower back family have taunted me for 20 some years. Me having a back spasm to Ray is a “meh” moment. In fact, me being stuck in a major traffic jam during end stage labor contractions was a questionable “meh” moment for Ray. “How bad can the pain be?”…

So, back to situation here last week. Ray is walking across the living room, just about the bend down to pick up our smallest human, annnnnd wham gets stuck.

Literally. Forward bend, caveman style hunch. All pain. No words. Just grunts.

Once it was confirmed the man wasn’t having a heart attack, and he was positioned on the couch with hot pack wrapped on his back, muscle relaxing meds ingested, I chuckled just a little bit. Quietly of course. 

Ray: “What do I do?”

Me: “You lay there, and try to let the muscle relax”

Ray: “Okay. When will it end?”

Me: “Ray, you need to understand this could be several days”

Ray: “Oh, okay, let me see if I can stand up”

Me: “hahahahahahahaha yeah right”

Ray: ---- does nothing...for three hours ----

Me: “Can’t move can you?”

Ray: “Nope”

Me: “Ray, this is okay. It happens. It will take a few days for that muscle and nerve to release, there’s nothing you can do but take it easy. And maybe try to appreciate your health a little bit!”

So. Being the loving wife that I am. I took the best-est care of the crippled man as I could while trying to curb my sarcasm. Only a few times did I remind him of all the situations whereby I have been mid back spasm (or contractions) while he looked on with a raise eyebrow. I think he gets it now.

Ray lucked into a great recommendation to a Chiropractor nearby, he’s an Ironman himself. And a few adjustments later with reduced lugging tiny humans around, he seems to be on the mend.

I’m hoping after all that, he might be vulnerable to me now talking him into letting build out a weight training box at the DCR Cave. There is some serious value to strength training as we get older! I’d say it’s about time that we both get back to the grind. I told him, you can’t continue to expect so much from your body without giving back to it!

Well. That’s it. That’s the inside scoop from the Maker household. Sorry, I didn’t take any photos! Next time I’ll try to snap a Caveman- Ray photo! Haha Poor guy.

As always, thanks for reading! 

~The Girl

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