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Hey there! Remember me?

This is The Girl, writing to you for the DC Rainmaker weekly newsletter. That’s right I’m back! Did you miss me? Most of you probably didn’t, but one loyal reader (yes just one) sent an email out of concern. He was wondering what was up, if maybe he had done something to break his newsletter subscription, or if it was somehow getting redirected into spam? Nope… sorry about that. I was, as Ray would say, “slacking”. So I promptly responded to the reader, then proceeded to delay another 5 days, and now I’m finally sitting down for a newsletter catch up! Thanks Charlie, this one’s for you!

If this is your first time reading the DCR Newsletter, then you are way behind- go HERE to catch up on past newsletters, and the latest scoop in the Maker fam.!

On with the show!

Since it’s been quite a while since the last newsletter I am not going to attempt to entice you to read every single blog post Ray has published over the last 3 (cough) 4 weeks. I will however, give you the highlights. For me, the best posts are always the 5 Random Things posts! Self-employment more often than not leaves the both of us working on the weekends. So half of the time I must read those posts to find out what Ray’s been up to! I also love reading the comments from you guys; your perspectives on our weekend shenanigans are usually hilarious, not to mention interesting to hear your take on things. So here is the post containing the famous Chocolate Tarte, and this one is of Ray’s open water swim in (in my opinion) subarctic temperatures.

There is currently a power meter giveaway happening on the blog. Click here for entry into that! Entry is only open until the end of tonight ! Actually, go do that NOW and come back after!

Since our return from Australia (sniff sniff… take me back), Ray has traveled twice to industry events. One to ISPO and again to MWC. As well, for all of you tech junkies out there, there has been two power meter in depth reviews, 4iiii and WatTeam, as well as an Apple Watch review.

For the people who prefer a visual on what Ray’s been up to, there has been 9 videos uploaded since Australia! A bunch of them are Fenix 5 related, including some footage of the latest ladies’ friendly version! Head over to the DC Rainmaker YouTube Channel for all of your streaming needs!

Last but not least, Ray and Ben finally got their lives organized enough to get together for a podcast or two. So if that’s your shtick, go here to have a listen!  

If you haven’t read enough banter from me yet, remember to keep scrolling down to the best part of the newsletter, “In Depth Thoughts from The Girl”.

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In Depth Thoughts from The Girl

Hey hey, thanks for joining me down here. I take it that means you have forgiven me for my absence over the last few weeks. I really don’t know where the time has gone, and I have very serious doubts that we are in the second week of March already?

Newsletter headquarters this week have been relocated again! I mean, it’s still here in Paris, but unfortunately not on the couch. Currently I am working out of the “Laverie”, otherwise known as the Laundry Mat.

 Laundry Day HQ

You see here in Paris we have approximately a 3-kilogram capacity washer/dryer combo. Yes, that’s right, 3 kilos for washing and drying per load. This realistically adds up to about 2 bath towels and 3-4 hand towels. Adding insult to injury this somehow takes about 3 hours and 45 minutes to fully wash and steam dry. For 5 years, laundry in Paris is the bane of my existence. So after our trip to Barcelona I'd had enough. I came home to two full laundry baskets as well as the dirty laundry from our trip, and realized that amount of laundry would take 3-4 days. So I packed everything up into two enormous IKEA bags, including my computer and rations, and went to the laundromat. Two hours and €26,50 later I have to admit I am feeling extremely liberated, and a little confused why I haven’t done this before! I feel like I just won a competition of some sort. Maybe the awards are getting 20+ hours of my life back? On that note, the last buzzer just went off, leaving me with a ton of folding to do, and a cranky French lady staring at me, likely wanting my seat! If you would picture a starving, rabid hyena staring down its prey… that’s my current situation so I best get moving!

Laundry Day

Hope you had a great weekend! I promise to Newsletter your inbox again soon!

~The Girl

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