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Hey Hey Newsletter friends!

We are back again with another fun-filled sports-tech newsletter! Now, I hope none of you were closet Nay-Sayers last week, because I was super happy to receive so many “yay the newsletter is back!” messages. Honestly, it makes me super happy to read responses from you all. Maybe that’s because the only other adult I hear from around here is… well… Ray.

Anyways, as I promised, I am back and ready to fill your cup with the latest and greatest from the DC Rainmaker world.

If you’re new to this newsletter feed, welcome! If you have some extra reading time, you can always check out the Newsletter Archives and catch up on what stories have been told in the past! As well, the link to the last newsletter has a free nearly hour-long episode of the Quarantine Corner on there, so if nothing else check that out.

If you don’t know what a Quarantine Corner episode is??? Well… it’s a lighthearted video series whereby Ray and I shoot the BS on the latest sports tech, behind the scenes at the office, and a little look into what Maker family shenanigans are happening now. I even made a neat little QC Trailer to entice you to sign up! If you were interested in becoming a DCR Supporter and lost the last newsletter, you can sign-up anytime!

So, what’s to come with today’s newsletter? As always, I’ll give you the latest update on what’s been happening on the website and YouTube, then, below the fold are the In-Depth Thoughts from The Girl section.

The Website

So, tech-wise let’s do this.

The most recent post from Ray is the latest Tacx NEO Bike Plus In-Depth Review. In general, the bike is...shrug..sorta? It’s really just a minor upgrade from the last Tacx Neo Bike, but with far better handlebars/shifters. Unfortunately, the bike also comes with some power stability issues. I will say as an avid Peloton user, I am jealous of those built-in fans on the bike.

Next up is an in-depth explainer of Apple’s new Satellite Emergency SOS Feature. I have to say that it is very encouraging to see companies continue to push the bounds of these emergency features- even in cases without cellular coverage. Personally, I’m still waiting for Garmin to make it possible for my Fenix 7s to send out a tracking signal to Ray if he ever needs to come find my body after Bigfoot kidnaps me off a trail. I mean, you already dropped $850 on a watch, I’d be fine to pay a small fee each year for the satellite service and peace of mind. Okay, a soapbox for another day.  

Then, finally, I must have bugged Ray enough for him to sit down and finish the Long LONG term In-depth review of the Peloton Bike. Not to be confused with the Peloton Bike+ Review which he did that one last year! I will be honest that I did not read the review, mostly because I’ve been using the bike for 3 years now and I didn’t feel the need to, but I did read the comments. And I’m in agreement with most. We have both the Peloton Bike and Peloton Bike+ and no, there isn’t REALLY a great reason to upgrade to the Plus (IMO). We have the Plus at the office and at no point have I swiveled the screen, and I don’t really like the automatic resistance feature. Personally, following along with the class and changing the resistance is partly what keeps me engaged. So again, IMO, save yourself the $800 and just buy the regular Peloton Bike on Amazon.

Following that, have what Ray called a Zwift Potpourri post. Though to be honest when I think of something Zwift-related, it's usually the opposite of anything related to the “gentle floral fragrance” of potpourri. At least, it doesn't smell like that when anyone around here Zwift's, but who am I to comment? Anyways, in a broader sense of the term, it’s a mash-up of quick bits of Zwift news.

Last but not least is the Polar Ignite 3 In-Depth Review. However, maybe I have spoken too soon there with the “but not least” part, as it's a product that obviously valued form over function. This new watch from Polar has, and I quote from Ray, “clearly the worst GPS device from an accuracy standpoint that I’ve tested in years from Polar (if not ever)”. Woof. I’m gonna just leave that there.

That’s it for this week on the site, keep scrolling down for the latest from YouTubes, and then the In-Depth Thoughts from The Girl.


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·       iPhone Satellite SOS Tested & Review: How it Actually Works

·       Polar Ignite 3 In-Depth Review: Multiband & AMOLED

·       Garmin Instinct Crossover In-Depth Review: More than just Hands

·       DJI Mavic 3 Classic Active Track Ultimate Test Ride – Unedited!

image Tacx NEO Bike Plus In-Depth Review
image Apple’s Satellite Emergency SOS Feature: A Review & Deep-Dive Explainer
image Peloton Bike In-Depth Long Term Review: Three Years Later
image Zwift Adds New Roads, Brings Back Other Features, Apple TV 4K 2022 Update Timelines
image Polar Ignite 3 In-Depth Review: AMOLED Display & Multiband GPS!

In-Depth Thoughts from The Girl

Well hey there. Thanks for making it down here to below the fold! If you’re new to the newsletter, this is the very non-tech section of behind-the-scenes. You never really know what you’re gonna get down here… could be stories of the latest childhood stomach bug that swept through the house, or the “real” story behind why Ray was free-diving in a canal. Think of it as a fancy chocolate box with a new surprise on the inside each time!

You’re probably wondering what happened last week, as that WAS when the newsletter was promised. Well, let me tell you a funny story.

It rained last week. HARD. And then amidst the rain, Ray and I were suddenly the proud (and surprised) new owners of a water feature in our bathroom that we didn’t ask for.

Shortly thereafter, Ray had to head out of town for a couple of work trips. So somehow my time was quickly tied up between regular work “items”, running the kiddos around to their various afterschool activities, blah blah blah, and then learning for the first time how to navigate the Dutch homeowner’s insurance claims process (I know, welcome to being an adult).

Do you want to know what the real puzzle of it all was… we live in a three-story narrow Dutch townhouse. And this new “water feature” that I speak of, in case you didn’t get my creative joke, was code for “water pouring in through the ceiling at a rate we could almost fill up water bottles”. Except, it was our second-story bathroom’s ceiling that water poured out of every time the rain picked up, yet the roof of the house is above the third floor. Which meant this was actually a multi-story water feature.

Anyways, it was a fun ride. I grew as a person. Stretched my ability to Google and Google translate as necessary. And now, you guys hopefully get to have a good chuckle about it all too. In the end, the insurance agreed with the repairs, so I’m having a little chuckle here as well - along with a glass of wine.

As always, thanks so much for following along with me and our family adventures. Until next time, may your bathroom ceilings remain dry!

(The Girl)

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