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Hey, Happy Friday!

I cannot believe we only have one week left of November?? Bananas! And on that note, you only have until this Sunday to catch the final deals for the Clever Training VIP Sale! As well to make your weekend even a little better, not only do you have a coupon for the free VIP sign up, BUT they are allowing up to 5 products now at the 20% off rather than just one. Woot woot! Now you don’t have to decide between you and your better half for who gets that fancy new bike tainer!

Also, I’m going to go ahead here and give my sleep deprived self a pat on the back here. Did you see that fancy new DCR sales table?? Yeah, I suggested to Ray that photos would be an obvious awesome idea to help readers instantly know what they are looking at. And he agreed, promptly pawning the job off on me to go find hundreds of product pics and transfer them into “transparent” PNG's…. You guys! I have loaded so so many sales for the upcoming weeks. Pictures, dates, prices… I’m going cross eyed! And it turns out Ray is really picky on product name spelling (haha). Which leads me to a conversation for another day regarding these big brands naming schemes! I’ll end my rant with this question “Why are we boycotting vowels???”...or..."Why are there so many extra repetitive vowels in this one?". You know who I’m talking about!

Alrighty, let’s move on shall we?? What is happening on the site these days?

So, I’ll start you off with a little fun. Ray is on a roll with his 5 Random Things posts. We had a great weekend, jam packed with goodies including the fun Dutch tradition of welcoming Sinterklaas to the city! Although we have quickly learned that the topic of Sinterklaas’s Zwarte Piets is a divisive one. For now we have tried to mix Sinterklaas and Santa Claus, and explained that Zwarte Piet is just dirty from helping Santa with the reindeers and getting to go up and down the chimneys! We will come up with something better next year, and as the girls get older, we can use it as a moment to talk about bigger topics. Keepin’ it light hearted for now tho!

Mixing up work with play, Ray also has still be cranking out the testing. Most recently he posted the anticipated Elite Zumo Smart Trainer In Depth Review. Take a peek and see why this trainer took a year to get to a happy place and Ray write a full review on it! There's a pile of other trainers around here getting their last and final checks with some firmware updates as well. So stay tuned for those reviews shortly!

And finally, I feel pretty confident in saying Ray temporarily broke the internet with the revelation of this third party Garmin Charger! I mean, he’s no Kardashian, but the internet visits to this post went a little crazy for a few hours there! After reading all the comments in the Best Garmin Charger Post, I was dying laughing at how many other people than me hate the current charging cable system. Admittedly the newer Garmin devices seem to have a better connection than my Fenix 5S, but I’m not willing to give her up yet!

And that’s all for the tech side of the blog! Now we moves on to the latest from the podcast and YouTube!

The FIT File with DC Rainmaker and GPLAMA:

To be honest… I didn’t listen to the last one. Oooops, BUT I can now officially tell you that Ray, myself, and the littlest Peanut will be traveling “Down Under” in the New Year to meet up with Shane, his better half, and their little Lama at the TDU! Soooo maybe the guys will concoct a live recording while we are at the Tour?

What? You’re mad we aren’t taking ALL the Peanuts? Well, I think looking at ticket prices we would have to start a “GoFundMe” account to make that happen anytime soon!

So anyways, go have a listen on all the latest from these two, and pick your fancy of streaming platforms via iTunes, Google Play, or Spotify. As always, don’t forget to hit those subscribe buttons for updates… and to make Ray and Shane feel warm and fuzzy inside.


Ray’s YouTube Channel, are you a subscriber? In case you didn’t know, it’s like a virtual hug for Ray every time someone subscribes or clicks the like button on the videos!

Somehow after all the time the man has spent puttering around his man cave last week, this is only video he came up with. And he starts it out with “When my wife has Garmin problems, that means I have Garmin problems!” hahaha

You know, Ray, YOUR WIFE takes care of allllll the other “problems” in the house… just make my Garmin happy!

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In-Depth Thoughts from The Girl

To be honest, I started this newsletter yesterday. However, the day got away from me adding never-ending darn photos to sales posts, and I never finished this section. I often deliberate for too long on what to say here. “What’s interesting”

And then last night happened. So I said. That’s it. I’m airing the dirty laundry!

Earlier in the day Ray ran it past me if it was cool if he came back to the office once we get the kids to bed. There was just a lot to do before the holidays and the DCR Open House next weekend.

I said “Of course, no problem”.

Then, as the day went on, our newest Peanut was just having an awful day. Sleep was not coming easy. Blah blah blah. No problem. Ray and I got the two older kiddos in bed, and I sent Ray off to the office, and I would see what I could do for the babe in getting her to sleep.

I finally got the babe down to sleep and JUST sat down to a nice hot plate of rotisserie chicken with homemade orange sauce and rice. Ahhhh peace and…. crap. The baby is crying again! Back to the bedroom I go.

And this is where it gets interesting.

About twenty minutes later I emerged from the bedroom, baby finally sound asleep, and….

“Lucyyyy, what’s wrong??” – her ears were down, and she woudln't look at me at first???


I look around. Wait...WTH???


“Lucy! Where the hell is my CHICKEN? And rice????”


Yep. The dog who never does wrong, finally snapped. After four years, she finally got in trouble. I just couldn’t believe it. I had to check the baby cam (that happens to catch part of the kitchen). It's kinda grainy, I really had to zoom in. But there she is. Two paws caught in the cookie jar, stealing my dinner.

So, I just shook my head. Grabbed a giant glass of milk and new roll or Oreos and headed to the couch. One could say I was cashed out for the night.

That’s it for this week, thanks for reading and supporting the DC Rainmaker family.

~The Girl

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