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Today’s a big day! The time of year that everyone loves because they get to spend their hard-earned money on gadgets and gizmos they’ve drooled over all year! That’s right, today is the start of the Clever Training VIP Sale! Making this year evvvvvvvvven better, is Ray has a coupon for the VIP registration! Woot! Tis the season for holiday giving!

So, what’s for sale? Well it’s not JUST power meters and indoor smart trainers, though almost all the brands/models are on sale this year. But you can score 20% off (almost) any single item on Clever Training that you want!

Making you open your eyes EVEN wider, is the excitement of another sale that kicks in tomorrow! Now I can’t tell you exactly what’s going on sale, but in Ray’s words there’s a “huge pile” of wearables and cycling things hitting the sales racks tomorrow too from multiple brands! He won’t even tell ME what’s for sale… probably because I’m known for spilling the beans on surprises! Haha, just kidding, I’m a VAULT! I even loaded all those fancy photos you see on the new DCR sales tables you’re seeing this year! So start scanning the sales tables for all that eye candy!  

I can’t say thanks enough to you readers and DCR frequenters. I know a lot of you come by the newsletter to support the blog and this is the best way to do so! Anytime you shop with our partners and affiliate programs it goes a long way to keep the Maker house up and running. It’s like shopping local, but from your couch!  

Now, with that out of the way, what else is happening on the site? Since last time, a few big headlines have popped up, and a few silly things too!

I’ll start you off with Ray’s comments and suggestions of what to do with the $129 you are going to request back from LVL’s Hydration Sensor! I’m definitely taking him up on the gigantic 1 foot coffee mug… as I’m definitely needing it these days! Don’t know what I’m talking about? Check out this post on how LVL’s Hydration Sensor was acquired and is it just one more con to add to the chalkboard?

Ray cranked out a biggie. Tacx NEO 2T Smart Trainer In-Depth Review is up for your consumption. As my clock is ticking on a baby nap, I’m keeping comments short today. Don’t be mad, go read it for yourself!

Then we have the start of the Garmin roll out of the PacerPro features on the FR945 and FR245’s! I think this is a super cool feature, but hey, I’m the kid who hasn’t ran a race in a few years. Personally I like racing with my own personal pace buddy, but hopefully someday I’ll be able to out race Ray anyways, and then I'll need this PacePro thingy!

It’s been a while since we have seen a 5 Random Things Post, but that isn’t because we have been boring! The Maker house is quite the hot spot these days. Birthday parties, Halloween, Sint Maarten, and visitors abound. I’m surprised it wasn’t 1500 Random Things post!

Also, as a part of the 5 Random Things Post, Ray featured my hard work on the Ugly Sweater-T-Shirt and Gadget Socks. YOU GUYS!!! I’m so excited you like it! This is the ultimate fun gift you can give to your DC Rainmaker Fan friend this year! And if you’re not crazy about the design or Christmas in general, don’t worry. I have a super awesome graphic design friend from Newfoundland helping me out, and we hope to get a new fun tech t-shirt design up on the TeeSpring site each month.

Back to the tech shall we? COROS released a new Track Feature to their watches. And that sounds like a pretty positive thing.

And last but not least, Ray dropped a bit of a bomb regarding the indoor cycling world this week. Though I think a lot of us saw this coming for a few years now. Or if nothing else, hypothesized, how big of an “Oh $hit” moment would other Smart Bike and Smart Trainer companies have if/when Zwift starts building smart bikes or smart trainers to pair with their online experience. Well that time is now.

Allllllll righty. On that note, we are up to speed on this past week’s wild and wonderful world of sports technology, and Maker family life situation! Let’s now move on to podcast’s and YouTube!

The FIT File with DC Rainmaker and GPLAMA:

The FIT File podcast with Ray and Shane continues. Most recently Ray and Shane chatted a bit about the recent news of Zwift entering the hardware creation world, and how that might/could impact the rest of the indoor cycling realm.

So, have a listen on all the latest from these two, and pick your fancy of streaming platforms via iTunes, Google Play, or Spotify. As always, don’t forget to hit those subscribe buttons for updates… and to make Ray and Shane feel warm and fuzzy inside.


Ray’s YouTube Channel, are you a subscriber? In case you didn’t know, it’s like a virtual hug for Ray every time someone subscribes or clicks the like button on the videos! So come on, start practicing for the holidays and all those awkward hugs you have to give your drunk uncle and bum pinching Aunt Betty.

·       Indoor Smart Bike Showdown: Wahoo Kickr Bike vs Tacx Neo Bike vs Wattbike Atom

image Huge Fall Sale: 20% off including trainers, power meters, watches and more
image Zwift Confirms New Hardware Division: Posts Job Positions To Build Indoor Smart Bikes
image COROS Releases New ‘Running Track’ Mode On Watches, Adds Running Power & Efficiency Pod
image LVL’s ‘Hydration Sensor’ Rises from the Dead, Gets Acquired
image 5 Random Things I Did This Weekend

In-Depth Thoughts from The Girl

Honestly I just scrolled to the title of this section and laughed out loud like a crazy person. And then INSTANTLY stifled said cackle in efforts NOT TO WAKE THE BABY. Let’s be honest, I have zero “in depth thoughts” these days, just frazzled ones. I’m so sorry if some of you just eyeball rolled and grumbled about “another week about the baby”. But at the moment, this is just what’s happening in the Maker household. Hopefully someday this section will become more glamourous.

Until then, I’ll let you in on how the other night I was pondering how much life has changed over the last few years. From up rooting ourselves from North America, quitting both of our other careers to double team this life of DC Rainmaker, and adding 4 kids to the mix (albeit one kid is a littler furrier than the others). Here are some of the realities that made me giggle a little harder than the others:

·       I drink more coffee now than I did as high school teacher. *School teachers reading this will understand the volume that amounts to.

·       I can one-handed complete almost any household or daily tasks you can think of; buttons included. And I get super ragey towards Ray when he asks me to hold the baby so he can complete one of said tasks. “Dude, multi-task!!!”

·       I am constantly thinking of new animals to add to that damn song “Old MacDonald”.

·        Packs of wet wipes are an integral part of my life now.

·        I find myself tip-toeing around my own house even when I’m home alone.

·        It has been almost 4 years since I’ve been able to enter the bathroom of my own home without a potential stalker.

There are more of these. But you don’t have all day or enough wine to stick around that long! But I do hope it made you laugh a little! Now, get going over there to that big ol’ sale the internet is having on all the things you probably don’t really need. Just like my daughters don’t need their own Wooden Espresso Machine to make mommy coffees in the morning. But they DO!!!

As always, thanks for reading and supporting the DC Rainmaker family.

~The Girl

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