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Hey Newsletter Fam!!

Thanks for joining me for another week of the DCR Newsletter. I know that the hot thing on everyone’s mind right now is “who won the Valentine’s giveaway??” So I won’t make you wait any longer. The winner was:

Congratulations to you! I'll be in touch with you shortly so you can gather your prize!

The winner was selected by using the normal DC Rainmaker methods, AKA, Ray made sure I didn't screw it up. He cleaned up all the comment duplicates and removed any comments from after the "closing time", and used the free website Random.org to select a winner number. That's as clean as it gets!

A big big thank you to all of those who participated in the giveaway! There are way more people than I had imagined who actually read the newsletter rather than just send it to their spam account! Woot. You can read all 2,333 Valentines suggestions here!

So what has Ray been up to??

Only mere hours after I sent out last week’s newsletter, the biggest news of sports the 2019 industry broke. Or, one can assume this will be the biggest news. Ray and I were deep in the woods recording video for an upcoming DJI OSMO Pocket vs GoPro Hero 7 battle, and this email casually crept into my inbox “Garmin Acquires Tacx/Bottle Promotions”. Ray spent the next hour plus scrapping his jaw off of the ground while simultaneously trying to get his thoughts into print for everyone eager to hear his thoughts. If you missed this news, here is Ray’s detailed analysis and what this means.

Next up, Ray took a poke at the SwitchLok Sports Phone Case and Mount System. If for no other reason, you should click to this review as Ray created a nifty GIF that should have been self-titled, “Example: White Men Can’t Jump”. For real though, I’ve been interested to get the final yay or nay from Ray on this one. But the jury is still out for me. I have a Quad Lock Case and Bike Mount, which is in fact fugly (why are there no companies taking advantage of making custom skins for these phone cases?), but I have had zero functional issues with the case. And since I already dropped half of our grocery bill for the month on it’s bike mounting system, I figure why switch?

We finally saw a super cool feature added to Strava, “Finger Dragging Route Creation”!  I thought for sure with such a cool new tool in his belt Ray would have drawn out a big heart shaped run plan and sent it to me for valentine’s as so many of you had suggested… Nope. Oh well. If you missed all the dibs on the new feature, be sure to check it out and then you too can become running or cycling artists!

Last but not least, Ray wrapped up his week with the 5 Random Things Post. He started the post off with the stark reminder that we only have (then) 9 days left here in Cape town- now only 6. Cape Town is going to be a tough good-bye. We have really enjoyed our time here. People have been amazing at reaching out to get us hooked up with all kinds of adventures, or simply just saying hi. I would imagine this weekend we will have to make our way back to the Boulder Beach area so the girls can say a final farewell to their penguin friends, and Ray will cobble together some last rides along the ocean roads. Stay tuned.

And that’s all for last week’s tech talk. Next up we have the fabulous world of Audio-Visual.


Here’s the quick and dirty round up of all the videos posted last week:

·         Garmin Acquires Tacx and what it means to you

·         Strava rolls out new finger dragging route creation feature

image 5 Random Things I Did This Weekend
image Strava rolls out new finger-dragging route creation feature
image Hands-on: SwitchLok Sports Phone Case & Mount System
image Garmin Acquires Tacx: Detailed analysis and what it means to you
image The Cape Town Retro Run 5K Race Report (with a double-stroller)

In-Depth Thoughts from The Girl

Hello Hello,

Thanks for taking the time to read another edition of the DCR newsletter. My apologies for the delayed newsletter this week. I normally like to appear in your inbox on Tuesdays as it is undoubtedly the longest day of the week, but yesterday Ray and I woke up and said “Yes, today will be the day we tackle the hike to the top of Table Mountian”. Over 5.5 miles, 2800ft of ascent, and we sweetened the pot by starting the hike from the very base near the junction of Table Mountian and Signal Hill. Another tick off the 2019 Cape Town Bucket List.


Somehow in my brain I didn’t think the hike would have been that big of an investment of my energy, however I was wrong. Nor was I was expecting to maintain a heart rate between 160-181 for over 2.5 hours in the blistering heat with little breeze. Don’t get me wrong we both really enjoyed the hike, the trail was super clear and the views were top notch. Just for next time I need to start investigating information for myself before I agree to do things with Ray. I probably would have applied a little more sunscreen and packed myself a PB&J sandwich for a mid-hike picnic.

Anyways, so the newsletter is late because I came home from the hike, grabbed a shower and then apparently slept for the remainder of the afternoon. Oops.

So, back to the Valentine’s Givaway stuff. I can’t tell you how entertained I was to read the comments. Some of the “roses are red, violets are blue…” poems were hilarious. And some people had some super sweet valentine’s ideas! I will admit, I removed any commenters that encouraged the idea of Ray purchasing ME a pizza oven. You were disqualified from the giveaway immediately. HAHAHA, I’m kidding. But OMG I think it is very clear where your loyalties stand on the issue. But for the record, the man has not finished his chores yet, and I will not give in! In fact at this point I feel like I should get to start adding “interest” accumulated chores to the list!

What did we do in the end for Valentine’s Day? Well… we aren’t really that into Valentine’s either. I think mostly due to a lack of time or normal schedule to adhere to conventional planning? I think anyone reading this knows that we are fortunate to take the time to go on adventures and eat at great restaurants whenever we are afforded the opportunity. So last Thursday night was a thankfully normal evening of feeding the kiddos, getting them in and out of a wildly enthusiastic bubble bath, and reading multiple bedtime stories. I think followed up by an episode of Top Chef? I hope I haven’t disappointed you!

That’s it for this week. As always, thanks for reading! And stay tuned for how we rounded out our final days (sniffle) here in Cape Town.

~The Girl

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