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Hey Newsletter Crew!

Well, the storm has passed in our home! The lead up to the VIP sales, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and don’t forget - we geniuses who thought it would also be wise to stick the DCR Open House on the same weekend. It was a beast of a few weeks, but in the end I think everything went off without a hitch!

So, somehow if you are still stuck in the holiday buying storm and really don’t know what to buy, fear not. As I noted last week, Ray did create the annual “2019 Sports Tech Buyer’s Guide”, AND he has left the “Sales” post going as some companies decided to extend Cyber Monday to Cyber Week?!? So you can check either of those posts out if you need to get the nudge on what to buy and where best to buy it!


What’s next? Ray’s official round up of this past weekend’s festivities, or should I say “DCR Open House Winter 2019 Recap” is up for your consumption. Now, as some of you read the post you’ll notice I did in fact have P3 with me the entire night… in the front carrier.

Before you say anything. No, the plan was not to bartend the entire evening with a baby in the front pack. BUT anyone who has had a newborn in their lives probably knows it’s all about sleep and survival. I did have a babysitter hired for the night, and she was at the Open House too. But since P3 decided to sleep the entire evening, we decided adhear to the long time rule of "do not wake a sleeping baby"!

Yes, I could have just gone home, but that wasn’t the point. I enjoy the Open House as much as Ray does, and me working the bar is a great way to get to say hi to everyone who comes. So, that’s that, we had a special edition baby bar tender on staff this year. Albeit, she did sleep on the job!


Next up, all the talk in our house lately has been around the “Skydio 2 Autonomous Sports Drone”. And when I say “all the talk in our house”, that’s because we have had Shane and Des residing with us for the last week. Maybe this was Ray’s attempt to level the playing field with the house's normal gender imbalance? Those boys have been out riding and running and gabbing about this drone since they were wheels down in Amsterdam. Thankfully that in=depth review is out the door now!

Oh, and I have to give myself a little pat on the back! I have been saying that I would update the baby/kids recommendations post now for about a year. I just wasn’t motivated. But now that we have the product tables created for the website I was game! Also, I did my best to remove “junk”. Not junk in a way that a product was bad/poor quality, but items that made you think “do I really need this?” So check it out. There are four small lists of Top Ten Items for “Infant”, “Baby-Toddler”,  “Kids under 4” and “Baby Transportation”. If any of that is interesting for you, see here for the Baby and Kids Recommendations post. Maybe you’re shopping for a little tike this holiday season and need some ideas.

Last but not least, Ray also cracked out one more In-Depth Review before we head into the weekend. The Garmin Venu In-Depth Review has hit the newsstands, and for what it’s worth, the dinner table talk says this is a pretty good little device especially for it’s current sales prices!! Woot woot!

The FIT File with DC Rainmaker and GPLAMA:

If somehow you skipped over the Open House Recap post, or just didn’t want to watch the podcast, don’t worry, you can still listen to the podcast via your normal streaming platform... just not yet! Haha I was told “it’s on the to-do list”. I sure hope that’s not the same list as the Pizza Oven!

This episode you have, Ray, Shane, AND Des joining us, as well many attendees at the open house who raised their hand to chime in on the Q&A portion. Here’s to hoping we can listen along soon!

Pick your fancy of streaming platforms via iTunes, Google Play, or Spotify. As always, don’t forget to hit those subscribe buttons for updates… and to make Ray and Shane feel warm and fuzzy inside.


Ray’s YouTube Channel, are you a subscriber? In case you didn’t know, it’s like a virtual hug for Ray every time someone subscribes or clicks the like button on the videos!

·       Skydio 2 Autonomous Sports Drone: Holy Cow!

·       FIT File Podcast: Episode 95 DCR Open House Studio Edition // GPLama and DesFit

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In-Depth Thoughts from The Girl

Hi ya!

Thanks for once again meeting me down here in my slice of the DCR ecosystem! Wow, the response from last week! Haha, thank you to ALLLLL of the readers who sent me emails sharing their “Netflix and Chill” mishaps! I feel just a teeny tiny bit less embarrassed!


So, the last few weeks have been busy around here. As you already know. On top of everything you have seen on the blog, with sales, the open house, the group run, and hosting the guys from Australia and Colorado… I also cooked a Thanksgiving Turkey, albeit it was late (Monday)… even later were the roast veggies, which didn’t make it to the table until Tuesday. Ooops. Not to forget we are ALSO getting a house full of toddlers geared up for Santa, the cousin of Sinterklaas (I know that’s not accurate, but we are going with it) who came last night with a single present. And now going forward into helping organize a gingerbread house decorating party, and somewhere in there we should get a Christmas tree… Have you gone crossed eyed yet?

I hope you read that as one giant run-on sentence! Because that would be reflective of life at this moment. In the most positive way; it’s a good kinda cray-cray!

Now I don’t always talk in one long jumbled thought. I promise. You can hear for yourself HERE as Simon from Zwiftcast took a few moments to interview me after the open house last weekend (Episode 72). I think our chat lasts about 12-15 minutes, and I start right around the 40 minute mark. Obviously, you can listen to the entire podcast, it’s about 90 minutes, and includes snippets from the night and as well a more in-depth interview again with Simon, Shane, and Ray. But since most you never really get to chat with me, I thought you might like to know when someone has managed to get me to sit down for a few minutes to chat.

Anyways, I’m going on with too much, and you all have things to do today. Only so many Fridays left before the ball drops and we are in 2020! Before I go, I do just want to say a huge thank you to everyone who came to the party and run. I really enjoyed chatting with everyone. Sadly, I don’t always get to finish conversations with each of you because other guests are thirsty and want another beer. Conversations get sidetracked and what not, just a good reason to come back again in the summer and next winter!

Please remember if you’re having a shop around on Amazon this holiday season, we appreciate anytime if you just click on our Amazon links to get there first! It doesn’t have to be a sports tech item, as very bit helps the website!

As always, thanks for reading and supporting the DC Rainmaker family. Until next week,

~The Girl

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