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Hey everyone, and welcome to another edition of the DC Rainmaker newsletter. This is my big push to get back on track with Tuesday newsletters as they seem to attract the most attention. Maybe you guys just need a little something to bridge the gap from Monday to Hump-Day?! I dunno, but as always thanks for reading!

So, I'm back in continental Europe. And I’m feeling pretty good about it. For years, after making trips back “home” (North America), I found the trip left me with a big lump in my stomach upon returning to Paris or now Amsterdam. It was a strange hang-over that lasted days, even a week or two- withdrawal maybe? But as we are coming up on our 7th year living abroad this June, Europe is the place starting to feel more like home. Landing back in North America sadly starts to feel a bit more foreign to me each time. This trip especially… there was non-stop talk about GoT?!?! What the heck is GoT…ohhhhh right, that TV show… Sorry I’ve never watched it. The horror!

Annnnyways, you came here for the tech goodness, so I’m moving on now. If you want more “The Girl” revelations or Maker Family gossip, you’ll have to scroll to the below the fold section.

So I have to cut straight to it. There is the massive semi-annual sale happening right now on Clever Training (our awesome partners in crime). If you are a Clever VIP Member then you get 20% off of most things under the rainbow. Power meters and smart trainers included! If you ARE NOT a Clever VIP member… shame. No just kidding, it’s easy to sign up, it’s $4.99 with Ray’s link and the $4.99 goes straight to the charity Girl’s on The Run. So you can sell it to your significant other that you were shopping for the purposes of supporting a great charity!

Next up, Ray has still been chugging along with in depth reviews and hands on device commentaries. First up we have the COROS VERTIX Adventure GPS Watch: Hands-on with their premium watch. I won’t say much here about the post. I think Ray already said what needed to be said about a company selling a “premium watch” at a premium price (cough $599-$699). All I will say, is for any other companies reading this review and now have some funny ideas about packing M&M’s into future media loaner products… please don’t. I can barely get the man to eat a vegetable. All I need is for more people to encourage his sweet tooth addiction! Doh!

Then we saw the In-Depth Review of the DJI OSMO Action cam. Personally I found myself cheering (hard) for this company on this one. While I can definitely admit that they missed the mark on some of the app functionalities, etc. that could have just tapered some of GoPro’s market dominance, I will say it was a start. And a solid one at that. If nothing else, this OSMO Action cam is a massive eye opener to the industry and adventure seekers who are looking for the best market options. The idea of an OSMO Action 2 makes one do a solid head turn, and for you the consumer this is a good thing: Competition!

Taking a bit of a tech break we had the two weekly posts, Week in Review and 5 Random Things. I will swallow my pride this week and encourage you to read the Week in Review; there are some great articles from around the web this week. Notably, one being the best usage I have ever seen for a pool noodle! In fact I wish I had seen this article 9-10 years ago while in the peak of my triathlon training in Virginia. Pick-up trucks on the country roads used to think it a wee bit “funny” to buzz cyclists with their with extra wide boat trailers. My goodness I still shudder thinking back on how close some of those trucks would get. Wish I had used a pool noodle!

And at last, Ray burned the midnight oil to deliver, on time, the “Everything You Wanted to Know” post for the new Suunto 5. As Ray calls it out in the post, this is a “well priced midrange multisport watch”. Personally I was distracted throughout the post on all the Suunto naming schemes. Trying to keep track of who was a spawn of the Suunto Spartan, and wondering where the Suunto 1, 2, 4, 6, 7, and 8 went sort of got me sidetracked. So I’ll just leave that post to you to dig deeper into, and I’ll go turn on the coffee pot for the old man now.

And that’s it for the tech talk in text. Moving on, if you love fabulous world of Audio-Visual, this section is for you!

The FIT File with DC Rainmaker and GPLama:

So if you read the 5 Random Things post, you will have read that Ray and I have been doing some high class IKEA shopping! The “recording studio” for the pod cast is finally up and running, and the much complained about audio (on Ray’s side, Shane’s was good) has vastly improved! So, you should definitely check out their latest The FIT File chats on your next drive, train, lunch break, wherever it is you listen from. You can find the latest episodes of the podcast on a variety of platforms, iTunes, Google Play, or Spotify. As always, don’t forget to hit those subscribe buttons for updates!


Here we have a bunch of DJI OSMO videos for you to take a look at. AND don’t miss out on the upcoming Suunto 5 video. We are patiently awaiting YouTube processing powers to get that video up and running. Of course if you just subscribed to the DC Rainmaker YouTube channel you’d get a notification of when that video has popped!:

·         DJI OSMO Action Review: 17 Things To Know!

·         DJI OSMO Action Test Footage Extravaganza!

image Suunto 5: Everything You Need to Know & First Runs
image 5 Random Things I Did This Weekend
image Week in Review–May 19th, 2019
image Huge Spring Sale Begins: 20% off All Trainers & Most Power Meters, $150 off Fenix 5 Plus and 30% off Suunto
image DJI OSMO Action: In-Depth Review of DJI’s First Action Camera

In-Depth Thoughts from The Girl

So what’s new in the Maker house, or even more specifically in Bobbie’s World? Please tell me you watched that cartoon as a kid? “Gee, Golly, Don’t ya know Bobby?” No? Okay moving on. Though for the record it was an epic 90’s cartoon!

Man, life is busy. I’m sure everyone is nodding, wondering what else is new? But I have so many things that I want to do, and need to get done, it just seems like everyday is a whirlwind and each week that blows by I’m left wondering “what happened”. So I’m left reflecting on my college days and sports visualization training on how I can get a grip on getting things done and achieving goals. The one underlying theme that all the sport psychologists preached was, if you have a goal, write it down. Write it down, and put it somewhere you will see it everyday. Make it happen.


                                           2016: 1st Pregnancy

One of my biggest goals for 2019 is writing a 3 part series (it might end up being more) for the blog. Many, many readers over the last 3 years have sent emails my way, either themselves or on behalf of their wives, regarding running pre and post baby. What were my experiences like? How am I juggling life/ recovery (ha)? Was there any maternity equipment/ resources that I could recommend that helped with carrying around a large watermelon belly? The questions are endless.

               2017: 7 months postpartum, and one of my first runs back

Obviously I am no expert in this field. In fact, hindsight has been amazing horrifying humbling, as I now know that I made some major errors in my ways. So, I have set out to do some major research, interviews with experts in this field, and I have signed up for a few different coaching sessions and programs with different post partum trainers and physiotherapists.

Specifically I would love to tackle the “stigma” of talking about female athletics post pregnancy. The issues we deal with. The faux pas involved with talking about (deep breath) pelvic floor issues. And getting to the root of what the heck is Diastasis Recti, and what does it really mean “safe DR exercises”.

2018: 3 months postpartum (2nd pregnancy), doing DR recovery exercises via                                                         professional guidence 

So, there you have it. I’ve put it out there, and I’m really determined to create a solid reference article(s) and hopefully make a positive impact on some of these issues. I am more than fully aware that this is not an issue that everyone who is subscribed for this newsletter is interested in, so I promise not to bang on about it every week until the posts are ready, but I wanted to put it out there into the universe for now.

                         2019: First "race" since Boston 2014...wow

More often than not, you as the readers, have incredible info for ME! So, if you have a personal story you want to share with me pre or post-partum fitness/issues, or you have a resource in this topic you think I should check out, please please don’t hesitate to send an email back to the newsletter. Especially if you have specific questions under the umbrella of female- athletic injury- postpartum, and you want answers, send it my way. Again… I AM NOT AN EXPERT, and I won’t be serving up medical advice! But, I want to dig super deep, ask the uncomfortable questions, and find the right resources and advice to get the “right” information out there to hopefully positively impact as many mamas as I can.

As always, thanks for reading. Stay tuned for next week.

~The Girl

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