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This is The Girl, writing to you for the DC Rainmaker weekly newsletter. I have a big newsletter for you this week, so buckle up! If you are a new to the DCR newsletter, you can catch up with the newsletter archives here.

If you are reading this newsletter and wondering why/how you’re receiving this ridiculous piece of literature, please don’t send (any more) angry emails my way. I promise I have zero skillz to recruit mass lists of email addresses. Nor have you fallen victim to some email scam. Likely what has happened, is at some point, your brain turned off due to information overload while reading one of Ray’s 2,000 page in-depth reviews. We will blame Ray for that. THEN, while in a sort of tech zombie mode you got busy leaving comments in the comments section and checked the box requesting to be added to my Newsletter mailing list.  Then, you also re-confirmed the follow-up validation e-mail. Happens to me all the time. Have no fear, you can at any time just unsubscribe at the bottom, no worries.

But... you might want to read the rest of this Newsletter, just one last time for the BIG SALE and of course the ever entertaining In-Depth thoughts of The Girl.

BIG NEWS! There is a huge spring sale happening for 20% off of any single item at Clever Training for VIP members(minor minor exclusions apply). Basically every indoor trainer, most power meters, or many wearables you’ve been eyeing is discounted. “BUT I’M NOT A VIP MEMBER????” No worries. Just sign up to be a DC Rainmaker VIP member, it’s $4.99 and 100% of the proceeds goes to the charity Girls on the Run Then go pick out that pricey item you just couldn’t justify until now, and add the 20% coupon code SPRINGVIP. I believe last year Ray is quoted as calling this sale “Amaze Ballz”… Now go go go, go click around and shop as the sale isn’t on forever. Here's a massive list of 'best' sports tech deals within the sale. I’ll still be here when you’re done.

Moving on! 

We had a big week last week! We spent several afternoons chasing down possible DCR Cave opportunities. We were crazy excited about one space specifically… except the real estate peeps lost the keys!?!?!? So they could only show us the offices on either side for similarity purposes, and as well, the blue prints. So as you can imagine Ray had a hard time with this. Instead of just being patient and waiting for the agency to sort out a key, Ray created the worlds largest (that’s not official, just a assumption) selfie stick to become the world’s largest dork peeping Tom. By creating this said contraption, Ray could get a sneak peek in through the skylight… and create the most ridiculous selfie on his ride back home


Amongst all the excitement, he did manage to focus and knock out the in-depth that’s been driving him batty for the last few months. I guess the Fitbit Versa had some growing pains in the beginning, but she’s all good now. Quite frankly I didn’t read the review. I just know what I know from listening to whatever he’s murmuring on about in his sleep. Good thing none of these companies are naming their new devices names like “Shelly” or “Jill”…

TrainerRoad made a big splash in the training platform world last week. They added a feature allowing riders to now upload their outside ride to their workout profile. Effectively doing a mic-drop on their competitors, and continuing to push the boundaries of what the industry is up to for people who want to sit inside pedaling a bike to nowhere.

Continuously fighting for most popular post each week is Ray’s Week in Review post. As I’ve said before, I tend to read these posts in efforts to try to have something interesting to talk to him about on date night. But the more of these posts that I read, the more I am wondering how much time he spends “working” versus cruising around the interwebs. I’d say it’s a vicious cycle of keeping up with what relevant and finding time to write to make sure you’re still relevant yourself? I’ll let you ponder that one.

While the blog has slowly crept back into being a functional publisher of tech posts, so has Ray’s YouTube channel. Ray took a solid chunk of time last week to finally put some effort into explaining his “DCR Analyzer”. This is the super cool software that allows you to drag and drop multiple files from the same workout to create a comparison of the two. It’s basically the bread and butter of how Ray can run with 37 GPS watches on his arm and speak to the comparison of data post run. Anyways, it’s a tutorial of sorts so you too can use the software!

Last but not least, Friday night Ray entertained his YouTube peeps with a Live Q&A. He had a bit of a fumble in the beginning with the live stream with audio (it's overrated), but by the end it was all good. Because of this it’s a bit shorter Q&A than usual. I was also giving him the evil eye around the 30 minute mark to wrap it up, as the kiddos dinner time was fast approaching and I would appreciate the extra set of hands. These two fools start getting a little crazy on Fridays if they go beyond their bedtime!

Now is the part of the newsletter where I send you to “below the fold” to read the In-Depth Thoughts from The Girl.

image Week in Review–May 13th, 2018
image Fitbit Versa In-Depth Review
image TrainerRoad now pulls in outside rides, adds training log and load analysis
image Tech Tidbits: Withings becomes Withings again, Favero’s Assioma 1% Update, AIRhub Core, and FirstBeat HRV Summit
image Week in Review – May 6th, 2018

In-Depth Thoughts from The Girl

Hey there! Thanks for using that PageDown button so well to get past all of that technology jabber! I can’t stay too long this time around. It’s already 1:22am on Monday morning and I’m pretty tired from all of the Mother’s Day festivities.

But I do want to take a moment and give Ray full credit for his efforts this Mother’s day. He woke up in the middle of the night to bake surprise cinnamon buns, and he managed the forethought to purchase a super thoughtful gift. I was wildly impressed. I’m actually not a big “present person”, meaning I really don’t care or expect a present for every occasion we celebrate. I’m more happy if he takes a moment to find a funny postcard and write a thoughtful note on it. He knows he’s not allowed to pick out clothing (with exception of bike t-shirts), and I’m not a nic-nack kinda gal, so I was surprised to see a shoe box sized gift bag on the table Sunday Morning. What could this be?

Turns out Ray and my brother in law have been chatting, and the idea of a photo printer was floated into the mix. Ray knows how much I hate that all of our photos just get lost in our phones and folders in the cloud. All of my pics are stuck on my phone or SD cards, and I loathe the processes of the current picture printing world. Having to up load things to the laptop, then signing into some web based printing account, or worse a local printing suit on my laptop… only to find out the laptop and printer stopped talking to each other and now I have to reinstall things. You get the point. My pictures are hostage to my digital devices. Soooo Ray researched and found the Canon Selphy! I literally can print normal 4x6 photo’s directly off of my phone! BOOM! Winner winner chicken dinner, I finally I have physical photos again! Now maybe for our wedding anniversary he’ll buy me a giant fridge so I have somewhere to stick the pictures!

Full disclosure, I have had this printer for exactly 12 hours. So maybe I’ll wait to totally rave about the product until I’ve printed a few hundred pics. Which won't be till tomorrow, since apparently it doesn't come with ink or paper. Until then, I just wanted to give Ray a public high five for the effort.

Anyways, I’m getting text messages from the bedroom that it’s past my bedtime. Byyyyyyye

~The Girl.


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