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Hey Everyone!

Well here I am writing to you from in front of the fire at my childhood home in Newfoundland, Canada. Let me tell you… she cold here! Fire is a necessity! Along with fuzzy socks, and a hot drink! Why am I in Canada? Where is Ray? Well, I’ll tell you all about it in The Girl section! Until then, lets see what’s been happening in the tech world.

So, I left for Canada with the last words spoken to Ray at the door being “Please don’t work too much, get some sleep, and take Lucy for a few walks!!!” Well, by the looks of what’s been put out on the blog the last few days, five In-Depth Reviews, I question if the man has slept at all!

Now, I can’t get too mad at the man for working on this one! The Fisher Price Smart Cycle In-Depth Review. We have had a great time in our family lately with this one! I don’t even want to spoil the info on this one. Please go have a read, even if it’s just for the pictures! Truly, we will be using this smart bike for years to come!!

The post most of you are waiting for is here: The Wahoo KICKR Bike In-Depth Review. I’m going to be totally honest here. I haven’t even cracked open that internet tab yet. BUT, if it’s any indication, I got suckered into committing to Thursday night Zwift workouts now at the cave. And the ONLY way I’m continuing to show up for the workouts is if I get to use the KICKR Bike. It was so refreshing to show up for a workout, twist a few levers for sizing, and everything else was all set. It just worked. Though don’t get me started on the state of Ray’s Apple TV remote… but I can’t blame that on the bike. So for now, if I want to get an evening workout in, I feel confident enough to go to the cave sans Ray and just hop on the bike. Woot Woot!

Next up is the Elite Suito Smart Trainer In-Depth Review. Again, I’m in Canada getting some much needed sleep, and to Ray’s irritation annoyance exasperation delight, I have read none of his posts! Ha! BUT GPLama did us all a favor and interviewed Peter Lago of Elite for the correct pronunciation of Elite’s trainer line up! So, while I cannot speak knowledgably about this “Suito” trainer, I can officially say it now and not feel so out of touch!

The fourth In-Depth Review of the week was the 4iiii Fliiiight Smart Trainer In-Depth Review. Now, I do know a little bit about this one, in that it’s now officially the only trainer Ray is allowed to use in our house! It’s extremely silent! Granted Ray doesn’t take care of his bike drivetrain so, that sort negates the magic of this trainer, but it’s a start.

And now, for the fifth and final In-Depth Review of the week was the Kinetic R1 Smart Trainer In-Depth Review. Like the broken record that I am this week, I haven’t read the post! Oh man, I’m slacking! But this is an interesting piece as from what I understood from seeing Ray in testing a bunch is that it has a built in rocker, making a cool real world/road feel. Now whether or not the theory is as good in practice, I couldn’t tell you (well, actually, I did get upset at him for the volume of it one night while trying to watch TV). So, go take a read!

Last but not least. Sort of a fun post to hit the blog was Ray’s Fascinating Stats from Strava’s 2019 Year End Report. And while Ray is having fun with the calendars he would send Strava, I’m just gonna go ahead and drop this calendar here that I’d probably send Ray for Christmas on behalf of his wife! Hahaha And then to everyone’s dismay, I’ll likely buy this training log book for my 2020 road to recovery and competitive running. Yes... I’m a paper and (colored) pencil kinda gal.

Alrighty then! Moving on to the other parts of the interwebs where Ray also frequents!

The FIT File with DC Rainmaker and GPLAMA:

Here you go, if you didn’t have time to watch the DCR Open House live recording, Ray held up his side of the bargain and did in fact get the audio portion uploaded for your listening pleasure! And there's yet another new episode as of last night (Ep 96) with something to do about Peloton.

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image Fisher-Price Smart Cycle Trainer In-Depth Review
image Kinetic R1 Smart Trainer In-Depth Review
image Fascinating Stats from Strava’s 2019 Year End Report
image 4iiii Fliiiight Smart Trainer In-Depth Review
image Elite Suito Smart Trainer In-Depth Review

In-Depth Thoughts from The Girl

Now, as promised. Canada!

Yep, Monday morning I packed in it, took P3 with me, and flew off to North America. More specifically, my parents house and my childhood home here in Newfoundland, Canada.


Home. Where the airport greats you with Mummers, and Nut Crackers are the top Christmas choice for décor!

Honestly, I’m such a homebody. I have a hard time leaving every time I step through the doors of my parent’s kitchen. It’s like I never left 17 years ago! I needed the break, and I called my parents. How could they say no? I was coming home with P3 and a belly to fill!

It’s a little funny, as last Saturday night we were having dinner with Des (DesFit) before he headed back to Colorado and he asked if I was taking all three girls with me to Canada. And I smiled “Nope!, just me and P3”. His response was something along the lines of “Oh wow, and Ray you’re home for a week with the girls?”. To which I chimed in, “Yes, I’m cashing in my 2019 chips on CES, Garmin Developer Summit, Sea Otter, Interbike, trips for random speaking gigs, product testing trips to the alps and sunny-warm Malloraca…” I am very proud to report, Ray chimed in to say “she has a lot of chips to cash!!” So yes, Ray has happily taken on full time dad duties for the week, and I flew home for some much needed home cooked meals.

Let me tell you. The airplane ride felt like a joke! Compared to the last time I was on an airplane to Canada, when we had two toddlers, two car seats, a double stroller, 6+ carry-on bags, diapers, snacks, tablets, and part of the kitchen sink! Granted the older Peanuts do travel VERY well, there is just a lot of organization to go into it before hand to ensure a smooth ride. Where as this trip with P3, was simply, me, Baby, passports, handful of diapers, a back up baby onesie, and my purse. Boom. On the plane we goes! Not to forget the magic baby carrier that I swear I wouldn’t be able to live without.

And that’s it, I’m sitting here coffee in hand, looking out at a snow-covered backyard. Deep breath as I hop back on the plane tomorrow to get the biggest hugs and slimey-nosed kisses from the girls. I leave them for about 6 hours and I already miss those faces! Sometimes I miss Ray too! haha

As always, thanks for reading and supporting the DC Rainmaker family. Until next week,

~The Girl

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