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Happy (Black) Friday!

Wow, I just can’t believe we are loosening our belt buckles this year already! Well, to clarify, I’ll be basting that turkey this Sunday. But a lot of you reading are doing so from the USA, and (hopefully) you had an epic meal yesterday and are enjoying some comatose couch time today. Stretchy pants and all.

And what better activity to be doing from your couch cushions than scrolling your email for the best of the best Black Friday sales?? If you forgot, it’s Black Friday today (ok, a bit later in the day), and pretty much everyone world wide is taking advantage of sales sales sales. There’s even a entire table of sales just for our European readers too!

AND THEN, we just received word this evening that Clever Training is having a VIP membership one day sale "re-do". So that's 20% off of 5 items (namely, all trainers!)! WOW. See the post for more details!

Now. If you just had a “Holy Crap-o-La” moment; WHAT DO I WANT?? Have no fear, Ray also posted his 2019 Sports Tech Buyer’s Guide post! So take a deep breath, go re-fill your coffee mug, and have a read for what’s what this 2019 holiday season!

Finally, if you already know what you want to ask for from the big guy at the North Pole, and that single item happens to be a Tacx NEO Smart Bike, you’re in luck! What? You didn’t see the failboat arrive? No seriously. An entire boatload of Tacx NEO Smart Bikes arrived with “small blemishes”. And if you really don’t care THAT much about a little scratch, you can grab a brand new, full warranty, smart bike for $700 off with the “Scratch and Dent Sale”! Woot Woot!

Now that’s a lot of shopping to do! So I’m going to sign off from here and scoot through the podcast and YouTube so you can get to shopping the web!

The FIT File with DC Rainmaker and GPLAMA:

The gang is back together again! That’s right Shane AND Des are in town for the week, so they are all ganging up for another live podcast recording tomorrow night at the Semi-Annual DCR Open House. Keep an eye out for that episode next week! There is at least one new episode posted for some ear candy, so go have a listen while impatiently waiting the Open House recording!

Pick your fancy of streaming platforms via iTunes, Google Play, or Spotify. As always, don’t forget to hit those subscribe buttons for updates… and to make Ray and Shane feel warm and fuzzy inside.


Ray’s YouTube Channel, are you a subscriber? In case you didn’t know, it’s like a virtual hug for Ray every time someone subscribes or clicks the like button on the videos!

Wow… I just realized there’s no new videos! WHAT? But in the spirit of tomorrow’s festive Open House, here’s a recap from last year’s Xmas open house!

·         DCR 2018 Open House – Amsterdam Edition

·         Behind the Scenes with GPLAMA – DCR Open House

·         DesFit gets Locked Inside the DCR Cave!

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image Sports Technology Buyers Guide: Winter 2019-2020
image Tacx NEO Bike Smart: $700 off, Scratch & Dent Sale
image Stages Dash Gets Radar Support, Outlines Future Firmware Plans (and a 30% off sale)
image Apple Watch Series 5: Sports & Fitness In-Depth Review

In-Depth Thoughts from The Girl

Well, here we go again! The newsletter is semi late coming out because… urgh writers block?

I dunno. I’ve been hammering away all week with work, baby stuff, sales, and prepping for the Open House, so when it finally came to the newsletter this week, there was a vast nothingness in my brain. Honestly, I think there are just tumbleweeds blowing around up there.

And it’s from this vast feeling of nothingness I had a VERY embarrassing and more than slightly hilarious realization.

**Note: if you are currently consuming a drink, swallow before continuing reading.

Ray and I were discussing our evening plans. AKA, how much MORE work we would be doing after dinner. When I said “My brain hurts so much, I just want to go home to Netflix and Chill”. To which Ray started snickering.

Ray: “That was unexpected”.

Me: “Huh? Why? We have a ton of shows to catch up on"

Ray: (still snickering) “Oh, you ACTUALLY want to watch Netflix?”

Me: (irritated) “YES. I want to Netflix and CHILL”

Ray: “Oh… ummm… you know that’s not actually what Netflix and Chill                  means right?”

Me: (more irritated than before) “What the hell are you talking about??”

Ray: “I’m just going to let the internet clear that one up for you.”

Me: (Grabs Phone)

Ray: (Still silently snickering)

Me: “Oh no. Oh noooooooo. Oh my GAWD!!”

Ray: (Now just outright laughing AT me) “Have you said that out loud to                others?”

Me: “Oh my god Ray!!!! How come NO ONE MENTIONED THIS?????”

Ray: “...How many people have you said this to??”

Me: “Ummmm. Well. You know how I was kinda, you know, PREGNANT the last few months and super tired. Yeah, well, I definitely said that to more than a few people! Like while rubbing basketball belly - Just going home now to Netflix and CHILL!”

You guys!!! Seriously, we were laughing so hard, tears were streaming!! I am super starting to feel like the old, out of touch mom already! How is this happening??? 

I instantly texted my sister DEMANDING to know if she knew what Netflix and Chill meant. I was met with a question mark response: "?" Then a “ummm yeah, it’s not watching Netflix…”.

She did make me feel better, explaining it’s probably more of a North American thing. So I’m going to go with that lofty idea to feel a little less embarrassed. And for the record, if you somehow were talking to me (ever) and I told you what my plans were for that night, PLEASE know, I was literally going home to watch (likely) re-runs of Grey’s Anatomy.

That’s all I have for now folks. I truly hope you’re sitting with a full belly on your couch in stretchy pants, laughing “with” me on this one. Maybe I should actually use that Twitter account after all.

Happy Thanksgiving weekend to all of those who celebrated yesterday and this weekend. Everyone else, happy Friday.

Please remember if you’re having a shop around on Amazon this weekend, we appreciate anytime if you just click our Amazon links to get there first! Every bit helps the website!

As always, thanks for reading and supporting the DC Rainmaker family.

~The Girl

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