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Hey Folks!

We have just clued up a wonderful long weekend here in the Netherlands! And by “we” I mean,  myself and the Peanuts. Ray has been cranking out several different device photos, videos, and data analysis since… well I’m not sure he has stopped moving since arriving back from Sea Otter last week.

As the internet was full of leaks over the past week (doh), Ray has been burning the midnight oil to ensure that when the ACTUAL release time and date rolls over today, that he is ready to hit the publish button on the correct devices. But don’t fret too much, he did have presence of mind to remember on Sunday that the Easter Bunny would be visiting our home as he dashed around the kitchen in the wee hours hiding colorful plastic eggs for the girls. But more on the family shenanigans later in the newsletter!

So, in case you’re feeling the blog has seemed a little slow lately, it’s simply the calm before the storm. Today and next week there is more than a gaggle of in-depth reviews going to be coming at you! Please make sure your coffee pots are full and you have reserved your favorite reading chair! As I said, Ray has been meticulously cranking out the work, and you’ll start seeing that all come to fruition… ummm now! Keep on reading for the links to the most up to date posts, and was new since the last newsletter?

First up is the Garmin Edge 530 Cycling GPS In-Depth Review, followed by the Garmin Edge 830 Cycling GPS In-Depth Review. Since these posts literally JUST hit the interwebs, I’m not going to steal their thunder, I’m just going to go hop on my bike and use one on my way to go see the tulip fields. You, you can go read for yourself! Oh, and there's another review coming up in a few hours once he finishes taking a few more photos. So keep checking back!

Then we have the posts from last week, rounding up the deets from Sea Otter 2019. When the hectic schedule was all over with, Ray sat his hiney on the airplane and did what none us would have done. He kept writing. Me personally, I would have taken full advantage of the 10 hours of child free, uninterrupted movie watching time. Sleep is for the weak, airplane travel is for the movies! But Ray has never come to appreciate my commitment to the arts, and will always don his Bose headphones and crank out yet another post. This time was the sort of tech- not so much- round up of 2019 Sea Otter Classic.

After that was the big announcement that TrainerRoad is pushing their boundaries, and opened up outside training features to their app. In Reading through the post I was pretty impressed with the amount of consideration that had to be taken into account in taking a workout that you can do so seamlessly inside on your trainer, and then applying it to the elements of wild wild west of what cyclist know as the streets. Pretty cool stuff!

Then finally the last post that we have seen grace the interwebs is the Week in Review Post, rounding up all the things Ray found interesting around the world.

And that’s it for the tech talk in text. Moving on, if you love fabulous world of Audio-Visual, this section is for you!

The FIT File with DC Rainmaker and GPLama: If you felt there isn’t enough reading material for you this week, be sure to take a minute or thirty and check out the latest PodCast from The FIT File, featuring special guest, DesFit. The boys got together at Sea Otter and put this one together round-table style. You can listen and subscribe to the podcast on a variety of platforms, iTunes, Google Play, or Spotify. 


Two unique videos from last week, one being a recording of Ray’s Keynote speech at the Garmin Connect IQ Summit, and the second being a visual of the aforementioned Fit File podcast. As well, the newest videos for the two new Garmin cycling GPS units.

·         DCR Sports Tech Opportunities and Failures- Connect IQ Summit Keynote

·         The Fit File Podcast Episode 70: Sea Otter and Beyond Tech

·         Garmin Edge 530 Review: 15 NEW Things to Know!

·         Garmin Edge 830 Review: 18 NEW Things to Know!

image Garmin Edge 830 Cycling GPS In-Depth Review
image Garmin Edge 530 Cycling GPS In-Depth Review
image Week in Review–April 21st, 2019
image TrainerRoad Opens Up New Outside Workouts Feature, Outlines Bike Computer Integration
image Sea Otter Sports Tech Update: 4iiii, Acer/Xplova, Barfly, Bryton, K-Edge, Stages, Wahoo

In-Depth Thoughts from The Girl

So, I must brag a little, and say we just had a super fun weekend. The kiddos are at a great age where things are a lot of fun, silly, goofy, fun! And it’s the simple things. Pancake breakfasts, painting eggs, playing in the sand box, adventures around the neighborhood. Honestly it’s like we had a small pause in parenting chaos, and this past weekend was just plain fun. It also helped massively that the weather was out of this world beautiful and cooperative!

We kicked off Friday by picking the kids up a little early and having a back-yard BBQ dinner. Followed by a Saturday morning neighborhood excursion to see the horses nearby. We did have a very sad failboat moment on Saturday when the BBQ ran out of gas, and some how we could NOT get the tank to release from the hose. So it took another couple days of back and forth to the DCR Cave to find wrenches and other doodads to get the darn thing to let go!

At some point in there both Ray and I managed to squeak out some workouts too, which is a huge mental bonus! Ray cranked out a brisk ride to the tulip fields, and I pounded the pavement. While my pace is more of a “steady state yogg” at the moment, it was a blissful 10km in the sun and fresh spring air! I’m still working hard at overcoming some old injuries, so for the moment pace is a poor indicator of my progress, so I’m not too bothered by those numbers for now.


For our family, we celebrate the Easter holiday. It’s a cozy family day where we had a big Easter egg hunt, pancake breakfast, a solid amount of time spent in the sandbox, I think we made it about a half of the way through the movie “Sing”, and then last but not least… Easter Dinner!

Earlier in the week, my dad back in newfoundland, received several of my panicked phone calls re “what do I do”. But in the end he had me mentally prepared and pep-talked into preparing a traditional Easter ham with all the side kicks like scallop potatoes, fresh rolls, etc. There were several moments of silence as we both had to do mental math on the Celsius vs Fahrenheit conversions, but by Saturday night I was wearing my “you can do this hat”, and I had the game plan for Sunday morning’s oven schedule cemented. I was ready to cook all things delicious.

It’s funny to think of all the cooking and baking that I have done up until now, that my roasting of large pieces of meat has been basically nil. Anyway, to end the suspense, after 5 or so hours in the oven and only an hour late to the dinner table (yes, seriously), the ham departed the oven as the most delicious piece of protein I have ever had on an Easter Sunday! Ray even rated my scallop potatoes as A standard. For real, you have to understand Ray can in depth review home cooking to the same level as any new GPS device coming to market, so it’s always suspenseful!

So that’s that. With Easter 2019 in the books we are hoping this fantastic weather keeps on keepin’ on, and I can transition to cooking more giant pieces of meat to the BBQ for the summer! This weekend ahead we have the famed King’s Day celebrations here in the Netherlands, and I am sure that too will prove to be a good time! Stay tuned!

As always, thanks for reading. Stay tuned for more

~The Girl

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