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Yes, I know. Some of you just fell out of your seats seeing the DCR Newsletter crawl out of its hidey-hole and into your inbox! And some of you are wondering… what is this newsletter, that doesn’t sound like something Ray would write? Well, a reminder, this is Bobbie (The Girl) and not Ray. And some time ago, you clicked the subscribe button to our weekly newsletter. And now, I’m resurrecting the newsletter.

If you’re new to this newsletter feed, welcome! And if you’re a long-time subscriber, I do apologize for the long absenteeism. I shall do my best to get back on the wagon. Ray and I have a professional bet going, and it’s in everyone’s best interest to revive this fine literary publication! So heads up in the next week for the next, back to normal, (bi-)weekly newsletter.

I’m going to get straight to the point here. After many conversations with friends and DCR readers, we are realizing just how poor of a job we have done at advertising and getting the word out there about how to get access to the Quarantine Corner video series, and in general what the benefits are of becoming a DCR paid supporter. It’s not that we have been lazy and careless about it, we just never wanted to be pushy and spammy about it. But, it has come to our attention that “You the People” wanted more info. So yeah, I’m here to tell you about it.

·       DCR Quarantine Corner: Ep 49 - Back in the Shed (click here)

The link above takes you to today's just-released full episode of the Quarantine Corner (QC) covering all the things listed below. The QC episodes are a light-hearted series of videos we record every other week, where we shoot the breeze on the latest happenings in the Sports Tech and Maker family life. There are usually a few beers or bottles of wine involved, gummy bears or other worthy snacks, and of course a relaxed atmosphere in our home garage/shed. There is not much fanfare with lighting or audio, and unless someone has said something completely inappropriate, it’s usually done in a single take.

We recorded this video with you guys specifically in mind, so there is a big hello and welcome to those of you who decide to click the link and watch. It is a little longer recording this go around, clocking at 53 minutes, but hey, if you’re clipping into your next bike trainer session anytime soon, there’s your entertainment.

The QC follows much the same format as the newsletters used to, with a recap of the most recent tech and then a bit of life and times with Ray. Oh… but sometimes I add captions to the video. A little subtle commentary- remember it’s ME writing the comments in the video, and I’m usually poking fun at Ray.

So that’s it really. I don’t want to re-write everything in the video, so go have a watch for yourself and enjoy this freebie on us! Here's the topic list for this episode:

Here’s what’s on tap for Episode 49:

- Welcome to the shed and all the DIY updates!
- COROS had a big week - let's talk about that
- Tryin' to break into the music industry
- Slight backup in the DCR publishing funnel
- A cool 15km NYC run with GPS testing
- Did you even watch the video?
- Ray is up in a tree again...
- Drone or submarine
- DCR open house - what about it?
- 400- and 99 beers on the wall, 400-and-99 beers
- Dutch Halloween. It really does exist. Sorta.
- Peanuts cycling through the fall forest leaves
- The pizza oven.. promises promises!
- Bloops


You can watch the full episode here!

I’ll be gunning for your inbox again next week. Stay tuned, and as always, thanks for following along.

~The Girl

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