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I just wanted to briefly interrupt your day to thank you for being a DCR Supporter!  For those that have forgotten by now, that means at some point along the way in the last 365 days you decided to give a bit extra to support the site.  In turn you got yourself ad-free DCR goodness, plus a nifty gold icon next to your name when you comment on the site.
In other words, you're awesome.
But you already knew that.  And I figured in order to help increase your awesomeness documentation capabilities, I'd give a little something back.  In this case - I put everyone's name in the virtual hat for a GoPro Hero5 Black.  Don't worry, it's not one of my used ones that looks like it was run over by farm machinery.  Instead, it's a brand spankin' new one, straight from Clever Training.
To figure out such a winner, I turned to my usual friend Random.org and put all the active DCR supporter numbers in a hat.  The winner is number 338, which corresponds to Gabriel S.  Congrats Gabriel! (In case you were wondering, there's only one Gabriel S., thus...yeah.)
Again - thanks a ton to everyone for the support - I really appreciate it!
Have a great week ahead - and don't forget to check Twitter tomorrow, as I just arrived in a small Italian village to watch tomorrow's Giro d'Italia.  I'll be posting plenty of pics and random fun.
Have a good one!

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