Giveaway Extravaganza: Timex Run Trainer


Sure, any device can track a run for a few hours.  But can your device track a run that’s over a 100 hours long?  Well, the Timex Run Trainer took the cake on the longest running recording battery of any ANT+ device I’ve tested – over 100 hours!  Which means that even if you used it for that 100 straight hours, you’d still be over 60 hours away from finishing up that Deca-Ironman event currently underway (and only if you’re really fast).  So, how’s that 5K coming along?

Giveaway Closes: 12:00PM Eastern (Duration: 3 Hours)

My In-Depth Product Review: Timex Run Trainer

Product Source: Timex, extra unused unit from product review (new)

Even if you don’t win, you can still use this link to support the blog.

FYI on Polar RCX3 early blocking issue: Sorry all, this got accidentally locked a wee bit early, so I’ve extended the entry for the RCX3’s (two of them!) till 11AM Eastern (+2 more hours). I apologize!

Winners products will be shipped on/around June 25th, 2012. All entries must be posted below in the comments section by the time the giveaway officially closes per the posted time above. Winners chosen randomly. Anything after that won’t count, sorry! Click here to see all Giveaway Extravaganza posts.

Thanks all!


  1. Al

    Ooh, will I be the first to comment?

  2. Hello….I’m in.

  3. I’d like this! :D

  4. Hi,

    Love to be included in this giveaway.



  5. Anonymous

    I would love one.

  6. Hey Ray, thanks for this mate.

  7. I am in!!!
    (I could’nt post on the previous one… too bad…)

  8. Fingers crossed!

  9. Mike Vitale

    Yes please!

  10. More and more awesome goodies!

  11. Not first…but count me in.

  12. I’m in. Love Timex, and I’d love this watch. Thanks!

  13. MCJ

    Definitely need one of these!

  14. winner winner chicken dinner

  15. I’d love to try he timex

  16. this one is mine… mwhahahaha

  17. I’m in for this :-)

  18. Craig Huggart says “count me in”.

  19. Would love one. These are cool

  20. Crossing my fingers…

  21. I need a watch. Thanks! love the site.

  22. Moe

    One of these would be nice!

  23. Hello, also nice gadget for runner. Want them ;).

  24. I have been searching this watch in Belgium for a reasonable price (one that resembles the US pricing)- no deal :(

  25. Alex Tinniswood

    Looks like a nice watch.

    Thanks again.

  26. These things just keep on coming, don’t they? Not complaining though

  27. This product look nice !

  28. participating

  29. mondoshawan

    Hello from Fhloston Paradise

  30. Really want this one!

  31. Anonymous

    Hello Ray! Have a great weekend!

  32. This is perfect

  33. Would love to win this for my husband. Fingers crossed.

  34. I’m not planning on running 100+ hours, but still…

  35. Big O sliding into home!!

  36. People are so fast with the comments!

  37. Woo! now I can look like an ironman if I’m lucky enough to win this!

  38. Jiminy Cricket

    Good morning!

  39. I’m in. Thanks Ray!

  40. YNWA Steve

    Woo! That looks awesome! I’m fashionably late for a running-themed gift for my little bro, so I could really use this! For some reason, I wasn’t able to comment on the last ones, so sign me up for this one!!

  41. Great replacement for my FR305!

  42. Anonymous

    I like it!!

  43. Been wanting one of these!!!

  44. Last 3 hours were the longest of my life :D

  45. I’m in x 3 :)

  46. KT

    I’m in, please.

  47. Jed

    woo in… cant beleive i slept through the 500 and the actv … but game on today !!!

  48. Ok, I’m also in again! Thanx DCR!

  49. Amber S.


  50. Mathew Pottinger

    Yes please.

  51. It would be rally cool to try out the Timex.

  52. Wow the polar giveaway went from 10 to 200+ quickly. Count me in here!

  53. Nice looking sportwatch.

  54. Please send this to Denmark :)

  55. Hello From Newfoundland

  56. TZ

    This one looks awesome!

  57. Erwan

    I’m in for this one also!

  58. This would fit nicely to me :)

  59. hello. anyone here?

  60. I’d be thrilled to have one of these!

  61. Good evening from Singapore

  62. this is so much fun

  63. Such a nice upgrade from my global trainer…

  64. Hi there from Germany!

  65. XXX

    Hello from Canada’s far East coast. Thanks for doing what you’re doing.

  66. I wonder if the recaptcha numbers are from your house? I suspect google is getting us to translate there street view data now!

    Oh, yeah, I’m in!

  67. thanks for the contest(s)

  68. I heart fitness gadgets!!!

  69. Nice review so yes I want one :)

  70. Sorry, this one is for me :-)

  71. Thanks for the giveaways.

  72. Ill take two please

  73. I’ll try again!

  74. KDG

    this is great

  75. Count me in Please!

    Good luck all

  76. Count me in.

  77. Yes please – from Calgary, Alberta.

  78. Let’s see if this post stays open for comments a little longer than the last one ;-)

  79. Dominican Tri

    Ray Thanks!!!

  80. Ian

    I’m in!!!

  81. Thank you for the great blog, keep up the good work!

  82. I live in DC, no Shipping!!

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  84. Your write-ups are amazing. I look at them all the time. Thanks for all of the info.

  85. Now I’m running down the road, trying to stay up. Somewhere in her head. The woman I’m thinking of she loved me up all, but I’m so down today. She’s so fine, she’s in my mind. I hear her calling.
    See the lonely boys out on the weekends, trying to make it pay. Can’t relate to joy, but he tries to speak and can’t begin to say.

    I’m in!

  86. Could always use a new toy

  87. Pick me, pick me!

  88. With the autumn leaves would be a nice bonus. :)

  89. Hopefully luck is on my side today!

  90. count me in!!!

  91. I want the Timex!!!

  92. Going strong. 4 of 4 entries right now!

  93. Dunhill Deodores

    Hope I get lucky.

  94. High five for that one!

  95. Hi Ray,

    Count me in!

  96. Best Feature: Water proof.

    Sick of having to take off my Garmin.

  97. Time for me to win this :)

  98. Wasn’t alble to comment on the last draw!!! but I’m in this one…

  99. w00t! fingers crossed

  100. bought this for a friend of mine for the holidays. would be nice to get one myself

  101. Do I feel Lucky?

  102. not yet an ironman, but soon a half one.

  103. How about sending the watch over to England in time for the Olympics?

  104. yep i’m here

  105. Happy Friday!

  106. I’m in, looks like a great watch!

  107. This watch is way cool!

  108. Woohoo, count me in!

  109. This looks awesome!

  110. Yeah go on !!

  111. Thanks again Ray!

  112. Love the giveaways! This is a great device! Thanks Ray!

  113. I would be really fast with this watch

  114. RS

    Hi! Really nice equipment!

  115. Daniela

    Count me in!

  116. Thanks for the contest! I love your blog!

  117. Here’s trying…

  118. I love Timex products

  119. Doc

    I’ll accept that prize. Thanks!

  120. Damn peope are fast!

  121. Tag, you’re it.

  122. Hello, and hooray for giveaways!

  123. Thanks for the great give aways Ray!

  124. Pick me! Pick me!



  126. This is the one that I was hoping for.

  127. next try for awesome stuff :-)

  128. i’m in, this time!!

  129. Please please please!

  130. Here’s my chance :)

  131. Martijn KvdM

    I’m in for the TIMEX :-)

  132. I’ll try this one too ;-)

  133. Bobus

    Oh, yes please!!!

  134. rkl_chan AT hotmail DOT com

    Hi from overseas :-)

  135. I’ll take it.

  136. Count me in!

    Thanks Ray!

  137. i’m so slow that 100 hours would be really useful!

  138. Hope i can win one of these!! Please

  139. crossing fingers…

  140. Phil in oz

    Looks great. Would love to have this.

  141. it will be nice to get one for my wife or son

  142. *raises hand* “please” :)

  143. I would love this Timex!

  144. Lisa A.

    Would love this!

  145. Cristina Ricciardi

    Thanks Ray

  146. Great training partner!!

  147. Here’s a shout out from London, United Kingdom!

  148. Evy


  149. dia dhuit ! (Hello in Irish)

  150. gotta love the giveaways!

  151. Awesome giveaway! Twitter: @nickjconnolly

  152. in it to win it!!

  153. you’re too good for us! another excellent item… *drool*

  154. cheers from italy :)

  155. Anonymous

    Great stuff as usal
    marc steingrand

  156. yyyeeessss…….

  157. Looks good, one for me please!

  158. Hello and good morning!

  159. Anonymous

    Love your blog!!!

  160. Somehow I missed the last one even though I think I was within the time limit. But I’m in this one!!

  161. Pat

    Thanks Ray!

  162. Count me in. Thanks!

  163. This is super!

  164. Thanks for the giveaways, your site is awesome!

  165. Fingers Crossed (again) !

  166. I like that ‘drink now’ feature…

  167. Run fast and record it

    Thanks again for your blog

  168. This would be great also

  169. We wants it! hehe

  170. V&A

    Count me in. Awesome blog!

  171. Hey Ray! Pick me!

  172. Anonymous

    Your blog is amazing!


  173. This contest is fun

  174. This would nice.

  175. I’m in, you should give us a total count of all the entries at the end of the day.

  176. TriMike

    Yes please. I want one.

  177. Avid reader. Keep up the great work!

  178. Entry for me.

  179. Ray – so amazing that you’re doing this!!

  180. A real beauty

  181. oh noes, this doesn’t appear to be displaying my comment of creativness

  182. Looks great,

  183. LC

    Fun! Thanks Ray!

  184. Ray is the best!

  185. Anonymous

    Oh need some new running motivation! Thanks for the great content.

  186. Great as usal
    Marc steingrand
    I am posting a second time because the first looked anonymos
    Marc colombia

  187. Man, keep the goodies coming!

  188. Not sure when the new CAPTCHA arrived but it’s better than the old one, thanks.

  189. Thanks for doing this – appreciate all your work!

  190. Anonymous

    As a beginning runner, I am very much enjoying your blog posts. Great resource, many thanks! Brian A.

  191. TPhilipS

    I’m in

  192. yay, I like this one!

  193. Ray, keep the godies coming!

  194. Count me in!

  195. Len

    I’m in for this bad boy !

  196. I’m all in….

  197. Would love the battery life on this opposed to my Forerunner 305 whose battery is on the decline.

  198. might be a bit big for my tiny arms but I’ll give it a shot anyway :)

  199. ship it to me in Brazil!

  200. One please:)

  201. One more try

  202. I would love this!

  203. Anonymous

    I’m anonymous at 9:19 am, my name is Lisa, sorry not enough coffee to read directions.

  204. Love the site.

  205. let the games begin

  206. Count me in!

  207. Love your blog

  208. bka

    As a beginning runner, I am very much enjoying your blog posts. Great resource, many thanks!

  209. Love this crazy contest Day!

  210. Edwin

    Count me in! (remove xxx for real address.

  211. I need it! Thanks

  212. Now this looks kinda cool…

  213. ron

    you are the best. love the product reviews.

  214. PK

    I’m in, thanks!

  215. Pretty please :)

  216. i’d be more than happy with any of the give aways thus far.

  217. Hello! Pick me!

  218. My husband made my sole responsibility for today following your blog!! Haha I love your stuff, thanks for the opportunity!!

  219. georgekr

    Me, please, me!

  220. Thanks Ray
    Great Giveaway
    Please count me in

  221. Worth a try.

  222. Please count me in.

  223. Great object!
    Yes yes yes!!!

  224. crossing fingers for this one to!

  225. Thanks for the giveaway!

  226. Where’s my lucky rabbit’s foot!?

  227. Ivo

    Love Time. Great watch to have

  228. This is awesome. Thank you.

  229. OJ

    Woohoo lets go!

  230. Aha, aha that’s the way I like it, aha aha. Or something similar. Either way, this looks very spanky.

  231. pick me pick me!!

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  233. AK

    I hope I win!

  234. I would love to win this!!!!

  235. I’m in. Grateful for your generosity.

  236. Guillermo

    Pick me!

  237. Another one?

  238. AK

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  239. Hi, please put my name in the bucket. Thanks/Fernando

  240. Good Morning All!

  241. 100hrs without charging is like weeks of running!

  242. Wow!
    I want it!

  243. Count me in for this one!!

  244. look forward to each new post. thanks.


  245. This is awesome!

  246. It would be nice replacement for my aged 305 model

  247. gotta do 5 ultras in a row sometime..

  248. I would love the Timex watch!!

  249. Ian

    I’m also IN ;-)

  250. Winner winner, chicken dinner.

  251. Thank you for all of the work you put in to this blog.

  252. Thanks for the giveaway.

  253. Please, pick me!

  254. I’m still waiting on the cupcake giveaway.

  255. In it to win it. :)

  256. Great! Count me in.

  257. Early fish


  258. This would be a awesome training partner.

  259. Would love one, thanks!

  260. count me in
    Andrew Howard

  261. Guillermo

    Pick me!

  262. please sign me up!

  263. Winner, winner, chicken dinner! ;)

  264. Orbitbuster

    bring me the disco king!

  265. Got to win something.


    woo hoo!

  267. Shouldn’t this be the Swim, Bike, Run trainer!

  268. This would be nice to add to my collection. Hopefully you ship to APO. I am feeling lucky.

  269. Good Morning All!

  270. Hopeful. May the force be with me.

  271. Yes please, i love the blog :)

  272. as the seagulls in Finding Nemo would say: Mine.

  273. Mark J. in Dallas

    Nice watch, I’ll take it!

    And how do you win if you don’t have a blogger profile?

    -Mark J. in Dallas

  274. GPS, GPS, I want my GPS!

  275. Please pick me!!

  276. Thanks for all the great reviews.

  277. you’re a geek’s god

  278. Would be great to win.

  279. If I win this, i’ll have a lot of running to do …

  280. bun b

    Thank you!

  281. I like this drip-feed of Ray gear throughout the day!

  282. deca ironman here I come

  283. Hope it works this time :)

  284. bka

    As a beginning runner, I am very much enjoying your blog posts. Great resource, many thanks!

  285. Željko

    …me too… :-)

  286. Chu

    Send it here!

  287. Bill D.

    I’m in…

  288. Jeremy

    me, pick me

  289. Excellent. Count me in!

  290. Thanks again Ray!

  291. I don’t think that I’ll be going out for that 100 hour run, but still…. :)

  292. C

    Awesome. Thanks!

  293. this would be awesome to use while I take the turtles for a walk.

  294. 100h battery life? I can use that!!!

  295. Count me in!

  296. this gonna be my lucky day!!

  297. would love it!

  298. Entry for this one.

  299. About 500th?
    I am quite tempted by one of these!

  300. Thanks again Rainmaker!

  301. My first comment on this giveaway topic is not showing up. Let’s try again!

  302. Harr-i
    I’ll keep on trying ;D

    Grtz Harr-i

  303. Ian

    I’ll happily take this one off your hands too! All to clear some space on your desk of course ;)

    UK, Kettering

  304. Dimitri VDW

    Yes, rainman thanks for the extravaganza. Happy to see the comments are working again!

  305. I’ll take a shot.

  306. Anonymous

    I’m in

    but remove xxx please.

  307. Sure…I’ll take one.

  308. Yes Please.

    Thanks for the “extravaganza”

  309. Thanks for the contest

  310. Please pick me. Seriously. I need this.

  311. In for the Timex Run Trainer

  312. simon brimacombe

    Me please

  313. Thanks for the contest!

  314. Looks awesome. Thanks.

  315. In for the Timex Run Trainer

  316. Another great watch!!

  317. toh

    This is really fun!

  318. Give me some mo.

  319. thanks for the giveaways!

  320. ABrennen

    Looking good!

  321. Anonymous

    I want it! I need a GPS watch!

  322. Seb

    Great product! I’m in!

  323. Gimme, gimme, gimme!

  324. Predes


    greetings from germany,


  325. Yo Ray,
    C’mon wit ya bad self!


  326. I could use that.


  327. Pick Me! woo

  328. Anonymous

    Beatiful…Great Blog!!


  329. Would love one. Thanks

  330. CarlosA_Garcia

    Pick me!

  331. Yes please!!

  332. I like my odds….

  333. your blog is fantastic ray – the only must-read in my tri list.

  334. I’ll give it a whirl..

  335. ABrennen

    Looking good!

  336. D

    I accidentally prevented my husband from buying one of these – please help me right my foolish ways!

  337. Pick Me Pick Me

  338. Anonymous

    Keep up the good blogging, Ray.

  339. Awesome as well! :-)

  340. Hope to be the lucky one

  341. Pick me please!!! Cmt268

  342. I need it to improve my run, almost lost a Kona slot at Eagleman by 18 sec.

  343. this would be a great way to start xc season! thanks

  344. Wow, looks awesome.

  345. Ivo

    warming up!

  346. Count me in pleaes!

  347. Trying to think of something I’d like to do for 100 hours. Hmm… I’m in!

  348. Anonymous

    thanks, ray!

    Clinton, Mooresville, NC

  349. Hi Ray, better and better! Keep going!

  350. Awesome giveaways today Ray! This is fun.

  351. I would love it.

  352. Great giveaway action going on here! I’m in.

  353. Herbert

    my girlfriend would love it!
    greetings from vienna/austria

  354. you are awesome….love your blog

  355. Sweet watch. Having trouble this morning.

  356. Jon

    Count me in!!!

  357. I’m In.


  358. Arnaud M.

    Cool stuff

  359. I’m in again!

  360. Yes please, I’d love one of these :-)

  361. Morning Ray,
    I’m in.

  362. Seb

    Ray, do you plan on sleeping at all ? Awesome initiative, by the way !

  363. I know someone who’d love to use this. I’m in!

  364. Pick me :-) or don’t :-( its still fun to dream!

  365. I’ll enter this one too! Wish I was in time for the 500!

  366. keep on running

  367. The best reviews ever. Your review convinced me to get an FR60 before. Helo again from Singapore!

    Kokoy B

  368. ms

    I haven’t run with Timex so far. I would be happy if I could try this watch:)


    please count me in,

  370. Appreciate your hard work. Enjoy following your blog!

  371. So much stuff, cool

  372. Count me in!

  373. Woot! Awesome raffle here. Count me in.

  374. GT

    Morning! In!

    Rich from Fl.

  375. Hoping for the best…

  376. Tim

    Love to try the Timex too… a friend of mine uses it and seems to be happy with it.

  377. SpenceB

    Great Contest!

  378. Great giveaways!

  379. Pedro Fradique

    Thanks for the giveaways
    Pedro Fradique @ gmail

  380. BR

    Been reading your blog for years!!! LOVE IT! Thanks so much for the contest.

  381. Sign me up for the 100 hour long race and I will be needing the watch though.


  382. Yay Timex Trainer!

  383. I’ve been eying this watch for awhile thanks to your review.

  384. Hi Ray. I’m in.

  385. Count me in. Thanks

  386. Yes please, thanks!

  387. JDB

    Here you go

  388. Crazy giveaway! Want one :-)

  389. Dena Rae

    Sweet watch.

  390. Scott - Waukesha, WI

    Thanks for the opportunity

  391. Sweet! I was hoping you’d have this one in the giveaway!!

  392. Anonymous

    Please for me. Eric in Chicago.

  393. THis would be awesome!

  394. I’d rather have the Polar watch but this could do ;)

  395. Jazzy! would love one of them.

  396. Local pickup for me!

  397. In addition it keeps you warm on the wrist ;-)

  398. I bought my 405cx because of your reviews, love the site!

  399. goes well with my wrist.

  400. Loving the contest

  401. Lee

    Woot off, rainmaker-style!

  402. who could resist?

  403. SAC

    100 hours, crazy.

  404. My Garmin has been freezing on me the last couple of weeks so this would be a perfect WIN!! Love your blog!

  405. I’m a Garmin fan, but anything ANT+ can and will be tested. ;-)

  406. My turn please :)

  407. Glad to be past waking up in the middle of the night to enter.

  408. I want it too… :) Greetings from Lithuania.

  409. hello from Sweden.

  410. I’m in.

    Thanks for good writing.
    Best regards

  411. DSK

    I like to run! Kind of. Enough, anyway…

  412. I would love to win this

  413. Looking forward to winning!!

  414. Yes Please! Sharks! Moose!

  415. Another contest! Weeee!

  416. Good morning!

  417. it seems that the us followers have waken up.

  418. thanks for the reviews, would love to win!

  419. These robot letters are hard to read!

  420. Already using a global trainer, but would love one of these too!

  421. Count me in! Yes please Ray

  422. Hello, thanks.

  423. Tom

    Looks cool – hallo from Denmark

  424. Hey Ho
    Seeing if I can win the run trainer. Cheers for the big giveway extravaganza regardless

  425. Ça se bouscule…

  426. Yes please! Thanks Ray

  427. I could really use one of those!

  428. In the contest.

  429. Wil

    This is awesome, I’ve been wanting this watch. Thanks Ray

  430. Make it rain, Ray!

  431. Wow! Bottom of the list, but still here.

  432. HUGE fan of your work.

  433. One mo’ time!

  434. It would be nice to have this one too :-)

  435. Great work on the blog! Thanks.

  436. Good morning. Enjoying the contest.

  437. Anonymous

    Buckeye Chief

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    Go go go!

  440. I expect to win this one too!

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  442. Andy P

    Yes please

  443. I would be interested in this watch.

  444. Max

    Hi Ray,
    hello from Germany.
    Let me win!!!

  445. Anonymous

    Otunka is happy to join :)


  446. Will need that.

  447. That looks good too!

  448. Love the site!!

  449. Mine! Thanks Ray

  450. This would definitely be awesome to win!

  451. Count me in!!!

  452. Another great watch. Hope I win one…

  453. This is a cool watch!

  454. If I ever actually was running out of battery when using this on a single exercise session, I would wonder if I was going insane…

  455. Carina Rodd

    pick me!!

  456. Oh I want one!

  457. Yummy! Just what I needed for breakfast!

  458. Kevin R.

    Thanks for the giveaways Ray! Keep up the great work!

    -Kevin R.

  459. I’m in again!

  460. Ned

    Can’t hurt to try – right?

  461. Please sign me up. The Garmin is slowly dying

  462. Ill take one of these as well. Thanks. – Chris M.

  463. Wal-E

    I’ve got a good buddy who could really use this, as if he’s not faster than me already!

  464. winner winner, chicken dinner

  465. Dvocean

    You are a kind soul.

  466. Awesome work! Thank you!

  467. MrT

    hello Ray

    now this would be perfect ideal and totally awesome for my coming Weissensee event: 200km skating in a great winter style outdoor event. I need the long battery since my speed allows me to enjoy this event for a long time



  468. Zman

    This would be a perfect fathers day gift

  469. Hebbe, hebbe, hebbe

  470. one of many attempts

  471. Nice give aways. count me in.

  472. Heh, probably no chances at all, but – why not :)

    Greets from Poland DC :)

  473. A friend of mine wants a gps he can use to track multi day cannoe trips, this could work perfectly.

  474. Natalie Cudney


  475. Nice giveaways!

  476. This is DA best site EVER!

  477. This would be cool to win…

  478. This watch looks great to me. I’m in!

  479. Shubham

    my favourate watch…

  480. Love it. Met you after the 2011 Urbanathlon in Chi, and a Timex like this will certainly help my training for 2012!

  481. Awesome giveaways!

  482. Again…timing stuff is awesome….so gimme gimme!

  483. I would love to get this…

  484. This would be cool!

  485. Hi there! Great Review!

  486. Ben

    would love to win!

  487. Jalil

    Great !

  488. Comment not getting in?

  489. I’d love to be in for the Timex Run Trainer. Cheers!

  490. I love free stuff!

  491. Love it. Met you after the 2011 Urbanathlon in Chi, and the Timex would go a ong way i my 2012 Urbanathlon training.

  492. Boston Julie N

    I’m in too!

  493. More cool stufffff. Loving it…

  494. Thanks for the reviews!

  495. Craig AZCFP

    I’m in!

  496. How about now??

  497. Sure, why not? Nothing ventured, nothing gained!

  498. would be nice, thanks

  499. Love the blog!

  500. me too, me too

  501. It’s mine!

  502. This is turning into the funnest day I have experienced in a long time.

  503. This one interest me

  504. Hello from Florida

  505. I’m not sure if my previous post went through, so here’s another just in case! :P

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