Spring has sprung Garmin FR910XT Giveaway


If there were any more sign that it’s springtime around these parts, I’m not sure what it would be.  Starting yesterday we’ve got an out-of-nowhere string of 6 days of 70*F+ weather, including some days just a degree or two away from 80*F.  It’s nuts!

…and I’m lovin’ it!

In order help you usher in the warmer weather, I’m giving away a brand new (and not yet abused) Garmin FR910XT.  The FR910XT covers you across all sports from swim to bike to run.  So even if you’re green to the sport this season, you’ve still got plenty of time to start training in time for a triathlon this year (or, you can simply just stare into the shimmering blue colored light it emits).


The best thing though is you’ve got nothing more to do than leave a single comment below (multiple comments don’t count around these parts!).

All you’ve gotta do is tell me what you’re excited for the season ahead (and, if you’re from the Southern Hemisphere, what you’re excited for the offseason ahead).  Sound good?

The entry period will run until Thursday March 15th, 2012 at 11:59PM Eastern Time, at which point I’ll close the entry period and randomly select a winner. Like the all my giveaways there are no restrictions on where the goods go to – so no matter where in the world you are, I’ll send to you. The winner will get a brand new Garmin Forerunner FR910XT (with HR strap).

(Note: If you’re active duty US military and deployed and are unable to complete the entry method above, simply shoot me an e-mail and I’ll get ya entered in. For those curious on how the giveaways work, here’s the deets. In short – I purchase and giveaway everything here, these are not sponsored by Garmin. Through careful planning I picked up a handful of them when they first came available…just so I could give them away to you. Thanks all!)



  1. I am looking forward to getting some more running in and if possible re-starting my tri season and bike racing.

  2. Jae J

    I’m excited to start my 2nd year of triathlons! 1st race is the Kemah Olympic.

  3. I’m excited to get back on my bike after an illness. 😉

  4. I’m looking forward nervously toward my first half iron and shooting for my first age group win!

  5. Dale3

    Excited to race at World’s in New Zealand in October!

  6. Zac

    I am looking forward to riding my first century.

  7. I’m looking forward to start competing again after the 2 months recovery from my hamstring.

  8. Just finished my first race for the year … looking forward for first my first half marathon

  9. Looking forward to my first triathlon and the next ultra marathons!

  10. Just recovered from a bad ankle injury, and finally could do a 10km trainning this Saturday!

    I am looking forward this year to complete my first triathlon in a couple of months.

  11. I’ve been out of commission due to a health problem and i’m cleared to start running again. I could use this to kick start my training.

  12. Can’t wait to compete in my first Olympic distance triathlon: Australia’s largest – Noosa!

  13. I’m excited to race TWO new REV3 races- Wisconsin Dells and Florida!!

  14. I’m looking forward to swimming again and maybe training for my first out-of-the-country marathon. *crosses fingers*

  15. blurunning

    Hi DC Rainmaker! This is Antonio, your avid fan and Italian reader from Germany. What really excites me this time is the background of your picture. It really smell of spring, which will hopefully be coming here soon too! Training will benefit!

  16. I can’t wait and try for gold in the Mooloolaba team Tri 40plus at the end of this month.

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  18. I’m excited cause im traveling to Spain for the Madrid Marathon. Also, cause i might attemp my first ultra this year.

  19. Marc

    Looking forward to riding in the cold and dark … late nights trying to keep up with races in Europe, and lots and lots of extra washing with all the wet clothing…

  20. Kel

    Stoked to be doing ironman canada

  21. Keith

    After a long period of injury, I am looking forward to being able to run again and take part in multi-sport events. A Garmin 910XT would be a fabulous boost to smarter, injury free, training.

  22. Hoping to win my AG in a 70.3 this year. Already a hard year of training!

  23. Bill D.

    Looking to start the season with a sprint and hopefully end it with a Leadman250 with some epic trail runs in between!!

  24. first thank you for the chance to win this.

    I am looking forward to race back home and also start training for my first 26.2…

  25. I am excited to put the hurt down racing with the Wattie Ink Elite Team.

  26. Ben

    Im super excited because this is my first season with a coach, and Ive been training hard since 1/1/12 so Im hoping to see some real improvements and weight loss to get to a healthy weight this year. First race is in April, which is earlier than normal for me because we live in the south now.

  27. I am really looking forward to my second ever Half-Ironman (and hoping it goes better than the first)!

  28. I’m excited for all the tasty wine I’m going to enjoy in the Okanagan after the Osoyoos half-iron this July.

  29. After a period of time off the bike due to injury, ready to get back on the road and climb, climb, climb…cheers

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  31. Ian

    Its the start of Autumn down here so looking forward to putting TrainerRoad to good use. Also excited for spring (already!) if I manage to get in as much training as I’m hoping too.

  32. I am excited for all the training I am doing, since I missed on the training last year due to an injury, hope to finish the Full Marathon in 4hrs and half in 1hr 45mins this year :)

  33. Well, first of all I’m excited to get shorts and short-sleeved shirts back out of the depths of the closet. Then, as I’ve decided to go beyond marathon this season, I’m looking forward to my first ever 6-hours-run in March and a 73 k / 45 miles run in May.

  34. Myself, I’m hoping that I can just complete a race this year without re-injury!

  35. I’m excited for my first Ironman at Ironman Canada in August!

  36. Anonymous

    Hey Ray! Later this year I will be running Chicago as my marathon debut where I hope to go sub 3. I also plan on spending the months leading up to that getting PR’s in every distance as I break all my high school records from over one decade ago.


  37. I’m looking forward to upping my mileage as more daylight and warmer weather gets me outdoors easier!

  38. I am excited to actually, maybe take it seriously….only to a degree. haha

  39. I’m excited to do both my first Marathon and First Triathlon this ‘off season’ in Australia…

  40. looking forward to using a real running watch instead of the edge 500. The 910 would be perfect.

  41. Can’t wait for my first Ironman!

  42. I’m excited to run my second hood to coast relay here int the pacific northwest. My wife and I got a team and are really looking forward to the 200 mile race.


  43. Michael B. Lauritzen

    At the moment training for a 24 hour mountainbikerace in may. It’s going to be epic:-)

  44. So completely pumped for this time of year. My 47th birthday is March 15th, and I just registered for my first full marathon, Marine Corps Marathon, in your neck of the woods in October. I’m so happy to welcome the return of warmer weather, longer days, and lighter evenings so I can begin training for the race of my life!

  45. Carter T

    Looking forward to the Cherry Blossom 10 miler on April 1st. Coming all the way from Texas, so I can just pick up the watch then if I win! Thanks! Carter T

  46. Looking forward to one tri a month, spring through fall.

  47. Ooh ooh pick me! I’m excited to do my first half ironman this summer!!

  48. Looking forward to doing a 600 km trip by cycle.

  49. Truly inspired by advances in endurance sport technology. Mild winter and early spring weather doesn’t hurt either!

  50. Ahhh yeahh! I’m exciting for March Madness! Yeaaaahhhhh!

  51. I’m excited about change. I’m moving to Dallas after 4 years in Arkansas. I am ready to get into biking and swimming as it wasn’t always an option. America has given me an opportunity to blossom in many areas and I won’t let that opportunity pass by.

  52. Leeka

    Looking forward to achieve best results ever with new HR-monitor. Don’t know yet if it is Garmin 910 XT or Suunto Ambit.

  53. Looking forward to winter training downunder (Auckland) as we’ve had a crap summer so winter shouldn’t be much of a change!!

  54. I am so excited because this is the first year I am focusing on short distance races and am looking for a 3rd place in one of them. Only issue is my 305 is dead. I could so use a machine like that to make my dreams come true! Either way thanks for your blog and reviews.

  55. In singapore here so we don’t really have any seasons, but looking forward to my 2nd year in tri and my first attempt at an ironman distance at the end of the year!!

  56. Just cycled the Argus cycle tour in Cape Town, had fun on the tandem with my wife, and with Mr garmin 205 pushing the years Mr FX910xt would be very welcome in the family.

  57. sf

    I’m excited to finally go to Sea Otter this year!

  58. I miss my bike! Finally, the time changed so that I can get out after work and start to rack up some miles- running gets boring after a while :)

    I’m really looking forward to IMKY this year so bring on the training, baby!!!

  59. IMLP 2012 — Should be the ultimate day of fun & suffering!

  60. ian

    IM Cozumel! Well, in 8 months…

  61. Looking forward to some serious Ocean swimming.

  62. Thanks a lot for a change to be on the receiving end of your largesse!

    Living in Phoenix, the season has never really ended, but I’m looking forward to 3 major charity rides coming up over the next several months, including (hopefully) my first century in the MS 150 in Sedona.

  63. I’m excited to get back into doing some road races after a several year layoff from competing.

  64. I’m looking forward to make the combination of studies and training work in this season :)

  65. Last year was a wash: injuries and mechanicals ruined nearly half my races. I’m just excited to start with a clean (and hopefully healthy) slate.

  66. Not much to get excited about in NZ. Winter on it’s way, so it’s training in the cold!

  67. Mel

    I’m looking forward to racing my first half-Ironman in July (Lake Stevens, WA), and running the NYC Marathon for the first time in November!

  68. Looking forward to run my first ultra this year…and break into a sub 3:00 by the end of the year.

  69. I’m hoping to recover from my cracked ribs in time to compete in next week’s Ironman in Melbourne. Yikes!

  70. The snow if finally melting in Montreal. Time to ride the new Cervelo out :)

  71. Stefanos n

    Excited to run my first bike race

  72. improving my swim techique and blast the next Olympic distance swim!

  73. Eagerly awaiting the season, as this is when I start my training for my first half ironman.

  74. Lok

    starting a new training program for long course as a 1stimer!

  75. Kostas

    I know this has nothing to do with sports but i’m looking forward to getting my degree and start my PhD!!

  76. Jed

    I will not let a dropped chain beat me again on a race next season!

  77. Can’t wait for IM 70.3 Hawaii.

  78. Getting stronger on the bike in the off season!

  79. fdv

    Can’t wait to start doing some OWS competitions.

  80. Kevin B

    Can’t wait to try out the 901XT!

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  82. Anonymous

    Looking forward to my first marathon this year.

  83. My son was born about a week ago on March 2, 2012. I am looking forward to watching him grow!!!

  84. Well after having IMNZ downgraded due to weather there is no doubt what is on my radar. Hoping for concessional entry to IM Australia in May.
    Just gotta keep moving.

  85. I love biking and I’m starting to run, so I hope to win that amazing watch to improve my training!!! Awesome blog!! Keep forward!!

  86. TuckerM

    Looking forward to Ragnar this year

  87. toh

    I will try a couple of 100km ultra marathons this year! Need to have a GPS watch with a long battery life, and yes, 910XT is the best one.

  88. Looking forward to many long rides for me and watching my wife race between cancer treatments.

  89. SImply put, I am a freshman at college who is switching from power and explosion sports to endurance athletics. I played football and threw the shot and disc in high school. Once my father needed to get active, I told him I would do it with him and he chose biking. I fell in love with the road. Its been a tangled and expensive love affair since then, dropped 40 pounds (and counting) and always am looking to get on the road.

    SImply put, I am looking forward to the therapy that is the open road, be it on a bike or running through the parks. Can’t wait to get out daily!

    Thanks for all your reviews.

  90. Excited to take my 1st crack at 140.6 in Pentictin.

  91. Ken

    Looking forward to riding and losing the weight gained during the off-season.

  92. I’m excited to lose the last 15 pounds through running and cycling!

  93. Ckeenet

    I’ve been training well, planned series of races and am really looking forward to doing well in some of them :)

  94. matthewcod

    Really lookin forward to get some training done for the marine corp marathon.


  95. I am looking forward to pushing myself even more this year (my second full year of running), hopefully with a new Garmin…

  96. I love reading your reviews, you are such a motivator! Please send a Garmin!!!

  97. Looking forward to my first long course triathlon.

  98. I’m excited to increase my distance and early evening daylight runs!

  99. Looking forward to complete my first marathon and improving my time on the half!

  100. Duncan

    Looking forward to warmer temps, will regret that soon though.

  101. Looking forward to my first long course tri.

  102. Love that device. Can’t wait to test it.

  103. Jian Ming

    I’m excited about completing my first triathlon next year. – JM

  104. Everyday is a sunny day here in Manila (except for today, it’s raining hah!) but I’m still looking forward to beach bum this summer.

  105. After losing nearly 40kg and completing my first marathon last year, I decided to set my sights on a new goal – a full IM at the end of this year.

    I’ve recently completed my first tri and I’m looking forward to competing in my half IM in May in Western Australia.

    From there i’ll be looking forward to the training, discipline and fun needed to complete the ultimate goal.


  106. Jian Ming

    I’m excited about completing my first triathlon next year! – JM


  107. Sarah L

    I’m excited to run a fun new race with my husband in April!

  108. I want to find its faults and then complain to Garmin about them.

  109. E

    Looking forward to some solid winter swells.

  110. IainM

    Excited that running season is starting down in Australia!

  111. Excited about my first Iron distance Tri! Bring on Challenge Wanaka!

  112. Your blog has made me an athletic tech junkie!!

  113. Pimster

    After learning how to swim 2 years ago, I’m excited to be doing IM Canada in August!

  114. Excited about the rematch against the 50 mile run that I just barely survived last year!

  115. My boyfriend has a Garmin 910 XT and I’m almost certain he loves it more than me. His best friend also has one. I prefer to buy groceries with that much cash, but it sure would be awesome to have one of my own :)

  116. I’m excited for IM 70.3 Hawaii (HAWAII BABBBBYYYYYY), and then some cross-country skiing fun in my beautiful town, Wanaka.

  117. I’m excited for (hopefully) finishing my goal of 1500km ran in 2012. :)

  118. I look forward to finish my second and third half marathon after getting a disorder in my spline diagnosed! I paused ½ a year and built up my “six pack” in order to stabilize my splines. Furthermore the marathon training will start! Let’s keep runnin’


  119. I’m looking forward to long sunny bike rides and open water swims. Yikes, it has been a long winter if I’m excited to swim again!

  120. I’m excited to do Ironman Coeur D’Alene this year! My first full IM.

  121. I’m looking forward to the road bike season when it’s really hot. I feel like I train better when it’s scorching outside, rather than 60-70 degree weather.

  122. I’m going to train on mtb bike this season, not sure how it’ll go, I miss my road bike (destroyed, hit by a car)!

  123. Excited to get on my bike and in the open water again.

  124. Matt

    I’m looking forward to some long wind-trainer sessions and cold mornings through winter here down in Canberra, Australia, with the aim of doing a couple of half-ironman distance races at the end of the year.

  125. I am definately looking forward to the new season. Since we have had more daylight in the afternoons I have taken full advantage of the sunshine!

  126. I’m looking forward to start competing after 4 months hard winter training.


  127. I’m looking forward to some long wind-trainer sessions and cold mornings through winter here down in Canberra, Australia, with the aim of doing a couple of half-ironman distance races at the end of the year.

  128. TriMike

    Just finishing up my first season of triathlon, just completed my 1st Olympic distance at Victor Harbor on the weekend, pretty happy with my first attempt. Looking forward to getting a lot of training done in the off season, and having a real crack at it next season.

  129. Looking forward to more swims and runs.

  130. I would love to reduce my Garmin count from two to one and add swim workouts in the process!

  131. Gaeilo

    I’m excited in finishing my 1st half marathon!

  132. Looking forward to increasing my running mileage and preparing for my first 50 miler.

  133. Getting back in shape after a year of inactivity. A little more riding and a little more running. Get better at swimming and hopefully well enough to do a Tri.

  134. w

    Looking forward to do my first triathlon…. After 20 marathons, it’s a completely new challenge

  135. This autumn I’m just looking forward to running outside, freaking people out as they shrivel into their coats.

  136. Getting serious about training and get some decent race results.

  137. I’m excited to do 2 races this summer.

  138. I look forward to do my first NY City Marathon in November this year! I’m also doing two more in my home town of Stockholm! I have never done 3 in one year before!

  139. Jake Jendusa

    I am looking forward to my first full ironman!

  140. Can’t wait to get the Ironman Western Australia done later this year.

  141. I’m looking forward to training for the Kremetart race in June.

  142. ben

    Training hard for some fast OD racing!

  143. Sun is shining in Finland and there’s some signs of spring… Soon back on bike after too long winter. New gadgets needed. :)

  144. I’m looking forward to win the garmin! 😀
    Greets from austria..

  145. Have to get Back into shape for Race in Sunny span soo

  146. Ned

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  147. I’m looking forward to getting my bachelor degree 😛 and to placing better in 4 montainbike marathons than I did in 2 years :)

  148. Ned

    Looking forward to some 5Ks and a half marathoon. Hopefully no broken bones from playing Ultimate this year!

  149. Looking forward to off season training here in India.

  150. I’m looking forward to getting out of the Clydesdale division.

  151. Less than 3 weeks until the National Lottery Olympic Park 5 mile run where I’ll be one of 5000 to cross the London 2012 finish line before the games start.

  152. I wish compete in my second IM and win your 910xt, haha. I love this time of the year, when the sun start to shine.

    Greetings from Spain.

  153. Kisstoney

    Super excited to be competing in the Tour of Fiji in October.


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  155. This past week I started the preparation for my spring marathon with the first 30km run. So far so good…
    I’d love to run with the 910.

  156. Thanks Ray! I’m in Melbourne, Australia, so looking forward to some duathlon, club crit racing and pool swimming over the winter months and some snowboarding also. It would be interesting to see how the 910xt performs on the ski slopes!

  157. I’m looking forward to the warmer weather… and my first year of training on my bike

  158. Looking forward to the southern hemisphere road racing season to start (winter here in AUS)..

  159. In July i’ll do my first ironman – European Championships in Roth, Germany. I’m very exited about it :)

  160. I’m looking forward to running my first marathon this year.

  161. I am very exited for this season, since I have just started on a five month long paternity leave.

    By using a Chariot child carrier my little son and I have already done many fantastic cross-country skiing trips.

    Now the snow is melting, and we are ready for the biking season – enjoying ourselves outdoors together with some other families with toddlers.

  162. After 370 days without running because I have suffered of an knee injury I am really looking forward to start at the Alsterlauf in Hamburg, Germany.

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  164. JZ

    After blowing my ACL a couple weeks ago, I’m looking forward to doing some open-water races this summer…. bike/run will have to wait until next year. :(

  165. QIAO: Look forward to my spring Marathon and hope to qualify for Boston in 2013 !

  166. I’m looking forward to taking my brand new daughter out in a jogging stroller.

  167. I am excited about finishing up my PhD in physics and graduating. Also looking forward to my first HIM.

  168. This Season is very Exciting to me after being laid up for 3 years fighting run away late stage Lyme disease. Just ordered a set of Shimano PD-R670 still debating on which shoes. So LOTS to be excited about! A breath of life, riding again, ok so I’m not exactly running, but to be able to walk multiple miles is very exciting! Considering I was at one point looking at being wheelchair bound.
    Thank you for your time and your reviews! saves a bunch of time sifting through info!

  169. Looking forward to running a 100km this April, and biking across Denmark (my home country) 375 km (yeah, its a small country ;)). I foresee some long days ahead, and lots of food-intake 😀

  170. Excited to be in better shape than last year.

  171. I’m looking forward to my usual assortment of races (less than two weeks until the Shamrock Shuffle!), as well as taking on a few duathlons. Might even get really ambitious on the bike and do a Gran Fondo!

  172. Im excited about becoming a first time dad and the changes that i will need to make to my training. I have a new order 1st Dad, 2nd Bike Rider, 3rd Runner. Fun & Exciting times ahead. No new gadgets for me for a while unless they involve kids bikes, kids bike seats etc..

  173. Aiming to get into triathlons this year, this would be the perfect tech to spur me on! Keep up the good work!
    Oliver Bird

  174. GJL

    Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon! It’s going to be “Legen” …wait for it… “dary!” :)

  175. Just got my knees cleared, so I’m ready for a season of adventure racing, something I did not dare believe a couple of weeks ago!

  176. Hi! I’m looking forward to racing HIM Copenhagen July 1 and seeing my first child born thhis summer.

  177. Wayne

    I’m very much looking forward to ‘running all my hikes’ here in the Swiss Alps.

  178. This will be my first full season since pretty much destroying my back four years ago.

  179. DragonBear:

    Looking forward to the upcoming season.

  180. SSB

    Pick me!!! I’m excited to age up. Yep. Turning the big 40 soon. I hope all the other fast gals aren’t as old as I am.

  181. Alex

    Just started a new job basically 90 hours a week. I am excited that triathlon gives me the opportunity to simply let go!
    BTW as always thanks for doing an awesome job

  182. Recovering from knee problem, looking forward to te able to run without pain.

  183. I’m so excited for my 2nd triathlon season. I’ve had too much work to train correctly this winter but it doesn’t matter, I’ll be ready for the 1st one, by the end of April!

  184. I am in the Southern hemisphere, and have just finished my first season of cross triathlons (off-road) including my first Xterra!

    I am excited for the Sani2c race in May, a 3 day mountain bike race in the most amazing terrain in Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa (I have been on the waiting list for four years due to the popularity of the race).

  185. I’m excited about training for IM Florida. It’ll be my first IM.

  186. Neil

    Hi Ray

    Looking forward to sitting on the couch, eating cookies and watching Australian Rules during the off-season.


  187. I haven’t been able to squeeze a run since 9 Feb! That’s when I became a first time dad… twice over!!!! :)

  188. I am looking forward to running my first full marathon and then crewing for the La-Ultra in the Himalayas..!!!

  189. Dan

    I’m in. Looking forward to my first 100K ultra trail run this year.

    Dan in Morgan Hill, CA

  190. Great device that I would like to use during my cycling and running training

  191. Looking looking forward to starting those long early morning rides/runs on the weekend a little later and not having to try get done before the heat becomes too much as the South African summer heat gives way to cooler days.

  192. Dan

    I’m looking forward to lots of summer trail running!

  193. I’m excited to get back in forest and do orienteering

  194. I’m excited to compete in my first IM this summer.

  195. I’m excited to bike in the sun and race my second half-iron (this time with a training plan)…

  196. Would love a 910 to replace my drowned 310

  197. Looking forward for my first half marathon season. First start in 67 days plenty of time to prepare.

  198. I’m looking forward to finish my first half ironman in July! Ofcourse I’m also waiting to beat my marathon time in September in Berlin :)

  199. I am excited that after 4 years on the waiting list I am finally racing the dream race – SANI2C with my fiance and on top of it I am finishing the race on my birthday on the beach!!!!!!!!!! whooo – NOW THAT IS EXCITING!

  200. I’m still going Skiing! Springtime ist greatest for that.

  201. I can’t wait for my second half ironman :)

  202. I am preparing a Marathon, I love watching all the videos about it and the garmin would be a perfect friend since after that “the man of iron” is my next dream!

  203. Just let me now when you need my address!:)

  204. I’m looking forward to my first long distance triathlon in August. A 70.3 Ironman in Cebu, Philippines.

  205. Matthias "Droffen"

    Want to get my weight below 100kg (3 more kg to go) with raod cycling and re-start barefoot running after my knee surgery last October.

  206. I am looking forward to starting training for my first sprint triathlon. Thank you for the great reviews and insight. Keep it up! ;c)

  207. Kim

    I’m excited about completing my first tri of the season at the Desert Tri in Palm Springs and now I’m looking forward to working on my weak areas so I can rock the OC Tri in a couple months!! :)

  208. I’m excited to finally get my butt in gear and hit the pool and pound the pavement to get ready for my first Tough Mudder race in Seattle at the end of September and maybe a marathon thrown in there for good measure!

    For more info on the race visit:


  209. Honu 70.3 and another chance at the lottery.

  210. I will participate in my first ever sprint distance this coming Sunday in Thailand. My plan would be try to participate in standard distance aroudn Dec 2012.

  211. Berber

    I’m looking forward to my first marathon!

  212. I’m equally excited and terrified of my first 100 mile ultrarun in Illiniois on April 15. Potowatomie 100 miler.

  213. Been out of action due to work related travle over the last year, but that didn’t stop me from entering the singlespeed world championships in SA this year. Going to be using it to kickstart me into the world of XTerra – Super excited about becoming a real athlete again!

  214. Looking forward to my first ultra race (100K) after starting to run again last July.
    Went from 264 pounds to 195 during the course of this time and I’m still losing weight, just from changing my diet and getting out on the bike, running and swimming :-)

  215. I’m excited to finally get my butt in gear and hit the pool and pound the pavement to prepare for my first Tough Mudder race in Seattle at the end of September and maybe a marathon thrown in there for good measure.

    For more info on the race visit:

  216. After serious back injury and being told maybe I shouldn’t run, Ive put the naysayers behind and on course for Vancouvers 5 Peaks trail running series…whoo hoo!

  217. Mmmm….Garmin

  218. I’d love one of these to help with my tri training when I’m away for 3 weeks on honeymoon. Lots of sea swimming off the coast of Malaysia.

  219. Returning to the marathon distance, and hopefully a good run and time at Berlin Marathon :-)

  220. I live in Seattle and I’m ready for this mamby pamby “snow” to go away!

  221. MartinO

    Im excited to get on my bike and race again, hoping to be more fit than ever before :-)

  222. Just had a stunning competition at the German cross country (running) championships, which gives me a boost of motivation to continue training hard for regionals and nationals this summer. A lot of work ahead of me!

  223. I’m looking forward to my first race ever! The Batavierenrace in the netherlands, a 175km long relay race for students. Gonna be a lot of fun.

  224. Baz

    Hi Ray,
    I am an ultra long distance mountain runner . Last season was very promising to me with some very good results on new competitions such as the longest nonstop Ultratrail in the world (Tor Des Geants in Aosta Valley, 330km, D+). This season I am excited to come back on competition where I have already been to improve my previous results and this is exciting. The most important competition to me will be the 20th anniversary of the crossing of the Reunion Island from south to north (several volcanos…). the Race is called Grand Raid de La Reunion or Diagonale des Fous. Best trail runners will be there… Exciting !

  225. Look forward to my next marathon!

  226. I’m looking forward to a marathon PR.

  227. I am so much looking forward to recover from my bad ankle injury and run my first miles!! I SO can’t wait!

  228. On the road again? No…not yet

  229. I’m looking forward nervously toward my first half ironman in Zell am See-

  230. I work with a group of young men in my church and for a summer activity we are having a triathlon. Looking forward to sharing this great sport with them.

  231. I will run my first marathon this year!

  232. I’m looking forward to getting married this summer! And the Olympics! And the European football championships!

    Did I go it right?

  233. Racing the Bike and Running the trails are always better when there’s data to prove it!

  234. Down here in Australia looking forward to the start of the running season!

  235. Ken SwimNbike

    Hi Ray,

    I have discovered your blog this year, and I thoroughly enjoy it.
    I’m contemplating the idea of IM 70.3 Taiwan this year.

    I’ll put that FR910XT to good use :-)

    Again, I appreciate your blog, and THE GIRL’s.
    Keep blogging!!

    Ken SwimNbike

  236. First would say that great idea. This kind of watch is helpful for everyone.
    About my season, I will have my first Marathon in a Autumn, this is quite exiting. But also just to see will my results be better after two year regular training – so called back to reality check :)

  237. What a great idea Ray! :) I am looking forward to my first marathon – ideally _with_ a FR 910xt 😉

  238. pret pour mon prochain marathon à Barcelona

  239. AMC

    I’m excited to be back in the running shoes after injury

  240. Looking forward to the inaugural National Harbor 70.3 as well as the Marine Corps Marathon (my first marathon).

  241. What a great idea Ray! :) I am looking forward to my first Marathon in Berlin this year, ideally _with_ a FR910xt 😉

  242. Good stuff! I’m hoping to run my first <3:30 marathon next April. The 1:27 half marathon I did last sunday says I can… :)

  243. Just have year of race without injury, would be really great !

  244. Ken SwimNbike

    Hi Ray,

    I have discovered your blog this year, and I thoroughly enjoy it.
    I’m contemplating the idea of IM 70.3 Taiwan this year.

    I’ll put that FR910XT to good use :-)

    Again, I appreciate your blog, keep blogging!!

    Ken SwimNbike

  245. I’ll beat 70.3@Phuket, Thailand

  246. Just 2 months to go to IM 70.3 Mallorca – will chase the sun!

  247. I am inspired to get ready for 70.3 Distance MetaMan on a tiny Island in Indonesia.

  248. Looking forward to my first out of state Ironman.

  249. I will do some triathlons and a marathon this year. Beside this I try to write a iOS tool for the training management.

  250. Really looking forward to my first run after being injured for over a year…

  251. I’m excited to do my second season of active sports after I quit smoking a year ago 😉

    This years ambitious goals – 1st marathon, 1st 3hr MTB race, 1st sprint triathlon. Hope at least two of these get accomplished by say October 😉

  252. Going to run my first marathon in August!

  253. Been training hard in the off season – looking forward to surprising a few in the races coming up :)

  254. Been training hard in the off season – looking forward to surprising a few in the races coming up :)

  255. Sam

    Looking forward to training for the Air Force marathon followed by the Marine Corps marathon. This watch would certainly help…!

  256. excited about IM Austria coming on July. Abu Dhabi was magnificent!

  257. I am looking forward to all the ridiculous amounts of snow we´ve been having here in Finland to go away so I can be out running and enjoying nature.

  258. Seb Lemaire

    started triathlon 3 years, and one IM last year already… amazing what we can do when we are motivated and passionated… 2 70.3 and one IM this year are planned… I love this sport!!

  259. This comment has been removed by the author.

  260. Looking forward to the new season — I’ve got New Year’s Resolutions to keep! Can’t wait for my first marathon!

  261. woz

    Looking forward to Wildflower once again.

  262. I’m excited to be training for my first half-marathon!
    And I’m considering doing a sprint tri later in the season.


  263. Silly thing ate my comment! Like i was saying i’mexcited about my first and last IM this summer in Zutich!

  264. JamesB

    I’m looking forward to Ironman South Africa and slogging away during the winter months here for Challenge Barcelona!! It’s going to be tough to stay motivated during winter, but a brand new 910XT should make it more bearable…

  265. I am looking forward to my first marathon and maybe triathlon

  266. Jonathan K

    This is my master plan:

    – Pick a day of the year when it isn’t 8 degrees below zero and finish second marathon sub 3:30
    – Do lots of intervals, finish 10K sub-40 minutes.
    – Really enjoy a 50K trail run in Belgium
    – Maybe have a sniff at a 1/4 or 1/2 tri (would have to do a lot of swimming, which is where a 910XT would come in handy)
    – Buy entire Brooks Pure Connect stock available in Europe, so I never have to spend hours online anymore picking the right pair of shoes.

  267. Just finished my first 1/8te and my last MTB duatlon of the season to kick of a well filled tri-year. Working towards my first 1/2-tri ever on the 5th of august… it’s going to be fun.

  268. Looking forward to start training again and hopefully the doctors will give me a good diagnose!

  269. Looking forward to my second season

  270. My first Olympic Triatlon in Vilvoorde, Belgium on the 8th of July.

  271. I really want to break my marathon PR.

  272. hyn

    In less than 6 weeks I’ll be running my first marathon! That is for the momento my A++ race. After that, I’ll start thinking about racing my first triathlon :)

  273. I am excited for the Spring because I can run around the Hong Kong Jockey Club. Usually the Spring in Hong Kong ushers many joggers and runners using their Garmin devices.

  274. I’m anxious and excited about my first marathon on the 15th of April. As the day gets closer, the more the anxiety raises.

  275. This comment has been removed by the author.

  276. I am looking forward to Spring because I can run at the Hong Kong Jockey Club Race coarse.

  277. Looking forward to spring arriving here in Switzerland. Just about time to get the bike from the hibernation state back to life…

  278. I can’t wait to get back in the open water for my second season in tri

  279. i’ve decided to work on my wim, once and for all. enough excuses along the lines of “i’m crap at swimming” or “the swim is just a warm up for the bike”.

  280. 4 weeks left before my first marathon & Then into the 1/2 IM training. Winning this will help with those pool sessions :)

  281. Alreadu love my fr60, but this one with gps rocks!

    so please let me know when I can pick it up :)

  282. First thing is a season without injuries, then my first tri and then getting a shot at 2:45 in Berlin!

  283. Now that my friend is a great giveaway…I hope I get one 😀

  284. I’m looking forward riding the cobblestones of Paris-Roubaix in the 10th of june. http://www.vc-roubaix-cyclo.fr

  285. As an active member of the Royal Air Force and currently recovering from a back injury. I am looking forward to competing in my first Off Road Duathlon this year. Excited and Nervous is an understatement

  286. Edu

    This year I will start with the triathlon and what better way to train with a Garmin FR910

  287. I’m looking forward to getting back running after a couple of months off after the arrival of our son.
    Plus me and a couple of friends are hoping to do the Exmouth Exodus.

  288. tom

    After living in Tunisia for the last 6 months its not been the best place to train. Moving to Australia in April and can’t wait to get back into training.
    Maybe tackle my first marathon this year…

  289. My personal goal is not to compete in any event for the whole year, yet continue to motivate myself to train 4-5 days a week, including some velodrome fun. Is it about health and wellness or competition?

    Keep the nice literature around here.

  290. I’m looking forward riding the cobblestones of Paris-Roubaix in the 10th of june. http://www.vc-roubaix-cyclo.fr

  291. Rob B.

    I am excited to get back on the running trails after a year layoff!

    Rob B.

  292. The good young lady wife would be very happy to take one of these out training.

  293. A. Roussos

    I hope I will run again as I was able to before my knee injury.

  294. Len

    I’m looking forward my first marathon this year, in september, near my hometown : The “marathon du medoc” branded as the longest in the world because you can abuse fantastic wines along the race in some of the best wine domains in the world 😀

  295. Retzel Orquiza

    Last year was a great season for me, I plan to top it this year. I’m excited to do the 100km MTB marathon, 100km The North Face Trail run, 70.3 Philippines and an iron-distance race. The Garmin FR910XT will help me keep track of my pace during those races and also my training preparations.

  296. Looking forward to pair my new Garmin 910XT with my new Garmin Vector pedals…

  297. I’m looking forward to my 5th marathon and I’m better prepared than ever.

  298. Looking forward to my next IM

  299. Excited about my first Half Ironman!

  300. Making the transition from MTB to road bike and preparing for my first full marathon. Bring it on!

  301. Looking forward to my tre season this year.

  302. …since following your excellent and inspiring blog for some time, I´m really excited about doing my first long distance triathlon this summer… after hopefully finishing my first semi-ultramarathon this spring….
    have a good day!

  303. This comment has been removed by the author.

  304. Thanks for the giveaway again Ray! Great posts lately.

    I’m in the southern hemisphere and I’m looking forward to spending some serious time in some serious warm gear running and riding in the dark of the morning. For some reason I find it easier to motivate myself when it’s dark. Weird!

  305. At the moment training for a 24 hour roadbikerace in may. Greetings from Germany

  306. Really looking forward to the Paris Marathon in France on April 15, with one month to go there is still lots of work to be done!

  307. Marathon coming up in 5 weeks, and training going well enough that I’m getting quite hopeful for a PB. (Sorry if this is a double post; got an error message first time)

  308. I’m looking forward to hopefully training for LEGOG in the UK, and starting to increase my amount of running :)

  309. I’m Gianluca from Italy, near Venice….and now the explosion spring is starting: I love the cherry blossom season and run through the olive trees ! Come back in Italy: you will be welcomed !

  310. Looking forward to my first triathlon this summer. Also, my first tennis tournament and first cyclosportive events. Regrets? Not starting years ago!

  311. I’m excited about completed my first marathon (hopefully!). The Sundown Marathon in Singapore on 26 May.

  312. Hi I’m Paolo from Verona, Italy!
    I am excited to use my bike afther a winter of trendmill!

  313. spring is coming! much better to run now

  314. my 310xt was stolen recently whilst travelling and my insurance found a clever way not to pay :(

    i would love to get back to basics, analyse my running metrics and kill a couple of halfs in the off-season.

  315. having a crack at a BQ

  316. Looking forward to my first marathon. And my second, in Bordeaux.

  317. Two halfs do not make a full ironman, but will still try to convience people it does..

  318. Looking forward to my first half-marathon in May!

  319. Randy Cantu

    Looking forward to a new season……after a disastrous bike crash and long recovery last May 28…..I have no where no go but up.

  320. I’m just preparing for my next marathon (Paris in April) and for my first half-ironman in June… For the first, planning a PB, for the second planning to survive…

  321. Din

    I am looking forward to start my second triathlon, really nervous about it. Some many things to do and keep in mind but with great fun.

  322. I’m goint to make my first 70.3 Ironman this summer, cross the Boshorus channel swimming and run my firs marathon as well :)

  323. I’m goint to make my first 70.3 Ironman this summer, cross the Boshorus channel swimming and run my firs marathon as well :)

  324. Excited that Taipei101 Run-up is coming!!!

    And probably..collect another 2 marathons!

  325. I’m excited to train for and race in my first Ironman (Mont Tremblant)!

  326. 46

    I just hope, that this time I’ll be lucky.

    António Cruz

  327. Looking forward to start swimming again now that it’s warm :)

  328. Looking forward to doing some long runs and rides this spring after quite a long calf injury, and if i can increase my FTP and rFTP in the process that’d be great!
    Hopefully i’ll also do a short triathlon in the summer if everything goes well :-)

  329. This comment has been removed by the author.

  330. Am I tough enough for 70.3 in 2012?

  331. Looking forward to working on my pool swimming hopefully with my new Garmin 910XT!

  332. I’m excited to run another half marathon this season after running my first two last year. Hopefully I can better my time on the 10K as well!

  333. See if I can qualify for Las Vegas after only doing 1 year of triathlon at the IM 70.3 Italy or Austria. Getting my swim time under 26 minutes would be great!

  334. Roy

    Training for my first half ironman. Been doing sprints up to now. 2 months of injury free running. Bring on September!

  335. In two weeks, I’ll be running my first marathon. A week of rest and I’ll be ramping up the bike (new bike!) & swim again, competing a few OD triathlons, and end of June my second half tri (a very hilly one).
    After that, I don’t know yet; looking at a long distance duathlon and some cyclosportifs, but nothing decided yet.

    All this using my trusty old FR305, so a 910XT would be welcome. 😉

  336. Nervous and excited to run the Laguna Phuket Marathon is coming June. It’s going to be hot and humid, but looking forward to the heat!

  337. Im very excited to race the Fishermans Friend StrongmanRun in Germany and i hope getting much fitter für the new hockeyseason 2012/13.

  338. PRK

    Just a comment? That is the cheapest way to get a Forerunner 910XT. I was planning to save some money to get it. This seems to be a better idea 😉

  339. ash

    excited to get back back in shape after winter hibernation

  340. I’m excited to run the Rotterdam Marathon, to climb the famous Galibier and Mont-Ventoux in the French Alps and to take swimming lessons and improve my swimming skills to end the season with a triathlon perhaps…

  341. tom

    Nice! Planning to increase my mileage, maybe run ma first ultra and of course stay injury free…..

  342. This comment has been removed by the author.

  343. Mathew Pottinger

    Moving from New Zealand to Scotland in just over a week – so i’m looking to forward to buying a road bike over there (my first official one, I have a hybrid currently) and riding for hours on end as you do when you get a new toy.

  344. Looking forward to training with my 10 year old son to help him complete his first triathlon. A FR910XT would make it so much better. 😉

  345. I’m currently skking but looking forward my trail running training !

  346. Im looking forward to faster/quicker running, getting out of the comfort zone.

  347. Having a beer after IMUK!

  348. Having a beer after IMUK

  349. We don’t have an “off season” here is Australia – weather is too nice all year round 😉
    Goal for me is to finish building up my new roadie & starting hitting some good climbs.
    Thanks for a great competition DC !!

  350. Busy summer planned would love to have a wonderful new tool.

  351. Just excited to start riding in shorts again, preferably with a brand new 910XT on my handlebar :)

  352. I’m trying to get back in shape from a knee surgery. So excited, that every day I’m counting till my next training comes.

  353. I am looking forward to a beautiful season of running,my first half marathon and excited to start training in the pool again.

  354. Really looking forward to participating in a 5k race on the Zandvoort Race Circuit (former F1-circuit). I’ll love uploading the data to Garmin Connect afterwards, one doesn’t get too many chances to run these kind of routes.

  355. I’m excited to my upcoming 10K and lots and lots of summer trail runnning!

  356. mcb

    I am looking forward to competing in my first triathlon.

  357. Hey.

    I have run for several years, but this season I will focus a little more on cycling. And sinews might. combine it so it probably ends up with either the triathlon or duathlon. Was a good start with my bicycle exercise / spinning. But, unfortunately, had little trouble with my knees. Hope it passes soon so I can really get started with cycling season.
    I will of course win the FR910XT. I gotta use it in my future triathlon / duathlon.

    / Tommy (Denmark)

  358. More training with my bike to can stay in Group A of The Saturday ride here.

  359. I’m looking forward to more running and cycling. Have a halfmarathon I’m training for this year, first time, so I’m really looking forward to it. Cycling wise I’m thinking about starting to commute, but I’ll need another bike for that´. I’m looking forward to better and hotter weather, and riding on my racing bike! Love the spring / summer!

  360. I’m excited to do my first triathlon! And hopefully many more to come!

  361. Anonymous

    I´m looking forward to my first ironman abroad – june 9. in Germany

    Martin Sanderhoff

  362. Excited to celebrate the 10th-10th edition of UTMB-UTMB (100 miles, French Alps & Italy & Switzerland) on a very special-special way :)
    Good job Ray.

  363. Happy to be back in the south of France for some steep trail running.

  364. I am really excited about running and cycling in a different country as I have just moved from the UK to Switzerland


  365. Looking forward to another marathon build up and race

  366. Looking forward to the season ahead. New races, new goals and new challenges! Bring it on!!!

  367. Anonymous

    Looking forward tothe Pars Marathon in 4 weeks


  368. Hey Ray, i’m looking forward for one or two ultra running in the year (propably one) and restart my swimming session.

  369. I think it could help me in this year Great Wall Marathon in China!

    Great blog!

  370. I’m looking forward to my first ultra of the year, the Highland Fling, a 53 miler along the first half of the West Highland Way here in Scotland. I am then looking forward to ‘hopefully’ a good year of training before heading to Morocco in 2013 for the Marathon Des Sables.

  371. Excited about the Olympics coming to London, and getting the chance to volunteer at the Triathlon, Road Race and Time Trial. Kinda blows my season out of the water, but I’m sure I’ll find time for a half or 2.

  372. I’m looking forward to my second season and second half marathon.

    Keep improving bit by bit and one day do a full marathon!

  373. Can’t wait until the first tri of the year here in Clermont, FL on March 26th (Great Clermont Olympic)! Also for FL Ironman, going for a qualifying spot this year :)

  374. Excited to run outside again.

  375. My excitement: 2012 will be my first year dedicated to TRI! KM’s!

  376. Can’t wait to put on miles on my newly ordered newton shoes!

  377. I’m excited to train again for a marathon 30 years after my first and on my 50th birthday. And I’m more motivated today than yesterday

  378. Hi Ray,

    I’d loved to get this watch for finally having everything on one watch.

  379. This comment has been removed by the author.

  380. I am looking forward to running more distance everyday for 100K ultra marathon in the near future!

  381. Excited to put the beast to the test here in Chamonix Mont Blanc with some of the best trails, natural lakes and biking cols….can it get better than this?!

  382. Looking forward to longer runs while recovering from a hip injury.

  383. I am looking forward to July 22nd when I take on my first Ironman in Lake Placid :)

  384. muellnerm

    Race Around Austria – can’t wait :)

  385. Recovery in the offseason

  386. Looks like this is finally gonna be my weight loss season.

  387. just did my first HM last sunday, still in recovery mode… but can’t wait to train n run for my next HM. and the motivation just increase drastically after i got my FR610.

  388. Looking forward to all the racing that is coming up, and of course the warm weather!

  389. Waiting for first outside ride this year.

  390. I start competing, and plan tristar in coming years :) Always pleasant to read your blog. Cheers from France

  391. I’m training to be able to run all-around my island: Tahiti, in French Polynesia ; and establish a record time for these 140km. I never try a Garmin watch but it interest me a lot. Good luck to everyone and IA ORANA! :)

  392. This comment has been removed by the author.

  393. I’m looking forward to start my second year of triathlons. Hoping to beat my PB at half-IM.

  394. I’m excited about competing in the European Olympic Triathlon Age Group Championship at Eilat, Israel and starting my first marathon training right after it.

  395. My 1st half iron!

  396. i am looking forward to my 2nd year of racing and improving my times. and maybe a win in my age group.

  397. Looking forward to finally getting under the 10-hour barrier at Ironman Texas.

  398. I’m excited for my first tri of the season is weekend!!!!

  399. i hope i participate to more competition

  400. I am excited for IMLP!

  401. Will enter my first tri on May the 6th in Versailles France. Swimmingand running take place in the castle’s park! So impatient to get there! :-) 910XT would definitively be the right watch to record this race 😉

  402. I can’t wait to get on the road with this beauty!

  403. I’m looking forward to a different kind of season with a long sportive ride, half marathons to PB and a short dist tri in the beautiful west coast of scotland. Cheers!

  404. brianmo73

    I’m looking forward to returning to the states to train and race. I’ve been training and racing in the Middle East and am excited to get a change of scenery!

  405. wish me luck… rowing the single next week-end.

  406. Keep up the good job with your blog, I am always amazed how you can squeeze in all the things you do in the same time as I have, My time seems a lot shorter…
    Really loves your style of writing in the blog, easy and fun to read even for me as an non english speaking person. And I guess I am a bit geeky when it comes to gadgets too so I really like the indepth reviews.

  407. Im looking forward too running my first Marathon in Berlin!

  408. Hey Ray!

    I can not wait for my first Ironman in August :)

  409. I am excited about spring because I am restoring my first tri bike from the mid 80s. It is being re-painted and will have new bb, front sprocket, rear cassette, and used but mint deraileurs.

  410. maciek_gontarek@o2.pl

    I’m very excited becouse this season I’ll start in my fitrst triathlon ever!

  411. rr

    I really need a new watch as my 310xt is slowly dying!

  412. Looking forward to getting fit again after a 3 week holiday in New Zealand.

  413. That is really kind of you, thanks! I’m looking forward to running and biking during the beautiful days of spring, the winter has been a bit harsh between the cold and the cloudy days!

  414. I’m chomping at the bit to put into action a couple of ultra-marathon plans I have simmering way. This is my year of big runs and I can’t wait!

  415. Will it bring new life to my triathlon aspirations?

  416. I signed up for my first cycle-race, the eddiy-merckx-classics in austria. and i am planning on doing a lot of mountaineering this year after some backcountry-skiing this winter.

  417. Hi Ray, I’m stepping up my training this year and racing age group. Need to get faster………

  418. I’m excited to debut in half iron man distance and continue with my good progression in sprint and Olimpic distances and obtain the qualification to the Spanish Championship 😉

  419. Ian

    I am doing the tough mudder marathon in May….. excited and nervous in equal measures!
    Great blog by the way! :)

  420. Darka

    Hi Ray,

    Just got back into swimming and you’ve almost inspired me to attempt a tri.

  421. EeroP

    The start of orienteering season, that’s the true sign of spring for me.


  422. Ian

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  423. This season I will try my first marathon and it will be a mountain one!

  424. i am looking forward to a summer season of 3 local sprint triathlons and then a fall olympic distance. I have trained hard all winter and am ready to for a fantastic season.

  425. I am looking forward to riding outside after riding the trainer all winter :-) Ewan

  426. ErwanM

    I am looking forward to start training again when the snow goes away and the temperatures rise over -10°C here in Romania. Main goal for 2012: Marathon 7500: ultra trail of 90km and 7500D+

  427. I’m excited to run – or at least try to run – my first marathon this year.

  428. Thanks Ray! I’ll use my new 910xt for my first 140.6!

  429. First IM in Cairns Australia in June.
    Looking forward to the recovery week in Port Douglas after :)

  430. well… I really do feel that 910xt should wing it’s way from the US of A to good Ol’ New Zealand…

  431. Heading into winter but determined to keep up the open water swimming and then first ever marathon in sept…last chance before I’m 40.

  432. I’m looking forward to some open water swimming as the temperature is rising. Currently I’m a bit tired of swimming indoors.

  433. ciaran.rodgers@hotmail.com

    Starting my build period training for by debut half ironman here in ireland and would love a 910 to count my swim laps


  434. I’m excited to mountain bike with my son!

  435. Bring on autumn racing with blue skies and no humidity.

  436. I’m looking forward to my first full Ironman!

  437. Kioseus Znook

    You can’t beat a run in the sun to make you feel alive. Bring it on!

  438. rob

    I’m racing my first 70.3 in june

  439. It’s going to be a challanging year: Finishing my studies, finding a job, getting my girl back, 30k trail run, Berlin Marathon and hopefully my first triathlon. But still my swim style is poor and my girl has another one, so fingers crossed.

  440. EmilPe

    I’m looking forward to the best recent tri season! Ten triathlons within 3 months is what I like the most 😉

  441. First marathon end of April then work on front crawl and do first tri later in the summer.

  442. Can’t wait to put some miles on my newly ordered Newton shoes!

  443. ironmans? ultramarathons? buuh… i’m looking forward for my first daughter to be born in july :)

  444. This comment has been removed by the author.

  445. I´m looking forward to leave my injuries behind and finally compete like i should be able to.

  446. Im looking forward to completimg my first ironman

  447. Excited I just completed my first ultra 50 miles and the watch would come in handy in my next quest! Thanks.

  448. I’m looking forward to a new Marathon PR and my first triathlon.

  449. Anonymous

    Nice job you’ve done ! Thanks :)

  450. I’m happy because this summer I’ll go for my first Triathlon sprint!

  451. Excited on my first trail run race! TNF!

  452. Excited to run my first Mountain Maraton in May. I’ll try to finish it under 6h.

  453. My first Ironman!

  454. I’m looking forward to my first 20k in Brussels, Belgium!

  455. H

    Looking forward to American Zofingen in 2 months!

  456. Looking forward to the West Higland Way Race in June, 95 miles of the Scottish Highlands. It is going to be EPIC :-)

  457. Looking forward to the opening of the big passes on the Alps, for big rides on the mountains!

    Cheers from Italy!

  458. Looking forward to my first ironman. Only 14 weeks away!! Eeks!

  459. I’m looking forward to get up to full speed again when my achilles tendon allows me to…

  460. I am happy because I will run my first marathon!

  461. Darren Guy

    I’m looking forward to my first ever tri in June!!

  462. I’m excited to be running in the most races I’ve done in one year, including my first marathon and the Tough Mudder in October.

  463. excited to be racing 3 half Iron’s this summer! yahoo!!

  464. I look forward to leading the 1:55 pace Group for the Fargo Half Marathon on 19 May…time to give back to a great sport!

  465. Looking forward to my first 70.3 and marathon this year.

  466. Looking forward for the clearing of the winter germs, getting healthy and actually going riding. It has been one of those winters.

  467. Thanks for producing some of the best content on the web.

  468. This season I just can’t wait to win this Garmin:) Few tri sprints don’t matter at all 😉

  469. I’ve had some nagging injuries and recovery from IMC 2010 to deal with, and just yesterday I signed up for a half iron in June. I am prepped and pumped! The link on this comment leads to my blog, where there is an email address.

  470. This comment has been removed by the author.

  471. This is my second season in this addictive sport. I have already signed up and committed myself to the K-town long course (2000m swim, 56k bike, 15k run)In August. I’m really excited and freaked out all at the same time about this new challenge.

  472. Tim B

    I’m excited to be racing my first 1/2 Ironman race. The 30th anniversary of the Tupper Lake Tinman.

  473. I’m looking forward to getting better at swimming! I’ve been thinking about doing a Tri for years, but my swimming has a long way to go.

  474. I’m excited about entering my first triathlon, and also aiming for a 10k PB :)

  475. Warm weather is here and it’s going to be a great season – Thanks for publishing all the great reviews and info.

  476. Look forward to my first full IM Tri and then the second 3months later

  477. I am excited to get in some half-marathon and marathon PRs and to try my first tri :) :) :) You can understand that 910xt would be a huge help!!! 😀

    Thank you for being so awesome with your giveaways!

  478. 1 I’m impressed usually there are only a few responses by the time I read. 450 by 6am est? Shows you how many people read and how many want this. 2. Don’t need one as I bit the bullet a month or so ago. It is great. Good luck!!

  479. This season is just going to be trainning for my frist 100 mile train run this fall, the Pinhoti 100.

  480. I’m looking forward to the warmer pre-dawn training sessions!

  481. I’m looking forward for my upcoming triathlon season, and with Garmin FR910XT it would be even better.
    I’m currently training for my first Ironman.

  482. Lisa A.

    I’m excited for the winter rains to end so I can get out on my bike again!

  483. Coming off a lung infection and being unable to run for about 6 weeks, I’m looking forward to getting back into the swing of things and getting back on track with training for my first half marathon.

  484. Wow, almost 500 entries so far! Looking forward for an half marathon in may, traying to break my pr which I achieved last weekend. Eager for more!

  485. I’m excited to have finally gotten rid of a terrible cold that’s been dragging on for over a month, so I can get back to training for the two half IM races I’m planning this season.

  486. Looking forward to my first Disney Half Marathon and to win this Garmin rs!!!

  487. This comment has been removed by the author.

  488. I’ll wear it when I run Boston!

  489. Garmin the Best

  490. Looking forward to representing my country in the World University Triathlon Championship in June!

  491. This comment has been removed by the author.

  492. My first half Ironman in August

  493. I’m looking forward to racing hard and having fun.

  494. Looking forward to my 2nd Tri season, finishing up Louisville Triple crown of running first.

  495. I’m excited to “tri” my first Olympic this year after doing only pool swim sprints in my first year.

  496. IM BSLT 70.3 and Escape from Alcatraz! And, while I finally received my own 910XT, I’ve got several friends who would love to receive a new one – it’d go to the first one I run with.

  497. I’m excited to continue losing weight and getting back into shape. 35 pounds since the beginning of the year, 35 to go!

  498. I am looking forward to running as much as possible and pretty much staying outdoors this spring.

  499. I’m hoping as I train for the Mountains of Misery this spring that I can reach my goal weight!

  500. Fantastic, Ray! I’m excited for my second season of triathlon, and for going back to school for massage and acupuncture – which ultimately will give me more time to train! Maybe there’s a half or full distance on the horizon…

  501. It is Olympic year and I’ve made it through the winter injury free.

    No massive aims for the year though a 5K PB (PR for those in the US) would be nice.

  502. I’ cant wait and due to snow and ice level on the treets I sometimes run out. :)

  503. Looking forward for the next season, my first triatlhon ( an half iron man ) in about eight weeks, the device would come really handy for training and the half iron man :). Great site, love it.

  504. I am quite excited to finally get my bike outside and hit the road again. I am still waiting for the daylight savings to kick in to get more riding time in evening.

  505. I just took my 14 week Husky Puppy ‘Kiya’ on her first orienteering journey! Im looking forward to doing much more with her and going camping, just me and the dog :)

    Glad I have Kiya since my best friend Matt is going to the military this summer

  506. Jim

    I’ve only been running for 9 months and have seen drastic changes in myself. This past weekend I beat my prior 5k PR by 4:43, and can’t wait to beat that. I have a 10k and half on my calendar and look forward to the challenges training for them presents. It’s gonna be a great season!

  507. Herman

    After a pretty bad infection and a disk hernia which together prevented me from doing any sports for over two months this winter, I’ve picked up Joe Friel’s triathlon bible and started training more seriously than ever. My goal for this season is to equal or perhaps even improve on my quarter triathlon times of last summer!

  508. Thank you Ray. Everybody are talking about the races they going to compete in, but I just bought my first road bike and that’s what I’m looking forward too. Riding it!

  509. Emo

    Im looking forward to doing my first sprint tri, the Olympic tri then middle distance tri all booked and ready to go

  510. I’m looking forward to competing in my first tri this season–may 6!

  511. i am excited to complete my first ironman this year (IMLP)

  512. Emo

    Im looking forward to doing my first sprint tri, the Olympic tri then middle distance tri all booked and ready to go

  513. I’m excited about running in my first marathon this year!! And Spring starting early this year to get in some great runs

  514. I’m excited about running in my first marathon this year!! And Spring starting early this year to get in some great runs

  515. Anonymous

    I an looking forward to be outdoor in daylight and do my exercise.

  516. Anonymous

    Looking forward to seeing how pear-shaped my training goes with a newborn baby in the house!

  517. Just bought my first TT Bike and I can’t wait to take it for a spin! (SwiftCarbon is you were wondering) 😛

  518. My second year of running is what I’m excited about. i ran two half marathons and a full marathon. Thinking about cycling this year as well.


  519. Just this morning I heard the news I can be attending my first marathon ever, in Luzern. And maybe half Ironman too, we will see :)

  520. Dear Ray,
    April 15th first 1/2 IM of the season and September 29th…my first IM!
    However, what I’m really lookind fwd to is… HOLIDAYS!
    Hugs from Spain,


  521. I’m excited for my first triathlon this year! Got some new wheels, getting over a shoulder injury and starting to put some mileage on the road!

  522. Looking forward to putting my feet up and then running some trail.

  523. Anonymous

    Awesome! Another great giveaway!

    If I win (!) you can get in touch at awcraigslistad at g mail dot com


  524. Jirka Braza

    Just this morning I heard the news I can be attending my first marathon ever, in Luzern. And maybe half Ironman too, we will see :)

  525. Anonymous

    I’m excited to start running again. Just had surgery on my foot 1 week ago and have 5 more weeks until I can start up again. Running my first 50miler in late September!!

  526. Looking forward to my first half marathon, and running the army ten miler for the second time.

  527. I’m looking forward for daylight saving time (here in Italy it starts at the end of March), so my early morning run won’t need a light any more!
    And in April the half marathon season starts too!

  528. Mron

    On the road to recovery from foot tendon surgery. Three marathons in the fall!!

  529. I’m excited to run the NYC marathon this fall, and for USAT nationals!

  530. newman

    I am looking forward to march madness and the spring classics

  531. 2012 will be about training for Tri for the first time, hitting the trails for enhjoyment, and setting some PB’s on the track. Thanks for the blog, love your reviews!


  532. Excited to be healthy and back training. Can’t wait to race!

  533. This comment has been removed by the author.

  534. Rob

    Ironman is on the way in July, time to get a working clock after my Polar left for good :)

  535. I’m excited about my new Garmin FR910XT that I’m going to win :)

  536. I’m excited to be finished with my first marathon, and able to focus on the bike again!

  537. I’m excited for my first full season of swim/bike/run!

  538. Rob Lahoda

    Looking forward to getting outside and train with my kids!

  539. Excited for my first ironman, Coeur d’Alene this June!

  540. I’m looking forward to the Nashville Ultra Marathon in October.

  541. I am looking forward to training with a coach for the first time as I aim for a PR at the Bellin 10K

  542. As the saying goes, ‘You do not get the butt you want by sitting on the one you have!’, so my goal is to encourage folks at work and in my neighbourhood to get active. Let’s all encourage those around us to try a sport this year….

  543. Tim

    I’m excited about hitting the London Marathon in 6 week.
    13 corss country races over the winter have seen me get stronger and stronger so PB here I come . . .


  544. Just finished my first half marathon and looking forward to my first full marathon in May.

  545. Hot Sunshine. Sweat pouring out my helmet. P3 flying down the hot pavement. Heart full throttle. I love summer.

  546. Ray

    I’m looking forward to increasing my mileage and possibly running an ultra this fall.

  547. Greg

    Looking forward to my new age group.

  548. I’m keen to improve on my time in my second Olympic distance tri in less than 2 weeks in Mooloolaba (Sunshine Coast, Australia)! Yikes

  549. Rising temps leads to rising skirts – Go Spring!

  550. Looking forward to a 20 days in Hawaii this July :-)

  551. Ben

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  552. I wonder how much battery will be left after my trail runs. It will be nice not having to monitor battery life so frequently!

  553. aarontri@uab.edu

    I am excited about this ridiculously warm weather that is already upon us!! Racing as many races as I can before I become a father in September!!!

    Aaron Ainsworth

  554. Looking forward to 1/2 IM in Susz, Poland!

  555. Ben

    I can’t wait to just get out in the sun and run again!

  556. I’m looking forward to getting my first marathon out of the way and being able to get back into some more focussed (short-course) triathlon training.

    And being able to get back in the open water where I usually train – it’s closed over winter.

  557. I’m excited for the weather to be so nice so I can get outside and bike. Nice timing with the IMWI training starting up for me.

  558. Excited to be running Boston in a few weeks.

  559. Deploying in a month or so, think this will work in the sand and heat? I’m willing to take it for a six month test drive.

  560. Hello DC,

    I’m hoping to make my PB on 70,3 and also PB on half marathon.
    Regards from Slovenia

  561. Anonymous

    Looking forward to ride 7000km and have lot’s of good time on the road! :)

    – jk –

  562. Was looking forward to a great running season after a great start and a new PB at 10k, took a nasty fall last week in the garden and now my season may be over before it starts :( physio on wednesday will decide

  563. Last year was my first tri. I was slow and fat, but I finished. I am already less fat, but after I repeat my first race (in hopefully about 45-60 min less time) – I’ll know that I’m not that slow anymore! So I am STOKED!! And I’ve been drooling over this watch since you first showed it to us!

  564. Excited cause I’m going to two my second IM, plus I have a bunch PR that I want to hit this year!

  565. When all is said and done, more is said than done

  566. Looking forward to improving my times in shorter distance races and getting back into pre-pregnancy shape!

  567. When all is said and done, more is said than done.

  568. Werdna123

    I am looking foward to my firt Ironman, tahat i have in 4 months:)


  569. I’m excited to run two marathons this season, and possibly three, if I get into NYC.

  570. I’m excited to log, what I hope to be, my largest running volume over he summer months for some big PRs this fall

  571. I’m excited to complete my first half iron man and all the prep that goes with it :)

  572. Things to do before you’re 50….. Run an Ultra 50k – tick….. 140.6 Tri….. in the calendar for July 1st 2012

  573. Looking forward to my first Tri season!

  574. I’m excited to try triathlon for the first time – sprint distance in June!

  575. My first ‘A’ race, a 40-mile ultra, is in 3 weeks, but the one I’m REALLY excited about is a 24-hour race in July.

  576. Looking forward to an injury free season

  577. This comment has been removed by the author.

  578. Looking forward to my first marathon.

  579. I’m excited about piling on the miles this spring and summer.

  580. Looking forward to getting back to training after being sidelined with a broken collar bone and then frozen shoulder 😉

  581. I am looking forward to my first try of the season… 8 weeks to go! (have a terrible cold now so can’t train, but hopefully out running in a few days!).

    Also, Helvellyn triathlon in september! Considered one of the 10 toughest event in europe (not IM).

    Love the site!


  582. I am excited to replace my 310xt by your 910xt ;o)

  583. I’m looking forward to doing a couple triathlons and maybe try a duathlon this year.

  584. I’m looking forward to completing more events than ever this year!

  585. I’m looking forward to my 1st Full Marathon and 1st Half Marathon for this year a month after that and more marathons to come 😉

  586. J

    New city, new trails, new job, getting a bit faster.

  587. IN April I’m doing the 1/2 Iron Distance race with my wife. We did our first full Ironman in Louisville last year and crossed the finish together with the exact same finish time. (but I was ahead of her in the place number :)

  588. I am looking forward to not having to rehab a knee like the last two years. Hope to do more and more challenging

  589. I’ve been stuck on .76 since rooting my MOTOACTV. This would certainly set things right :).

  590. I’m excited to learn to swim and do my first tri this season!

  591. Can’t wait to train with it.

  592. Cant wait to run my first half this summer! Keep the great reviews coming DC!

  593. JP

    I’m looking forward to some faster racing. I’ve really been working on my swim and run this winter.

  594. baelrati

    I’m excited to run my first full marathon this season … so far I only ran half and up to 25km trail.

  595. Looking forward to finishing my first Ironman in Louisville.

  596. I am looking forward to getting outside more often to run or walk while enjoying the sights and sounds of spring. My goal is to hit a 50 mile month!

  597. I look forward to my first season of not starting from scratch.
    thanks a lot for your inspiration.

  598. Looking forward to seeing how much fitness I’ve gained during the off-season.

  599. Joe

    Finally going sub-20 mins in a 5k.

  600. Ihsan

    I’m excited to drop off the couple!!? of pounds I picked up over the off season. With a young daughter added to our family and all…

  601. I’m ready to ride! The weather is great and bikes are running smoothly! Love stretching the legs on the hills around my house!

  602. Hi! I’m excited with this season, because here in Portugal we’re just leaving winter and almost half the races are done. Good weather here… and now comes the hard, sunny and hot long races! And it’s just 1 year since i did my first official race ever! Life is fantastic like this! Thanks :)

  603. Thanks for all of your great info throughout the on and off season!

  604. I am hoping that spring will pass without any setbacks and I’ll be ready to rock’n’roll in summer orienteering/adventure race events.

  605. Thank you for all of your great info during the on and off season!

  606. Rob

    Just finished my third race for the year … here in Granada, Spain and now looking forward to my first half marathoon in a month.

  607. I’m looking forward to my first Peachtree Road Race!

  608. Having taken up running recently and running my first 10k in 2 weeks time I must say that I really enjoy reading your posts.

  609. Moving to Delaware and swimming in the ocean for the first time.

  610. What am I excited about? Let’s see…I get to come home from Iraq in May (for only a couple weeks). That’s not the exciting part…I’m going to do a sprint tri with absolutely no swim training done in the past 1.5 yrs…that’s exciting!!!

  611. I’m looking forward to enjoy the sun and nature, as i train for my love duathlon!

  612. Have been really interested in these… especially since my GPS radio problems on my FR305

  613. After having to take last year off due to finishing my engineering degree, I am excited to get back to racing and step up to long course. Chesapeake Man here I come!

  614. FMW

    I am looking forward to my first Ironman this summer. If everything goes well – the plan is to take a year of to qualify for Kona.

  615. Just starting triathlon, your blog has been a great source of information. Thanks!

  616. I’m excited because this is the first season I’ll be doing triathlons. I’m double excited because this is the first season I’ll be doing anything after having had a severe injury and I’m looking forward to persevering and making good things happen!

  617. Im excited to win the 910xt :)

    but really im excited for the NYC half this weekend, the NYC Tri in July, the NYC Marathon in November, and the Boston Marathon in April 2013. thats my upcoming season

  618. I can’t wait to race my next ultra, Highlands Sky!

  619. This comment has been removed by the author.

  620. I’m excited because I’m doing my first triathlon in a few weeks, then a Half Ironman in August!

  621. Looking forward to a half marathon in YOUR backyard (Alexandria running festival) as well as a couple of marathons.
    Also, of course, looking forward to receiving the 910XT from you…

  622. Looking forward to running in shorts and singlets again

  623. DCR:

    Even if it was a mild winter, sounds more like summer than spring . I’m headed your way this week for the SunTrust Rock ‘n Roll USA Marathon. I hope it will remain cool without the Potomoac wind.

    In any event a three week old broken rib will have me lumbering through around DC and Maryland.

    Thanks for making a great gear available via Loto!

  624. Blaccko

    Excited about the training I’m starting for a full marathon!

  625. Recently off the disabled list and totally excited about getting back into it, especially with this weather.

  626. Chris

    I’m excited for the Bintan International Triathlon in May!!!

  627. I am looking forward to PRing the hell out of Grandmas marathon in June…

  628. looking forward to a 25k race and a 20k

  629. I am recovering from an IT band injury and am excited to start training again. Planning on some open water swims, a couple sprint tris and a trail HM or two.

  630. Looking forward to getting outside more. The trainer has had enough use.

  631. Blaccko

    Better with email I guess : “blaccko [at] gmail [dot] com”.

    I’m excited about a training I’m starting for a full marathon!

  632. Ray, I am in! Your reviews are awesome and I bought a PowerBeam using your link last night. I am looking forward to Ironman Mt Tremblant this year. -Eric in Columbus, OH

  633. After a skiing accident earlier this winter, I’m looking forward to healing, cycling and a 20 mile work commute by bike this season! I previously used my iPhone for all of my GPS activities and have been reading at length all of your reviews as a way to decide which unit I should go with to log all of my activity. When I saw this opportunity, I thought it may be a sign.

    Thank you for producing such a great offer!

  634. I’m excited to try out my new jets (faster legs), and my jump into the tri this June!

  635. I’m excited to try out my new jets and my jump into the tri this June!

  636. Looking forward to the Rock’n’Roll Marathon in DC this weekend! Hopefully with a new PR! :)

  637. I’m looking forward to the l’Etape du Tour stage in the Pyrenees!

  638. I’m doing my first full IM this season, I can’t wait!!

  639. Looking forward to the Rock’n’Roll Marathon in DC this weekend! Hopefully with a new PR! :)

  640. I’m looking forward to my second triathlon season, but mostly to doing my first tri with my son (3.5yrs old) at a local mighty kids tri.

  641. Whether I win or not, I’m still looking forward to running my second marathon on Apr 22. :)

  642. This is a important year for me. My first two half IMs in preparation for a crack at IM Austria in 2013. Really excited for the year ahead.

  643. Can’t wait to start and end my season doing trail running and sandwiched between will be a bunch of triathlons. How fun and nice of you to have the Garmin Giveaway! Thanks for all the info you always provide.

  644. Tom

    I am looking forward to deomlishing some personal bests on the water, and (hopefully) building up a great tan at the same time :)

  645. I’m a (slow) runner, and I am most excited about the Tower of Terror 10-miler at Disney World this fall.

  646. Hi Ray,

    You do great in-depth reviews on sports technology.

    I am EXCITED for 2012 because this year has been the upward turning point of my life so far. I have rediscovered my love for sports, particularly running and cycling. In the process, I have slimmed down and lost 8 kg, actively swimming, running and biking again. I am looking forward to my first full marathon sometime in May this year.

    I am also learning how to swim freestyle on my own and riding an old iron road bike.

    One day, I WILL eventually be part of Ironman World Championship in Kona, Hawaii in 5-6 years. Cheers!

  647. I am looking forward to run my first NYC Marathon in November.

  648. I’m looking forward to getting off of the treadmill and back outside to continue training for both the Pittsburgh Half and the Cleveland Half.

  649. Excited to redeem myself after a sucky tri last year!

  650. Excited to get back into MTB racing and do some Xterras and 1/2 IMs!

  651. Thanks for the give-away contest.

  652. Tom

    I’m getting pumped for Ironman Wisconsin! 180 days to go!

  653. I’m excited for my first ever trail running race and stand alone century race this season.

  654. Love your site and looking forward to my upcoming races and enjoying beautiful warm weather.

  655. Wes

    nice! I’m in!

  656. Emelie

    I am looking forward to start training with my boyfriend and support him with his triathlons!

  657. Excited as the race season will start soon :)

  658. This year will be my first Olympic Tri at Lake Anna.

  659. To start tracking my swims with the 910xt. Can’t wait!

  660. Looking forward to commuting to work by bike.

  661. I’m stepping up my game this year and signed up for my first 70.3 this fall. I’m excited about the new challange.

  662. I cannot wait to do the climbs at IMCanada. Coming from Seabrook, TX where it is pancake flat and our only climb is the Kemah Bridge I look forward to the challenge. My swim and run are gonna have to rock out there!

  663. I’m looking forward to continuing to push on the distance limits that I established last year, to continue to get, and stay healthy (IT Band injury) and potentially add biking to my running routine.

  664. I looking forward to my first Triathlon ever !

  665. I am most excited, about getting outside and training, after a long cold winter. Maybe setting a few PR’s in race also.

    Thanks for a great blog I read it daily.

  666. I hope to break a 20-minute 5k in April. Morning track workouts are killing me, but this has been a long term goal.

  667. Anonymous

    I’m excited to see my hard work on swimming pay off in races.


  668. I’m looking forward to Ironman Florida as my first of many Ironman distance races to come!! This would be the perfect way to get it started since I was planning on buying one this week or next week now that they are in stock at most stores.

  669. huge fan of the blog and i’m excited for a great season on tris ahead and hopefully a few PRs

  670. I”m looking forward to running again after a stress fracture and my first Tri!

  671. Gettin my shot at Lance at Orlando/Haines City 70.3 in May.

  672. Packaged with a cupcake from Bertie’s Bakery?

  673. Me

    Looking forward to riding my first century this year!

  674. I’m looking forward to swimming over people. My favorite part of every tri.

  675. mat

    Looking forward to the first race of the year (Newbury Duathlon), its like coming home

  676. Thaks for the all the informative reviews!

  677. geo

    I’m looking forward to designing my own iron distance race and then doing it. It’s going to be awesome!

  678. I did my first triathlon last year and I’m excited to repeat that race with an improved time!

  679. Excited to get some consistency in my training

  680. Excited for my first Boston coming up and then some triathlons in the summer. Oh, and getting my new Cervelo s5 on the road!

  681. I’m quite excited about the new IM70.3 Mt Tremblant that will be close to home! Can’t wait for June 24th!

  682. I’m excited to get back to training with friends and have fun at our upcoming races. That, and my first Ironman!

  683. I’m excited that I managed to register for the 2012 MCM, I’m also attempting my first ultra this year – The North Face Endurance Challenge in DC, 50 miler.

  684. Tom

    I’m looking forward to a healthy year of running.

  685. This will be my second season of Tri. Looking forward to my second marathon, London, in just a few weeks time. Then after that, it’s all out on the Bike training to get in shape for the Bala Standard in September.

  686. I’m looking forward to finishing Ironman Wales in September. Please let me win the watch, I need all the help I can get!!! :)

  687. trying to…no..going to get at least 6,000 miles logged on the bike this year….got 1300 as of today

  688. Warm weather! Oh yeah, and my second triathlon ever in 2 weeks. Did I mention warm weather?!

  689. Hey DCR!

    This year I’m looking forward to my second year of Ironman distance racing. Thanks so much to you for blogging as this was one of my first tri/fitness blogs that got me going a couple of years ago. Keep posting!


  690. After a self imposed break to recover from an overuse injury, I’m looking forward to simply running again!

  691. I’m looking forward to running in Grandma’s Marathon in Duluth, MN, this June!

  692. Luca

    Looking forward to my first giveaway…

  693. I am looking forward to doing speed work and getting faster this year. Maybe do an IM and PR next year =)

  694. Hello,

    I am excited to start a new running and cycling season in the beautifull surroundings of Purmerend, the Netherlands. Thanks for your great website!

  695. Excited about spring racing season!

    Thanks for running the giveaway, Ray!

  696. Because training outside, like an opponent, is unpredictable.

  697. D.R. Brand

    Looking forward to getting the jogging stoller out and hauling my kids around Central Park!

  698. I’m looking forward to tackling my very first triathlon and marathon this year! It’s time to dig deeper and push myself further in 2012!!!

  699. Last year I found out what kind of athlete I wanted to be. This year I want to become that athlete. Go Rainmaker!

  700. I can’t wait for the warmer weathers and my 2nd Ironman. Lake Placid Here I come

  701. I’m excited as its my first middle distance and its gonna be awesome!

  702. Excited to be done with endurance sports by end of May – then I get to spend my summer working on speed and power.

  703. less trainer – more bike

  704. I am excited to try another triathlon this year and get back into running after a multi-year hiatus.

  705. It’s been a cold winter up here in Canada and I can’t wait to get my new TT bike on the road.

  706. I’m looking forward to running in my favorite woods on a beautiful sunny morning!

  707. Tristan Jones

    I would love to get some extra data fields on my wrist as I train for my first Half Ironman

  708. I’m so happy I’m going skiing again after 9 months after ACL reconstruction surgery. Skiing in spring will be great!

  709. Looking forward to my second century, and maybe even starting to run a bit!

  710. I’m looking forward to training with my tri friends for an iron-distance race in September.

  711. I’m excited about the Zombie Run in Baltimore.

  712. swimbikerun1997

    Ready to kick off a fresh tri season with an olympic race in May and break in my new bike!

  713. After 6 years of applying to the HardRock Lottery I finally got in this year.
    That is my big focus of the spring and going into the Summer.

  714. 2012 is the year I get the swimming down and plan to finally move from duathlons to triathlons. Other than that, very excited for spring to get on my bike and ride it outside rather than on the trainer in the basement.

  715. I love the Blog Ray, starting running/training this year and have gone from a 10min pace 10k to a 8:50min pace. I’m running my first 15k in April and hoping to do a Half in May. The reviews have really helped!
    -Alex M

  716. This is the year that I’m finally going to do a triathlon. I’ve been swimming and running during the winter and with this spring weather I can bike more. The FR910XT would definitely help with my training.

  717. looking forward to my first 70.3 !

  718. Looking forward to the warmer weather and being able to bike and swim outside, finally!

  719. I’m looking forward to putting together solid training and take my racing to the next level.

  720. I am excited to attempt my first half-ironman!

  721. I’m excited to just be able to ride outdoors! The trainer is driving me crazy!

  722. RSW

    I’m looking forward to two events. 1) Tough Mudder and 2) Rock & Roll half marathon.

    While setting goals for these events pushes my training, the main motivation is the teamwork. Tough Mudder is all about helping each other finish, no matter what. The Rock & Roll will be a fundraiser to find a cure for Crohn’s & Colitis. Nothing more empowering than helping others through my sweat and training!

  723. The weather and longer days. 74 degrees on an evening run yesterday!

  724. Cedric

    I’m excited to shed all of the layers that have been keeping me warm during my morning runs.

  725. I am training for my first tri this year, but am very weak in the swim. Was going to try and get the 910 to help with its advanced swim metrics. Would be a good birthday present :)

  726. First of all, thanks for the wonderful job. Your reviews helped me decided on the Garmin watch to use. Contrary to most of the other commenters, I am a walker, not a runner, but am trying to upgrade at least to short, slow runs during the next months down here in Northeast Brazil.
    Most of the time, I work on the gym, though. These next months thats should change to almost exclusively on the gym, since our raining season should start these days.

  727. Looking forward to get out for some rides in the Sierra de Guadarrama near Madrid – after finally getting over a series of influenza attacks in the past weeks…

  728. I NEED this… first up National Harbor 70.3. 2013 will bring IM Louisville!!

  729. My husband is recovering from cancer and will be running the FL Half Ironman in May.

  730. Anand H

    Excited to be preparing for my first full Marathon later this year.

  731. Would love to have one of these!

  732. My husband is recovering from cancer and he will be completing the Fl Half Ironman in May as his come back race.

  733. MB

    I promise to never do anything as ridiculous as a triathlon with it :)

  734. I’m excited to get some warm weather up here in Maine. I’m tired of freezing my nuts off.

  735. Early morning, weekday runs with the sunrise. Early morning darkness keeps me in bed.

  736. Looking forward to some rides in the Sierra de Guadarrama north of Madrid – after having some sort of serial influenza the past weeks…

  737. Excited to start running again…

  738. Excited for Boston!

  739. After a couple years of sprint triathlons, I’m looking forward to moving up to the olympic distance.

  740. Akemi

    I’m moving to the US, so there will be a whole slew of new running routes and races to look forward to. And better weather!

  741. travis s

    Looking forward to running in the daylight and warmer weather. Even a nice Minnesota winter makes for a lot of cold and dark runs. I went from just a cyclist to a running two half marathons in 5 months. How is that for fighting trainer boredom?

  742. Ron

    Cycling outdoors with others stead of indoors with the t.v.

  743. Tro

    This is my second year doing tri’s and I am really getting into it. bring on the warmer weather

  744. I’m looking forward to another fun tri season here in Minnesota!

  745. I’m looking forward to enjoying the warm weather as much as possible, biking, running, canoeing, swimming and just staying as active and fit as possible

  746. Marcus S.

    I can’t wait to get the race season kicked in 4 weeks.

  747. I’m excited to get healthy and finally get in more than 2 priority races in the year.

    Avid fan! (also the words below say Aulan Terdwing which made me laugh)


  748. Tim

    Most excited for Marine Corps Marathon this year. We’ve been doing a few ‘destination races’ each year and this year we settled on Marine Corps. It should be a great time!

  749. I looking forward to running to work 3 times a week as well as cycling on days off.

  750. I am looking forward to weeknight rides! Woo hoo!

  751. I am looking forward to weeknight rides! Woo hoo!

  752. Ryan

    I’m looking forward to training outdoors again. It’s right about this time when I get fed up with being stuck indoors. It will be a good summer.

  753. I am happy to be packing up the trainer and ready to start racing again! Vegas or bust!

  754. I’m excited to start my first year of triathlons – after 2 years of warming up with just cycling :)

  755. I am looking forward to weeknight rides! Woo hoo!

  756. Looking forward to my first international distance tri since being hit by a car while biking almost 2 years ago. Recovery has been a long road, but I’m going to kick booty at Rumpas in Bumpass!

  757. Season is about to kick off. two quick 5ks to get the competitive juices flowing and then right into a duathlon and my first tri in May!
    Going to be a great season!!

  758. I’m looking forward to redemption at Eagleman.

  759. I’m looking forward to loosing 10 pounds…with the help of that watch!

  760. I am eager to avenge my first ever DNF last year at Eagleman.

  761. I’m excited to get this new 910XT you’ll be sending me :)

  762. Tim

    I’m looking forward to longer days and training outdoors!

  763. ChristopherJ in VA

    I just want the season to get kicked off already…that’s the best part about having moved to Virginia (Hampton Roads area) from Michigan is that outdoor triathlon season starts in March! March 31st, VTS first race in Smithfield…although my fitness isn’t exactly where it should be yet 😉


  764. Can’t wait to get cycling outside again.

  765. Excited to start getting into shape.

  766. I’m excited to start my first year of triathlons – after 2 years of warming up with just cycling :)

  767. Many Ultra’s completed and planned this year

  768. So excited! My first HIM this Summer! Mt. Tremblant, nevertheless.

  769. brianstokbro@hotmail.com

    I’m excited to start my first year of triathlons – after 2 years of warming up with just cycling :)

  770. 10 miler in May and a half marathon in October, and all of the cycling and swimming I can fit in between!

  771. I’ll be increasing my mileage in summer.

  772. I just started my mountain biking season on Sunday, and my first proper winter training is really paying off. I am now excited to get my first triathlon under way.

  773. Anonymous

    Excited to race

    doron from tel aviv

  774. I’m looking forward to 2012 cyclocross races (not yet scheduled in our neck of the woods, but they are coming!!):

    link to keweenaw.info

  775. Nervous/excited for my second Half Iron and first Ironman race!

  776. Because I have much unfinished business with this sport and a year off from racing last season has made me itchy to have at it again.

  777. Excited about my first race of this season at Boston Marathon. I did it last year and I’m excited to come back to this event.


  778. looking forward to start running after getting the OK to resume now that my injuries are healed.

  779. Looking forward to a half mary in a few weeks, and my first olympic tri this fall. Great blog Rainmaker.

  780. Running two half marathons this spring!

  781. Im excited to get some 70.3 distance races in, without completing the run injured…Eagleman, National Harbor. – Chris

  782. Cat

    Wooooooot! I’m excited about the season starting up!!!! And thanks for putting together an excellent blog!

  783. looking forward to running again since recovering from my third knee surgery. the run is suffering, and I suffer when I run. But the swim and bike are strong and I’m looking forward a great season.

  784. Looking forward to the possibility of competing in my first sprint this year!

  785. I am looking forward to running a half marathon with my youngest daughter.
    What can be better than that?

  786. Lid

    Hello, this spring i am looking forward to remove the pins in my hand, recovering from a nasty hand fracture (hit a goal post at soccer practice) and getting out on the road with my bike again!!

    best wishes
    Stein Arvid Lid

  787. I’m excited to start my 4th season of Triathlon including doing my first Ironman in October!

  788. hi Ray! Ironman Brazil!!! I’m looking forward to nail it!!! that’s my race for 2012!!!

  789. AKD

    I’m excited to train for a half marathon through road/trail races.

  790. yes, finally hoping to win a lottery! The one thing keeping me busy is getting ready for the Tour the Flanders of April 1st. Nice cobblestone, great crowd, nice atmosphere and hopefully a Dutch win on Sunday….

  791. I’m excited to do my first competition, half Marathon in Norway.

  792. Looking forward to win this baby 😀
    Oh yeah and my first (probably last $$$) new york marathon.

  793. I am looking forward to my first 70.3 race in 2 weeks.

  794. Chris Yeung

    Looking forward to getting back on the bike. The while I love the treadmill, I still crave the fresh air.

  795. Scott Burgess

    Nice review of the Garmin. It might be overkill for me but it would be nice.

  796. Looking forward Garmin’s power meter finally shipping!

  797. Just discovered your site and have been digesting the reviews. Thank you for your efforts to help others make very informed decisions.

    I’m looking for a multi-sport GPS enabled device for running, cycling, and overnight backpacking trips. This site has helped me make sense of the market.

  798. I’m looking forward to running my first marathon this summer!

  799. excited to start running again!

  800. JMH

    Thanks Ray for the great reviews!

  801. mb

    I am excited to run INJURY FREE and finally run my first full!

  802. I’m looking forward to my second (and really first full) season of racing. Started last year and got hooked, now I just want to drop a few more pounds and hopefully get faster.

  803. Run two marathons Rome and Tallin, goal 3:15

  804. I’m looking forward to it being warm enough to do some open water swimming.

  805. Anonymous

    I need something to motivate me to take the plunge and do a triathlon. I have a bike, can swim and have run races. Just need to put it together.

    Eric, Chicago

  806. Looking forward to my 3rd marathon later this year!

  807. The ski season is (almost) over here, waiting on spring to get the bike out! Right now, with the snow, salt and sand, it’s risky to even dare ride outdoors. Hoping I can beat last year’s first outdoor ride (which was on may 1st) !

  808. Thanks for the giveaway! I am excited to focus on getting fast!

  809. I am looking forward to running outside every day (it hasn’t been too cold here in Minnesota, but it has been icy) and a new PR in the Half Marathon in May (I hope). And of course, using the new 910XT that I’m sure to win in this contest.

  810. Jim

    I’m excited about 3-4 hour rides ever Saturday morning starting in August as I get ready for Austin HIM.

  811. 6 weeks to go till i race Hamburg marathon.

    Great Blog

  812. I’m excited to be coming back from a back injury and finally getting back on the bike and the road.

  813. Looking forward to completing my first HIM.

  814. I am looking forward to my first “full” season of Triathlons this year and to beat my friend in a Triathlon for the first time.

  815. I’m excited to start training for my first triathlon.

  816. Thanks for all the great reviews & now a chance to win a fancy new Garmin.

  817. Excited about attempting another 70.3

  818. It is about time to retire my 305.

  819. MGM

    Looking forward to Timberman 2012!

  820. Pretty slick looking watch. Garmin has come a long way since the original Forerunners!

  821. This is perfect. I just started my triathlon training for this year and would love something for the swim. Apparently my phone doesn’t take kindly to being submerged in water.

  822. Sat last season out due to a broken bone in my back, so I’m looking forward to getting back in the game this year with Rev3 Quassy and Ironman Mont Tremblant!

  823. PICK me! I’m excited for many open water swims in preparation for my first half ironman!

  824. I’m excited about my 40th birthday present to myself. A week long bike tour in the french Alps. I’ll be riding(I hope) all of the major tour climbs and then some.


  825. This year is an important year as I try taking the fitness message deeper into the Hispanic community. We need to steer away from obesity and diabetes.

  826. Anonymous

    I’m looking forward to participating in the 24 hours of Finale Ligure/ Italy. :)


  827. Boston Marathon – just under 5 weeks away!

  828. I’m looking forward to running in the nice weather, for the pool to open, and to hit the beach!

  829. Ben Rachunok

    Excited to be racing injury free!
    Collegiate Nationals here we come!!!

  830. looking forward to long rides with good friends. and 24 hour racing! and cyclocross (and my new hot buns from your neck of the woods)! and…is that too many?

    sounds great!

  831. Looking forward hopefully to my first marathon (and using my new Garmin 910xt for the training)!!!

  832. Super excited to start the race season and see some results. Thanks for all the awesome reviews!

  833. A long time runner excited to start my first season of triathlons. Signed up for 4 so far this year with my first one in less then two weeks.

  834. I am excited to prepare for my first ever tri. Workouts have begun, but it will be nice to get in regular workouts outdoors!

  835. After having the best off season ever, I’m excited to having the best season ever with a new club and new training buddies.

  836. Julian St

    I am looking forward to graduating and finishing my first triathlon this year.

  837. My Fr405 just broke… So this watch would be great!

  838. I’m excited to enter my first half marathon in May after beginning to run this past December (though I’ve been cycling hard for years). So far I’ve done 8 miles, so I’m getting close…

  839. I am looking forward to shaving an hour from my century ride next month!

  840. Looking forward to enjoying the vegetables from my new raised beds. Will you and “the girl” be at Rumpass?

  841. My first ironman, my first century ride, and most of all the free watch I’m getting from DC Rainmaker

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  843. My wife would dig the watch! Thanks for such a great blog.

  844. Looking forward to my first complete season working with a coach. Can’t wait for the crits to start!

  845. Mindz

    I’m excited about participating in my first triathlon ever!

  846. Gil

    I am looking forward for riding outside again. open water swims. and just enjoying the summer!

  847. excited to get racing again.

  848. Thanks for such a great blog!


  849. This comment has been removed by the author.

  850. Anonymous

    I wish to be on the two first step of the podium at 70.3 St Croix to earn a spot for Kona.

  851. Looking forward to doing my first tri this year and doing the Chicago marathon!

  852. Looking forward to my first sprint tri!

  853. This comment has been removed by the author.

  854. After 4 years of 1/2 marathons and duathlons, this year, I turn 40 and will tackle my first FULL marathon and a sprint triathlon, with the plan to do 70.3 Tri next year! I’d love to upgrade from my ForeRunner 305, which has served me well.

  855. Im looking forward to just getting back to running again. I injured my hip after college and have been on and off it for the last year and a half. I got my BQ (Boston qualifier) by more than 10min last fall, but I had to pull the plug on a spring marathon. Ive been doing yoga and core for a month now, and man do i hate cross training. I still have a few more weeks left, but hopefully things will come around. REALLY looking forward to a pain free run this spring

  856. I’m looking forward to running my first sub 21 minute 5K! Also, not being cold anymore…..

  857. I’m looking forward to my first season with multiple long races. Starting with a half, finishing with a full. In the past, I’ve always focused on a single race. Time to kick things up and branch out.

  858. This comment has been removed by the author.

  859. I’m pumped about breaking some PRs that have been sitting still for too long!

  860. This comment has been removed by the author.

  861. Looking forward to running some beautiful trails and enjoying a long cycling season with my new wife.

  862. Looking forward to the outdoor pool…and the deck chairs!

    Jodi S

  863. This comment has been removed by the author.

  864. I am going to make another attempt at a 100 mile run!

  865. This comment has been removed by the author.

  866. This comment has been removed by the author.

  867. Chu

    I’m excited to put my winter run training to good use!

  868. This comment has been removed by the author.

  869. I am excited about running the same two marathons I ran last year and seeing if I can run smarter and faster this time out.

  870. JAB

    I’m excited for my first tri which is in less than a month (rumpus in bumpass). Also enjoying this crazy warm DC weather. Thanks for the great blog.

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  872. I have been doing “spring” training all winter. It has been an exceptionally mild winter.

  873. As always, thanks for offering the giveaway! I am excited to get back on my bike, and to learn to navigate Central Park instead of the suburban hills I’m used to

  874. I am looking forward to joining my daughter for her 1st triathlon this summer.

  875. I hope to get one of the coveted spots in Maine’s Beach-to-Beacon 10K! It’s been 5 years since I ran it. I used to live in Maine & being able to run it while visiting my old stomping grounds would be awesome!

  876. Looking forward to my first full triathlon season! Gravity and I had some issues last year, but this year will be injury-free and FAST!

  877. I’m looking forward to setting some p.r.’s and getting more training under my belt

  878. Looking forward to lots of races this spring, from 5K to half marathon, followed by the Columbia Tri

  879. Looking forward to my second year of 70.3 distance triathlons! Hope to attempt a full Ironman in 2012 if I can stay healthy! I’m sure a 910xt would help me with that haha : )

  880. Vine man and AZ this year. Can’t wait. Love your blog Ray.

  881. I’m looking forward to my first season of triathlon. Hopefully I’ll pick up my first “real” bike within the next couple of months and win this watch. Then I’ll be set!

  882. I’m excited to be training for my first Ironman!

  883. Fighting ITBS, so my running has stalled. Figure now is as good a time as any to pick up some swimming.

  884. I’m doing my first Ironman, but I’m actually looking forward to seeing how all my hard training has payed off in terms of speed.

  885. I’m excited to race some shorter tris and take a break from Ironman racing.

  886. Weekend rides outside sure beat the trainer!

  887. I’m very excited to start my new trail running session. I’ve decided to change the asfalt for the mountain
    Regards from Spain.

  888. Absolutely looking forward to riding WITHOUT 5 million layers and warmers.

  889. After struggling whith Chrons disease the end of last season and gaining 20lbs as a result of medication I am looking for ward to training hard, dropping weight, and ridding farther and faster than ever before.

  890. Entering my second Tri season and will be doing an Olympic distance race this year. Nervous, but mostly excited!

  891. Just excited to have fairer weather.

  892. I’ve been working on my soul crushing mountain bike rides in preparation for PMBAR. A nice watch like this would help during my cross training.

    Keep up the good work!

  893. I wish to be on the two first step of the podium at 70.3 St Croix to earn a spot for Kona.

  894. Anonymous

    I’m excited about this year as I’m making a big leap forward — pushing myself mentally & physically to complete my first half ironman!

    Mike D

  895. Using this season to get back into shape after a year off spent with my wife and new baby boy.

  896. I am looking forward to try ski rollers, a new way to keep fit.

  897. Hi, Pete, I am Sergio Melo from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, participating again.
    Here the main season is at the same time that in the northern hemisphere because the problem here is the heat, no the cold he he.
    I am planning for some half-marathons in July and also to improve my time at the 10k in 2012.

  898. I’m looking forward to a great spring/summer season of riding; after this mild winter I’m way ahead on my base riding and my fitness level is way up.

  899. This will be my first year of triathlon! I’ve done a few marathons and many half-marathons and can’t wait for the transition. I’ve been training multi-sport since January and have my first tri in 7 weeks. I’m also signed up for a HIM in late September (Augusta) to keep me honest with my training! Love the blog and I have gotten so much useful information here it’s hard to comprehend.

  900. BAM

    first thank you for the chance to win.

    I’m excited for my first ever triathlon at Ironman UK in July (I dont do things by half!).

    Best wishes to you and the girl.

  901. I’m looking forward to enjoy the weather with runs, walks, and ultimate frisbee!

  902. Ray, Great work as always! looking forward to tri season to start in May, but first I’ve got a few bike races in Mar/Apr.


  903. I’m looking forward to consistently running. Was plagued by ITBS last year, but I’ve switched to minimalist shoes this year and have gotten instruction on switching my running form. I’m already running further than at the peak of my season last year! Also looking forward to my first Ironman, IM Wisconsin!

  904. Getting jacked about racing San Diego Crew Classic (rowing) and 2nd year of tri’s! And signing up for my first full Iron too!

  905. I am looking forward to beginning my training for my first ironman!

  906. JK

    Looking forward for my first marathon – and to go sub 1:30h half maraton

  907. I am looking forward to try ski rollers, a new way to keep fit.

  908. Yes! Yes! Yes!

  909. I really want the Garmin 910!

  910. Greetings from Indonesia!

    I’m a newbie in road biking, spring will enable me to go training more and more. I wanna raise my avs from current 32-35 kmh (endurance) to a minimum of 40 kmh. I believe I can do it. please pray for me.

  911. I am excited to bring my family to Coeur d’Alene. Also, there’s an Ironman up there.

  912. I’m excited for my first HIM.

  913. Looking forward to representing my country at the World University Triathlon championship!

  914. DLI

    Looking forward to my first Tri – the London Oly in September (and to watching the pros at the Olympics!)

  915. Look at all these comments! Thanks for doing these giveaways Ray!

  916. I’m excited about racing again, feels like it has been far too long!

  917. the

    I’m looking forward to watching the Olympic Triathlon and improving my running.

  918. Phil Rosenberg

    I am so excited about surviving my unexpected heart surgery and am looking forward to getting into even better shape than I was before.

    Phil R

  919. I had seated over 10 years in front of computer. I’ve started running in august and 1 month ago I’ve got a road bike so it’s going to be a full season for me that I would like to work as hard as I can and in 2013 finish half-ironman. Additionally this season will be a huge life change for me because I move to the opposite side of country(Poland) where I’ll be able to study and go to mountains.

  920. Shawn

    Looking forward to improving on all of my times from last year.