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Friday Tidbits

Food Tidbits: It’s time for some food around here – so let’s start off Friday Morning with Thursday Morning’s breakfast: I stumbled on the super-simple recipe the night before on SLB’s blog, and was on the way to the grocery … Read More Here

Vancouver 2010 Olympics Trip – Day 5 (The final day)

Our last day started much like the previous day – on the slopes of Whistler at Creekside checking out the Super-G, this time though it would be the women we’d be watching.  The crowds came out in full force for … Read More Here

Vancouver 2010 Olympics Trip – Day 4

Day 4 started early, way early.  That’s because we had to make the 2-3 hour trek north up to Whistler, from Vancouver.  The trick is that in order to get to Whistler you have to have a valid permit to … Read More Here

Vancouver 2010 Olympics Trip – Day 3

We heard the news late the day before, and worked for about a day and a half to see what our alternative options were.  What news you ask?  Well, due to the lack of snow at the Winter Olympics, the … Read More Here

Vancouver 2010 Olympics Trip – Day 2

After the previous night’s medal ceremonies followed by wandering around town, we were all a bit happy to sleep in some.  Around mid-morning I went out for an 8 mile run, and then afterwards went to pick-up The Girl from … Read More Here

Vancouver 2010 Olympics Trip – Day 1

We got up fairly early on our first day up here in Vancouver…as in 4:30AM early.  This was to allow enough time to catch our 6:06AM bus departure from the Vancouver area up to the Whistler area for the 10:30AM … Read More Here

Tanita BC-1000 Scale Review – In Depth

If you’ve been to any athletic expo in the past few months, you’ve probably seen the Tanita BC-1000 weight scale at one of the booths.  It measures more things than your TI-83 graphing calculator from high school calculus, while at … Read More Here

Weekend Tidbits

This weekend was full of all sorts of stuff – to start off with, The Girl was busy making Valentines cookies…and I was busy eating them: Of course, post-cookies there was some brief running to do – in the Cupid’s … Read More Here

Washington DC Capitol Cupid’s Undies Run

Earlier in the week a few friends (almost all simultaneously) shot me an e-mail about an upcoming ‘run’ around the Capitol building here in DC.  Except, unlike most running events that round the rotunda, this particular one lacked one key … Read More Here

Funny things that float my way

We have finally made it to Friday, on a week that has been the longest…week…ever.  For a week where everyone has been buried in the DC area, it’s time for some humor (actually, to be fair, even though I had … Read More Here

A hill workout in the snow

Yesterday evening, with yet another impending snowstorm I had a decision to make – try and drive to an open treadmill, or tough it out on the snow covered hills for my weekly hill repeats.  On one hand I have … Read More Here

Comparing M-Dot Ironman races to Non-Dot races

If you’ve been around the triathlon block a few times, you probably already know that the official ‘Ironman’ name and race series is actually a trademarked asset of the World Triathlon Corporation (WTC).  As such, no other races may call … Read More Here

My 2010 Race Schedule

Ok…ok…I get it.  Ya’ll been hounding me for months now on what my race schedule is for next year – and finally, I can give you some answers. As I hinted at in my last post on how 2009 went, … Read More Here

A snowy food filled weekend

Let’s just get right into the action, by starting where I left off on Friday evening as nightfall fell (hmm…does that mean it fell twice?) – it looked like this: While the snow was starting to fall, the Girl got … Read More Here

Preparing for the worst

I am prepared. I am prepared to sit back and do nothing this weekend.  Why would I be doing nothing? Well, for those non-east-coastern folk – this be why: However, I am also prepared to cook a ton, and likely … Read More Here

The State of my State: 2009 Review Edition

Every year that I’ve been blogging I write a recap of the previous year, and then a post on what lies in the year ahead.  Normally I do this late-January, but things got kinda busy, so I’m a little behind.  … Read More Here

Garmin FR60 Review – In Depth

When Garmin first announced the Garmin FR60 last spring, it honestly didn’t even catch my attention.  After all, why would I of all people – the person with a gazillion GPS based training watches – want a training watch without … Read More Here